Top 5 LinkedIn Scraper Tools for B2B Lead Generation

Top 5 LinkedIn Scraper Tools for B2B Lead Generation

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Imagine getting folders full of emails from potential customers qualified to contact you without lifting a finger. And this is entirely possible! There are multiple social media scraper tools in the market that will help you gather, organise and connect to your potential prospects.

One of the major focuses of social media scraper tools is LinkedIn. LinkedIn scraping tools might be helpful for marketers and salespeople who wish to maximise their use of LinkedIn. 

The most challenging task for salespeople is identifying the best leads to pursue and acquiring their contact information. It is a time-consuming endeavour that necessitates much research, especially if you are starting from scratch.

Fortunately, LinkedIn scraper tools will assist you in finding prospects on LinkedIn.

What is Data Scraping? Here is What You Need To Know

Data scraping is when a piece of software or a programme is used to harvest raw data from a source so that a person may read it uncomplicatedly within the context of structured data.

Collecting content from a website is its primary purpose (as if you were copying and pasting data). The software carries out this operation on your behalf rather than by yourself. And the best part is that you don't have to be a coder to utilize it.

Why Are LinkedIn Scraping Tools Your Way to generate effective Leads?

As marketers, doing LinkedIn data scraping will allow you to gather valuable information by deriving it from LinkedIn profiles . It will help you to pick the following: 

• Data concerning your other market players.

• Vital information regarding your prospects.

• Industry-specific and company data related information.

• Contact numbers.

With these various LinkedIn data available on the web, you may easily compile a qualitative prospecting file on one of the most popular (and professional) social media platforms. You will get access to publicly available data that contains more than 800 million users. There are numerous prospecting tools available to assist you.

Is The Use of LinkedIn Data Scraping Tools Legal?

There has been much back and forth about the question of whether or not skimming LinkedIn profiles is against the law. Scarping data from a LinkedIn profile is a strategy that both large and small data aggregators employ to acquire the information they require for lead generation. Nevertheless, a problem was identified with it. Why?

To be more specific, LinkedIn experienced issues with data aggregators when scraping data from its website. In 2017, LinkedIn contended that scraping LinkedIn profiles violates the users' right to privacy and breaches the site’s terms of service. As a result, it was determined to prevent the third-party company from extracting data from the LinkedIn profiles. 

On the other hand, the court has decided, for the second time, that data extraction from LinkedIn does not violate any laws and is legal. The one and only requirement is that all of this information be made available to the public web data. 

Even though LinkedIn was somewhat dissatisfied with the court’s verdict, many businesses were delighted. To summarise, scraping LinkedIn profiles is entirely within the law.

How LinkedIn Scrapper Tools Can Benefit You?

The advantages of Data scraping are:

  • Easily and automatically retrieve a large amount of data, saving you time.
  • Get your hands on the data you need to boost revenue or productivity.
  • Analyze the information gathered.
  • Contrast information from multiple locations.

How Can You Run LinkedIn Scraper Tools To Boost Your Leads? 

LinkedIn has varying scrapers, and each one requires a unique approach. Nonetheless, the first three phases of LinkedIn scraping are needed by nearly any scraper.

1. Sign up for an account.

No matter which scraper for LinkedIn you use, you will first need to sign up for an account. We advise you to test the LinkedIn scraper for free before committing to a paid service.

It's a good idea to try out a few different LinkedIn Scraping Tools before settling on one. 

The majority of LinkedIn scrapers offer free demo accounts. Always go for it, test out a few scrapers, and choose the one that returns the most money.

2. Make your selection from the available configurations for scraping.

The second stage consists of selecting the facts you desire with the software's assistance. You can initiate the LinkedIn scraping tool process by choosing what you want to extract data from and clicking "Start."

You can use LinkedIn scraper tools that only require you to have a prior understanding of coding if you come from a technological background. The procedure can then be started once you have chosen the scrape setup that is most effective for you. 

3. Download the outcome 

The LinkedIn data provides you with a mound of raw data. These contact data are available for download in various formats, including API, Excel, and CSV file to export. Next, you have to export the data and create an organised list. Now, you'll be able to contact the various lists.

What will LinkedIn Scraper Tools lay out for you?

I will walk you through the LinkedIn data extraction process so that you can fill up your prospecting file. Data-wise, you will be able to collect the following items:

  • First & Last Name
  • The current Position held by the prospect
  • Organization where the potential employee is based.
  • Experiences of the prospect
  • In certain instances, email addresses are provided.
  • In certain instances, a phone number is provided 

You will, of course, require LinkedIn scraper tools to simplify the data collection process.

After that, navigate to LinkedIn and pick "network" followed by "LinkedIn connections." After reaching the page, you should use the appropriate LinkedIn scraper tool to acquire the required information.

The search parameters that you have narrowed down on will be sent straight to the application that you have selected, and you will be able to receive the file in CSV file format or view it directly through a specialised interface. And because we're already talking about tools, let's go ahead and talk about a few specific LinkedIn data extractor tools.

5 LinkedIn Scarper Tools To Help You Get More Done In Less Time

Numerous LinkedIn scraping tools have entered the market due to the site's widespread use by companies for lead generation. When faced with multiple viable choices, making a decision can feel overwhelming. But you needn't fear; I’ve got you covered. 

1. Salesrobot: 

Salesrobot's Dashboard

What if you need a LinkedIn-specific application? When compared to competing products, SalesRobot is the best choice. Salesrobot is a robust cloud-based platform built to reach LinkedIn's clientele, letting you run complex campaigns hands-free. SalesRobot is an excellent LinkedIn automation solution for a wide variety of users, from lead generation companies to start-ups, sales teams, recruiting agencies, and even individual small business owners, thanks to its many customisable automation settings.

How can Salesrobot work in your favour?

• With the email enrichment feature, the tool can quickly locate and confirm your leads' valid business email addresses. Salesrobot reduces the likelihood of mismatches or verification issues by including data from a verified email address.

• It is straightforward to use. You will have no trouble using this tool.

• It offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Salesrobot might not make way for you?

When it comes to pricing, Salesrobot offers a two plans only. While Salesrobot isn't cheap, its features—including its intuitive UI, top-notch customer service, and the never-ending supply of qualified leads—make up for the cost. The value here far exceeds the asking price. Salesrobot costs $99 and $179 per month.

What price to pay for accessing premium features of  Salesrobot?

At the time, Salesrobot offered its users three different subscription plans with various features.

Plans at Salesrobot start at $99 and $179 per month, respectively.

salesrobot pricing

An additional 20% discount will be automatically added to your card if you opt for an annual subscription.

Also, a Pay Per Lead option is available. You can choose at your convenience. In addition to this, a free 14-day trial is available to learn about the platform. 

2. Octoparse 


Octoparse is a code-free LinkedIn scraper tool with a low learning curve. The time you'd spend manually scraping LinkedIn profiles can now be spent on more meaningful endeavours.

Additionally, you may use this service to set up regular LinkedIn scraping sessions. This function allows you to collect data from LinkedIn profiles at a specified time of day, week, or month. If you want to get the most out of this function, it's best to use it while demand is low.

Scraping LinkedIn soften results in being blacklisted. If you're making a request every few seconds, you'll be noticed. But Octoparse has an answer for it, too. The software supports IP Rotation; thus, even if the request volume is high, your IP won't be blacklisted.

What Are The Upsides of Using Octoparse?

• Friendly and easy-to-use UI with a straightforward workflow panel

• Simple operation and no prior technical training required

• Capabilities that range in variation for conducting research

Weak Points of Octoparse That Maybe a Deciding Factor For You

• It will take some time to configure the tool before beginning the initial activities.

• There is no provision of help for customers.

What price to pay for accessing the premium features of Octoparse?

Octoparse offers four pricing plans to accommodate everyone, from individual students to multinational corporations. Users at the highest tier gain access to additional features and crawlers and receive faster response times from the support team.

A maximum of ten locally-hosted crawlers are permitted on their free plan offered. 10,000 records are available for searching on computers and internet pages under this scheme.

• Standard Plan – Designed for smaller groups

The Standard Plan offered by Octoparse is a good fit for smaller enterprises. You receive a lot for the price of $75 per month when paid annually, equivalent to $89 per month. This tier grants you access to cloud extractions, allowing you to do up to six of them simultaneously and providing you with an unlimited quantity of records. You will be able to search using six servers, in addition to having access to scheduled extractions, which will result in an increase in search speed over the free tier.

• Professional Plan –  Intended for companies of a moderate size

The price of the plan increases to $209 per month when paid annually or $249 per month when paid monthly, and it grants you access to all of the features included in the Standard Plan, as well as some critical new additions. This tier raises the number of crawlers from 100 to 250 and allows you to do up to 20 concurrent cloud extractions on as many as 20 servers. Your extraction times will increase significantly due to those newly added servers. Plus, you get priority email assistance.

• Enterprise – suitable for businesses with substantial capacity needs

For all the information on the cost of our business solutions, please get in touch with Octopa*rse. In addition to everything included in the Professional Plan, this tier also provides chat assistance, enterprise automation and integration, multiple user roles, individualised onboarding, and scalable concurrent processing.

• Crawler Service

Octoparse will tailor crawlers to meet your company's or project's specific requirements, and the price for this service starts at $189. These crawlers operate inside Octoparse, and you have access to the data whenever it's required.

• Data Services

if you are unsure how all this scraping stuff works and do not wish to learn how to use the platform. Octoparse's data team will evaluate your requirements and deliver efficient crawling and data processing services based on their findings. The starting price is $399.

Octoparse's pricing

3. Phantombuster


Phantombuster website

Phantombuster is a LinkedIn scraper and campaign creation software. It exports a significant quantity of data, including company information, LinkedIn profiles, and people that are members of a group. The application allows users to export data in the cloud using JSON or CSV file formats.

Why  will Phantombuster add to your benefit ?

• There is a 14-day trial period available for Phantombuster, during which you can scrape data.

Reasons why Phantombuster may not benefit you

• It has a steep price tag

• it demands technical expertise, which makes its operation somewhat challenging for inexperienced users

• optimise your activities, you have to transfer from one tool to another, which isn't always the most convenient option.

What are the significant Phantombuster pricing levels available?

There are several different price packages available for Phantombuster, including

  • Free Forever: The free plan has a daily time limit of ten minutes to extract LinkedIn data and does not have a monthly fee. The fact that it has one slot dedicated to Phantoms makes it an excellent option for novice players.
  • Growth Hacker: This package can be purchased for $30 per month and includes an execution time of one hour daily. Those who are just starting with automation will find that this product, which provides five slots for Phantoms, is a fantastic choice. Those who purchase the annual package get priority support from the company. You will receive 20 email credits every day as a free bonus.

  • Business: The Business package is our most popular offering, and it was developed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to expand their company more rapidly through automation. The Business package charges $70 per month and includes ten slots for Phantombuster’s in addition to allowing three hours of daily execution time. Everyone receives priority help, but only those on annual plans can access a specialised specialist. Priority support is provided for all customers. Customers who make purchases are entitled to a daily bonus of 70 email credits.
  • Enterprise: Those seeking to scale their growth strategy inside their team may purchase the enterprise package instead. The Enterprise package includes 20 slots for Phantoms and costs $200 per month. The daily execution time is 10 hours, and a total of 10 hours are available. Everyone has access to priority support, including a specialised expert and a bonus of 300 email credits every day.
  • Premium: The Premium bundle is the most comprehensive offering for Phantombuster. The Premium option, which costs $900 per month, is meant to accelerate business growth by providing an unequalled opportunity for automation. The Premium package includes a dedicated expert, priority assistance, and 40 available slots for Phantoms, in addition to providing 60 hours of execution time per day.

Phantombuster pricing


4. website is a tool developed specifically to scrape LinkedIn profiles to generate leads. All scraping procedures can be automated with a single click of the mouse. After locating the prospects, you will have the option to export them using the CSV file format. In addition to that, it enables users to quickly establish contacts by allowing the exchange of messages and connection requests on LinkedIn to build the network base.

The maximum number of connection requests that can be sent in a single day is 500. In total, 14,000 invites are sent out each month due to this. Making LinkedIn connections with other people and gaining followers has never been more straightforward than it is now.

You may generate leads in a manner that is automated and segmented by using the software. You are also welcome to visit 15,000 profiles and further browse 45,000 LinkedIn profiles during a month.

Additionally, the user is given the option to follow all of the accounts that were targeted automatically. You can bypass the first, second, or third step of the prospect filtering process, depending on the specifics of your situation. In addition, it is simple to ignore all of the LinkedIn profiles that have yet to be confirmed.

What are the critical differentiators of that will benefit you?

• The categorised user base is available for download.

• Comprehensive functional integration

• Integration with a variety of additional technologies, like FindthatLead

• Safe and straightforward in its operation

Reasons why will not be a right fit for you?

Only users who have purchased a premium subscription will have access to advanced capabilities like downloading CSV file.

How much will you pay to access premium features?

There are three different plans offered. One plus licence can be purchased for $12 per month, the second plan offers one ultimate licence for $59 per month, and the price for eight ultimate licences is $399 per month. pricing

The most common option is the one ultimate licence plan. It gives you a total of 500 daily visits and 1500 daily scans and the ability to upload CSV file format and send InMail messages, among other features.

5. LinkedHelper


Linkedin helper website

The very name of this tool gives away the fact that its sole purpose is to extract data and generate leads from LinkedIn. It is possible to scrape information from nearly any form of LinkedIn profile, with the help of LinkedHelper, including emails and phone numbers.

It also gives you the ability to construct funnels. 

It does this by sending automated messages on your behalf to ensure it happens. In addition, the user is given the ability to send personalised messages and then start prospecting.

Through LinkedHelper, you can control the entire workflow, from pursuing a lead to endorsing your product and services. In a nutshell, LinkedHelper is the ideal application for locating potential customers and converting them into devoted followers of your brand.

The LinkedIn scraper makes the process of harvesting data straightforward. 

To start collecting data, you must start the process; after that, everything will happen automatically. Nonetheless, it is essential to emphasise that more than merely collecting the data is required.

What are the various indicators that will benefit you?

• Friendly user interface

• Unmatched integration with other software

• Group messaging functionality

• Excellent for those trying to increase traffic and brand exposure

• Simple to establish drip campaigns

Reasons Why LinkedHelper might not help you

• Linked Helper licence cannot be used on two LinkedIn accounts simultaneously.

• The prospecting tool may be imperfect.

How much will you pay to access LinkedHelper’s benefits?

This item is quite reasonably priced. $15/month. This is the most obvious choice anyone could make in the 21st century. It won't take long to beef up your LinkedIn profile with this straightforward browser extension, and if you're smart about it, you can also use it as a lead-generation tool for your LinkedIn marketing efforts.


LinkedHelper pricing

Why LinkedIn Scraper tools will help you grow?

Making your data work for you is the key to generating leads. You can only obtain the most significant leads from the LinkedIn scraper tools if you understand how to extract data available on public web data. Therefore, you should first harvest data from LinkedIn using LinkedIn scraping tool and then use that information to approach your prospects.

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