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December 21, 2022
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Is Dux-Soup banned? Detailed review to save your LinkedIn account

Dux-Soup is not banned. Dux-Soup does go against LinkedIn's Terms of Service, so if you abuse automation on their platform, your account could be warned, fined, or shut down.

Is Dux-Soup banned? Detailed review to save your LinkedIn account

Trusting a LinkedIn automation tool with your account might be risky. Finding out whom you can trust is essential. However, it is difficult to tell reliable sellers of fraud. Dux-Soup helps you find and find qualified leads to fill any job at your company.

We recommend Dux-Soup if you want to increase the number of leads you get, connect with prospects on LinkedIn's platform, and keep track of those prospects.

Even though Dux-Soup is an efficient tool, it has all the risks associated with LinkedIn automation. In particular, LinkedIn doesn't allow any automation on their platform, and getting your account suspended is as close as they can get to stopping it.

Since it is just software, it can't read the warnings or see the signs that your account is close to being banned. But is dux soup banned?

When it comes to the security of your accounts, I've got your back. I will look at Dux soup and see if it is safe.


Dux-soup website
source: Dux-soup

Is Dux-soup banned? Here's what you need to know

Dux-Soup is not banned. Dux-Soup does go against LinkedIn's Terms of Service, so if you abuse automation on their platform, your account could be warned, fined, or shut down.

Even though LinkedIn says that LinkedIn automation is against its rules, they know that many of its users do it.

LinkedIn doesn't care about most automation platforms as long as it's not too much or spa LinkedIn wanted to, they could write a program that could find LinkedIn automation plugins, but they don't.


What are the features of Dux-soup 

Dux-Soup automatically connects with the prospects correctly you select on LinkedIn.

This is one of the safest automation tools for LinkedIn. It helps you make your outreach more personal and gets you more responses.

Link your CRM and other lead generation systems to each other.

It lets you send follow-up personalized messages to connection requests.

Dux-soup features
source: Dux-Soup

This LinkedIn sales navigator automation tool lets you apply filter-tagged profiles and make notes.

Dux-soup offers a Free Trial for the basic free version

There are integrations available with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zapier, LeadFuze, and many more.

Dux soup supports Windows and Mac.

Dux-soup features
Source: Dux-soup

Advantages of using Dux-soup for your LinkedIn Account to level up your lead generation

Dux-Soup API makes it easy for a beginner to set up drip campaigns for LinkedIn.

Their customer support team is excellent. They also offer live chat customer support during EU and US business hours, which is a great way to help customers get their questions answered faster and better.

Dux-soup features
Source: Dux-soup

Drawbacks of Dux-soup to consider before taking the next step

  • When you add Dux-Soup as a google Chrome plugin, your device might slow down, and your LinkedIn account will load very slowly. This makes the whole thing a wrong time.
  • The interface is complicated and hard to use. It takes some time to figure out how to use the tool correctly.

How much will Dux soup cost you?

Dux-Soup has three price levels, and each group has different packages. Dux-Soup is made for any business that wants quality LinkedIn lead generation.

The three price levels for Dux-Soup are:

  1. Individual
  2. Team
  3. Agency


The Individual tier has the lowest prices, but the less expensive levels have fewer features than the Team or Agency tiers. The individual has following packages:

  • Starter Dux,
  • Pro Dux,
  • Turbo Dux.

Starter Dux:

The starter is free, but it only gives you a few options. Overall, it has fewer features that help you connect directly with prospects and more features that help you find them for outreach strategy. You can find prospects through authentic LinkedIn search, scan profiles, filter them, and use profile notes and tags to organize them.

Pro Dux:

Pro Dux costs $11.95 per month and gives you more ways to find new customers and keep in touch with them. You get more automatic features and can use downloads like notes, tags, skill sets, search results, direct messages, record profile data, and job histories. A performance dashboard is also given to you.

Turbo Dux:

At $41.25 per month, with the Turbo Dux package, you can send automatic follow-ups, workflow integration, and more advanced dashboard features like connecting to a CRM and controlling leads in your funnel.

You can choose between the Pro Edition or the Turbo package at the Team level. Both have many of the same features, so if you want to spend less money right away, try Pro first.

Dux-soup pricing
Source: Dux-soup


The team pricing comes with two tier plans. Following are the packages:

  • Pro Edition
  • Turbo Edition
Dux-Soup Team Pricing Plan
Source: Dux-soup

Pro Edition:

The Pro Edition professional package costs $135 per year and includes all of Dux-features Soup's for prospecting, auto-engagement, skip profiles, auto-filtering, organization, and sharing. You can manage your subscription on the performance dashboard, see your automation history, and access Dux-Store. You don't get personalized messages, follow-ups, or workflow integration when it comes to the more advanced stuff.

Turbo Edition:

The Turbo Edition costs $495 per year if you need more advanced automated features. For such a big jump in price, you can set up drip campaigns, control scheduled automation, connect to your CRM, and manage leads as they move through your funnel.

The Turbo Edition has the full connectivity with Zapier and HubSpot, automatically logging profile information, triggering profile visits, receiving LinkedIn messages, and being notified when a connection request is accepted.

However, bells and whistles are only necessary for some companies, so weighing the benefits against the cost of not getting them before making a final decision is crucial.

For Agencies:

This also comes with 2-tier pricing plan. Following are the packages:

  • Dux-Soup Pro
  • Dux-Soup Turbo
Dux-Soup Agency Pricing


Dux-Soup Pro has a $337.50 monthly subscription charge. This package is restricted to enterprises that have purchased 10 or more client licenses. At the Agency tier, there is a single plan open.


The monthly subscription fee for using Dux-Soup Turbo is $412.50. This bundle is only available to businesses with thirty or more licenses for the software's client side. At the Agency tier, there is a single plan open.

If your group size is smaller than that, the Turbo Edition will cost extra but will still include all of the same benefits as the Team level. If you're a sole proprietor, you should wait until your LinkedIn business has expanded before investing in a Turbo.

How Does Dux-Soup Work?

To use Dux-Soup functions to their fullest, add the Dux soup to your Google Chrome browser, and you'll be good to go. After setup, it automatically searches for and finds a LinkedIn profile, keeping track of profile visits which gives you access to several time-saving tools for LinkedIn Lead generation.

As a result of Dux Soup's ability to imitate human behavior, LinkedIn is less likely to suspect that it is being used as a form of automation software. This makes it a popular tool in the market. 

What Customers Have to say about Dux-Soup?

It's time to read the Dux soup review, which is the most controversial section: the brutally honest feedback from prior consumers.

As I was looking for Dux-Soup review, I was disappointed that my go-to site for consumer feedback, Trustpilot, didn't list them.

G2 was the first website I stumbled upon.

Some people have reported the following issues with their LinkedIn profiles and with the search tool.

Some users are being banned from LinkedIn due to the use of this Chrome extension.

Reviewers on can upload video critiques, which is an excellent feature because it makes the reviews more credible. One video review states that the feature was helpful until LinkedIn shut it off.

What this all boils down to is whether or not LinkedIn bans Dux-Soup.

While investigating Dux-Soup, I found a cautionary article on LinkedIn's main website. There is an explicit use of their given name, yes.

G2 reviews:

 One of the Dux-soup customers says " Got banned for using this chrome extension. Avoid!"

Dux-soup G2 review
G2 review

Another user claimed that the interface of Dux-soup is "slow and pointless".

Capterra review

The users of Dux-soup that shared their experience on Capterra seemed satisfied with their services. One user claims that it made an excellent job in lead acquisition.

Capterra review

I should mention that it appears as an efficient tool in the market also has contented customers. You may find a few people have given many glowing reviews of this company on the internet. Still, to be honest, most of them read very similarly and appear almost false.

Is Dux-Soup Legit & Safe?

It's not simple to provide a definitive response to this issue because the circumstance is not binary. The question stands "Dux soup legal."

Dux-Soup is a complete tool that is reliable because of its simple HTTPS website and safe payment methods. So far, I have yet to come across any reports of Dux-Soup swindling its customers.

On the other hand, reports indicate that using this tool can lead to permanent suspension from LinkedIn.

In addition, I find it annoying that it requires a plugin installed to function, but that's just me being picky.

However, I will note that some customers have also voiced their displeasure with this. One buyer said, "It slows down your browser, and the UI sucks," summing up the general sentiment of those installing the tool but didn't care for it.

There appears to be a systemic issue with customer service as well.

Dealing with clients is not their forte. It takes too long for the organization to react to customer care inquiries or ignore them. In every case, this has been a significant let-down for me.

Is Dux-Soup's LinkedIn automation tool worth it?

Dux-Soup was successful at one time but has now fallen on hard times.

I might give it a shot if they could have stayed under LinkedIn's radar. For this reason, I cannot in good conscience suggest this technology to anyone. It is not entirely risk-free.

My sincere recommendation is that you put that out of your mind and instead concentrate on reputable businesses like the ones I named at the outset. A LinkedIn automation tool I can vouch for you is Salesrobot. Salesrobot is the finest option to Dux-soup for you if you are interested in getting customized LinkedIn outreach that operates on total autopilot and does not require you to worry about your safety or the constraints that LinkedIn places on your account.

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