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Lead Generation

Table of Contents, organisations can centralise and automate a wide variety of lead management tasks, such as locating contacts, conducting market research, converting leads, importing data, and more. With the help of the pitch research tools, team members may investigate potential clients based on a wide range of criteria, including but not limited to email address, domain name, company name, geographic area, contact name, and phone number.

Seamless.AI can quickly and easily add new contacts to the system's built-in address book and update existing ones with information such as name, business, designation, email address, and phone number. A company's marketing activities across pay-per-click (PPC), content, social media, mobile, and search engine optimisation can all be tracked using this tool. B2B recommendations may be made using users' shared connections to relevant contacts, accounts, industries, revenues, technologies, and personnel counts.

Seamless.AI, as Many third-party apps, like HubSpot, Google Sheets, Infusionsoft, LinkedIn, Slack, Microsoft Dynamics, and more, may be easily integrated with AI. Subscriptions can be purchased monthly or yearly, and assistance is provided by phone, email, and online documentation.

What Features Does Offer?

  • Determine social Networking Contact Information.
  • Lists.
  • The Process of Identifying Potential Business Partners.
  • Enriching the Lead.
  • Add-on for the Chrome Web Browser.
  • Goals monitoring.
  • Evaluation of Prospective Leads.
  • Determine Social Networking Contact Information: When it comes to discovering prospects on social media, is a fantastic resource. This function is accessible in both the free and paid versions of LinkedIn, so there's no need to upgrade your account just to use it.
  • Lists: allows you to build lists to save your contacts in, so you can easily keep track of everyone you've been in touch with. There is no restriction on the number of lists you may make, and you can apply filters to any or all of them. Contact segmentation is crucial to maintaining a systematic approach to lead prospecting. The lists you make may be exported to other programmes, which is a nice touch.
  • The Process of Identifying Potential Business Partners: You may use Seamless.AI to locate the correct people to contact at a company if you're after corporate clients rather than individual customers. The ability to narrow your search for a company based on factors like their size (in terms of both people and revenue), location, industry, and keywords, among others, is a major plus.
  • Enriching the Lead: This function use AI to learn more about selected contacts and update existing records with information it finds on the web. Since successful prospecting requires more than just contact details, this application is a step beyond the others, as the vast majority of B2B Software just relies on updating current data.
Seamless.AI CSV
Source: Seamless.AI
  • Add-on for the Chrome Web Browser: This ability to operate Seamless.AI as an add-on is a distinct advantage it has over competing for AI solutions. This is especially helpful if you're looking for leads on LinkedIn because it can sift through your connections' profiles and locate the most relevant ones. Since many other programmes do not offer this functionality, it is likely to be a significant benefit not to run many windows simultaneously.
Seamless.AI Chrome-extension
Source: Seamless.AI
  • Goals monitoring: Using information about your compensation structure and your defined sales goals, the tool determines the value of each transaction. Using this tool, you can easily calculate how many leads you need to contact in a specific time frame to reach your sales targets.
  • Evaluation of Prospective Leads: Seamless.AI's most impressive quality is its lead-selection capabilities, which consider both the user's and the business's unique characteristics. Using criteria like lead scoring, market interactions, and pattern analysis, the AI picks useful information and displays it to the user. This makes the most of its robust AI model and saves the user many hours manually searching leads.

Integration with LinkedIn: Seamless.AI connectivity with LinkedIn is its most valuable feature. If it weren't for this function, I wouldn't use Seamless. AI. To obtain emails from LinkedIn members, I have tried several different Chrome extensions and other software solutions. Nothing seemed to do the trick.

When compared to other tools, even more, expensive ones, Seamless.AI often has features that are unavailable elsewhere. Even if you didn't need any other reason to use Seamless AI, this would be good. If you're just starting out in sales, this tool will serve as your guide and helper as you navigate the complex world of prospecting leads.

How Does Help?

  • Automate list building.
  • Great for b2b leads.
  • Enrich existing lead data.
  • Integrations with 3rd party tools.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great for sales teams.
  • Good customer support.

Shortcomings Of

  • Data isn’t always 100% accurate.

How Much Does Cost?

Seamless.AI has three pricing categories that vary from customer to customer based on their individual requirements. To get the most out of it, you'll need to increase your membership, even if there is a free trial.

Basic plan: At the base plan price of $147/mo, you get 250 credits monthly and access to advanced services like CRM integration, technological analytics, and direct dials. Unlike the pro and enterprise subscriptions, this one allows only one user to get email and knowledge base customer help.

Pro plan: The Pro plan's 1000 daily credits per user and 5 concurrent users come at a reduced price of $99. There's also live chat assistance and the ability to access the Salesflix Sales Library for answers to any questions you may have. According to the company's website, new functionality, such as autopilot and stored searches, is on the way to make this section even more appealing to current customers.

Enterprise: Users that need a more tailored solution can select this option. Features similar to those found in the pro plan are included, and so is the assistance of a personal account manager.

All plans contain standard features, including a search bar for browsing the contacts database. Phone numbers and email addresses may be collected and synced with other customer relationship management systems.

Is The Best Alternative To Hootsuite?

For those working in marketing, Seamless.AI is like manna from heaven; it has the potential to be even more effective than Hootsuite. Managing your social media and optimising your website for search engines are just two of the many automated processes that may be a part of Seamless.AI, a platform for streamlined content delivery.

With Seamless.AI, it only takes a single click to automate your social media activity, including curating tweets at any time, scheduling posts for the future, and more.

All of Hootsuite's core features are available in Seamless.AI, plus a few more bonuses make it a no-brainer for anybody searching for a simple alternative.
The capabilities have been extended to allow more users, timelines, postings, and analytics. Regarding social media, Seamless.AI is an AI-powered management solution that streamlines the process for you.

In addition to letting you record and schedule material, it also enables you to keep tabs on chats and use many other useful tools.
There is no need to keep track of time spent on these activities while using Seamless.AI because it is AI-based and doesn't require further input from the user.

Best Alternatives To


The email marketing service Mailshake is yet another powerful instrument for generating sales leads.

From the very beginning of your outreach initiatives, its AI email writer will be there to help you out by crafting highly effective email messages. This will allow you to get up and running immediately and see results much more rapidly.

In addition, it facilitates the automation of the remainder of your email campaign and subsequent follow-ups, allowing you to devote your time and energy elsewhere.

Furthermore,** the 'lead catcher' should not be overlooked**. Thanks to this handy function, all your leads can be stored in one location, and any team member may reply to them.

How Can Mailshake Help You?

  • Compatible with a wide range of customer relationship management systems.
  • Management of campaigns and mailing lists to the highest standard.
  • Keep track of every email's clicks, opens, and responses.

Shortcomings Of Mailshake

As a result of their lack of depth and complexity, campaign analytics may not be a good fit for teams who need to know how effective their cold email campaigns are.
There is no free version or trial period available.

How Much Does Mailshake Offer?

You can choose between two distinct Mailshake plans. The first one is email marketing, costing $44 per user per month when paid annually.
The second type of plan is for sales involvement and costs $75 per user per month when paid annually.


The sales interaction platform Salesloft is hosted in the cloud. It has everything you need to get started with cold email outreach. It has a mail merge feature that allows for mass creation and transmission of personalised emails, automated follow-ups and A/B testing, and monitoring engagement indicators like clicks and opens.

Salesloft is built to streamline your sales operations by giving you a central hub from which to conduct things like:

  • Putting your digital selling plans into action.
  • Developing rhythms to facilitate efficiency.
  • Selling through conversation.
  • Gaining the sales intelligence to win more contracts.

How Can Salesloft Help You?

  • Allows for the development of cadence.
  • Compatible with popular customer relationship management platforms.
  • A+ service to the client.

Shortcomings Of Salesloft:

  • Interface issues make it challenging to use.
  • There is neither a trial period nor a free version.

How Much Does Salesloft Cost?

Salesloft has four distinct plans: Prospect, Sell, Engage, and Enterprise.
Salesloft's pricing varies widely depending on several factors, but it typically starts at $75 per user per month and goes up to $125 per user per month.

Salesloft Pricing
Source: salesloft


Klenty is another sales interaction platform with handy functions like individualised email templates, automated follow-ups, split testing, thorough analytics, and more.

However, Klenty's emphasis on email deliverability makes cold email marketing more successful than ever. Various safeguards are in place to prevent your emails from being classified as spam.

These include:

  • To make use of specialised domains
  • Warming up fresh IP addresses before sending out bulk emails
  • Volume management in email
  • Space out your emails so they appear more personable and less robotic.

There is a threefold increase in success because of Klenty's intent vision, which automatically steers leads into alternative cadences (depending on their desire). Contrast this with, which lacks such a feature.

How Can Klenty Help You?

  • It helps you understand the motivations of your potential customers so you can respond appropriately.
  • Provides compatibility with popular customer relationship management programmes like Pipedrive and Salesforce.

Shortcomings Of Klenty

  • And not just a customer relationship management system.
  • Email transmission might be problematic at times.

How Much Does Klenty Cost?

The "Startup" plan is the most cost-effective option for solo or small-group entrepreneurs. Monthly fees are $35 per user.

If we want to upgrade, we may sign up for the "Growth" plan, which costs $60 per user each month.

Finally, if you have a seasoned staff that requires sophisticated reporting and permissions, you'll need to pay $100 per person per month for the enterprise plan.

Klenty Pricing
Source: Klenty is another comprehensive sales interaction platform driven by artificial intelligence that may aid in the expansion of micro and small-scale enterprises into major corporations.

Specifically, it is a four-step process for conducting a successful cold email marketing campaign.

The first step is finding out how to reach potential customers. automates this process with help from third-party apps like LinkedIn's email finder.

Next, it ensures you have a working email account before sending any messages.

Engaging with potential customers is the third phase. Now, with the aid of AI, you may have your own email writer who can compose custom messages on your behalf.

It intelligently monitors your email's open and click-through rates, allowing you to fine-tune your outreach efforts.

The best aspect about using is that you don't have to restrict yourself to email when reaching out to potential customers; you can also use LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp.

The best way to reach your audience and obtain the results you want is to use a variety of channels.

How Can Help?

  • Pre-sales emails are sent automatically.
  • Allows for the synchronisation of many channels.
  • Provides a free trial period of 14 days.

Shortcomings Of

  • There are few choices for formatting emails.
  • It's possible that getting proficient with the programme may take some time.
  • The Chrome add-on occasionally has bugs.

How Much Does Cost?

There are a trio of features available in There should be one for email warm-up, one for email search, and one for sales interaction.

Searching via one's email is free, but the other two options need a paid subscription.

The price per user in sales interaction ranges from $50 per month to $70 per user. Moreover, email preheating offers a single plan that costs $29 per month per email address. Pricing


Salesrobot is our own creation, but we recommend it to you since it meets all requirements and is a top-tier LinkedIn Lead Generation tool.

Salesrobot is designed for LinkedIn users who wish to use the platform for lead generation, campaign management, and prospecting.

However, it also allows for connection with customer relationship management system.

salesrobot - best alternative to

Among its many aspects are:

  • The safe techniques provided by Salesrobot allow you to send up to 200 messages and connection requests daily, well above LinkedIn's normal restrictions. Additionally, Salesrobot may utilise email and InMail to send out mass emails to the group's members.
  • The outstanding safety measures used by Salesrobot include activity randomisation, activity skipping on holidays and weekends, action delays, activity level increases at predetermined intervals, and activity restrictions per day. To avoid being detected or blacklisted by LinkedIn's algorithm, Salesrobot mimics human behaviour extremely well.
creating campaign on salesrobot
  • The most recent version of Salesrobot's AI can go through user profiles in search of distinguishing characteristics like volunteer work or professional accreditations. By highlighting these aspects, you will have an easier time sending personalised messages and requests.
  • Campaigns and messaging sequences might help you prevent misunderstandings with potential customers. Just pick a template, change the text, and you have a perfect document for whatever you need it for. In addition, these sequences are triggered by the lead's behaviour, so there is no need to worry about annoying them by delivering a second message after they have already replied to the first.
Configure campaign on salesrobot
  • By planning out your contact with leads in advance with campaigns and message sequences, you can reduce the likelihood of any misunderstandings arising. You may use any of the available templates and modify them to suit your needs. There is no need to worry about annoying a lead who has already reacted to your original message because these sequences are triggered by the lead's behaviour.
creating sequences with salesrobot

How Much Does Salesrobot Cost?

There are now only one pricing plan Salesrobot offers which cost you $99/month per account.

You may test out Salesrobot without spending a dime for 14 days right now!!

salesrobot pricing

Final thoughts On Seamless.AI

It's interesting to see how Seamless.AI may be used to find business contacts. It appears like a vast, searchable company directory but is user-friendly and straightforward. The free edition still provides a wealth of information for the study. There are more options available than I have mentioned here. Although increasing your search engine rankings comes at a cost, it can be worthwhile for larger enterprises. You should check out Seamless.AI if you want a business contact research tool.

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