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Inonda Marketing's targeting strategy was spot on. They focused on 2nd-degree connections who held influential positions like Director, Founder, CEO, President, and Chairman. Their geographic focus on the United Kingdom ensured relevance. The chosen experience range of 6-10 years and more than 10 years demonstrated a preference for experienced professionals who could comprehend their offerings. This precision ensured that their messages reached decision-makers who were most likely to engage positively with their campaign.


Inonda Marketing's success can be boiled down to smart messaging. Their first message established a friendly connection and introduced their services. Subsequent messages softly invited recipients to a valuable industry event, highlighting its benefits. They consistently provided event details and registration links, making it easy for prospects to engage further. Their approach wasn't pushy but focused on building awareness and offering value. The polite persistence in the final message helped secure responses. The sequence's gradual, informative, and respectful nature likely played a crucial role in their positive outcomes.



SalesRobot is the hero of LinkedIn automation. It has a very easy to use interface and easy to follow process to get started targeted outreach. It has delivered impressive results for us. 

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