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HandsHQ's targeting strategy was on point. They honed in on the United Kingdom and Ireland, effectively narrowing their geographic focus. In terms of industry, they targeted key sectors like Construction, Civil Engineering, Machinery Manufacturing, and Retail Groceries, where safety and compliance are paramount. Their precision extended to job titles, including Environment, Health and Safety Specialists, Civil Engineers, Project Managers, and Financial Directors, ensuring they reached the right professionals who could benefit from their RAMS and Training Matrix Software. This careful targeting resulted in impressive reply rates and relevant connections.


HandsHQ's effective copywriting was marked by a personalized and friendly approach. They initiated connections politely and offered compliments on the recipients' profiles to establish a positive tone. Subsequently, they introduced their RAMS software concisely, addressing a common pain point. By proposing a brief call to explore how HandsHQ could assist, they extended a low-pressure invitation. In follow-up messages, they reinforced the potential benefits and offered to discuss further. This personalized, non-intrusive, and value-driven style of communication fostered meaningful connections and contributed to the campaign's impressive reply rates.



SalesRobot's sequencing capabilities, coupled with its AI-driven engagement strategies, is something that I liked the most. I have used many other tools but Salesrobot has consistently delivered a  much higher response rate for us.

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