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People from various backgrounds – students, professionals, or founders – want a perfect headline for an enduring first impression on their target audience. But what makes a headline perfect so that your audience trusts you?


Here’s what makes a headline perfect: 

  • It should be concise.
  • It should sound professional. 
  • It should include specific keywords. 
  • It should include a value proposition. 
  • It should include your job title and company name.  


“Getting you inbound leads through Content Design”
“Helping B2B founders grow their personal brand on LinkedIn organically” 

However, coming up with a compelling headline can be challenging, as understanding your audience's preferences isn't always straightforward.

Fortunately, there's a universal formula for an effective headline:

What do you do? + Who do you do it for? + How do you do it? = Perfect Headline

Now, you might be murmuring that this formula is too broad for me to apply.

And you're right. 

Now, let's explore how you can tailor it to your specific needs:

If you are a student:

A headline is a way for you to advertise your academic achievements and your potential to be a future leader. Here are a few examples: 

“Passionate creative media designer seeking internships in [industry]”
“Motivated biology student with a strong foundation in research, eager to explore breakthroughs in medical science.”

Make sure to follow the guidelines as mentioned above. 

If you are a professional: 

For professionals who are already making an impact, a headline is the best way to showcase that impact. Your headline serves as a signal to recruiters, helping them qualify you as a potential candidate for job openings. Here are a few examples: 

“Helping you book 10-12 meetings per month  via Linkedin.”
“Generating $18M+ in pipeline every month for B2B companies” 

If you are a founder:

As a founder, your headline is made for 2 purposes:
1. To attract potential leads and customers 

2. To attract the best talent for your organization 

Therefore, your headline should be a concise statement of your vision. It should summarize why you started your own venture. Here is an example:  

“Helping B2B business leverage automation to scale their business.”

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