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For this campaign, Ron focused on finding the right people. He wanted to connect with folks who are important in the tech world. These people have the job title channel director and are high up in their companies, like Directors, Vice Presidents, and CXOs. He looked for them in the United States and chose the field of Technology Information and Media.They have 6-10 years or even more than 10 years of experience. This way, Ron  made sure he is  talking to the right people who understand and can use his service.


The effective Enteros message sequence led to positive results due to its personalized approach, value-oriented engagement, and gradual relationship building. Ron's warm introduction and genuine interest in recipients' experiences fostered connection. Highlighting technology benefits showcased value, while skill endorsements and follow-ups built familiarity. The sequence's indirect promotion and personal care resonated well. Persistence maintained dedication without pressure. These factors combined to create trust, encouraging responses and contributing to the campaign's success.



SalesRobot makes LinkedIn automation super easy and segmented. I had previously been using other LinkedIn automation tools for years and decided to move to this platform because of the additional features and the workflow cadence. The customer service has also been super helpful.

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