We tried 4 ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternatives: Here's our in-depth comparison!

We tried 4 ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternatives: Here's our in-depth comparison!

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If you're employed in an SMB or a lead generation  agency and have been given the responsibility of generating leads,


If you're an SDR professional at a fast-growing B2B SaaS company who wants to explore other alternatives to ZoomInfo SalesOS.

This article aims to inform you of the top 4 ZoomInfo SalesOS alternatives we have tried and evaluated, not to judge any particular software.

These alternatives offer a variety of features to cater to different sales team needs, including personalized outreach and advanced analytics.

We will also review ZoomInfo SalesOS's features, costs, and any potential difficulties you or other companies may encounter when using it.

If you're short on time, check out our quick comparison table of the top 4 ZoomInfo SalesOS alternatives.

Zoominfo SalesOS comparision with Salesrobot, UpLead, Groove, Adapt


First, Why do you need ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternative?

ZoomInfo is a well-known business-to-business (B2B) database that offers comprehensive information about companies and their staff. However, despite its popularity, it is not without its flaws.

Here are some of the ZoomInfo SalesOS drawbacks to look on:

Outdated database:

[Here is an honest review of a customer-facing difficulty with ZoomInfo SalesOS’s database!👇]

Source: G2
  • It causes bounced emails that turn into spam, and the link from the contact to LinkedIn is often linked to the wrong contact name, and the contact's profile is not as per the right job title.

Useless Intent Tool:

  • The intent tool wastes time and provides difficult searches, especially for smaller sales teams.
  • While it may be useful for larger organizations with endless supplies of SDRs, it requires a lot of setup and infrastructure to execute, which is difficult for smaller sales teams.

Auto-Renewal and Contract Renewals:

  • ZoomInfo SalesOS has sneaky auto-renewal policies with no notice of contract renewals and unclear contract renewal terms.
  • Contract auto-renewal policies are difficult to manage for smaller businesses.

Poor Customer Service:

[Here’s what customers have to say about their service👇]

Source: G2
  • ZoomInfo SalesOS's customer service is terrible, and its post-sales support is even worse.
  • The process is automated, with no human interaction and no accountability.
  • They won't make changes and will try to bully you into paying, even if it's their mistake.

Limited Data Coverage:

  • ZoomInfo SalesOS has limited data coverage in Hubspot, with only 10% of data enriched.

ZoomInfo SalesOS Overview

ZoomInfo salesOS review
Source: ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a platform that may assist companies in finding and connecting with their potential clients.

Here are its key features:


  • ZoomInfo SalesOS can find relevant contacts and companies based on various criteria, including job titles, company sizes, and locations.
  • Buyer Intent tool, which helps businesses reach ready-to-buy prospects. They can engage with prospects at the right time, increasing the likelihood of conversion.
  • Website Visitor Tracking enables users to identify and track visitors in real-time, providing valuable insights into visitor behavior and interests.

Sales Engagement:

  • ZoomInfo SalesOS streamlines phone and email outreach, making connecting with potential customers easier for sales teams.
  • Conversation Intelligence enables businesses to analyze every interaction, gaining insights into what works and doesn't.

Demand Generation:

  • Webform optimization will help you get more information with less effort.
  • Digital Advertising targets tailor-made audiences, ensuring that their ads are seen by those most likely to be interested in their products or services.

API & Integration:

  • ZoomInfo SalesOS's API enables businesses to integrate their intelligence and engagement tools seamlessly.
  • Cloud Partners and the App Marketplace, businesses can access a wide range of integrations and transformative solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve.

What is the pricing of ZoomInfo SalesOS?

ZoomInfo SalesOs Pricing
Source: ZoomInfo SalesOS

To view the pricing details on the ZoomInfo SalesOS website, one must provide their business email address. Despite doing so, receiving the pricing details will take time.

As the Platforms for each sector in Sales, Marketing, and Talent Search differ, you can expect expensive pricing.

The pricing is unsuitable for SMBs only highly funded B2B firms can afford the pricing, which can go up to $10,000 per year.

Now, Let's learn more about ZoomInfo SalesOS alternative tools in detail and why we need them!


Here are the Top 4 ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternatives for 2023!

Top 4 alternatives to ZoomInfo

Source: Salesrobot

Salesrobot - #1 ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternative that can streamline your Multichannel Sales Outreach

Salesrobot is the best ZoomInfo SalesOS alternative that offers sales outreach through multiple channels, such as Email and LinkedIn, significantly boosting your sales pipeline.

With Salesrobot, you can customize and automate your Email and LinkedIn Sequences, allowing you to carry out cold outreach with a personal touch efficiently.

Why is Salesrobot a better alternative to ZoomInfo SalesOS?

Salesrobot has the following features:

Multichannel Outreach:

  • Automated email sequences designed to enhance outbound sales and save time.
  • Salesrobpot offers LinkedIn automation; you can send up to 200 messages per week and connection requests without typical restrictions. (ZoomInfo SalesOS provides only phone and email outreach)

Smart Campaigns with Good Customer Support:

  • This platform offers round-the-clock client support with smart, safe, hyper-personalized campaigns to avoid offending LinkedIn's algorithm.

[Here are a few honest customers reviews about our service!👇]

Salesrobot review on G2
Source: G2
Salesrobot customer review


What are the Pros and Cons of Salesrobot?

Salesrobot pros over ZoomInfo:

  • LinkedIn Outreach
  • Better Customer Support
  • No Auto-Renewal of Contract
  • Affordable & transparent pricing

Here are some cons of Salesrobot over ZoomInfo SalesOS:

  • No Database
  • ZoomInfo has an API with better Integration


What is the pricing of Salesrobot?

Salesrobot pricing

Unlike ZoomInfo SalesOS, which withholds its pricing and it appears that you will pay more (Unless you are a highly funded B2B firm!), Salesrobot has an open, all-inclusive pricing plan starting at $99/month.

You can also utilize all of Salesrobot's features for 14 days for free without any credit card details provided.

Salesrobot is very clear with pricing and carefully unsubscribes if you wish to not continue further, unlike ZoomInfo SalesOS, which has this peculiar feature of the Auto-renewal of a contract even if you do not wish to continue with the tool.

Summary: What have we learned so far?

Overall, If you need a platform with all the features for Sales activities that perform moderately and fail to live up to the accurate database you may seek, which is also expensive, then choose ZoomInfo SalesOS.

Or, You can opt for Salesrobot if you need to streamline your LinkedIn and Email Automation excellently.

UpLead - #2 ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternative as Better Lead Generator

Source: UpLead

UpLead is a B2B lead-generating tool that enables you to gain access to the strength of high-quality contact and company datasets.

In contrast to ZoomInfo SalesOS, which occasionally provides incorrect and outdated data, UpLead's features, like email verification and finding, and its extensive database allow you to swiftly get qualified leads for your email campaigns.

What features of UpLead are better than ZoomInfo SalesOS?

UpLead provides better Prospecting and Search Filters than ZoomInfo SalesOS-

  • Prospecting: UpLead has extensive filters that let you focus on your search terms and provide lead lists that are extremely tailored, potentially increasing conversion rates. [ Real-customer view on UpLead’s prospecting👇]
UpLead G2 review
Source: G2
  • By using powerful search criteria and your access to millions of contacts, you can locate potential clients for your goods or services, which also come with Chrome Extension.
  • This helps you locate and filter companies in your area and your industry based on factors like firm size, revenue, number of employees, etc.
  • It helps you obtain verified email addresses, social network handles, phone numbers, etc. may be useful for small firms with established email lists.

How much does UpLead cost?

It presently has 5 pricing tiers:

Source: G2
  1. Free trial: Each consumer has a one-month, all-inclusive free trial.
  2. The Essentials Plan, which includes 2040 credits for each user, costs $74 per month.
  3. Plus Plan: With $149/month and all features, each user receives up to 4800 credits.
  4. Professional Plan with $299/month for up to 12,000 credits with premium features.
  5. Business plan - Custom.

UpLead offers flexible subscription plans with monthly renewal options(Unlike ZoomInfo, which has an Auto-Renewal policy), making it easy for businesses to adjust their usage according to their needs.

What are the Pros and Cons of UpLead?

UpLead Pros over ZoomInfo SalesOS:

  • Search-Filters
  • Monthly Renewal of Contract
  • Transparent Pricing

UpLead Cons:

  • Bad Customer Support
  • Billing Issues [Customer review on the same👇]
Uplead review on G2
Source: G2

Finally - Here is a summary on UpLead as a ZoomInfo Alternative:

If you need a good lead-generating tool with proper filters to get your potential customers, choose UpLead.

Or you can go with ZoomInfo SalesOS if you’re willing to spend a lot for a moderate all-in-one sales solution for your organization.


Groove - #3 ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternative that has a good sales engagement platform

Groove - Best alternative to ZoomInfo SalesOS
Source: Groove

Groove is a sales engagement platform that is renowned for its ability to facilitate smart and adaptive sales strategies.

By automating various aspects of the customer lifecycle, Groove enables revenue leaders to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the features of Groove which outshine ZoomInfo SalesOs?

Groove Flows provides better sales outreach with the following key features:

  • Groove ensures timely and quality communication with prospects by enabling salespeople to build multi-step campaigns called "Flows."
  • Groove also facilitates collaboration among the sales team and sends follow-up messages to leads.
  • It also includes templates for call scripts, emails, and other sales activities to help salespeople save time and stay organized.
  • Call recording helps you stay ahead with lead data and provides coaching to understand the platform better.

Better Customer Support:

  • Account and Support teams offer chat, phone, and email product support.

Source: G2


  • It can integrate with your email, calendar, and Linked Sales navigator for better productivity.
  • It has native integration with Salesforce and 4000+ other software integrations to ensure the smooth running of sales tasks.

What are the Pros and Cons of Groove?

Groove Pros over ZoomInfo SalesOS:

  • Automated activity logging for Sales Outreach process
  • Good Customer Support

Groove Cons:

  • UI is not friendly
  • Software Bugs[Customers views👇]
Source: G2

What is the price of Groove?

The groove website has no pricing exact as ZoomInfo SalesOS; you must request a demo for further plan details.

Here’s What we can take from this section on Groove as a ZoomInfo SalesOS alternative👇

Overall if you need a good sales engagement platform with good campaign workflows for emails, calls, and LinkedIn, choose Groove(If you’re okay with its occasional cons mentioned).

If you are still considering ZoomInfo SalesOS, it will be an all-in-one platform for all your sales processes that may not meet your expectations.

Adapt - #4 ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternative for Good All-in-one Sales Tool

Adapt- Best alternative to ZoomInfo SalesOS
Source: Adapt

Adapt is a sales software designed for end-to-end sales solutions.

It has a wide range of tools to generate high-quality leads, engage with potential consumers effectively, and quickly uncover valuable connections.

What are the features of Adapt that make it better than ZoomInfo SalesOS?

  • Better email prospecting
  • Adapt has a powerful email finder that helps sales teams reach out to more leads and improve their chances of closing deals. (Unlike ZoomInfo SalesOS, which gives emails that turn out as Spam.)
Source: G2
  • Adapt offers tools to discover and prioritize leads, gain in-depth intelligence, and access mobile phone numbers and high email deliverability.
  • Adapt provides a lead form for marketing teams to capture more detailed information, enrich and validate contacts 24/7, and personalize chats based on account insights.

What are the Pros and Cons of Adapt?

Adapt Pros over ZoomInfo SalesOS:

  • Good Email Finder
  • Customer Support

Adapt Cons:

  • Expensive: Adapt can be expensive, making it inaccessible to smaller businesses or startups.
Adapt.io review
Source: G2
  • Bugs and your LinkedIn Account can get banned

What is the pricing of Adapt?

Adapt pricing
Source: Adapt

Unfortunately, Adapt does not display pricing information(like ZoomInfo SalesOS) on its website, and users must contact their team to receive a quote.

Final thoughts on Adapt👇

Adapt can be a good sales tool with a robust support system and a good prospecting tool.

However, ZoomInfo SalesOS and Adapt both seem to be on the expensive side, they are best for large B2B firms that can perform all your sales activities moderately.

Conclusion: Which ZoomInfo SalesOS Alternative to Choose?

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a ZoomInfo SalesOS alternative, it's essential to consider the specific needs and budget of your business.

While ZoomInfo SalesOS may work well for larger organizations with ample resources that can manage their downsides, smaller businesses may find it lacking in quality and cost-effectiveness.

However, many great alternatives exist, and we recommend Salesrobot for its efficient sales outreach activities on LinkedIn and Email with transparent pricing.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, so choose wisely, and here's to your business success!

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