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Be it students, professionals, or founders – everyone wants a perfect LinkedIn headline for an enduring first impression on their target audience. LinkedIn headline is your own personal advertisement - that too free of cost. 

But no one really knows how to write a perfect headline.  

Or what makes a headline perfect so that your audience trusts you? 

What makes a good headline for LinkedIn? [5 Tips]

Creating a compelling headline can be challenging, it needs to be eye-catching and short but should clearly convey what you do.

Here’s my formula to generate the perfect LinkedIn profile headline:

What do you do? + Who do you do it for? + How do you do it? = Perfect Headline

Plus, here are 5 tips that make a good LinkedIn headline: 

  • It should be concise. No more than 80 characters.
  • It should sound professional with a bit of personality
  • It should include keywords specific to your industry
  • It should include a value proposition. Anyone looking at your profile should instantly understand what you can do for them.
  • It should highlight your achievements with specific numbers or metrics.
  • It should include your job title and company name.  

Having some trouble incorporating all these tips into your headline? It’s tough, I’ve been there.
That’s why I built this tool, I taught AI all the tips to find the perfect LinkedIn profile headline for you

Just give it information about yourself, your work, your achievements, your target audience, and your business, and it will write the perfect headline for you.

I’ve generated 100+ headlines using this tool for my clients, so you know this tool has been put to the test!

How to Generate the Perfect LinkedIn Headline for you? [With examples]

First, you need to give it an input. 

The input has to be a brief information about yourself. 

Ex:  You are a lead gen agency owner, and help B2B founders generate leads via LinkedIn content. Also, you have worked with more than 50+ clients. 

So that input will be: 

“B2B lead generation agency owner who helps B2B founders generate 5-7 leads per month by creating engaging content for LinkedIn. Over the last 2 years, I have helped 50+ clients generate leads. ”

Once you hit “Generate,” the tool will generate multiple LinkedIn headline options for you: 

“Helping B2B founders write content and generate 5 leads in 30 days via Linkedin” 


“Generating leads for B2B founders via LinkedIn with my content writing” 

Pick the one you like.

Generate LinkedIn Headline for Students

Provide our tool with some information about yourself, for example: 

Ex: Currently pursuing a Computer Science course at UCLA, I am on a mission to explore the dynamic intersection of Artificial Intelligence and am keen to connect with like-minded individuals in the healthcare field.


"Exploring the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare | UCLA Computer Science Student"


"Computer Science Student | Connecting the Dots Between AI and Healthcare | UCLA"

Generate LinkedIn Headline for Professionals: 

If you’re a seasoned professional. Write as much as you can about yourself, especially your achievements. 

Ex: Seasoned social media content creator with a proven track record in B2B SaaS. Specializing in personal branding, I bring a unique blend of strategic vision and hands-on experience to drive success. I assist my clients in booking 10-12 meetings per month through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Generated Linkedin Headline:

 "Personal Branding Strategist | Helping Clients Book 10-12 Meetings Per Month 📆"

Generate LinkedIn Headline for Job Seekers:

Job seekers benefit the most from LinkedIn headlines because the platform was built for them. Although the platform has evolved to be much more over the years. 

For job seekers, it is important to highlight their strengths, the value they bring to the table, and the impact created in terms of revenue or growth. 

Give our tool an input.

Ex: Experienced and highly motivated professional actively seeking opportunities in B2B Sales. With a solid foundation in sales prospecting and LinkedIn outreach, I'm eager to contribute to innovative projects and make a meaningful impact. I have consistently achieved a 100% success rate over the past six months.


"B2B Sales Pro | Achieved 100% Success Rate in Last 6 Months | LinkedIn Outreach" 


"Experienced B2B Sales Professional | 100% Success Rate | LinkedIn Outreach"

Generate LinkedIn Headline for Founder:

As a founder, your headline is made for 2 purposes:
1. To attract potential leads and customers 

2. To attract the best talent for your organization 

Therefore, your headline should be a concise statement of your vision. It should summarize why you started your own venture. Here is an example:

Input: Experienced entrepreneur and visionary behind Salesrobot, disrupting the B2B sales landscape. Committed to creating impactful solutions, I possess a proven ability to lead teams and cultivate innovation. Let's connect and explore potential collaborations in the exciting journey of entrepreneurship!


“Founder at Salesrobot/ Helping B2B business leverage automation to scale their business.” 

How to Make the Best Use of an Optimised Linkedin Profile?

With our tool, you have the perfect LinkedIn headline. 

But how to create a fully optimised Linkedin Profile?

It takes about 40+ steps to optimize a LinkedIn profile. Because an optimized profile is crucial for professional success. 

Here are the top 7 tips for creating an optimized profile

  • Upload a professional headshot, and don't forget to smile. 
  • Create an eye-catching banner and include your services. 
  • Create a compelling headline and summary using our tool. 
  • Network with 3 types of LinkedIn users: Creators, Industry peers, and ICP. 
  • Write 3X on LinkedIn and share your ideas with your network. 
  • Add your calendar link to your profile(if you are a freelancer or business owner) 
  • Join relevant groups and events to enhance visibility and connections.

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