Run cold outreach campaigns on LinkedIn

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Packed with cutting-edge features

LinkedIn automation on steroids

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Drip messaging campaigns

Run multichannel campaigns on LinkedIn and email with 32%+ positive response rates

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Advanced charts

Industry, company, job title and location insights. Use insights to create data-driven targeting strategy.

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Keep your LinkedIn safe

Send over 200 connection requests by email 200 group DMs - safely.

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Single mini-CRM

Manage all of your conversations
in one place and create a
sequence of follow-ups

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Sky high response rates

Personalize your messages with 
AI-written content along with
images and GIFs

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Highly configurable

Manage the access of your teammates (or clients if you're an agency). Set daily activity limits and much more.

Personalized sequence

Personalize and automate your outreach on LinkedIn

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Schedule messages

Create and modify sequences of LinkedIn DMs

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Personalise using images and GIFs

Stand out in your prospects' crowded inboxes, grab their attention and get sky high response rates

Mini-CRM to handle all conversations

A simple CRM where you can tag conversations and
schedule follow-ups from

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Never lose a single response

Keep tabs on your important conversations
in a crowded inbox

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Write and schedule follow-ups

Forget about that reminder to follow up with Karl 3 weeks from now. Schedule it now!

Your growth journey starts here!

How to get started

It's just 3 steps


Create your Salesrobot account

Just sign up and enter your details

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Add your LinkedIn account

Just enter your credentials to get started

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Start a campaign!

Do a search for your ideal leads on Sales Nav and go from there

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What our clients say

Hear from our most successful customers

“Best competing sales automation tool

The sequencing capabilities, AI functions that help boost engagement & the user friendly UI. Makes it a dream to use!

Connor Hevingham
Head of Marketing at Alphaletz

“Creative and personalized way to connect with prospects without being intrusive

The ROI has been excellent for our company. The cost is very reasonable, and the approach is very unique. We have already closed one customer on an enterprise deal in just a short time.

Patricia Christensen
VP of Marketing

"#1 software for LinkedIn Prospecting & Lead Gen"

Love the software! Easy to use and helps my led gen for my marketing agency a ton. Pratiksha did a great job in helping me navigate the product and helping me with my many questions.

Yoel Orue
Chief Executive Officer

"Amazing for personalizations"

I've worked with multiple LinkedIn automation tools but by far, Sendzilla has been one of the most convenient. It is truly the smartest tool out there in the market.

Rishabh Bhandari
Chief Executive Officer

"Sendzilla Delivers!"

Sendzilla provides unique and innovative automation strategies for salespeople on LinkedIn. It's easy to use, gets excellent results, works fast, and the team is accommodating.

Kyle Powell
Sales Development Rep.

"Best automation platform"

A very robust automation layer has been set up on top of LI. Excellent service and support team. They have been proactive in figuring solutions to LI's problems and even for us when we faced any challenges.

Shrey Arora

Your growth journey starts here!