Review and Pricing: We read 50+ Reviews and Here’s what we found! Review and Pricing: We read 50+ Reviews and Here’s what we found!

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We read 50+ Snovio Reviews. Here’s what we found! 

If you are a service-based business owner or a lead generation agency looking to improve your sales process, you're in the right place! 

In this Snovio review, we'll provide you with an in-depth analysis based on personal experiences and feedback from numerous users on various review sites.

Here's what you can expect from this Snovio review:

- A comprehensive overview of what Snovio is and what it offers.

- The best and worst features of Snovio: We'll explore the capabilities that make this tool shine and the areas where it may fall short.

- A detailed examination of Snovio's pricing structure: We'll delve into the cost and the value you can expect to receive.

- Lesser-known features of Snovio: Uncover some hidden gems that may enhance your experience.

- Snovio compared to an alternative: In case you're considering other options, we'll provide a comparison to help you make an informed decision.

So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into this Snovio review together. 

By the end, you'll have all the necessary insights to determine if Snovio is the right fit for your business. 

Let's get started!

So, What is Snovio? 

Snovio is a tool that helps businesses with their email marketing and sales outreach.

Snovio offers features like verification of emails, which ensures that emails are sent to valid addresses, increasing the chances of successful campaigns. 

Snovio also provides lead generation capabilities, allowing users to find quality email addresses of potential customers quickly. 

This streamlines the process and improves the effectiveness of email campaigns. 

Snovio's suite of tools automates sales outreach, making it easier for businesses to manage their email campaigns.

However, there are some downsides to consider

Snovio has a limited database, which may make it difficult to find the information you need. Customer support can be unhelpful, and the refund policy is non-refundable. 

Snovio also has some bugs and slow development issues, which can be frustrating sometimes. 

Now that we know what Snovio is let’s move towards the functions it offer in this Snovio review

Snovio review on the features that users like the most?

Powerful Email Verification:

The Snovio extension feature of email verification helps businesses maintain accurate and up-to-date email lists. 

This feature is particularly valued as it reduces the risk of bounced emails, damaging a company's reputation, and affecting email deliverability.

Here are some of the benefits of Snovios email verification feature:

- Improved deliverability: The Snovio email verification feature of Snovio extension ensures that emails are delivered to valid email addresses, increasing the chances of successful email campaigns.

- Reduced bounce rate: By removing invalid or inactive email addresses from the email list, businesses can reduce the bounce rate and improve their sender reputation.

- Increased efficiency: The email verification process can be automated, saving time and effort for businesses. With Snovios email verification feature, businesses can verify emails in bulk and ensure that their email lists are always up-to-date.

Lead Generation Capabilities:

Snovio's lead generation capabilities enable users to find quality email addresses of leads quickly and efficiently. 

This feature is particularly valuable for businesses that rely on email marketing as part of their sales and marketing strategy. 

Here are some of the key points:

- Increased efficiency: The process for generating leads can be time-consuming, but with Snovio's tools, users can quickly and easily find the email addresses of leads.

- Versatility: Snovio can be used to search for leads on LinkedIn, company websites, and other sources, giving businesses access to a wide range of potential leads.

Email Drip Campaigns:

Customer review of
Source: G2

This feature is a game-changer for my email outreach. It allows you to automate your campaigns and engage with prospects effectively.

Some of the key points to consider: 

  • Personalized emails: You can create a series of personalized emails and set them up to be sent at specific intervals. This ensures that my prospects receive a consistent and well-timed sequence of messages.
  • Automation helps you save time and stay organized. Once you set up the drip campaign, you can focus on other important tasks while Snovio takes care of sending the emails.
  • Personalization is key to successful marketing via email, and this feature enables you to tailor your messages based on the recipient's behavior and actions.
  • With this feature, you can nurture leads, build relationships, and increase conversions by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Reasonable and Flexible Pricing:

Customer review of
Source: G2

Snovio's pricing structure is another reason why I love using this platform. The plans offered are not only reasonable but also flexible, catering to different budgets and business needs.

Some of the key points to consider: 

  • I appreciate that Snovio doesn't break the bank, especially for small businesses or startups. It provides an affordable solution for generating leads and email marketing.
  • The flexibility of the plans allows you to choose the one that aligns with your specific requirements.

Snovio is a robust SaaS platform that provides a Chrome extension suite. Let's take a look at its features to see how they may aid in all facets of email marketing and speedily produce highly qualified leads for your business.

Snovio Review:  Where does it fall short? cons

Lack of Data:

Customer review of
Source: G2

The database within Snovio is practically empty, making it as useless as a grocery store with empty shelves. 

You walk in, hoping to find a wide variety of products, but you're disappointed and frustrated instead.

It's like going to a store with nothing to offer except for a tumbleweed rolling by.

 Snovio's lack of data leaves you with no valuable information, rendering the tool utterly useless for your needs.

Limited Reporting

While offers some basic reporting features, it falls short when it comes to advanced reporting and analytics. If you're serious about tracking your email outreach campaigns and measuring ROI, you'll likely need a more robust reporting system.

Poor Customer Support:

Customer review of
Source: G2

When you encounter issues with Snovio and reach out to their customer support, it feels like they have a copy-paste button for their responses. 

They regurgitate terms and conditions without providing any helpful solutions. 

It's like talking to a broken record player who only knows how to repeat the same lines repeatedly. 

You're left feeling unheard and ignored, desperately in need of assistance but receiving nothing more than robotic replies as it provides no calling support.

Poor Refund Policy

Imagine buying a toy that turns out to be broken as soon as you open it. You go back to the store, hoping for a refund, but instead, they tell you that you're stuck with the useless toy. 

That's exactly how Snovio operates when it comes to refunds. 

Even if you realize within a few hours of using their product that it's nothing more than a barebones tool with limited functionality, the customer support team refuses to grant a refund. 

It's like being trapped in a never-ending loop of disappointment, unable to escape from your regretful purchase.

Bugs and Slow Development:

Snovio extension and Zapier integration are plagued with bugs, making them as reliable as a car with flat tires. 

You're left waiting for ages, hoping for a mechanic to come and fix the issues. But instead, you're met with a sluggish development team that takes forever to address the problems.

Snovio's slow response to fixing bugs leaves you frustrated and unable to utilize the features that should be working seamlessly.

Customer review of

Faulty Billing System:

Snovio's billing system is a circus. 

Customer review of
Source: G2

Orders get canceled without explanation, payments don't match the promised amounts, and the entire process becomes a bewildering nightmare. It's like trying to buy something online, only to have your credit card declined and then charged extra for no reason. 

Snovio's faulty billing system adds unnecessary complications and headaches to your experience, leaving you questioning why you even bothered in the first place.

In conclusion, Snovio's lack of data, poor customer support, non-refundable policy, buggy features, and faulty billing system create a frustrating and unreliable user experience. 

Save yourself time and energy by exploring better alternatives to meet your needs.

Snovio review: What are the other features it offer?

Highlights of Snovio's Functions and Advantages in this snovio review

  • Use Integrations: Works with over 2,000 other applications and services. Tools for communicating with clients, working together, and expanding one's social circle include (but are not limited to) Hubspot, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, and Google Docs.
  • Compile a comprehensive database by collecting data and organising contacts into qualified lead lists.
  • Campaigns may be made more personable via the use of mail merge modification and bulk email creation. Determine how many individuals you wish to contact through email before entering addresses.
  • Increase Interest by tailoring your emails to each individual customer's preferences and activity history to boost click-through rate and sales.
  • You may continue to make changes and add additional recipients to your campaigns even after they have been sent. If you're running an email campaign, you may monitor its success with Gmail and alter your approach as needed.

Aside from the built-in snovio email tracker, Snovio also provide a set of company-built browser extensions.

  • Locates email addresses while you browse the web.
  • Using corporate pages, Sales Navigator profiles, and search results, the LinkedIn prospect finder scours the social network for possible clients to contact.
  • Snovio is helpful for people who use Gmail since it offers an unlimited Snovio email tracker.
  • Sending out mass emails in bulk has never been easier than using Gmail and the Gblast email merging add-on.
  • Access the robust Snovio Email tracker with this Snovio Chrome add-on.
  • This tool serves as a technology checker, revealing the frameworks and languages used to create a given website.

The Snovio Email Tracker

The snovio email tracker, tracks which emails are opened and when they are opened. 

When an email is opened, the snovio email tracker instantly sends a notice to the user's device. 

The snovio extension keeps track of your prior correspondence with each contact and reminds you to follow up at the right moment. 

The ability to schedule email send-offs has long been requested.

Drip Campaigns

You can set up and control automated email campaigns using Snovio. Creating targeted email campaigns for mass distribution or individual dissemination is a breeze. 

Your email campaigns will be more effective if they are tailored to each prospect's individual situation.

The ease with which team members may share information is yet another benefit of the drip campaign approach. 

You've opened up the future for the rest of your squad. Emails can be composed quickly and easily with drag-and-drop functionality, and A/B testing allows you to evaluate which version of an email is more successful.


Instead of relying on conjecture to determine the success of a marketing via email, you may instead use the data provided by Snovio. Here you can see when certain people opened specific emails sent to them. Furthermore, they offer data on client behaviour that may be used to gradually improve strategies.


Your research of Snovio should include the fact that they provide an application programming interface (API). This makes it possible for customers to link their accounts with virtually any service.

Functionality of CRM

Finally, Snovio gives you a free, rudimentary customer service tool. This allows you to keep tabs on what products and services customers gravitate toward. Connecting with your calendar helps you confirm contacts and set up meetings. Last but not least, the CRM remembers when employees leave and return to work, hence lowering your bounce rate.

Snovio Integrations

When you use Snovio, you may connect to a multitude of pre-existing systems without any further configuration. Several applications for sales, marketing, and customer service fall within this category. Separate them into categories so we can examine them more easily.

CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Asana.

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Phantombuster, and DuxSoup are all useful for generating leads.
  • Tools for teamwork include Slack, Trello, and Google Drive.
  • Adaptable content via NiftyImages and Hippo Video.
  • Twilio, Intercom, Calendly, and Zoom are some of the most dependable services in terms of repeat customers.

In addition to these companion apps, Zapier may also be used with Snovio. The connections are as follows:

Just as with Snovio, Zapier can be used to kick off triggers once a certain condition is met:

Snovio review of its pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

Let's talk about Snovio's pricing plans.

Customer review of
Source: G2

Here's the lowdown on their different plans and why they might not be the best fit for local businesses and small-medium marketing agencies:

  • Trial Plan: It's free and gives you 150 credits and 100 email recipients. 

You get cool features like Snovio extension Email Finder, Snovio extension Email Verifier, Email Warm-up,, and Sales CRM. 

  • Starter Plan: Costs $39 per month and offers 1,000 credits and 5,000 email recipients. 
  • Most Popular - Pro Plan: This one is priced at $99 per month and gives you 5,000 credits and 10,000 email recipients. 
  • Managed Service Plan: Now, this is where things get really pricey. Starting at $2,999 per month, you'll get a custom lead gen and outreach campaign. 

Snovio Reviews on G2:
Snovio has received much acclaim on G2. From 142 total ratings, the average is a solid 4.5 stars. Users are pleased with the price, the reliability of the found emails, and the simplicity of the interface. G2 Score
Source: G2

Top 5 Snovio Alternatives

Now that we know much about Snovio, let’s move further towards Snovio alternatives in this Snovio review. 

As with every marketing software, Snovio has its share of rivals. Listed below are several substitutes that provide a similar purpose.

  • Salesflare
  • Zendesk Sell
  • Salesrobot
  • Octopus CRM
  • Dripify

Salesflare: The #1 Snovio alternative

For the same type of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that use Insightly, Salesflare has developed its (CRM) software called Salesflare. 

While both competitors' price structures are similar, Salesflare is missing some key capabilities (and has design issues of its own). 

It offers a few helpful features, but we recommend Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional or Zoho CRM for a complete customer relationship management solution, both of which were chosen as Editors' Choice products.

How Can Salesflare Help You?

Salesflare CRM may lessen the time spent on administrative tasks and data management, freeing up resources that can be put into expanding sales. With the support of the platform's built-in collaboration features, employees are able to coordinate their efforts, leading to more cohesive and effective groups.

It’s accessibility and ease of use stem from the fact that it is a cloud-hosted plugin for standard email clients. 

The cloud-based Salesforce plugin can be easily integrated into most workplace email systems. The exact data users have access to through the adaptable dashboards allows them to make better business decisions.

How Much Does Salesflare Cost?

The different Salesflare price plans cater to various corporate requirements. Please consider the cost of a licence for Office if you want to use Office 365 with your system.

  • ‍Growth: $29 per user per month‍
  • Pro: $49 per user per month‍
  • Enterprise: $99 per user per month

These are the yearly rates that apply from this point on. To learn more about pricing, head over to the website.

Cons of Salesflare

  • There is no email builder available inside Salesflare for making one's own email templates.
  • Only a limited-time 14-day trial is available at no cost.
  • With this tool, you can only send out so many emails..
  • Weak omnichannel marketing support in the sales pipeline hinders their potential. As a general rule, you may only reply by email.
  • It's marketing automation features are very lacking..
  • Enterprises can't rely on Salesflare since it lacks the adaptability and sophisticated capabilities necessary to serve their needs. It works well for new, tiny companies.
  • Customer service is only available via email or real-time chat.
  • You can only connect a handful of apps to your Salesflare account at the moment.
  • In terms of third-party app connections, Salesflare is very lacking.
  • There aren't many options for integrating with other apps in Salesflare.
  • The tools presented here are not well suited for business-to-consumer CRM.

Zendesk Sell: The #2 Snovio alternative

Among the many customer relationship management (CRM) tools available, Zendesk is widely used because it helps businesses manage and improve their sales processes.

 It is a user-friendly tool for keeping tabs on prospects and sales tasks and facilitating two-way communication with clients by email, phone, and text message. 

This customer relationship management platform is ideal for groups whose overarching company strategy is grounded in direct sales techniques. 

By reading our in-depth Snovio review, find out if Zendesk Sell is the best fit for your company.

How Can Zendesk Help You?

  • Access to Real-Time Information this tool provides users with real-time information about the status of their organisation's sales, marketing, and customer support departments, including details about their most pressing tasks, overall performance, and accomplishments thus far.
  • Productivity may be boosted through automated sales and communication channels and a centralised system to monitor and analyse marketing, customer service, and sales operations.
  • Shorter response times and greater customer satisfaction result from this software's capacity to centralise users' contacts and interaction histories and provide live chat help.
  • Anywhere you go, it may be accessed from your iOS or Android mobile smartphone.

What Features Does Zendesk Sell Offer?

  • Because of it’s intuitive interface, it's simple to organise and manage your company's database of contacts and leads. 

Importing and exporting data sets, conducting in-depth searches and filters, and dividing data into many categories according to user-defined criteria all help users zero in on the information they need more precisely.

  • By dividing target audiences along many dimensions, layered segmentation helps users better manage potential threats (such as demographics, transaction size, engagement rate, and more).
  • In addition, leads are ranked by how likely they are to convert, letting users prioritise them accordingly. Users may improve their odds management by combining several types of segmentation based on factors like demographics, transaction size, engagement level, and more. Customers may prioritise their resources based on the leads with the highest conversion scores.
  • The platform's pipeline management feature creates a graphical depiction of the sales funnel, complete with information like the number of leads at each step of the buyer's journey, the size of the deal, the expected revenue, the actual revenue, the number of deals won, and more.
  • The platform's pipeline management feature provides a graphical overview of the sales process, including data such as the number of leads at various points in the buyer's journey, the size of each transaction, the expected revenue, the current revenue, the number of deals won, and more.
  • Leads are also given a grade based on how likely they are to convert so that businesses and individuals may prioritise their resources.
  • The platform's pipeline management feature creates a graphical depiction of the sales funnel, complete with information like the number of leads at various phases of the buyer's journey, the size of the deal, the expected revenue, the actual revenue, the number of deals won, and more.
  • Managers are able to keep tabs on how their teams are doing in relation to their objectives, deadlines, and assigned leads, thanks to performance management.
  • Managers may monitor employee progress toward objectives, deadlines, and allocated leads with the use of a performance management system.
  • Managers are able to keep tabs on how their teams are doing in terms of meeting objectives and taking the initiative they've been tasked with.
  • Call Management allows users to make outbound calls to contacts in an organised fashion. Call scripting is possible, and calls may be recorded for later review and tweaking, thanks to this programme.
  • This tool’s chat site is available to its users in order to assist them in answering their customers' questions and providing them with training. Users can compile a FAQ section, video lessons, presentations, and supporting materials for their clientele.
  • Connecting this tool with your company's current email account allows you to send out personalised emails to your clients as part of your marketing strategy. The customizable online forms offered by it may be included in any section of a website, whether it is the main page, a landing page, or even a social media marketing effort, to conduct customer surveys and generate leads.

Limitations Of Zendesk Sell

  • Not many options for adding in more functionality from other sources.
  • Our customer service team takes too long to react.
  • It takes a while for the programme to launch.
  • No more than 300 recipients per batch are allowed for mass emailing.
  • The learning curve is high, and the onboarding process is lengthy.

Salesrobot #3 Snovio alternative

In order to aid sales teams and lead-generating agencies, Salesrobot provides a multi-channel sales automation platform.

Many different types of businesses and individuals may benefit from using Salesrobot since it is the ideal LinkedIn outreach tool for generating leads for businesses, startups, sales teams, recruiting organisations, and solopreneurs.

Whether you're a lead generation company, a start-up, a sales team, a recruiting organisation, or just a solo entrepreneur, Sales Robot is the right LinkedIn outreach tool for you.

What Features Does Salesrobot Offer?

Salesrobot's sophisticated dashboard features make it easy to zero in on the people most likely to have a positive response. You may measure your progress and make adjustments to your strategy depending on what you learn.

As an example of a multi-channel campaign, Salesrobot can help you implement a drip messaging strategy using LinkedIn and email, resulting in 32% and above response rates.

Salesrobot's ability to deliver customised pictures and GIFs in messages has drastically improved the number of appointments booked on LinkedIn and inspired meaningful interactions.

The fact that Salesrobot can send out coordinated connection requests that it has developed using AI provides it with a little advantage.

Keep your LinkedIn profile safe: Send a direct group message to over 200 recipients via email.

How Much Does SalesRobot Cost?

Let's talk about Salesrobot's pricing plans.

Salesrobot offers a three tier pricing plan which is at $99 per month, $ 397 per month and $497 per month. But if you go for an annual subscription, you get an additional 50% discount automatically applied.

Salesrobot pricing

Sadly, there is no currently available free plan; however, you may test out the tool risk-free for 14 days with any of the paid options above.

Octopus CRM

octopus crm - best alternative to
Source: Octopus

Users are granted the ability to utilise this automation software to

  • Do a bulk send of personalised connection requests
  • Initial connections in mass media
  • Verify first-tier associates' qualifications immediately.
  • Multiple LinkedIn profiles are checked automatically every day.

In order to swiftly transform LinkedIn connections into paying clients, you may use it to design a unique sales funnel. 

You may use it to send a connection request, a thank-you message after the request is approved, a sales message, and further follow-ups.

It has been confirmed that all LinkedIn accounts work together, including the free version, the paid version, Recruiter, and Sales Navigator.

How Can Octopus CRM Help You?

  • Intelligent, tailor-made automated messaging.
  • Capability Identification Mechanically>
  • Customised LinkedIn sales funnels.
  • The information was taken from LinkedIn.
  • Campaign linking is an option.
  • The connection between HubSpot and Zapier.
  • Demands for fully automated linkups.
  • Analytical prowess for automating the profile-finding process.
  • User-friendliness is on a whole new level.
  • Your contact details may be downloaded quickly and easily.
  • Free trial period.

Whom Octopus CRM Is Most Suitable for

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing agencies
  • Recruiters
  • Sales Teams

What Are the Benefits of Using Octopus?

User-Friendly: Being very simple to use and not having a tonne of complicated automation options makes this gadget great for beginners.

Even while it is already one of the most reasonably priced solutions available, its price point is far lower than that of the vast majority of its rivals.

Octopus CRM Pricing

It has four pricing plans:

  • ‍Starter: $9.99 Per month‍
  • Pro: $14.99 per month‍
  • Advanced: $21.99 per month‍
  • Unlimited: $39.99 per month


Dripify is a flexible automation solution that can be used with LinkedIn that may assist your sales team in enhancing deal closure and engagement with LinkedIn prospects.

What Features Does Dripify Offer?

  • The extensive analytics provided by it, which include measurements like conversion rates and team statistics, is just one of the many tools that will help you take your lead generation to the next level.
  • The intelligent inbox in Dripify makes it easy to respond quickly to leads.
  • There's a CSV export option for leads and much more besides.
  • LinkedIn marketing with a pre-programmed sales funnel.
  • Research Based on LinkedIn Data.
  • Transfer information to a comma-separated value file.
  • Prospecting and leading nurturing.
  • LinkedIn Management of a Group.
  • A platform for a LinkedIn chat.
  • Intelligent control panel layout.
  • Compatibility with more than a thousand different programs and add-ons.
  • Superior Algorithm for Safety.

Details about Dripify's pricing tiers

Basic plan

Monthly payments for the basic plan cost $59, but yearly payments cost only $39.

Inclusions in the Feature Set:

  • In addition to the monthly quota, the daily maximum is Preprogrammed procedures for the upcoming year.
  • Access to state-of-the-art analytics through the cloud
Pro version

The monthly plan for the Pro version is $79, while the yearly plan costs $59 per month.

Features Include:

  • The monthly subscription includes all features, including automated activities, and the yearly plan includes all features with no daily constraints.
  • Customised inbox Enhanced metrics
  • Utilisation of the Cloud and Zapier
  • A/B test export of lead data to a.csv file
Advanced version

The premium package costs $99 per month with the monthly plan and $79 per month with the yearly plan.

The Feature Set Comprises:

  • Full on the monthly plan and Full per day Consistency in yearly plan execution using automated processes
  • Customised reporting and analytics
  • The ability to monitor and manage actions using the cloud
  • Methods for conducting controlled experiments in team administration
  • E-mail address for correspondence
  • Connecting to Zapier to export lead data as a CSV

Dripify is an excellent programme for creating and releasing effective drip campaign. The lead-generating tool has certain limitations, such as the daily limit of 75 connection requests, that might hinder your prospecting efforts.

Dripify simplifies the process of developing and launching drip programmes. However, there are certain restrictions on your use of this tool, such as a daily limit of 75 connection requests.

Dripify makes it easy to build and distribute successful drip campaigns. This tool does have certain restrictions, such as a daily limit of 75 connection requests.

Final say on this Snovio review

If you want to succeed in business, remember that using the appropriate equipment is crucial since it helps you sidestep any potential stumbling blocks.

Here, we've outlined several crucial factors to consider in order to provide you with the most appropriate assistance.

  • Make a list of your wants and needs once you've thought about them.
  • Focus your money where it will do the most good
  • Find out which one works for you.
  • Experiment with the trial or the free version.

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