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Efficy's targeting was meticulous, centering on Copenhagen, Denmark's Capital Region. They tailored their approach to engage top-tier professionals by focusing on job titles such as Managing Directors, CEOs, Founders, COOs, Directors of Business Development, Sales Managers, Customer Service and Sales Support, Area Sales Managers, and Heads of Partnerships. Furthermore, they covered a wide spectrum of industries including Software Development, Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, Internet Publishing, Retail Apparel and Fashion, and Furniture and Home Furnishings Manufacturing. This keen targeting, concentrating on geography, job titles, and industries, ensured that their campaign resonated with the right decision-makers, resulting in excellent reply rates.


Efficy's Danish copywriting is warm and engaging. In the first message, they introduce themselves and webCRM, highlighting its benefits concisely. They express a desire to connect in a friendly manner. In the second message, they thank the recipient for connecting, showing eagerness to share experiences. They invite the recipient to a free webinar and offer a trial, making it easy to explore webCRM. The tone is inviting and informative. This approach likely contributed to their high reply rates, as it created a welcoming and non-intrusive atmosphere, fostering connections with potential clients in Denmark's Capital Region, which was their target audience.



Loved the tool. Salesrobot makes the LinkedIn automation super easy with added personalization. Support team is really really awesome and helpful. UI can be improved but I am 100% satisfied by their overall service at this reasonable price.

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