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Reach out to all⚡your prospects

Collaborate with your team to manage and reach out to all your prospects over LinkedIn and Email

Advanced capabilties for sales experts

We understand there is no one playbook.
If you have a detailed email and LinkedIn outreach strategy, you can automate it using Salesrobot.

Total control

Precisely control when your outreach is happening, even plan holidays.
Control daily limits for each type of activity.

Pull prospects from anywhere

We support

  • Custom CSV imports
  • Sales Navigator Searches
  • LinkedIn Searches
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn Events
  • Commenters on a LinkedIn post
  • People who posted using a particular hashtag

We provide 2 way integrations with all CRMs, outreach tools using webhooks and direct integrations with some popular ones like Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot!

Sky high response rates

Salesrobot helps you get high response rates and manage followups smoothly. It is not just about getting to a yes and no. You can build long term relationships via cold email and LinkedIn using Salesrobot.

Save time and be consistent with automated followups

Maintain templates for followups, 1 day or 6 months, SalesRobot will remember to followup for you.

Keep your LinkedIn network warm

Automatically wish them a happy birthday or congratulate them on a new job, without lifting a finger!

Single mini-CRM

Manage all of your conversations in one place, track positive leads using tags so that you keep following up according to their level of interest.

Aggregated view

If you are an agency managing multiple client accounts or a sales team with multiple people, you would want your inboxes, campaigns in one place.

We provide that.


Manage blocklisting on a team level or your client level in one click.If you have multiple accounts targeting same prospects, we ensure that the same prospect doesn't get messages from multiple people in your team.

Invite your whole team

No extra charge for users. You can control access with very simple role based access control. For example, your sales reps can't see each others' inboxes.

Write messages using AI

Stuck with writer's block? Our AI understands your product/service and creates high-converting messages specific to your industry and target market.


Get emails with statistics on a daily level, weekly level or monthly level for yourself or your clients.

You can customize the emails, we just send it.

Advanced insights

Identify your detailed ideal customer profile based on what job title, industry segment and location your best leads have.

You get visual insights in one click

Instant reply detection

Never worry about having your dream customers chased by irrelevant, robotic follow ups after they've replied to you.

Salesrobot stops as soon as it gets a response from a prospect and you take over.


We integrate natively with Hubspot, Pipedrive and Salesforce.

And with thousands of other apps via webhooks (from Zapier, or Pabbly)

FAQ's 🤔

Get to know our product

What is Salesrobot?

Salesrobot is a sales automation platform that sends connection requests/inmails  to 30-50 of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn daily and follows up with them once they connect with you. This level of consistency means that you get 5-10 new replies every day, and end up booking 5-8 new  meetings per week, only by having a conversation with the people who have replied.

How do I get started?

Just add your LinkedIn account to Salesrobot! You'll be up and running in 2  mins.

What actions can I do using Salesrobot?

You can like their most recent post, comment on it automatically, follow them, send  them a connection request, automatically follow up with them and yeah, endorse their skills!

How do I import prospects to Salesrobot?

You can import people from LinkedIn Sales Nav search, a normal LinkedIn search, or  upload with a CSV, or you can DM LinkedIn group members or event attendees if you want! Did I mention  that you can fetch all the people who commented on a particular LinkedIn post and request to connect  with them?

How does it work with Linkedin limits?

That's the main issue these days, isn't it? We have features to send  InMails to open profiles automatically, sending a connection request using their emails and DMing  LinkedIn Group members and event attendees at scale.

How many LinkedIn accounts can I use?

If you've got multiple LinkedIn accounts you want to manage (client accounts  for example), you can do that by just adding them like you added the first one.

Can I invite my team to use it?

Yeah, just hop on to "Admin settings" and invite your team members by  email.

Can I send GIFs, documents in messages?

You can send anything using a link in a message.

I love the tool, can i refer it?

Yes we have a referal program where you can earn monthly on your referals

Can I use it with my CRM?

Yes! Salesrobot will populate your CRM automatically with leads interested in buying,  directly from LinkedIn!

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