Why are my LinkedIn connection requests going out without a message?

Why are my LinkedIn connection requests going out without a message?

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LinkedIn has become a crucial platform for professionals and businesses to connect, network, and generate leads. However, the recent crackdown on automation tools by LinkedIn has left many users concerned about the safety of their accounts. 

As the COO of a leading email and LinkedIn automation company, I would like to address these concerns and present an innovative approach that will not only protect your LinkedIn account but also increase the volume of your connection requests and boost lead generation. 

At our company, we believe in constantly evolving and adapting to provide the best possible solutions to our users. After extensive research and analysis, we have identified a simple yet effective strategy that aligns with LinkedIn's guidelines and maximizes the acceptance rate of connection requests. 

By leveraging LinkedIn's mobile app API in the cloud, we have devised a method that sends connection requests without accompanying messages, resulting in a 27% higher acceptance rate compared to requests with messages. Along with that, we can send 4x the number of connection requests compared to the old model.

Understanding the Connection Request Acceptance Process:

To fully appreciate the reasoning behind this approach, it is essential to understand the psychology behind accepting or rejecting connection requests

When a potential connection receives a request, they often make a split-second decision based on the sender's profile and the impression it creates. Requests accompanied by salesy or promotional messages can often raise red flags and lead to rejections

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Source: LinkedIn

On the other hand, blank connection requests are more likely to be accepted, allowing for initial connections to be established smoothly. Our data shows this as well.

Ensuring Account Safety:

LinkedIn's policies strictly prohibit the use of automation tools for sending connection requests, which can result in account suspensions or bans. By utilizing the LinkedIn mobile app API, our solution ensures compliance with these policies, significantly reducing the risk of account restrictions. We have thoroughly tested and optimized this approach to ensure a seamless and secure experience for our users.

Increased Volume, Enhanced Results:

Through this innovative strategy, we are not only prioritizing account safety but also empowering our users to increase their daily connection request volume by a factor of four

Previously limited to only 10 connection requests per day, our users will now be able to send up to 40 connection requests daily. This expanded outreach potential translates into more opportunities, higher visibility, and increased lead generation.

Quality Over Quantity:

While the new approach encourages bulk connection requests, we believe in maintaining the value of personalized communication. To strike a balance between volume and quality, we will allow the inclusion of personalized messages in a limited capacity. 

A few connection requests per day can still be sent with a carefully crafted and tailored message, enabling our users to establish deeper connections and initiate meaningful conversations.

Long-Term Benefits:

Although the absence of messages in connection requests may initially raise concerns, the long-term benefits far outweigh this limitation.

The higher acceptance rate resulting from blank connection requests will enable you to build a more extensive network of relevant connections. 

With an expanded outreach capability, the potential for lead generation will increase exponentially, creating new opportunities and fostering professional growth.


As a forward-thinking company, we understand the importance of adapting to changes and finding innovative solutions.

By embracing the new approach of sending connection requests without messages through LinkedIn's mobile app API, we ensure both the safety of your LinkedIn account and the enhancement of your outreach efforts. 

We encourage our users to embrace this strategy, as it will unlock the potential for higher acceptance rates, increased volume, and ultimately, greater success on LinkedIn.

Remember, building relationships and nurturing connections is at the core of LinkedIn's purpose. By leveraging our software, you are empowered to forge meaningful connections with potential customers, opening doors to new collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities.

Join us on this exciting journey, and let us together unlock the full potential of LinkedIn outreach while ensuring account safety and achieving remarkable results.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One important thing to note is that this method is only possible if you use a Sales Navigator search import method to find potential customers to run a campaign. If you upload data using a CSV, you need to make sure that the LinkedIn URLs are NOT in this format: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaneemoret but in this one, https://linkedin.com/in/ACoAABrL6TEB1nmqG8NuE9C0TcFzvs0ayPMujpQ 

This means you shouldn’t use Apollo.io to find the URLs, because sending to the first profile URL format is less safe
Both are the same people, but sending a connection request to the first one using our software is much much less safe than sending a connection request to the second one.
Sales Navigator data import is completely safe since it fetches profile URLs in the latter format.

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