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December 19, 2022
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Top 5 Dripify competitors to skyrocket your sales in 2023

Dripify is popularly known for its lead-generation process. In this article, we have evaluated the best 5 expandi competitors you can consider for your lead generation process based on your campaign.

Top 5 Dripify competitors to skyrocket your sales in 2023

When looking for ways to broaden your professional network, LinkedIn is among the best options available. It's an excellent medium for establishing contact with prospective customers and facilitates the growth of existing businesses. If you're sending cold messages on LinkedIn, reaching out manually to numerous prospects takes work. There are various LinkedIn tools in the market, but the Dripify LinkedIn automation tool is perfect. 

In this blog, you will find an evaluation of the top 5 dripify competitors for you to grow your business exponentially. 


What are the critical differentiators of Dripify that will benefit you from other LinkedIn Automation Tools?

Dripify is a software for LinkedIn that helps you get leads. It's a multifunctional LinkedIn automation tool for prospecting, which is meant to improve the process. Like Octopus CRM, it does everything on its own.

With Dripify LinkedIn automation, it's easy as your deals on LinkedIn even when you're not at your computer, you can close more deals on LinkedIn. This is because Dripify automates everything and works from the cloud. You need to set up your sales funnel, and Dripify will take care of the rest.

Dripify is a great tool that may help business owners, sales teams, marketing firms, and recruiters in various ways. We're all aware of how challenging it is to manage a business in the modern era, which is why Dripify is such a helpful tool.

You may use Dripify to automate leads on LinkedIn if you have a dedicated sales team. In addition to using Dripify's analytics and campaign management features, you can use their dashboard to monitor center efforts. From your command center, you can see the big picture.

Dripify LinkedIn automation is helpful for digital marketing firms because of its individualized campaigns and personalized messages. You can quickly swap accounts without appearing automated, and your messages will be delivered to the correct recipient. If you work in recruitment, you'll be pleased to learn that Dripify helps speed up your search for qualified candidates.

Did you know that you can access over 2000 possible candidates monthly via LinkedIn tools? With this strategy, you will only have open positions for a short time.

 In addition, Dripify's cutting-edge algorithm will guard your LinkedIn account profile against unwanted visitors. When a person signs up for Dripify's free trial, Dripify assigns them a local IP address.

When performing duties on your behalf, Dripify will act in a manner consistent with that of a human. Its highly customized drip campaigns employ several actions and delays to give your LinkedIn campaigns an organic, human feel. You can feel at ease knowing that everything is as secure as possible.


How much does Dripify cost?

In regards to Dripify pricing, monthly costs begin at $39. The Pro and Advanced packages are its other two tiers of service. The price for Pro is $59 per month, while Advanced costs $79 per month. A free trial is available as well.

dripify cost
Source: Dripify Pricing


Top 5 Dripify competitors to hack lead generation

#1. SalesRobot:

If you're looking to automate your whole LinkedIn sales funnel, go no further than Sales Robot, a cloud-based platform built particularly for LinkedIn sales. Salesrobot is one of the best Dripify alternatives.

Because of this, it has advanced features that facilitate and accelerate your LinkedIn lead generation at each stage.

What are the features Salesrobot offers?

  • Salesrobot lets you send over 200 messages and connection requests daily by using various secure methods to circumvent LinkedIn's limits on messages and LinkedIn connections. Salesrobot can contact all members of a group or all attendees of an event at once by email, InMail, or SMS.
salesrobot campaign
source: SalesRobot
  • As a result, Salesrobot assists you in bypassing LinkedIn's weekly restrictions in a way that is both efficient and secure, as the approaches above fully comply with LinkedIn rules which is better than other tools on the market.
  • Prioritizing user security is a top priority for Salesrobot, which can pass for a human in most situations. This is accomplished by the use of randomization, the exclusion of holidays and weekends, the introduction of delays between actions, and the observance of LinkedIn's boundaries. In order to avoid sending red flags to the LinkedIn algorithm, you can limit the number of times you can do certain things each day, as well as schedule and gradually increase your activity which is better than other automation tools.
salesrobot software
  • No matter your pricing plan, you can also use the Safe mode.
Salesrobot setting
  • With Salesrobot, you can quickly and easily write and send highly personalized messages and connection requests with just a few clicks. The latest generation of AI in Salesrobot can automatically find the things that make a LinkedIn account profile stand out, such as volunteering experience or top certifications, among other things.
salesrobot software
  • This LinkedIn automation tool uses that information to write a message that sounds so human that your leads will think they are talking to someone instead of a tool which will help in more LinkedIn outreach.
  • The response rate to your connection requests and communications from others will increase your LinkedIn outreach.
  • Suppose you want to compose your messages from scratch instead of using completely configurable templates. In that case, Salesrobot will estimate how many people will likely respond to each of them.
  • You can either start from scratch when designing your campaigns or message sequence or utilize one of the available templates, each of which can be modified to suit your specific needs. To create campaigns is no joke but with Salesrobot there will be no awkward blunders, like sending a follow-up message after the lead has already responded to your initial one, because the sequences depend on the prospects' behavior.
  • In addition, you can create triggers, delete invitations still in the queue, ban contacts or entire corporations, disregard duplicates, and so on.
salesrobot software
  • Since Sales Robot's interface is so simple and straightforward, you'll have no trouble coming up with your drip campaigns immediately. Additionally, there are pre-made campaign templates available to get a head start and facilitate learning as you go;
salesrobot software
  • Option to enhance email addresses; this LinkedIn automation tool will easily identify and verify the business email addresses of your customers. As a result of the fact that Salesrobot has merged data from a verified email address that was provided, the possibilities of a mismatch or problems with verification have been cut down to an absolute minimum on the LinkedIn account.
salesrobot software
  • Because of this, it will be much less complicated to interact with potential prospects via email since Sales Robot will supply you with all the information you require.
  • A user-friendly dedicated inbox that combines all of your interactions in one place and allows you to follow up on messages sent to you immediately. Because of this, there is no chance that you will miss another opportunity to follow up with prospects.
salesrobot software
  • Supports a wide variety of plug-ins, allowing users to streamline their sales operations by integrating with their existing tools and platforms.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn presence for increased sales. Get a free trial for 14 days right now! Visit our Web site now.

Why might Salesrobot not work for you?

  • Sales Robot's limited features of picture and GIF customization features are less sophisticated than its key features.
  • But since Sales Robot is compatible with other channels like Hyperise, it is possible to include visual content like photos and animated GIFs in your communications.


salesrobot software

Diverse pricing tires to suit your business needs:

It is clear from the table above that Salesrobot offers three distinct plans:

  • Advanced at $99/month
  • Professional at $179/month

Specified cost per lead payment structure. The advanced features will determine the final cost you select for your package.

You'll save 20% off the total price if you choose to pay annually.

#2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

No list of the best LinkedIn automation tools would be complete without at least mentioning Sales Navigator, LinkedIn prospecting, and lead generation tool. This is one of the best Dripify alternatives that you can use to level up your game.

What differentiates Sales Navigator from other paid LinkedIn premium plans is that it's made for people who use LinkedIn primarily for sales instead of recruiting or job searching.

LinkedIn sales navigator
source: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

What are the key features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

  • Since it is an official LinkedIn premium product, there is no way to get kicked from the service for using it.
  • Because it permits infinite filtering of search results, it opens up a vast resource of potential leads on LinkedIn.
  • It provides sophisticated options for refining new leads and LinkedIn prospecting time efforts.
sales navigator filters


  • You get 50 InMails per month. This is a great way to get around the weekly connection limit, which can be a game changer.
  • You may think of smart links as rudimentary content performance analytics because they show how customers interact with the stuff you provide them.

The downsides of utilizing a sales navigator that can be a game changer

The cost: Sales Navigator is among the costlier options available. What's more, it's overpriced for what it offers. In addition, if you want to see a significant improvement over LinkedIn's free and paid Basic and Premium plans, you'll need to spring for the more expensive Sales Navigator plan.

There is nothing else to it but advanced features of search and InMails (and remember, you're only allowed 50 InMails each month).


How much does LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs?

The Sales Navigator suite offers three distinct pricing tiers in the market.

  • Core at $99.99 per month
  • Advanced at $149.99 per month
  • Advanced Plus at a Price not specified
  • Each plan has a free 30-day trial and additional savings if paid for the entire year.
sales navigator pricing

#3. SendPulse:

Sendpulse is a robust email marketing component of a more extensive multichannel marketing automation solution. It is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools and qualifies as one of the perfect dripify competitors.

SendPulse is a one-stop shop for all your electronic messaging needs, from email to push notifications to integration like SMS and Viber. Additionally, it utilizes a plethora of distribution methods in a unified fashion. That is why it made it to the best LinkedIn automation tools list.

Email marketing campaigns, such as newsletters, announcements, and more, may be created and distributed with the help of SendPulse's many features.

SendPulse could be a good choice if you're looking for an affordable platform with automated SMS, chatbots, and transactional emails.

Key features of SendPulse:

  • Set up automated email flows in addition to SMS and messenger chatbots to move prospects through the sales process and close more transactions.
  • Send transactional emails via automation to your clients at crucial junctures in their journeys, where they will find the information most useful.
  • Deals may be generated mechanically in CRM whenever new clients are added, whether via email or a chatbot feed, ensuring that you never miss out on another sale.
  • What do you have to pay TO ACCESS the premium features of send pulse?

SendPulse is free to use to manage basic email marketing tasks. But they have three plans:

  • The standard plan costs $8 per month,
  • The Pro plan costs $9.66 per month,
  • The Enterprise plan costs $13.44 per month.

All the prices go down by 10% if you pay in advance for six months, and they go down by 20% if you pay for an entire year.

sendpulse pricing

What are the benefits of using SendPulse?

SMS And Email Marketing:

Use the LinkedIn automation tool SendPulse to deliver SMTP emails, SMS messages, online push notifications, and more. It's a unified system for sending promotional emails, text messages, and business correspondence.

Easy To Use Interface:

SendPulse is a web-based LinkedIn automation service that advertises its user-friendliness by not requiring its users to know how to code. Ultimately, they hope that even inexperienced users can create campaigns by taking advantage of the platform. The layout is simple. They provide detailed instructions for using the product's many capabilities and tutorials on create drip campaigns.

Cross-Platform Support With Comprehensive Analytics:

The SendPulse dashboard is accessible online, or you may download their app and use it on your mobile device to maintain a constant connection. Real-time information like delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and list unsubscribes will be available.

Diverse Tools And Features:

SendPulse is well-known for its extensive collection of e-mail marketing capabilities and solutions. It provides marketers with many pre-made templates and layouts and a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, making it simple to tailor their e-mails to their specific audiences. Many popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce and HubSpot, are among the many with which the company offers connectors.

SendPulse lacks the full functionality of some of its rivals. It contains a LinkedIn automation autoresponder feature that will send out emails on your behalf based on predetermined conditions. Unfortunately, neither sophisticated segmentation nor split testing is currently available.

What are the cons of using SendPulse?

Limited Support:

SendPulse doesn't offer live customer support or training materials for people who are new to their platform and might need help. Instead, they have a lot of information on their website about setting up an account and fixing problems with your emails.

Learning Curve:

When you first start using SendPulse's to its full functionality, you have to set up an email campaign; there is a bit of a learning curve. Users of Sendpulse often need time to understand the platform's features fully. Users say that there are too many choices, which is a problem. There are many good features, but how they are put together is also very important. A cluttered interface makes for a lousy user experience.

Absence Of Proper Learning Material:

When learning how to use Sendpulse, there is a bit of a learning curve, and the need for proper instructions makes it more challenging. When you give users a new software interface, you must ensure they can get around easily. But Sendpulse could do better in this area, which wastes users' time and makes them angry. This is the biggest problem with LinkedIn automation tools that Sendpulse solves.



Expandi software
source: Expandi

Expandi is a cloud-based lead generation software that combines LinkedIn and cold email outreach for optimal results. Another one of the best alternatives to Dripify is the Expandi LinkedIn automation tool in the market.

Because of its advanced artificial intelligence, Expandi offers lead generation drip campaigns automation but also the entirety of the sales funnel, from LinkedIn prospecting to lead nurturing and manage multiple accounts.

Key features of Expandi:

Dynamic Personalization choices:

Expandi offers dynamic personalization message features; you can tailor your interactions with others. The strategy here is extremely broad, covering much more than a company's or an individual's name. In addition to the standard indicators, you are free to use your own.


Expandi features
LinkedIn & email outreach:

Expandi connects to any email service provider and seamlessly combines LinkedIn and email outreach for enhanced lead generation. This LinkedIn automation software can also create sequences, enabling you to automate entire campaigns. Drip email campaigns and a smart, dedicated inbox can also be set up to reduce workload.

Smart Inbox:

If you reach out to 100 prospects every day, it would be hard and messy to manage your inbox straight from LinkedIn. Some messages get lost, your filters could be better, or you accidentally ignore some messages using this automation tool. With this feature, you can keep track of all your chats in one place and easily reply to each one.


Expandi features
Image and GIF personalization:

Expandi offers you many ways to personalize things, which can be used to make interactions more engaging. You might get twice as many replies or as many as 55%. It would be best if you spent some time targeting and developing a good automation for LinkedIn outreach plan, including messages, channels, a segmentation strategy, images, and GIFs. Then, focus on connecting with new leads. Now, let's look at things from different points of view.


What's so good about Expandi that will work for you?

  • Safety: It is a cloud-based platform, which makes it hard for LinkedIn to track its use.
  • It can connect to any email provider and combine email and LinkedIn outreach.

Expandi, can't be a good option if you're looking for this:

  • It only has one pricing plan and a 7-day free trial, which isn't much time for a user to determine its benefits and how much money it could make them.
  • Customer service that leaves a lot to be desired; questions and complaints are usually answered slowly;
  • Its interface can be challenging to use.
  • It has a feature that lets you get around the limits of LinkedIn messages. It can send up to 100 invite LinkedIn requests or messages per day.

How much does Expandi costs?

Expandi offers only one pricing plan, and each seat costs $99 monthly. This is a big problem for larger teams and businesses.


Expandi pricing
source: Expandi

 #5. Meet Alfred

There's a good reason why Meet Alfred dominates the LinkedIn automation space and it is one of the best competitors to Dripify.

Meet Alfred has several automated services that can boost your online presence and audience:

  • Automating conversations and messages
  • Sending multiple  connection requests at once
  • Insights and statistics to help you adjust your automation strategy

Meet Alfred offers Chrome extension status is a major selling point. That's right; there's no need to install any additional software; it works right in your browser. This makes it the best on the list of automation tool list.

Why should you choose meet Alfred?

  • Create elaborate email, Twitter, and LinkedIn campaigns with the campaign manager.
  • Using LinkedIn's customer relationship management (CRM) features, you can easily collect all the public information from other LinkedIn users about your targets and their profiles.
  • By adhering to the boundaries set by LinkedIn's built-in safety features, you can ensure your platform outreach initiatives won't be prohibited.
  • You can keep your LinkedIn connections network informed and interested by scheduling posts ahead of time.
  • Workflow enhancements through seamless integration of LinkedIn's lead generation with your CRM and other platforms.
  • The Analytics Dashboard allows you to keep track of your progress and gain actionable insights to boost the success of your campaigns based on actual data. 

How much does Meet-Alfred costs?

On the company's website, there is a page called "Pricing for Meet Alfred" that gives a clear and detailed look at the different plans and prices.

How much Meet Alfred costs depends on the plan you choose and how you want to be billed. In terms of pricing plans, you can choose from the following:

  • Personal - $29
  • Business - $59
  • Enterprise - $299

Each one gives the client access to a different set of features and options. Also, adding more users to your Meet Alfred account will cost you extra.

You can choose to pay monthly or once a year for the service. The above rates are paid every month. But if you choose to pay once a year, you will save 33%. Every plan comes with a 14-day trial.


Meet Alfred Pricing
source: Meet-Alfred

What are the benefits of using Meet-Alfred?

  • With Meet Alfred's campaign manager, you can set up sequences of messages that will be sent automatically.
  • They have their own CRM to keep track of connections and leads.
  • Meet Alfred's automation tool have different price options.

Cons of Meet Alfred:

The full suite of features can only be used with packages that cost more.

  • Fixed IPs, which can be dangerous, are not used by the meet Alfred team.


Dripify: Do you consider this for Lead Generation Tool in 2023?

To varying degrees, each of the best LinkedIn automation tools I've highlighted here can assist its users in improving critical aspects of LinkedIn lead generation. On the other hand, if you want your LinkedIn lead generation to go from zero to one hundred in no time, you'll need a LinkedIn automation tool with a more holistic approach.

The LinkedIn automation tool you choose must be able to:

  • Help with finding the right kind of LinkedIn users
  • Make your LinkedIn outreach very personal.
  • Create drip campaigns of different types and automate them
  • Make sure you are always safe.
  • And do all of that much faster than you could ever do it by hand

If you want a platform like that, Salesrobot is the best LinkedIn automation tool choice because it can do all these things.

Also, why should you take our word for it? Sign up for the free 14-day trial of Sales Robot and see how it can help your LinkedIn lead generation take off.

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