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February 8, 2023
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Kennected: Review, Pricing and Alternatives: Is it worth the investment in 2023?

In this review, we will assess the popular tool Kennected to determine its feasibility for use in 2023. We have thoroughly examined its features to provide a comprehensive understanding

Kennected: Review, Pricing and Alternatives: Is it worth the investment in 2023?

Finding the right tool for LinkedIn outreach can be challenging for businesses. However, with the various cloud-based automated tools options are available in the market today, that's not an issue anymore. In this review, we'll take a closer look at one of the popular tools, Kennected, and determine if it's worth using in 2023.

We've delved into the features of Kennected to give you a better understanding of whether it's the right option for your LinkedIn outreach:

  • Just like other LinkedIn automation tools, Kennected helps sales professionals and businesses connect with the right prospects on LinkedIn.
  • By automating tedious and repetitive tasks, it helps expand your network and simplify the lead generation process.
  • Kennected enables you to auto-pilot your LinkedIn messages and invitations, allowing you to personalize up to 100 new invitations with a placeholder.
  • It also allows you to add automated follow-up messages for each person, making the lead generation process even more efficient.

We have given Kennected a try to see if it's the right tool to help your business achieve its LinkedIn outreach goals or not.

Well, Kennected offers three leading solutions -

  • Its LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool (Cloud Kennected)
  • Kennected Video Software  
  • Custom Targeting.

How does Kennected work? And its features review.

How does Kennected work?
source: Kennected

Kennected is a versatile tool with a bunch of features to help B2Bs target ideal prospects on LinkedIn. It allows you to sync your ideal prospect on LinkedIn in seconds. It helps you to target your target audience on LinkedIn in just a few minutes.

Here's how Kennected works:

  • Create a sequence of your ideal prospect.
  • Name it after your target users.
  • Use LinkedIn filters to reach your ideal prospect.

Once your ideal prospect is defined, LinkedIn will show the list of all the people you can connect with. Go to the Kennected portal, copy the LinkedIn search URL, and start your campaign.

Its portal gives you an option to manage multiple campaigns in one go. Each campaign, it allows you to send hand-crafted messages to all your ideal audience.

Let's further break down the services Kennected offers. As mentioned above, it has divided into three main stands:

Cloud Kennected Review:

It's a cloud-based LinkedIn automation software that connects and sets up meetings with the ideal audience using its outreach tool. They claim to take care of end to end process, which includes everything from

  • LinkedIn profile optimization consulting
  • Exclusive access to Lead Flow Mastery (with over 80 training videos)
  • Step by step on LinkedIn automation.
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Over 30+ proven messaging script

How Cloud Kennected works?

The idea behind creating Kennected was to help businesses and sales professionals who were wasting ample time on manual prospecting. Kennected follows four step process to start a campaign:

  • The user needs to identify a target list of ideal prospects on LinkedIn.
  • Hyper-personalization feature allows users to set up proven cold outreach messaging sequences that will get them a response from the target prospect. The good thing about Kennected, if you forget to reply to a prospect that's where you can schedule a personalized follow-up message to keep the conversation going. But Kennected has a limit of 10 follow-ups until you get a response from the prospect.
  • Once targeting and personalization invites are done, Kennected automatically sends thousands of messages to target prospects monthly.  The only bottleneck here is that you can only contact up to 100 new prospects a day.
  • On Kennected Response Tab, users can see the number of responses they received from the prospects. They can continue the conversation and build a relationship and close the deal.

Kennected Dashboard and Integration:

Kennected integrates with tools that allow you to capture business emails easily on LinkedIn. The tools include, FindThatLead, Anymail Finder, and more. It also integrates with Hubspot, and you can sync up a dashboard with valuable data.

Once you connect with the prospect, you can instantly capture their email, phone, and other information at Kennected Dashboard.

Kennected Video Software Review:

Kennected recently launched its new video marketing software called Kennected Video, claiming that this will ultimately revolutionize the ability to do outreach. This tool lets users reach their prospects, leads, and customers with eye-catching video emails.

Users can also record, send and track high-quality video messages that are highly personalized for each recipient. Users can use Webcam, Screen, or Mobile phone to create their video emails. On top of that, they have their video library, meaning a user can send or add existing videos. Users can send personalized video messages through multiple channels to connect with prospects.

They have a separate dashboard where a user can track and measure the result of their video marketing. They also have landing page templates and a user can also create a landing page and make a video, and upload it on the landing page.

Here are some of the features this tool offers:

  • Easy-to-use video marketing software:  This feature allows user to personalize their outreach by using a webcam or mobile phone. It allows users to upload personalized videos to make cold outreach even better. Besides that, a user can use Kennected video's chrome extension to do cold video outreach via recording screen, face, or both.
  • Customize your prospecting message: Kennected also gives an option to edit, trim or merge multiple videos into one. A user can also add a Call-to-action button to set the next steps. Besides that, they have many ready-to-use designs for a landing page that users can opt for.
  • Send from anywhere: You can use multiple channels like Email, LinkedIn, or CRM to send videos to prospects. You can also send videos on social media or via direct message.
  • Track your result: You can track all your video marketing campaigns and measure them on the Kennected dashboard. Their analytics gives you insight into clicks, views, and engagement.

Here are some of its standard features:

  • Mobile App: Kennected has its own Android and iOS mobile application where users can record videos and send them quickly to their social media channels.
  • Thumbnail: This feature helps users to create animated thumbnails to get noticed and get prospect attention quickly in a crowded inbox.
  • Video Reply:  This feature allows recipients to respond with personalized video emails for an interactive, real-life experience.
  • Unlimited Storage: No need to worry about data storage.
  • Free Support: Free support & help desk resources to improve your outreach with Kennected strategists. This also allows users to integrate with other distribution tools like Salesforce, Gmail, Hubspot, LinkedIn, and more, where they can share the video.

Kennected Custom Targeting and Messaging - Review:

This solution is for those businesses or agencies who want custom targeting and messaging curation to increase conversion rates from Kennected specialists. Following are the services they offer in this plan:

  • Curate 3 Ideal Target Searches: Their specialist will work with the business to the hyper-target ideal audience. Kennected specialists will curate 3 ideal target searches for the company.
  • Fully Build 3 Sequences: Kennected specialists will create the messaging for 3 sequences for you.
  • Find 3 Ideal Groups: Kennected specialists will find our 3 LinkedIn groups where companies' target audience resides so that they can target through a messaging sequence.

How much does Kennected cost your business?

Kennected Software:

It has three pricing plans, Monthly, Annually, and Training and Access.

It comes up with a monthly cost of $89/month.

Kennected software pricing
source: Kennected

If you pay annually, it will cost you $859/per year.

Kennected software pricing year
source: Kennected

Kennected also provides an end-to-end solution to its clients. This plan gives the business access to their education platform, 1-on-1 consulting/training for 4-weeks with a dedicated account manager.

For all the solutions, they have an upfront fee of $1497.

Kennected Software and Fast Track Consulting Pricing
source: Kennected

All above that, they also provide services to big enterprises, and they have separate demo forms for that. You can pick and schedule a demo with one of their specialists.

Kennected Reviews:

G2 score:

On, Kennected scores an impressive 4.4 stars out of over 60 reviews. The G2 user rating is 8.3 for ease of use, 8.2 for quality of support, and 7.6 for ease of setup.

Here's what Kennected users have to say about it on the G2 site:

Kennected G2 review
source: G2
Kennected G2 review
source: G2


  • "Huge value for a minimal cost."
  • "Reached out to a lot of people and saved a lot of time."
  • "If you're reading this, you have just found your next valuable build for your company."


Kennected negative customer reviews on G2
source: G2
Kennected negative customer reviews G2
source: G2
  • "Ripp off did not get the bonus that was promised & customer care in one word put "Bad"."
  • "Awful customer support"
  • "Buyer Beware, better options out there."

Kennected Reviews On Capterra:

On the Capterra review site, Kennected gets 4.7 in the overall summary and 4.5 stars for both ease of use and customer service.


Kennected postive customer reviews on Capterra
source: Capterra
Kennected postive customer reviews on Capterra
Source: Capterra
  • "This software is great if you are going after the B2B space for clients or lead sources. I would 100% recommend you try it."
  • "I struggle with technology, and their platform has been super easy for me. They have videos that walk you through everything."
  • "I like how easy it is to set up, how customizable it is, and how focused I can use it."


  • "Pretty limited in the manipulation of chosen targets, difficult to screen out unwanted contacts."
  • "There are aspects to getting going with the software that can be intimidating."
  • "Nothing negative yet as I am still getting used to it."

Kennected not meeting your needs? Explore these top 5 Kennected alternatives for better results?

If you're searching for a way to send hyper-personalized outreach on LinkedIn, Kennected might be a good choice. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making your decision.


  • Affordable price
  • Integration with tools like Salesforce
  • Potential to build personalized connections


  • Lacks features compared to other LinkedIn automation tools
  • No option for a free trial
  • Live demo with a specialist instead of a free trial
  • Most users are not satisfied with the support quality

Overall, if your agenda is to build a more personalized connection at an affordable price with integration with tools like Salesforce, then Kennected could be a good option for you. But if you're looking for a more comprehensive LinkedIn automation tool, you might want to consider other options.

Top 5 Alternatives of Kennected:

  • Salesrobot
  • Cleverly
  • Phantombuster


salesrobot dashboard

On a side note, before we dive in - Salesrobot is one of our growth hacking tools. We've rated it honestly and with no fishy business. We were as unbiased and fair in rating Salesrobot as we were with all the other software on our list to help you find the right one for you, even when it’s not us. After all, our client's success is as important to us as our own, so we wouldn’t dream of promising something we can’t deliver.

Salesrobot is a multi-channel sales automation tool that enables businesses or sales professionals to do effective cold outreach by creating elaborate campaigns that run totally on autopilot via LinkedIn and Email.

It's a perfect cold outreach tool for a wide range of users, from lead generation agencies to startups, sales teams, recruitment agencies, and individual small businesses.

  • Several Foolproof methods of safely bypassing LinkedIn limits - allow you to send more than 200 messages and connection requests per day.
  • Email enrichment option - The tool will find and verify your prospects' business email addresses effortlessly.
  • Safety first: It mimics human activity almost to perfection. It achieves this by randomizing activity, skipping holidays and weekends, making delays between actions, and minding LinkedIn limits.

You can even schedule and gradually increase your activity to avoid raising LinkedIn algorithm flags and set up daily limits for various activities.

  • There are no options for creating email drip campaigns alone - since Salesrobot is primarily designed for LinkedIn outreach, all of its functionalities are fine-tuned to LinkedIn and its specifics.
  • The price – Salesrobot comes with only one pricing plan for now. However, the value for your money is more than enough to justify the cost. After all, you get options for fully automating practically every activity you might need to get a steady stream of warm leads and plenty of features that enable you to personalize each step of your outreach way while staying 100% safe.
Salesrobot pricing
source: Salesrobot

At the time being, Salesrobot has a two pricing plans:

  • Advanced at $99 per month per account.
  • Professional at $179 per month per account.

In addition to this, you get a 20% discount on a yearly subscription.

Salesrobot comes with a 14-day free trial, so you can try it in a detailed manner.


Skylead- best alternative to Kennected
source: Skylead

Skylead is a powerful multi-channel sales engagement tool that helps to skyrocket your lead generation results. It uses the power of personalization to help B2B companies, agencies, and sales teams to find new leads. It helps to customize your outreach as needed and further runs campaigns. Skylead also provides real-time insights and tracks campaign performance through detailed analytics.

  • Email Automation and Discovery- You can use Skylead to combine email with your LinkedIn outreach, and this can be done in one sequence, which helps to triple your response rate as claimed by Skylead. You can also create customized placeholders and easily personalize your outreach.
  • Skylead also includes hyper-personalized Images in your outreach. For example, you can import your LinkedIn profile picture and make your approach look more interactive.
  • Real-time Insights- Skylead provides the facility to track your campaign performance through detailed analytics;
  • Smart Inbox- Using the smart inbox, you can do all your communications in one place and can create custom labels to keep track of your leads and focus on those which are most important to you.
  • Bugs & Inbox Issues- Skylead’s interface has certain bugs and issues with the inbox and messaging feature. Leads going to the sales nav inbox or Linkedin inbox may confuse the clients.
  • Hard to use- the interface of Skylead is a little bit complex; you may get confused at certain steps. The intuition of the software also confuses the users sometimes, like how to start campaigns and create a sequence is a very technical process.
  • One Pricing plan- Skylead offers only one plan for lead generation as of now.

Skylead provides an ‘all-in-one’ plan @ $100 per month.

source: Skylead


Kennected alternative expandi

Expandi is a LinkedIn automation platform that combines LinkedIn and cold email outreach. As such, it has some pretty nifty features up its sleeve, but it also comes with some serious shortcomings that are worth mentioning.

  • Safety: It is a cloud-based platform, making it difficult for LinkedIn to detect its use
  • LinkedIn & email outreach: It can connect to any email provider and integrate LinkedIn and email outreach.
  • It has only one pricing plan with a mere 7-day free trial which is hardly enough time for the user to evaluate its benefits and potential for ROI.
  • Customer support that leaves much to be desired - it takes notoriously long to answer questions and complaints;
  • Its interface is not user-friendly.
  • LinkedIn message limitation: It has a feature that enables overcoming LinkedIn limitations. It cannot send more than 100 messages/invite requests per day.

Expandi offers a single pricing plan at $99 per month per seat, which is quite troublesome for larger teams and agencies in particular. alternative to kennected


cleverly alternative to Kennected
source: Cleverly

It offers solutions for LinkedIn lead generation and LinkedIn advertising, and candidate recruiting. Moreover, Cleverly’s services include a LinkedIn lead generation course and the possibility of white-labelling their product.

Both products offer similar features, there's not much difference when it comes to Outreaching on LinkedIn. But It covers a wide range of services when it comes to LinkedIn lead generation – in addition to LinkedIn outreach, It can help with advertising and recruiting as well.

  • Expensive
  • No smart message sequences
  • It doesn't offer a free trial period
  • No sequence automation
  • Can't upload custom prospect lists directly in the app
  • It only works with LinkedIn premium and Sales Navigator

Cleverly has separate pricing plans for each of the services it offers. When it comes to services that are LinkedIn-based, the fees are the following:

cleverly pricing
source: Cleverly

  • LinkedIn lead generation services come at a Silver and Gold plan that comes at $297 and $397 per month, respectively;
  • LinkedIn Advertising comes at a Retargeting plan at $497/mo, a Scale plan at $997/mo, and a Custom plan for enterprises;
  • LinkedIn Recruiting costs $793 one-off.


Phantombuster Alternative to Kennected
Source: Phantombuster

Phantombuster is not an automation tool created exclusively for LinkedIn. It covers many different social media and platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and many more.

Phantombuster enables you to automate practically any web action you would perform manually: from following profiles, liking and commenting on posts, and accepting requests to sending customized messages.

There's not much difference in both product offerings when it comes to LinkedIn outreach. However, here are some of the features which perform better than Kennected:

  • Automates the entire campaign on many different platforms
  • It scrapes data
  • It's not designed for LinkedIn alone. You can't work around the LinkedIn connection invite; you can send out just 100 invites per week by using this tool.
  • A limited number of Phantom slots – You can simultaneously install a limited number of automated activities based on the plan you get.
  • Time restriction – You can only perform a limited number of hours in a day.
  • Safety might be an issue - Phantombuster demands access to your cookies to log into LinkedIn as you. To be able to do that, you have to download a Chrome extension.
Phatombuster alternative to kennected
Source: Phantombuster

Phantombuster offers multiple pricing plans that include different features:

  • Starter: $59/month, which includes 5 slots; you can automate only five activities total, with a time limit of 20h per month;
  • Pro: $139/month, with 15 slots and 80h per month;
  • Team: $399/month, with 50 slots and 300h per month.

Phantombuster also offers a 14-day free trial that comes with 5 slots and only 2h of activity per month, which is nowhere near enough time to test the product thoroughly.

Kennected Summary: Is it worth investment in 2023?

Kennected offers limited features when it comes to LinkedIn outreach. Despite this, features like Auto-pilot and Hyper-personalization make it a strong product.

With said that, it offers:

  • Offers limited features for LinkedIn outreach
  • Auto-pilot and Hyper-personalization make it a strong product
  • Stands out with its Kennected video feature that integrates with multiple tools (SalesForce, LinkedIn, Gmail, and more) for prospecting via video


  • Saves time with auto-pilot
  • Minimizes the need for outside tools
  • Allows sales professionals to customize their dashboards


  • Customer support is lacking, with reviewers complaining about late and argumentative staff

Overall, Kennected is an excellent tool for LinkedIn automation and Video prospecting. Despite its limited features for LinkedIn outreach, it compensates with strong offerings like Auto-pilot and Hyper-personalization.

The real standout of the product is the Kennected video feature that integrates with various tools for effective video prospecting. While customer support may be a weak spot, Kennected still provides valuable features to help save time, streamline tools, and customize your dashboard to meet your needs.

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