Top 10 LinkedIn Outreach Agencies: A Selection Guide.

Top 10 LinkedIn Outreach Agencies: A Selection Guide.

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Outreach solutions are designed to streamline and simplify the entire LinkedIn outreach lead generation process. LinkedIn is the best platform to make business-to-business relationships and find new business opportunities, with over 830 million users via LinkedIn outreach.

Even if there are many potential benefits to having so many members, there is also a significant drawback in the form of the difficulty of locating the specific individuals you need to contact. Time and energy are wasted searching through profiles, making connections, and communicating with leads.

Using LinkedIn outreach to reach out to new individuals and pique their interest in what you have to offer is a terrific strategy. And if it helps you make new business contacts or grow your existing ones, it's a great chance to build your network and expand your enterprise.

LinkedIn outreach tools help you stay organised while still making the most of your time on the platform. These communications might be anything from requests to connect to prospects to follow-ups after first contact.

However, it is important to remember that LinkedIn is quite severe on Linkedin outreach automation and that engaging in spamming campaigns or otherwise violating LinkedIn outreach standards will result in an immediate suspension.

We've compiled a set of resources that ensure the integrity of your LinkedIn outreach automation processes.

Our team has compiled a list of the 10 best LinkedIn outreach firms that can facilitate efficient and timely campaign management.

  • Zopto
  • Lead Genius
  • We-Connect
  • Salesrobot
  • Expandi
  • Zoho CRM
  • Meet Alfred
  • Scrab-in
  • Dux-Soup
  • Lead Fuze


One of the most useful LinkedIn outreach is Cloud-based Zopto streamlines and automates lead generation across many channels for startups and sales teams.

Real-time dashboards, reporting on campaign data (including conversion rates), and specialised account managers who are accessible to answer any concerns you may have about integrating Zopto into your business's workflow are just some of the features the programme offers.

What Features Does Zopto offer?

  • Linkedin outreach lead generation on LinkedIn may be fully automated.
  • Intervals, random delays, and auto-scale are some of the features.
  • Track team progress and manage user accounts in bulk.
  • LinkedIn's in-app messaging service
  • Dedicated Manager of Support and Customer Success
  • There is no a free trial available.
  • Integrates with Zapier, webhooks, and hundreds of other apps via LinkedIn marketing automation and CRM capabilities.
  • Both Windows and Mac are supported.

How Can Zopto Help You?

  • Using this feature, you may reply to messages within the app itself.
  • Human-like behaviour is more likely to be achieved by using intervals, random delays, and auto-scale-up.
  • Quick and Simple LinkedIn Message Automation
  • You may tailor it to your specific industry needs.

Downsides of Zopto

  • The initial setup may be difficult.

How Much Does Zopto Cost?

The Personal plan's $215 monthly fee seems steep, considering it only supports a single user.

The Grow package looks to be the best value among the three options owing to its low price and vast features. The standard monthly fee is $395.

With the Agency plan, you may automate up to 5 profiles for a whopping $895.00 each month.

Zopto Pricing
Source: Zopto

Reviews of Zopto

Zopto has been heralded as one of the best LinkedIn automation solutions thanks to its advanced automatic messaging system. Zopto, one of the best LinkedIn outreach automation tools, has been used by many satisfied clients in various projects. Zopto, one of the best LinkedIn automation systems, has helped many clients with their campaigns.

The device, though, seems more organic than robotic. Surprisingly, nobody mentioned that the user-generated content was too clinical and distant.

In terms of complaints, a few critics have raised nitpicks that may be addressed in a future update. Some defects, for instance, may cause serious disruptions in efficiency. Also, there aren't many options to put your own stamp on things, while the company is responsive to requests for change.

Zopto G2 Review
Source: Zopto
Zopto Capterra Reviews
Source: Capterra

Lead Genius

Business-to-business (B2B) data research, data outsourcing, and process automation are the three pillars of Lead Genius' Linkedin outreach strategy.

The lead generation for Linkedin outreach service Lead Genius is ideal for B2B startups and small enterprises.

Their flagship product, Flow, is a browser plugin that automatically searches the web for new signals and new contacts. If you already have a customer relationship management system set up, you can simply export your contacts using our simple data scraping tool.

If you already have a customer database, this application will let you automate mundane sales chores and add fresh contact information with no effort.

What Features Does Lead Genius Offer?

  • Extract names, titles, websites, corporations, and more from public social accounts using the Flow browser plugin.
  • Instead of using a generic web crawler for data scraping, they have developed a unique technology that can be tailored to specific projects to collect individualised data on a massive scale.
  • You may use this to streamline processes like prospect research and customer relationship management for Linkedin outreach.

How Much Does Lead Genius Cost?

There is a quote system in place for the price.

Review of Lead genius

Lead Genius G2 Review
Source: G2
Lead Genius G2 Review
Source: G2


We-connect’s commitment to constant product updates is another source of optimism for the company's future success. Their latest release appears to be on par with Skylead in terms of being the finest multi-channel LinkedIn outreach lead-generating app.

Lead generation through Linkedin outreach on LinkedIn is time-consuming, so automating as much of it as possible can save you time and help you be consistent.

We-Connect a linkedin approach
Source: We-Connect

If you want to utilise LinkedIn to create leads, automating at least a portion of the process can help you save time and be more consistent in your efforts.

LinkedIn outreach lead generation is time-consuming, so automating as much of it as possible can save you time and help you be consistent.

It has an intuitive user interface that streamlines the process of generating campaigns, keeping tabs on Linkedin outreach interactions, and tracking campaign success.

The modules may be combined in many ways, and automated processes can be set up to contact prospects.

In what ways does We-Connect fall short?

  • The We-Connect software has several flaws, and there are sometimes delays of several hours before a campaign can even begin.
  • We-connect has a complicated design, making it hard for you to discover all of its features. The dashboard includes numerous sections that may require additional exploration time.
  • We-customer Connect's service is shaky at best, taking hours or even days to respond to and resolve issues.
  • We-Connect only has one pricing tier. Therefore, you can't pick and choose between multiple options based on your budget or usage.

How Much Does We-connect Cost?

This is one of the cheapest LinkedIn outreach automation solutions available at $49 per month.

While it's true that some programmes provide more advanced features that can improve your outcomes, for the average entrepreneur, small business owner, business development rep, or person just trying to expand their professional network, We-basic Connect's features are more than adequate.

We-Connect is one of the lowest-cost, cloud-based technologies available.

We-Connect pricing
Source: We-connect

We-Connect Review

"To begin with, let's talk about the cost. It has helped me grow by giving me access to features only found in more expensive programmes. The interface is well-thought-out, allowing you to swiftly switch between different connections, responses, etc. It's incredibly simple, and I can quickly and easily move between the several accounts I use for my various clients. Because of this, I can now focus on my own search for new business opportunities.

While it appears that assistance is only available during the one-time zone, I have found that the representatives who do respond are always kind and helpful.

No advanced options such as company size or multiple selection options are available during searches (but this may also be due to LinkedIn outreach restrictions). Be proactive. You should log into LinkedIn and restart the programme at least twice daily.

We-Connect's G2 review
Source: G2
We-Connect's G2 review
Source: G2


Salesrobot greatly facilitates lead generation from LinkedIn and communication with other users. It's a web-based service that streamlines the process of meeting new individuals and developing professional contacts in addition to the standard LinkedIn platform.

Salesrobot also works with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Salesrobot's customization options are rather sophisticated, enabling more natural and pleasant discussions. As such, it is certainly a clever option for single proprietors, corporations, and professionals to take advantage of discounts and swiftly increase their customer base and earnings.

What Features Does Salesrobot Offer?

  • The dashboard in Salesrobot is an intuitive interface for monitoring Linkedin outreach automation metrics and gathering market intelligence. You may check the outcomes of multiple campaigns and accounts to ensure the automation is moving in the right direction.
  • Salesrobot streamlines the process of creating and managing LinkedIn outreach event campaigns, which are a terrific way to reach out to a targeted audience. Set up a few sequences, and Salesrobot will automatically deliver your messages to registered guests, ensuring a large attendance for your event.
  • Smart Inbox - It's a pain to keep track of interactions across many LinkedIn accounts. The Smart Inbox feature in Salesrobot allows you to centrally manage your LinkedIn inbox. The smart inbox makes it simple to monitor and reply to your communications in a timely fashion.
  • Add some visual flair by including images and GIFs with motion. To combat this, Salesrobot enables you to incorporate eye-catching visuals like images and GIFs into your Linkedin outreach efforts. In addition, Salesrobot has a library of premade templates that may help get campaigns up and running quickly.

Salesbot's Weaknesses

However, SalesRobot does not facilitate interaction with third-party services like Facebook, Quora, etc. Because it was developed just for Linkedin outreach, you can only interact with other Linkedin users.

How Much Does Salesrobot Cost?

There are now two subscription tiers available for Salesrobot:
• Advanced: $99 per month per account.
• Professional: $179 per month per account.
• Pay per lead Plan

The annual plan also comes with a 20% savings.

You may test out Salesrobot completely risk-free for 14 days before committing.

salesrobot pricing


"A little charge for performing Linkedin outreach without getting detected or banned" is an intriguing approach for Expandi to market their product. That's quite a boast, but it's one worth considering if you want to get the most out of LinkedIn.

Using Expandi, you may coordinate a marketing effort across many or perhaps all of LinkedIn's resources.

What Features Does Expandi Offer?

  • Consult with well-respected professionals in your field.
  • Your connection's responses and message string might be predetermined.
  • The individuals you're in a group with aren't necessarily your connections, but you can still keep in touch with them.
  • Compatible with your customer-relationship-management system.
  • Email and in-app messaging that uses smart technology.

It's a breeze to get started with Expandi. They provide only one pricing tier, and once you've provided your information (and chosen whether to pay monthly or annually, of course), you're all set. It will open a new tab with their platform, which is easy to navigate.

Expandi Dashboard
Source: Expandi

All the buttons you need to launch campaigns and examine results are conveniently located in one area.

Expandi acts like a person when it comes to clicking, typing, and accepting connection requests, but it may also automatically disconnect if a connection is refused. These protections can help you avoid LinkedIn's banhammer.

How Can Expandi Help You?

  • Linkedin outreach Automation Software allows users to create several profiles on the service.
  • It's great because you can customise your messages and even your profile.
  • Bonus points for live onboarding.
  • Everything is one flat rate.
  • Nothing has to be downloaded or set up. Having an IP address from your own nation is just one more way that Expandi helps to ensure your security and authenticity.

Shortcomings of Expandi

  • For the trial to work, you must first select a payment plan and provide your credit card information.

Expandi Review:

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM, a customer relationship management platform for Linkedin outreach available on the cloud, might help sales teams streamline their communication with customers. Quite a few features are at your disposal, and they include transaction management, lead management, contact management, and many others. In addition, Zoho CRM has a LinkedIn outreach automation solution to aid sales teams in engaging with new clients on the social media platform.

Consequently, Zoho CRM is an indispensable resource for businesses that want to boost their customer relationships. A powerful yet intuitive CRM application, Zoho CRM has the potential to boost sales teams' output and help them close more transactions.

How Does Zoho CRM Work?

  • Designed to help organisations optimise their sales, marketing, and customer support processes, Zoho CRM is a robust piece of customer relationship management software packed with useful features.
  • The Zoho CRM LinkedIn outreach Automation Tool is a highly sought-after tool since it facilitates speedy communication with new clients and other company connections via the social media platform.
  • The software has a lot of other functions, such as the ability to send automated messages, monitor sales prospects, and control connections with customers.
  • In addition, Zoho CRM is very adaptable as a CRM system and provides several opportunities for personalisation.

Zoho CRM is an excellent choice whether you need a basic CRM app or a complex platform with rich features.

How Much Does Zoho CRM Cost?

Pricing for Zoho CRM begins at $14 per month for the Basic plan.

Zoho CRM pricing
Source: Zoho CRM

Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is a service that might potentially boost your profile's visibility on LinkedIn and other professional networks. They boast of being the "world's easiest and most powerful LinkedIn automation tool" and can even sync with your Twitter account.

Service that eliminates the usual hassles and saves you time, according to the advertising.

What Features Does Meet Alfred Offer?

  • Alfred isn't just a terrific option all around, but it also has amazing options for online advertising that may help boost B2B interactions through Linkedin outreach.
  • If you want to increase the number of visitors to your page and the number of potential customers for your business, you can hire a professional to optimise your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account for lead capture for $1,246.
  • The campaign manager in Meet Alfred may be utilised at any time, but it can also be set to go into effect at predetermined times.
  • You may modify your campaign sequences to let you know when a user has reached out to you so that you can change your focus to lead generation.

How Much Does Meet Alfred Cost?

Meet Alfred gives prospective customers a two-week trial at no cost. As of right now, their entry-level plan will cost you $19 monthly, which is, by all accounts, rather fair. It's a wonderful rate that will aid in the success of three separate initiatives.

Their most premium plan will set you back $59 per month, while their most premium tier will set you back $39 per month. Each of these options seems realistic to us and should work well within your financial constraints.

Meet Alfred Pricing
Source: Meet Alfred

How Can Meet Alfred Help You?

  • Meet Alfred excels as a scalable automation tool.
  • It is possible to try out all of Meet Alfred's features for 14 days before committing to a paid membership.
  • You won't risk getting kicked from LinkedIn's platform when using Meet Alfred, unlike with many other comparable apps.
  • Hyperise is just one of many useful add-ons for Meet Alfred that may enhance your workflow and provide you with new features.
  • Meet Alfred has received a lot of praise from critics.

Downsides of Meet Alfred

  • Finding any details about the organisation online is a significant hassle.
  • The lack of a dedicated phone number for customers to reach for help is inconvenient.
  • The help desk staff is restricted to business hours.
  • If you pay for it on a monthly basis, it might add up to more than some other similar programmes.
  • There is no Meet Alfred discount package that lasts a lifetime.

Meet Alfred’s Review

The first caution sign is seen while investigating Meet Alfred.

At first, you'll notice this:

Reason number one why we adore Trustpilot: you can trust the reviews there.

Trustpilot discovered many phoney evaluations of Meet Alfred and promptly took them down.

It's encouraging that they forewarn you of the incident; it says a lot about the company's ethics and transparency.

The remaining reviews are inconsistent. While it's true that some people can't get enough of Meet Alfred, the vast majority of users report having some sort of problem.

To provide just one example, one client claims that Meet Alfred kept billing them after they cancelled.

A typical gripe has to do with the technology itself. Those who have used the product claim to have endured persistent problems and spent numerous hours communicating with customer support (when they were finally able to get someone's attention, that is) in an attempt to remedy the issues.

The thought of that gives me a lot of frustration.

If reports from former Meet Alfred customers that they were unable to uninstall the software from their computers are genuine, that should raise serious red flags.

If we're being really honest, we were taken aback by how many different kinds of complaints there were. Customer service, or the lack thereof, appears to be a significant problem in addition to the aforementioned issues.

The cherry on top is that some users have reported being blacklisted after using this software.

Sad to say, the company's lofty claims turned out to be little more than that., a Chrome extension tool, is one of our list's most rapidly expanding Linkedin outreach automation tools. Its primary functions are data extraction, lead generation, audience and network expansion, and growth. dug into LinkedIn's banning system and found that they could ensure prospects could see 15,000 profiles each month and scan up to 45,000 by removing HTML elements, eliminating interference with the user interface, and restricting interactions to levels close to those of regular users.

The primary reasons for 's placement on this list are the originality of its concepts and design rather than the sophistication of its technology. Let's analyse the program's excellent parts.

What Features Does Offer?

  • If you want to use high-quality data to generate leads for your sales or marketing teams, is the greatest growth-hacking solution on the market. * It is secure, dependable, and always up to date.
  • Incorporating this official Google add-on will improve the efficiency of every aspect of your LinkedIn experience, from Sales Navigator to Recruiter (Full & Lite).
  • After successfully prospecting and engaging new clients, our comprehensive automated tool will help you distribute your product to that clientele.
  • You may utilise to find and talk to third-degree profiles.
  • Targeting a particular group of people increases the likelihood that they will listen to what you have to say and buy your wares.
  •'s user engagement is boosted by its endorsement and referral scheme, which helps people find and recommend one another.
  • Important extras include data management tools that let you segment your intended audience according to a variety of criteria and then reuse that information in subsequent campaigns after downloading it.

How Much Does Cost?'s the price is among the most affordable in the industry, with one plus licences available for as little as $12 per month and ultimate licences going for $59 per month. Pricing

How Can Help You?

  • Superiority in generating sales leads
  • A downloadable user base that has been split
  • Full, unified performance
  • Compatibility with third-party software, such as FindthatLead
  • The system is safe and simple to operate.

Shortcomings of

  • Obtaining access to premium services (such as downloading CSV files) requires a paid account.
  • As of now, it has not gained significant adoption among the different social networking sites.


The Chrome add-on Dux-Soup is another popular Linkedin outreach automation tool.
Data extraction and spam filtering are only two of the many automated processes that have been included right in.

Dux-Soup is a leading competitor if you want to automate your LinkedIn messages.

What Features Does Dux-soup Offer?

  • Using Dux-Soup, you may browse for and add potential new contacts, make endorsements, chat with other users, and send out personalised messages to user profiles you're interested in.
  • Dux-strong Soup's strongest suit is its communication features.
  • With support for nine languages and practical features like profile tagging and annotation, Dux-Soup attracts first-, second-, and third-degree connections to its extremely accurate automated messaging service, where they are converted into solid offers.
  • We understand that your satisfaction is crucial to the success of your business, which is why Dux-Soup backs its superior personalised message service with dedicated and helpful support staff available at all times.
  • Because of how important it is to maintain happy customers, Dux-Soup has a team of support experts ready to answer any queries you may have regarding their first-rate customised message service.
  • It's a great option for folks who aren't as comfortable with technology because of its no-frills interface, user-friendly features, and simple configuration options.

In conclusion, Dux-Soup is one of the best free automation solutions for LinkedIn outreach, and it comes with a free lifetime membership.

How Much Does Dux-Soup Cost?

The finest feature of Dux-Soup, auto-engage, is accessible in a paid professional edition of the programme for a modest $11.25 per month.

Dux-Soup Pricing
Source: Dux-Soup

How Can Dux-Soup Help You?

  • You may use any one of a fantastic suite of Linkedin outreach automation tools, and it's all free
  • Automatic activation settings are adjustable by the user.
  • An easy-to-use control panel.

What might cause problems in Dux-Soup

  • The ability to track progress is exclusive to Turbo plans.
  • The free version of Recruiter Lite does not have all of the program's prospecting Linkedin outreach tools.
  • Subscriptions at the lower tiers don't provide complete workflow integration.


The effectiveness of Linkedin outreach automated methods for doing outbound activities like cold email marketing varies widely.
LeadFuze stands out from the competition as the most popular automated LinkedIn outreach sales guide online, thanks to its cutting-edge advertising and sales features.

What Features Does Lead Fuze Offer?

  • Salespeople, recruiting managers, and advertising professionals may all benefit from this software's threefold strategy to expand their clientele and increase their revenue.
  • Find qualified leads and avoid the pitfalls of a bloated customer list and stalled sales process with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and market-based search options that let you run hyper-specific criteria and integrated CRM and workflow tools which are provided by LeadFuze.
  • It's user-friendly and integrates smoothly with other programmes and sales-related apps like SalesForce, FreshSales, and Salesflare.
  • LeadFuze is pleased to boast that it has verified all its user email addresses.
  • LeadFuze also recommends using AdWords for B2B profile targeting and interactions.
  • Because people who are generating digital marketing material are more likely to engage with profile-specific propositions, this additional feature enables HR managers and sales teams to contact these people.
  • To increase the likelihood that content creators will respond to HR managers' and sales teams' profile-specific offers, we've added the ability to identify content creators based on their digital footprint.
  • There is a price to pay for these extras. LeadFuze is a high-priced automated prospecting programme.

How can LeadFuze help you?

  • Lead quality may be significantly improved by using advanced filtering settings for Linkedin outreach.
  • Constantly updated user database Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Incredible assistance with advertising and sales.
  • Integrates easily with your customer relationship management and other workflow tools.

Disadvantages of Using LeadFuze

  • With a starting price of $132.30/month, it is more than twice as costly as Scrabin's entry-level service.
  • Discouragement of copying and pasting
  • A more refined filtering mechanism results in a more time-consuming search.
  • There should be help available around the clock.
  • We no longer use the marketing and campaign development instructional films.

How Much Does LeadFuze Cost?

Leadfuze Pricing
Source: Leadfuze

Summing up

You may expand your network and get access to new possibilities with a well-executed LinkedIn outreach campaign. Although sending out connection requests via Linkedin outreach is an effective strategy for generating b2b leads via cold messaging, it is not as easy as sending out all of your requests in a single day.

To generate leads on LinkedIn outreach automatically, I hope you found this list of resources helpful.

But remember, LinkedIn's recommended safety standards for automation should be considered at all times, regardless of the product you choose.

Ideally, your tool should also be optimized for safety and growth.

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