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Is Your LinkedIn Account Restricted? 5 Steps to Get it Back

Navigate LinkedIn account restrictions effortlessly with insights into the 6 reasons for limitations and how to lift warnings, temporary, or permanent bans. Practical do's and don'ts for reopening your account, plus foolproof tips to prevent future restrictions.

Saurav Gupta
Founder & CEO
July 9, 2024
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So you have been sending messages and connection requests from your LinkedIn account, and it has worked in your favor.

You’re getting more business than ever!

It’s been fun so far, you open your LinkedIn on a Monday morning, and..

'your account has been restricted' notice by linkedin
  • Has your LinkedIn account been restricted? 
  • Is it temporarily restricted or a permanent ban? 
  • Can you ever get it back?

I know you have these questions in your mind. 

And you're not alone. LinkedIn has restricted my account before too. 

In this blog, I’ll share my experience with LinkedIn account restrictions, including: 

💥The top 6 reasons why your account might get banned.

💥We’ll also talk about Warning, Temporary, or Permanent Restrictions.

💥And finally, I’ll show you how to bounce back with – the dos and don'ts of re-opening your restricted LinkedIn Account.

💥Once you get it back, we’ll discuss how you can keep your account safe from more restrictions down the road.

Let's figure this out together – grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and let's do this!

baby penguin sipping coffee

Why is my LinkedIn account restricted? 5 reasons why

LinkedIn account restrictions are common, but they always leave you puzzled and wondering what went wrong.

LinkedIn has rules to keep the platform safe and professional. If you break these rules, your account could get restricted. 

Here are 6 reasons why:

  1. You posted something mean or hurtful.
LinkedIn professional community policies explained

LinkedIn is a website where people connect for jobs. It has rules to keep things nice and helpful.

When you post content that goes against LinkedIn's Professional Community Policies, such as hate speech, spam, or unprofessional comments, your account might get restricted. 

  1. You used unsafe Linkedin automation tools. 

Okay, so this needs a bit of discussion. 

We all know LinkedIn isn't a big fan of automation tools.

So why even bother using them?

Well, turns out they can actually be pretty awesome. 

They help you save time, find more potential connections, and let you generate warm leads on autopilot.

But the big question is, how do you do it safely?

Alright, let's break it down: 

There are 2 main types of automation toolschrome-based and cloud-based

The Chrome-based ones are little helpers that work inside your internet browser. 

The catch? 

You have to turn them on manually every time, and LinkedIn can easily spot them.

Now, cloud-based tools, like Salesrobot, not only keep you off LinkedIn's radar with a dedicated IP address but also work 24/7.

With Salesrobot, you can send personalized messages to 200+ prospects daily (which, of course, helps you save a ton of time). 

It is an AI-powered bot that takes over your manual work of sending connection requests, writing a message, and following up with your prospects. 

Here’s how you can create a LinkedIn campaign with Salesrobot: 

So, why do you need a dedicated IP address?

Well, a dedicated IP address is like having your very own online address. It's just for you, and no one else shares it. 

This is good because it keeps you off LinkedIn's radar. 

See, LinkedIn keeps an eye on IP addresses to see what users are up to.

If you use one IP address for lots of different accounts or send out heaps of connection requests from the same address, LinkedIn might think you're a bot

Salesrobot gives you a dedicated IP address and works 24/7 for you in the cloud.

Salesrobot helps you-

  • Set time limits for automated actions (so no more worrying about too frequent or too delayed responses). 
  • Personalize messages to make it seem like you wrote it just for them
  • Make it possible for your online chats to turn into real and meaningful conversations.
  1. You lied about your work experience or education.

Uh oh! 

You pretended to be someone you're not on LinkedIn. 

Maybe you used a fake name or picture or lied something about your skills

Everyone can see your profile, so don't pretend to be someone you're not on LinkedIn. 

How will your prospects trust you if they don’t think you’re being real?

  1. You sent spammy connection requests.

LinkedIn wants to make sure that everyone on the platform is using it in a safe and respectful way. 

To do this, they look for activity that is out of the ordinary. 

For example:

❌Adding lots of connections really fast, and 

❌Spamming everyone’s inbox with the same message.

So, don't just copy-paste connection requests to everyone you meet, hoping they'll accept. 

Instead, take the time to personalize your messages and explain why you want to connect with them.

  1. You were reported by too many people
'i don't know this person' option on linkedin

This look familiar to you?

Well, there are chances a lot of people reported you as ‘I don’t know this person.’

This ends only one way, with a restriction on your LinkedIn account.

So be careful who you’re sending requests to.

Does this mean you should never send requests to people who don’t know you?

Umm, not exactly, you can warm-up to them in different ways BEFORE sending a connection request, like react on a post, comment, etc., to make yourself visible to them first, so they don’t report you!

So, how do you know if your account ban is temporary or permanent?

Warning Vs. Temporary Vs. Permanent LinkedIn Bans: What's the difference?

If you've violated LinkedIn’s policies, you could face a warning, a temporary restriction, or even a permanent ban from the platform.

Let’s see what each of these means for you: 

  1. A Warning:

A simple warning is the least severe penalty you can get, trust me. 

account warning from linkedin

It’s typically issued for minor violations, such as posting inappropriate content or sending unsolicited messages. 

If you receive a warning, you'll be notified by email and will have the opportunity to review your actions and make changes.

If you get a warning from LinkedIn, consider it a friendly tap on the shoulder telling you to ease up.

Your account isn't banned, and you can continue using LinkedIn even with a warning.

  1. LinkedIn Account Temporarily Restricted

A temporary restriction is where things start getting a bit more serious.

temporary ban notice from linkedin
source: LinkedIn

This one’s typically issued for repeat violations or more serious violations, such as posting hate speech, engaging in harassment, or suspicious robotic activity from your account. 

If your LinkedIn account is temporarily restricted, you won't be able to access it for a short period of time. 

The duration of the restriction will vary depending on the severity of the violation, but it typically ranges from a few days to a week. 

After the restriction period is over, you'll be able to access your account again


More on that below.

  1. LinkedIn Account Restricted Permanently 

Okay, let's take a deep breath. 

Landing in the "permanently restricted" zone is serious. 

You might have crossed some big lines. 

account restriction notice from linkedin
Source: LinkedIn

A permanent restriction is the most severe penalty that LinkedIn can issue. 

It's typically issued for very serious violations, such as promoting illegal activity, creating fake accounts, or continuing suspicious activity even after facing warnings.  

If your account is permanently restricted, you'll never be able to access it again.

In addition to the severity of the violation, LinkedIn will also consider your history of warnings and temporary restrictions when determining the penalty.

How can I Reopen My Restricted Linkedin Account? [Dos and Don’ts]

If you’re also wondering, “How can I reopen my restricted LinkedIn account?”

Don't worry; there is a way to get your account back (if you have a temporary restriction)


✅Stay calm and don't panic: Losing access to your LinkedIn account can be frustrating, but don't let emotions get the better of you. 

Approach the situation calmly and rationally.

✅Review LinkedIn's policies: Before you jump into action, take some time to understand LinkedIn's policies and guidelines

This will give you a better idea of why your account might have been restricted.

✅Follow the on-screen instructions: If you see any on-screen prompts or instructions related to your account restriction, follow them carefully. 

These instructions are often designed to help you resolve the issue.

For example, if you are unable to log in to your account, you may be prompted to verify your identity by uploading a photo of your government-issued ID.

✅Contact LinkedIn support: If the on-screen instructions don't help, or if you believe your account has been restricted unfairly, be proactive and reach out to LinkedIn's customer support team.

They can review your case and provide further guidance.

LinkedIn can review your case and provide further guidance.

✅Be prepared to provide proof of identity: If you're asked to verify your identity, be prepared to provide a government-issued ID or other documentation. 

This helps LinkedIn ensure that the account is being accessed by the rightful owner.

What types of government-issued IDs are accepted:

LinkedIn accepts a variety of government-issued IDs, including

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Government card
Examples of images that would be accepted or rejected


❌Create multiple accounts: Don't try to create multiple LinkedIn accounts just to get around the restriction. 

This will only make things worse and could lead to a permanent ban.

❌Keep using third-party tools: Immediately stop using third-party tools or automation services to manage your LinkedIn account. 

You can switch to safer tools once you get your account back.

❌Send multiple emails: Don't bombard LinkedIn's support team with multiple emails. 

This will only clog up their system and delay your response. 

One well-written email is enough. Their usual response time is 2-3 business days.

❌Be rude or disrespectful: Remember, the LinkedIn support team is there to help you. 

Be polite and respectful, and explain your situation clearly. Rudeness will get you nowhere.

With a little effort, you'll be back on your LinkedIn journey in no time.

How to Prevent LinkedIn Account Restrictions in the Future? 

A warning that shows LinkedIn account restriction must be prevented

Alright, let's talk LinkedIn safety – because who needs the hassle of account restrictions anyway? 🚫

Here are a few tips to help you prevent LinkedIn account restrictions:

1. Choose Your LinkedIn Connections wisely.

Early on, you need to be a bit picky with your invites. 

Stick to people in your professional circle – work buddies, schoolmates, and industry folks. 

Gradually expand, but keep it relevant. 

2. Choose a safe and reliable third-party tool. 

There are tons of LinkedIn automation tools out there.

 You need to pick one that can

✅Write and send human-like messages on autopilot

✅Create drip campaigns that have a 32%+ response rate across several channels

✅Send 200+ LinkedIn connections weekly without risking your account 

Has a Smart Reply Detection feature that automatically stops sending your leads follow-up messages after they reply so that you can take over the conversation

Or…in other words, you need to pick an automation like - no prize for guessing…Salesrobot, because it’ll 

💥automatically warm up your leads by engaging with their posts and then 

💥pick up parts of information from their profile - like what kind of volunteering work they’ve done, which college they went to, and so on, to 

💥create a hyper-personalized message they can instantly relate to.

This, in turn, keeps you in LinkedIn’s good books because no one reports you for spamming their inboxes, and all that warming up makes their algo certain that you’re not a bot. 

So, you can relax and watch the sunset while those leads keep rolling in.

3. Engage with others' posts.

Don't just sit back and wait for people to connect with you. 

Take the initiative and engage with others' posts. 

Like and comment on their posts, and share them with your network.

LinkedIn loves an engaged user!

4. Be patient.

It takes time to build a strong LinkedIn network. So, you need to be patient.

Going overboard with connection requests with a new LinkedIn account will almost certainly send you to LinkedIn Jail.

Don't get discouraged if you don't see results overnight. Just keep calm and keep connecting (or just use Salesrobot!)

Conclusion: Stay out of LinkedIn Jail

High five!

You’ve made it all the way here.

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve done so far:

Now, if you ask me, I believe it essentially all comes down to these 2 things:

☝🏼LinkedIn wants your account to be professional

This means using content that is okay for a safe work environment. 

So, before posting, ask yourself, “Would I get into trouble with HR if I circulated this at my workplace?” if the answer is yes, then do not post it. 


✌🏼LinkedIn wants to ensure you’re legit (read: human)

Sending bulk connection requests and messages will make their algo suspect there’s a bot behind that profile pic of yours. 

You don’t want that. 

So, warm up your account and send connection requests carefully

In short, use a safe cloud based tool like Salesrobot. 

Nail these, and rest assured, your LinkedIn profile will be out of harm’s way.

Ummm, since we still have some time, let’s shake things up a bit today.

How about a little quiz?

Sounds fun? Cool, answer this:

Which of the following can Salesrobot do for you?

a) Pull prospects from LinkedIn and Sales Nav automatically

b) Send personalized messages to prospects on autopilot

c) Work 24/7 with a dedicated IP address.

d) Like and comment on other people’s posts on your behalf

e) All of the above.

In fact, I’ll make it even more interesting.

Mail me the correct answer at, and I’ll give you a FREE 14-day trial of Salesrobot!

Okay, okay, who am I kidding, 

A man saying you got me

I’ll give you the free trial even if you send me the wrong answer.

In fact, I’ll give you the FREE 14-day trial even if you don’t take the quiz at all.

We don’t need your credit card or phone number either

Just give Salesrobot a try and see if it works for you. That’s it.

And hey, if you found this blog helpful, drop me a word anyway, I do look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s hoping you make the most of your LinkedIn experience.

Until next time!

Psst, by the way, the right answer to the quiz is - e) All of the above

Salesrobot really makes prospecting on LinkedIn pretty easy and safe.

See ya!

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