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We’re on a mission to change spammy sales pitches into warm conversations.

Cold email and LinkedIn are great channels to connect and actually pitch your product as it is supposed to be, through real conversations. Not spam.


  • 3k+ active users
  • 76k+ responses
  • 267k+ people connected
  • $50M+ value generated

The values that drive everything we do

Customer Support

We are best in class and renowned for our customer support. You won't get this fast turnaround times anywhere else.

Value for money

We want you to drive value out of the product.
We are happy to refund, if we are not able to.


We continuously innovate to solve toughest problems around real life AI conversations.


Unlike most companies we focus on providing you clearest picture on whats happening with your outreach.

Our team

The Dream team, we grow stronger everyday.

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Thoughts, Notes & Tutorials

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