10 Winning LinkedIn Message Templates for Getting More Connections, Sales, and Relationships

10 Winning LinkedIn Message Templates for Getting More Connections, Sales, and Relationships

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Growing your LinkedIn network is always a wise thing to do since this network is a literal gold mine when it comes to business opportunities.

After all, LinkedIn gathers more than 830 million users worldwide, 65+ million of which are business decision-makers.

Not something you’d want to miss out on, huh?

However, with the LinkedIn connection request limit, things have become even trickier than before, as you have to make every single request and message count.

To achieve that, everything you send to other LinkedIn users has to have that special something that’s going to make it stand out from overcrowded inboxes and generic messages.

That’s why we’ve prepared several LinkedIn message templates you can use in different situations and easily customize for your own needs and prospects.

Just fine-tune these LinkedIn message templates to your particular line of business and watch as you get more sales, swarms of connections, and generate blossoming relationships with fellow professionals.

To give you an extra hand, we’ll delve into what makes each of these templates work like a charm and sprinkle some pro tips here and there for getting your acceptance and response rates through the roof.

Getting more connections and closed deals on LinkedIn is a tough game to play, but with our templates and tips combined, you’ll master it in no time. 😉

LinkedIn message template #1 – Connecting based on a mutual connection

Hey, {{First_Name}},

Came across your profile and noticed we both have a connection with {{Mutual_Connection}}. Love what you guys do at {{Company_Name}}. Would love to connect!



Why it works

By mentioning a mutual connection who happens to be your prospect’s coworker, you’re effectively bridging the gap between being a total stranger and a professional acquainted with other relevant experts in your industry.

Moreover, when acknowledging the good work your potential prospect is doing at their company, you show that you’ve been keeping tabs on their career and the company’s progress and growth, which will surely leave a favorable impression.

LinkedIn message template #2 – Connecting based on volunteering experience

Hey, {{First_Name}},

I came across your profile, and it looks very impressive. It’s great that you’ve found the time to give something back to the community along with your professional achievements, like volunteering at {{Top_Volunteer_Experience}}.

That struck a chord with me, as I’ve always found it essential to have other interests apart from strictly professional ones.

Would really love to connect with such a like-minded person!



Why it works

Complimenting people on the qualities that make them look like their best selves is a foolproof method of getting under their skin.

Noticing that they’re willing to give back to the community other than just taking and ruthlessly chasing profits - while at the same time implying what a great human being that makes them - is sure to give you extra leverage in connecting.

LinkedIn message template #3 – Connecting based on a recommendation

Hey, {{First_Name}},

I was just looking at your profile and thought it would be good to connect.

I especially loved the glowing recommendation from {{Top_Recommender}}!

It would be great to keep track of your professional accomplishments in the future.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Why it works

Mentioning a recommendation that really stands out, as it comes from an industry thought-leader or someone equally as influential, like an expert or a big decision-maker, will help your connection request shine through the sea of generic requests and messages.

It shows that you:

  1. Know who the most important people from a given industry are and
  2. That you’ve put in the effort to check out your prospect’s profile carefully enough to find that particular recommendation.

Making your prospect feel valued and appreciated will naturally make them much more likely to accept your connection request.

Pro tip: Make every step of your outreach customer-centric, and you’ll stay on the right track no matter what.

LinkedIn message template #4 – Connecting based on the prospect’s current job role & company

Hey, {{First_Name}},

I came across your profile, and I must say I’m impressed with what you guys are doing over at {{Company_Name}}.

I’ve been keeping tabs on the good work you’ve done so far, and I can imagine that you, as a {{Job_Position}}, have contributed significantly to your overall success.

Would love to connect and learn more about your line of work.



Why it works

Acknowledging that your prospect’s added significant value to a company they’re working at is something that will strike a chord even with the toughest of LinkedIn nuts out there.

After all, making it all about them and their strengths and achievements is the number one rule of outreach in general, and LinkedIn is no exception.

Pro tip: Sending a connection request that goes somewhere in the line of “Hey So-and-So, I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn. Cheers!” will probably not do you much good.

This is especially so if you’re sending a request to a complete stranger who’s probably never heard of you or your business before.

That’s why originality is a no-can-do-without, but be careful not to overdo it because it’s a fine line between original and just downright creepy.

So, although personalization is a must-do if you want to succeed, finding all of the information you need for drafting one-of-a-kind connection requests is far from a breeze.

To make the process quicker and easier, Sales Robot can find all the vital details from your prospects’ profiles for you.

The latest-generation AI can easily detect crucial bits such as top recommendations, mutual connections, and working and volunteering experience and send highly-personalized connection requests based on that data.


Sign up for a 14-day free trial right now and let Sales Robot do the heavy lifting for you.

LinkedIn message template #5 – Connecting based on mutual interests

Hi, {{First_Name}},

I noticed you commented on an article on {{Article_Topic}} and your opinions really resonated with me.

I’m always happy to find folks from my industry who have something interesting to say.

I also noticed we’re both members of {{Group_Name}}, so I guess those were reasons enough to want to connect with you.

All the best,


Why it works

By targeting people based on mutual interests such as:

  • Groups;
  • Influencers you both follow;
  • Posts you’ve both liked and/or commented on, etc., you show them you share a common ground with them.

People are much more inclined to connect and create a relationship with like-minded individuals than those who seem much too different from them.

Play your cards well, engage your prospects in an interesting chat about their passions and interests, and create lasting relationships based on trust and mutual appreciation in no time.

You know the old saying - birds of a feather flock together, so make the most of it.

Sales Robot can give you a hand with finding all the people who’ve commented on a relevant post.

By using the Advanced Import option, you can target LinkedIn users who’ve posted a comment on a particular post in a few quick clicks.

Salesrobot campaigns

That way, you’ll get a list of hot leads you can then message in a blink of an eye.

Salesrobot messages

LinkedIn message template #6 – Connecting based on their content

Hey, {{First_Name}}

I’ve just come across your post on {{Post_Topic}}, and it really blew my mind.

You’ve pinpointed all the key issues and offered some pretty creative solutions for them.

I’d love to keep in touch and learn more about what you do.



Why it works

Taking the time to read through your prospect’s posts and articles and appreciating what a good job they’ve done with them will undoubtedly make them feel valued.

To make this approach work, make sure to highlight and talk about what really stands out in their post, article, or video. As always, personalization is vital.

What’s more, this sort of approach is excellent for building authentic relationships and establishing trust and mutual respect with your prospect.

Pro tip: For bonus points, make sure to leave a meaningful comment that adds some value to their post.

In fact, to make your interest seem more genuine, it would be wise first to follow them and then like and/or comment on some of their posts.

You can create automated warm-up campaigns in Sales Robot that will do just that - engage with your prospect’s content in a personalized, human-like way to properly prepare the ground for your connection request.


LinkedIn message template #7 – Following up if they haven’t responded to your connection request

Hi again, {{First_Name}},

Just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget about me. ;)

Messages easily get overlooked nowadays, so I thought it would be best to check in with you one last time.

I’d love to stay in touch and see how we can support each other professionally.

All the best,


Why it works

The truth is that inboxes are overcrowded, and lives do get hectic, so it happens that people simply don’t check their LinkedIn profiles for a few days.

That’s why it’s perfectly in line to remind your prospects of your existence, as long as you’re respectful and aren’t overly pushy.

Pro tip: Never send more than 2 follow-up messages, tops, as anything more would just be blatantly obnoxious.

The in-app smart inbox Sales Robot comes with will help you easily manage all of your conversations in one place, so you’ll never miss sending a follow-up or responding to a message again.

Salesrobot Inbox

LinkedIn message template #8 – Following up if they have accepted your connection request

Hey there, {{First_Name}}

Thanks for connecting!

Anyways, as I’ve noticed you’re a {{Job_Role}} at {{Company_Name}}, I was wondering if I could ask you a few quick questions.

As I know how much of a pain {{Major_Pain_Point}} can be in {{Their_Industry}}, I’m curious to see how you folks manage to take care of it?

I’m asking because we at {{Your_Company}} have developed a {{Your_Product/Service}} that’s great for {{Unique_Selling_Point}}.

If you’re interested in seeing what it can do for you, we’d be more than happy to offer you a free trial at {{Trial_Link}}.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Why it works

The number one rule of successful LinkedIn outreach is never to drop a pitch in your connection request because that is just bad manners, and you’ll seem desperate.

Follow-ups are a different story altogether since there’s no reason to beat about the bush for much too long.

Just remember to be polite, thank them for connecting with you, and perhaps ask a few questions as an intro to the meat of your offer before getting to it.

Pro tip: For this approach to succeed, though, you need to nail your pitch - and no template can help you with that.

The quality of your pitch depends entirely on:

Only once you’ve got this sorted out can you proceed with making an offer that will hit the right spot.

Depending on the type of product or service you’re selling, your call to action can consist of a variety of things, such as offering:

  • A free trial or demo;
  • Interactive walkthrough;
  • To jump on a quick call with them;
  • To provide a link to your website containing all the relevant information;
  • Free resources like blogs, E-books, webinars, etc.

And with Sales Robot, you can create smart-sequence campaigns that will work on total autopilot.

Your prospect’s actions will trigger the sequences, so the AI will know just when and what kind of a follow-up message to send.

And as soon as the prospect replies, the automation will stop, allowing you to continue with the chat yourself.

Salesrobot campaigns

LinkedIn message template #9 - Striking a conversation with group members or event attendees

Hey there {{First_Name}},

I noticed that we’re both members of the {{Group_Name}} / we’ve both attended {{Event_Name}}, so I thought I’d reach out.

Since we’re both in the {{Industry_Type}}, I figured that this blog we’ve written on {{Blog_Topic}} could be of interest to you.

If you find it useful, there are a lot more of those goodies on our website: {{Website_Link}}.

Why it works

LinkedIn has an option for messaging fellow group members and event attendees without being connected with them, so it’s a great feature for working around LinkedIn limits.

Since the individuals who attend the same events as you do, or are members of the same groups, presumably have similar interests and goals as you, chances are your product can be of great help and value to them.

That’s why offering a free introduction to what you do, such as a blog, a video, or even a free E-book or something of the kind, can provide you with the needed leverage for hitting them with an appropriate pitch later on.

You can easily target fellow group members with Sales Robot in just a few clicks.

When importing leads, click on the Advanced Usage button.

Salesrobot-CSV import

Then select Add all in a group option, and that’s it – Sales Robot will automatically send a highly-personalized message to each member of the group.

linkedin profiles-salesrobot campaigns

LinkedIn message template #10 - Rekindling an old business flame

Hello, {{First_Name}}

It’s been a while since we last spoke, so I just wanted to check in on you.

I was happy to see that you’ve recently started working as a {{Job_Role}} at {{Company_Name}}, so congratulations on that!

Anyways, I was wondering what are the most significant challenges you face with {{Pain_Point}} as a {{Job_Role}}?

If you’re on the lookout for an innovative solution for {{Pain_Problem}} we at {{Your_Company}} have recently developed a {{Product/Service}} that can {{Unique_Selling_Point}}, and I figured it could be of use to you.

Let me know if you’d be interested in finding out more, and we could jump on a quick call anytime.


Why it works

Sometimes a prospect or an old customer has grown a bit cold.

After all, it is a busy market out there, and with a constant overflow of information, slipping off someone’s mind happens more often than not.

To make that icy prospect warms up again, you need to pay attention to their recent professional successes or overall activity on LinkedIn.

Make sure to mention things like:

  • Promotions;
  • New jobs;
  • An exciting piece of content they’ve shared;
  • Groups they’re active in;
  • Events they’ve recently attended, etc.

That way, you show them you’re taking an active interest in their professional life and endeavors, which is sure to strike a chord with anyone.

Pro tip: Careful prospecting is of utmost importance when it comes to this, as you can’t offer your product to just anyone, even if they’ve already used it sometime in the past.

Your chances of success are at their top level with people who’re actually facing a pain problem that your product or service solves in a way that no other similar product/service does.

That’s why it would be wise to pay attention to your ICP and your overall analytics.

salesrobot dashboard

Knowing who your users are, where they come from, what job roles they most often have, and so on can help determine which cold prospect is worth reheating.

The bottom line

Writing a kick-ass LinkedIn message and connection request can be a grueling process.

On the upside, investing time and hard work into it will most definitely pay, as highly-personalized, custom-tailored messages made to fit one particular prospect alone have much higher response rates than plain generic ones.

After all, you need some pizzazz to help you break through all that noise.

With these templates, you’ll set off on your own journey to success in no time.🚀

And if you want to see an increase in your sales and grow your LinkedIn network even faster, you can always rely on Sales Robot. Sign up for a free 14-day trial right now and see for yourself whether Sales Robot’s a match. You don’t even have to provide your credit card information – just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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