Cleverly Review 2023: Worth LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool for Your Business?

Cleverly Review 2023: Worth LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool for Your Business?

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Cleverly is a company that builds client lists through LinkedIn lead generation. Cleverly campaign helps you bring in leads, raise brand awareness, make connections, bring in high-quality leads, and grow your business.

Data-driven messaging from Cleverly is meant to be personalized and is made to make it more likely that your campaigns will get a response.

By outsourcing a lead-generating tool, you can spend more time on other business development tasks while still getting your products and services in front of new customers. Cleverly offers the best tools and tried-and-true solutions by looking at data from many happy customers.

To get more people to notice you on LinkedIn, you must carefully plan and carry out the promotion. Because Cleverly's automation system for LinkedIn is the best on the market, you can start talking to more potential clients immediately.

This blog will give you the Cleverly review and help you decide if Cleverly works for you.

Cleverly review analysis: is it worth it?

When evaluating the LinkedIn tool of Cleverly review, I thought about several key questions, such as:

Is it cleverly simple to use? Because time is money, and you want to save both of them on a tool that will take you a long time to figure out,

Is cleverly safe to use? Seeing how getting kicked off of LinkedIn is not exactly anyone's idea of a good time?

Can I personalize the outreach using cleverly? In today's world, personalization is the absolute must-have of outreach and marketing, and you cannot do without it.

How much does cleverly cost? The budget is always a very crucial factor to consider whenever making a decision that has to do with a business.

Can I automate complete successful LinkedIn campaigns using cleverly? If it can't, then there's not much use in shelling out a lot of cash for a product that, in the end, would leave you to your own devices;

Is Cleverly compatible with all LinkedIn accounts? Figuring out right off the bat whether you'll need to shell out additional cash for a Premium or Sales Navigator subscription can assist you in making the best choice possible while preventing you from going over budget.

Can I safely get around the constraints that LinkedIn imposes using cleverly? Options that allow you to surpass the weekly limit of 100 connection requests are sure to come in handy.

Most LinkedIn users prioritize this function while searching for an automation tool for LinkedIn lead generation to work with the platform.

What makes cleverly unique? Here's what you need to know:

Keeping a steady stream of data that has been recently updated is one of the most important ways to learn about clients and potential prospects.

This helps generate leads by making connections to and learning from the past, which is a necessary step. Cleverly is used by a number of businesses to help them reach more people.

Cleverly is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing solution with an easy-to-use user interface and all of the key features needed in such a solution. Now, let's look at some of Cleverly's characteristics:

  • Prospect Builder
  • Sending Personalized Messages
  • Automation Process
  • Updated Data

#1. Prospect Builder:

Cleverly has a prospect builder as one of its features.

It is based on information from LinkedIn and helps make a list of possible customers.

Information is looked at to figure out which approach has the best chance of turning leads into paying customers.

First, a list of possible leads is made, and then send personalized messages are made for each one.

LinkedIn often gathers data by looking at profiles, joining groups, and leaving comments on articles.

Cleverly offers the user to import a list of leads from past cleverly campaigns and make new entries.

With Cleverly's help, lead generation and communication can be done automatically once a potential prospect has been made.

#2. Sending Personalized messages

One of the best ways to get leads is to look at your collected data and tailor your outreach messages to each client.

Customized for a specific customer, these words will surely get their attention, win them over, and make them feel valued.

These personalized outreach messages are based on information about the client and touch them emotionally. Several customers have said that the messages feel like they need to be more personal.

On the other hand, Cleverly's completely automated process is getting better at sending even outreach messages.

It will help get more leads and turn those leads into happy customers.

Cleverly inbox

#3. Automation Processes:

Any product that is meant to bring you leads must do everything on its own.

The workflows of these kinds of technologies must automatically evaluate many parts of lead generation and give good results.

You will only pay for a tool if it increases the number of leads and the process is quick and simple. Cleverly is very good at automating the delivery of messages to clients.

It also lets you set a time gap between messages to show they can be trusted.

Messages are often changed to add a quick reply feature that is follow up messages to make it easier for clients to reply.

But without a thorough look at the dream clients, it's unclear how the manager will determine the signals' meaning.

During the automation process, sometimes the software will act on behalf of the users, which is terrible for the client.

Because of this, a business opportunity may be lost.

#4. Updated Data

With this new data-driven feature, Cleverly's service has become much better and is a no-brainer. Firms can zero in on their target market by combining the most recent user data with what users want and what's popular right now.

What are the additional services offered by Cleverly?

We picked following services from Cleverly that can help your business using Linkedin:

  • LinkedIn Content Creation
  • LinkedIn Paid Advertising
  • LinkedIn Recruiting
  • White-Label Service
  • Cold Email Lead Generation
  • SEO Content and Blog Writing
  • Google Ads Management

• LinkedIn Content creation:

Cleverly makes and posts interesting content on LinkedIn, which helps to build your brand and encourages interested prospects to get in touch. Cleverly uses data from thousands of campaigns and posts to turn your knowledge into content formulas that do very well on LinkedIn, even if you still need to get a big network. Both included building your network and getting the most out of your profile.

LinkedIn Content creation pricing

• LinkedIn Paid Advertising:

Cleverly has run thousands of successful campaigns, which has helped them figure out how to get results by utilizing LinkedIn ads which will add more value. Cleverly's professional marketers will manage your campaigns and ensure that the targeting, design, copy, lead magnets, and bidding are all optimized to increase conversion rates.

cleverly linkedin paid advertising plan
source: Cleverly

• LinkedIn Recruiting:

Cleverly writes tested copy and sends targeted messages to your ideal clients on LinkedIn. This positively responds to your inbox and eliminates the need for expensive recruiting fees and InMail credits. Our LinkedIn recruiting strategy finds the best candidates for your open positions and gets in touch with them. This puts these candidates right into the prospect list pipeline.

cleverly linkedin recruiting pricing
source: Cleverly

• White-label Service:

Cleverly writes proven outreach copy and sends thousands of personalized messages to your ideal prospects on LinkedIn. This gets positive responses in your client's inbox. White-labeling allows other lead generation companies to automatically use Cleverly to generate leads for your clients through LinkedIn.

You must bring in clients, and Cleverly will run complete campaigns on your behalf. Our white-label LinkedIn lead generation services can be the perfect addition to your existing services. They can help you get results for your B2B clients, so they keep paying you every month. You can also use Cleverly to run LinkedIn outreach for your agency or consulting business. This will bring you clients who can be white-labeled.

Cleverly's white-label lead generation services might be the perfect package to add to what you already offer. These services will help you deliver data-driven results to B2B clients, so you can keep getting payments from those clients every month. You can also use Cleverly to do LinkedIn outreach for your own agency or consulting firm, which will bring you clients who can be white-labeled.

cleverly white-label pricing
source: cleverly

• Cold Email Lead generation:

Using data from millions of outbound B2B campaigns cleverly sends proven, hyper-personalized cold emails to your dream clients, giving you qualified leads for follow-up meetings. Cleverly targets and engages the most qualified decision-makers, bringing them into your sales funnel using high-performing data from hundreds of successful B2B campaigns in all industries.

cold email lead generation
source: Cleverly

• SEO Content and Blog Writing:

Cleverly uses data to research, write SEO blog posts, and publish them on your website. The goal is to attract and convert your ideal customers through Google searches with high intent.

SEO Blog writing pricing
source: Cleverly

• Google Ads Management:

Cleverly's Google Ads management services are made to help you find your ideal customers and use strategies that maximize return on investment (ROI), reduce waste and make sure that your advertising budget goes to the keywords and campaigns that have the best chance of working.

cleverly pricing for google ads management
source: Cleverly

What will it cost you to access the ultimate features of Cleverly?

This is not a fair price for a LinkedIn lead generation product that claims to be good for both large and small businesses. The Cleverly pricing is as follows.

The platform isn't worth the money since plans start at $297/month for the silver plan and offer only 250 leads.

Even if you want to try out the platform, you'll have to spend money on a paid subscription or purchase. For $397 per month, you get almost all of the platform's features, like integrations, customer support, and an account manager. The only thing you can't get is more leads.

Last, it's important to remember that the only difference between the three programs is the number of prospects.

Cleverly pricing

Features of Cleverly that you can make the most from?

  • When you use Cleverly, you don't have to sign a long-term contract because the company has month-to-month contracts.
  • As part of their onboarding process, Cleverly calls you to help you set up your first LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Professional account managers are a big help and can solve any problems that come up right away.
  • This easy-to-use solution has all the essential features and will help you in LinkedIn lead generation.
  • It's pretty easy to organize and run campaigns that bring in new leads.
  • Using the service, you can send automatic and personalized messages to thousands of people.

The downsides of cleverly that you can't avoid

  • You need to pay an extra $89 per month for a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account, which is required.
  • Cleverly only automates messages sent through LinkedIn. It doesn't do email marketing or retargeting on Facebook.
  • Since there are no apps for iOS or Android, users must use a desktop computer to access Cleverly.
  • Cleverly doesn't have a significant presence on any other social media sites besides its company page on LinkedIn.
  • Cleverly doesn't have a built-in form of artificial intelligence that can distinguish between positive and negative responses to your messages.
  • There is room for improvement in the quality of the copywriting.
  • Several customers have said that the cleverly team has started initial LinkedIn campaigns without their permission on various vital details.
  • Many clients have reported low rates of CR acceptance and dialogue conversion.
  • No advanced automation technology to bring in prospects.
  • There are only so many prospects per plan.
Client reviews

Online Client Reviews: What the market has to say about cleverly?

Online reviews are a subject that sparks a lot of debate. You can get an idea of what people think of software by reading online reviews. From genuine to fake reviews, everything is available.

Keeping this in mind, it's best to take Cleverly's reviews with a grain of salt.

The following is what the reviewers for G2 and camera had to say about Cleverly review:

client review
client review
client review

Top 5 Cleverly Alternatives To Choose For Your Lead Generation Process:

There are many tools available that can also be a good choice if you’re looking for Cleverly alternatives for your lead generation campaign. Some of the best alternatives tools are:

  1. SalesRobot
  2. Zopto
  3. Linked Helper
  4. Octopus CRM
  5. Phantombuster

Want to know what the best alternatives to Cleverly are? We have listed the best Lead Generation agency with features and functions similar to Cleverly. You can compare Cleverly's competitors with just one click and choose the best one. Many other options besides Cleverly work better for your business.

We have evaluated an in-depth comparison by measuring it on the parameters that is necessary for your lead generation process. 

Cleverly Verdict: Is it worth it?

Cleverly is a platform that is easy to use and will help you make your customer service operations more efficient. With the click of a button, they can easily link your LinkedIn account to real-time triage, agent assistance, automated workflows and answers, knowledge management, and LinkedIn lead generation.

Sales Robot, in contrast to Cleverly, not only offers three distinct methods for getting beyond LinkedIn's restrictions but also guarantees your complete security at all times. Delaying and reordering actions, bypassing certain holidays and weekends, and setting activity limitations within the app are just a few of the additional safeguards provided by Sales Robot.

This method successfully imitates normal human behavior, which counts in LinkedIn's algorithms into thinking it's normal. Another significant positive is that Sales Robot is fully web-based, so it doesn't matter whatever subscription plan you choose; you'll always have access to the Safe mode. 

You can rest assured that your LinkedIn outreach campaign will succeed with the help of Sales Robot, which can personalize your messages to an incredible level.

So, if you’re keen on getting personalized LinkedIn outreach that works on total autopilot without having to worry about your safety or the LinkedIn limits, then Sales Robot is the best Cleverly alternative for you.

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