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Michael's digital marketing and consultancy firm has achieved commendable results by targeting Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) in the Greater Boston area for his consultancy services. Targeting the decision-maker is a smart strategy, especially when offering specialized services like cost structure optimization and growth investment consultancy. By focusing on CHROs, Michael is likely to resonate with professionals who have the authority and responsibility to make strategic decisions about their company's operations and investments.


In this campaign, Michael kept his messages short and clear. He made each step personal by praising the achievements of the people he was reaching out to. Instead of immediately trying to sell something, he interacted with what these people were sharing online. To make his offer even more appealing, he suggested helping employees with the costs of college education through his college funding  program.



SalesRobot’s personalization features have significantly boosted our engagement and results. We have landed 2 high paying clients for our agency in the 1st month itself. We highly recommend it for any business looking to enhance their outreach strategy.

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