Our features will woo you if one man army or have a team of 100+

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Save time and be consistent with automated followups

Maintain templates for followups, 1 day
or 6 months, salesrobot will remember
to followup for you.

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Human like conversation

Engage your prospects using our proven AI bot, with 32%+ positive response rates for 100k+ conversations.

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Single mini-CRM

Manage all of your conversations in one place, track positive leads using tags and advanced filters.

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Aggregated view

If you are managing 3 more than one account especially doing same targeting, you would want your inbox, campaigns, dashboard managed from single screen. We mean why do same work n times.

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Invite any no of users

No extra charge for no of users. Control access with very simple Access Based Control.

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Manage blocklisting on org level or
your client level in one go.
If you have multiple accounts targeting
same prospects, we ensure there is no

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Prospect pipelines

Forget repetitive chores. Put prospects once, we will automatically run campaigns across multiple accounts and keep feeding them with new prospects.

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Configure custom emails with stats on daily level, weekly level or monthly level for yourself or your clients.
you control the copy, we just send it.

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Advanced stats

Identify key population that responds positively using our advancned dashboard features.
Improvise your campaigns based on insights.

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Total control

Precisely control when your outreach is happening, even plan holidays.
Control daily outreach for each steps.

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Pull prospects from anywhere

We support CSV, SalesNav, Linkedin Search, Groups, Events, Post messages, Hashtags.

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We provide 2 way integrations with
all CRMs, outreach tools using