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20 January 2022
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SalesRobot Or Skylead; Which One Is More Suitable For You?

In-depth Cleverly review - a SaaS automation tool for LinkedIn automation. Reviews,  pricing and comparison with competitors. Everything you need to know about this software and how Salesrobot is better alternative [Updated early 2022]

best cleverly alternative

Skylead Overview

Skylead is a powerful multi-channel Sales Engagement tool that helps to skyrocket your lead generation results. It basically uses the power of personalization to help B2B companies, agencies and sales teams to find new leads. It helps to customize your outreach as per the need and further runs the campaign. Sky lead also provides real time insights and tracks the campaign performance through detailed analytics.

SalesRobot- Flashback

SalesRobot is a Linkedin automation tool designed explicitly for cold outreach on LinkedIn, as it enables users to easily create elaborate campaigns that run on total autopilot. It also has top-notch personalization options with customized templates. Along with that it comes with Email enrichment feature to make the task easier.

Are you confused about which Linkedin automation tool is more suitable for you: Skylead or SalesRobot? Well, you are at the right place to look for an answer to this.

So here we are going to analyze both these tools and find out which one should be opted by you as per the requirements of your business. Let’s begin!

SalesRobot Vs Sky Lead- comparison

When it comes to lead generation through Linkedin, automation tools play a vital role to cope up with this process. However, if a company decides to opt for manual procedure then it would take a couple of weeks or months to get the meetings generated. And of course not every organization has this much patience.

Coming to the automation tools, both these tools offer a lot of features that help businesses to get qualified leads from LinkedIn on autopilot.

Skylead is a software that replaces multiple different tools and generates and nurtures leads while saving your time and money. It helps in combining LinkedIn & Email via Smart Sequences and sends 500+ invites per week, also helps to find & verify unlimited number of emails and hyper-personalize your outreach.

Cleverly is not just software but also has people on staff who can help you out with targeting the right people using Sales Navigator, copywriting, and setting up campaigns. So it’s much more expensive with a minimum price of $297/month where you can reach only 250 prospects a month.

Salesrobot has a similar hands-on approach for onboarding clients but we don’t charge you extra for it or call ourselves an agency and our most expensive plan is $179/month where you can reach 4000 prospects a month.

Read below to find which automation tool suits the best for your business…

Do you want an overpriced and opaque service for lead gen or a simple, easy-to-use software that gets you to interested prospects quickly?

cleverly review

While Salesrobot is super transparent, our team also helps you tweak messaging and targeting so you get qualified leads that convert to revenue for your business.

expandi review on G2
Do you want onboarding and support that will make sure you reach your goals? Or just miscommunication and inconsistent information?
cleverly review g2 review
Still undecided?

Let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits.

There are 4 key things that matter when using a LinkedIn automation platform.

  • Daily volume How many connection requests/InMails can you send every day?
    Ever since LinkedIn announced the restriction of 100 connection requests/week,  generating leads has become significantly harder.
    Salesrobot allows you to send over 200 connection requests a day using our proprietary  database of personal emails of 700 million people on LinkedIn, while Cleverly doesn’t. So they are limited to a maximum of 1000 connection requests a month.
  • Conversion rates If you send 100 connection requests/InMails a week, how many of them do you end up having a positive conversation with?
    Salesrobot is able to send personalized images and GIFs in messages which result in warm conversations and skyrocket your number of meetings booked from LinkedIn.
  • Salesrobot has a slight edge as it can send autogenerated personalized connection invites using AI, but it depends. A lot of people can also get great acceptance rates with blank connection requests and a good-looking, well-optimized profile.
  • Ease of use How much time/effort it takes you to reply to people and organise the responses?
    Let’s face it, a lot of people you reach out to will say they’re not interested or just flat out tell you to f*** off. It’s happened to me and I’m sure it’s happened to you as well.
    Salesrobot has a feature called reply sequences where you’re able to schedule a sequence of messages to someone who shows interest.
    Let’s say a prospect says, “Can you reach out to me in a couple of months?”
    You can schedule a sequence of messages to go out 60 days, 63 days and 65 days later so that you end up getting a meeting with them.
    Cleverly doesn’t have the ability to schedule and send messages from inbox, it only sends a single message instantly.
  • Insights What kind of insights can you get out of the platform to improve your campaigns ?
    Simple questions like what job titles/geographies/companies are giving you the best  connection and response rates.
    Cleverly has some basic insights about the volume of connection    requests/InMails sent, but not in-depth insights about the location/persona of the prospects.
salesrobot linkedin outreach template
salesrobot smart inbox
salesrobot analytics
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And that's why people choose us!

Salesrobot reviews vs Cleverly Reviews

Salesrobot has an outstanding 5.0 rating on G2. See latest reviews

Cleverly has an average 3.2 on (not listed on G2). See latest reviews

Salesrobot pricing vs Cleverly pricing

Salesrobot has 2 $99/month and $179/month.

Cleverly has 3 plans at $297/month, $397/month and $597/month.

Our recommendation: Salesrobot’s $179/month plan is definitely affordable and    compares to the $597/month plan at Cleverly. It’s easy to use, and you can send high daily volumes,    get great conversion rates, use seamless workflows and get very deep campaign insights.