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March 1, 2023
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We Tried Top 3 Alternatives: Here's what we've found?

We have recently tried and tested the tool, and here we have written an article explaining the Top-3 alternatives to consider for better sales engagement

We Tried Top 3 Alternatives: Here's what we've found?

Is not cutting it for you, and you’re looking for the best alternatives that fit you? 

You're in the correct place if that's what you're looking for.

You might face challenges, and narrowing down the vast number of competitors might take time.

We do, however, have done the hard work for you!

After testing several alternatives  to the test, we have selected the three absolute best sales engagement tool options that could be the perfect fit for your business.

Although we love a few features of related to its email outreach that detects emails through its chrome extension. 

However, we discovered that it lacks many of the advanced capabilities and comprehensive features related to LinkedIn Automation that are available in its competitors.

We've given a brief description of the alternatives, along with justifications for why you should pick one of them in place of

Here we have exclusively curated a comparison table of the alternatives.

Top 2 alternatives

This might help you to choose the best among all alternatives for an effective LinkedIn outreach campaign for your Business.

Let’s get started!

What is

what is
source: is a sales engagement tool which can help you to acheive your sales strategies by reducing 40% less time utilized, it allows you to automate your sales - emails, outreach, calling and tasks. can be a great tool, if you’re looking to diversify your lead generation efforts. It’s multi-channel outreach feature can open up opportunities to target your prospects on various channels like Email, Whatsapp and LinkedIn. 

Unlike other tools, interface is User-friendly and require minimal time for learning. is a productive tool that provides a user-friendly interface and requires minimal time for learning. 

Using their chrome extensions, you can scrape contacts directly from LinkedIn. It even includes voice calling functionality, enabling automated and interactive messages to reach out to your contacts. 

Seamless integration with various CRMs facilitates contact management. But, we discovered that sometimes the extensions do not work and produce bounce emails.

As this blog focuses on alternatives, you will have a brief knowledge about the features of and where it’s exactly lacking.

What features offers?

what features offers?

The platform offers a range of features that enable effective sales communication and outreach campaigns. 

  • Multiple communication channels, including personal emails, calls, SMS, social media outreach, and Zapier automation. 
  • The platform allows users to create templates and test different approaches to find the best fit for their audience.
  • The LinkedIn Email Finder makes it easier to find the accurate contact information for potential clients.
  • AI-enabled Email Assistant allows users to generate emails that are more likely to get a response. 
  • Cloud Calls simplifies the process of adding voice to sales communications.
  • Email Tracking provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of email outreach campaigns. 
  • Team collaboration feature helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working efficiently towards sales goals. 

Overall, offers a comprehensive solution for effective sales communication and outreach. 

How much does cost ? pricing
Source: currently offers two pricing plans for its users:

  • The Starter plan costs $60 monthly and provides full access to multichannel engagement features.
  • The Professional plan costs $90 per month per user and includes all individual plan features and additional features for team collaboration.

With, users have the opportunity to test out the complete range of features through a 14-day trial without any risk prior to committing to a paid subscription.

Why Do You Need alternatives?

There are many features that has as a sales-tool to book calls and find emails on LinkedIn. 

However, We have noticed that its missing out  some  critical  features that certainly needs to address for effective lead generation, and we discovered some of the best alternatives you should look for. 

But let’s first understand, where is failing,

Here are some cons about and why you need to consider other options:

  • Buggy and not user-friendly.
  • LinkedIn Automation can fail and your account might get blocked.
  • HTML formatting is not available.
  • Confusing to integrate to hubspot.
  • Not-so-great Customer Support.

But we do have the top-3 alternatives listed in the further section below.

Here are the Top-3 Alternatives to consider!

Let’s quickly start this!

Alternative #1: SalesRobot

salesrobot dashboard

Firstly, Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by our unbiased evaluation of SalesRobot, which we have included on our list of recommended apps based on its exceptional performance. Our devotion to our customer's success is matched only by our dedication to the quality of our products, and we stand behind our promises to deliver reliable and effective solutions.

Salesrobot is identified as one of the best-automated tools in Sales engagement platforms. This tool has all the perfect qualities to get you the best-in-class LinkedIn outreach and also to automate your email sequences.

Many customers, including lead-generating businesses, start-ups, sales groups, recruiting firms, and small enterprise owners, use it because of its many automation capabilities.

Salesrobot has made a significant impact in the market despite being a relatively new player, having already collaborated with more than 300 clients and achieved excellent ratings of 4.9 on G2 and 4.8 on AppSumo. 

Its success can be attributed to its innovative features and commitment to delivering outstanding customer results.

Salesrobot - best alternative to

What does Salesrobot offer?

Salesrobot offers ample of features, we have break it down each features to help you understand better:

Automating Emails with Personalized Sequences:

  • This newly added feature has a proven solution for all the inbound sales with automating emails.
  • It has been carefully designed to give you a seamless experience of very personalized email sequences.
create automation sequences with salesrobot

Safe Foolproof:

  • This feature helps the user send up to 200 messages and connection requests to its potential customers that exceed LinkedIn limits without banning your account.
  • Email and InMail can be used to send out mass communications to group members and attendees of events. 
  • You can do activities beyond LinkedIn limits of 100/week without risk to your accountant within the rules and regulations.

Personalizing Messages:

  • Using AI to interact with prospects in a warm, human-like way, SalesRobot proceeds beyond automation.
  • You can nurture your engagements and client relationships with personalized messages.
  • You might tell your connections that you attentively read through each of their profiles and consider every detail.
  • Among the LinkedIn connection messages you create, Sales Robot will select the most suitable one.
salesrobot dashboard


  • By imitating human behaviour, producing impulsive activity, avoiding holidays and weekends, delaying actions, and sticking to LinkedIn restrictions, Salesrobot puts user security first.
  • To avoid triggering any red flags from the LinkedIn algorithm, you can schedule and gradually ramp up your activity using SalesRobot. As it is entirely cloud-based and mostly not detectable by LinkedIn.


  • Sales Robot allows you to build brilliant campaigns and message series from scratch or use fully customizable ready-made templates to meet any objective. 
  • There is no need for you to write the follow-up messages and go wrong with them as we take care of the matter of engagement.
create campaign with salesrobot

Better User-Experience:

  • Inexperienced LinkedIn automation users can simply utilize Sales Robot's primary, intuitive interface.
Smart configuration - salesrobot

Best Customer Support:

  • Sales Robot offers outstanding customer support services to users 24/7 and will respond to any questions and resolve any issues in minutes.


  • Maintaining many LinkedIn profiles is made possible by this function, which is helpful for lead-generation companies and sales teams.
target users via different methods - salesrobot

Diverse Integration Choices: 

  • SalesRobot seamlessly integrates with many popular tools, including Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Hyperise, enabling you to swiftly and effortlessly export pertinent data to your preferred CRM or database.

How Much Does SalesRobot Cost?

salesrobot pricing

SalesRobot currently has a one-price-for-all:

  • Professional Plan(per account) - $99/month

You can save 20% on your membership fee if you pay yearly.

Why choose SalesRobot over

SalesRobot is a great choice compared to!

Here’s why?

Sales Engagement platforms have significantly impacted the sales-cycle and marketing strategies and here we are talking about the alternatives and a better alternative would be SalesRobot, It can be a great help for your business.

With the help of emails and Inmails, you may efficiently message participants in LinkedIn events and groups. Its sophisticated email automation capability makes it a potent sales engagement tool.

Salesrobot users can send and receive up to 200 messages and requests daily, unlike LinkedIn's weekly cap of 100.

The combination of LinkedIn plus Email automation makes it a strong product for B2B cold outreach.

The LinkedIn outreach procedure is further simplified by Salesrobot's user-friendly interface, guaranteeing that even beginners can take full advantage of it.

Let’s head to see other alternatives!

Alternative #2: SalesHandy

SalesHandy - best alternative to
Source: SalesHandy

Saleshandy is a comprehensive sales-enagement tool that is designed for cold email outreach and sales engagement. With Saleshandy, users can send personalized email campaigns using their Gmail or Microsoft Outlook accounts. 

The software helps users to track email metrics and utilize automated follow-ups to enhance engagement.

Key Features of SalesHandy:

salesshandy features
Source: SalesHandy

Email Tracking:

  • Track emails sent via Gmail or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Discover email open rate, click-through rate, reply rate, and bounce rate.
  • Connect with Zapier to copy email data analytics to your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM.

Mail Merge:

  • Send personalized email campaigns using mail merge and boost email open rates.
  • Saleshandy sends personalized campaigns automatically.

Automated Follow-Up Emails:

  • Improve response rate by sending automated follow-up emails.
  • Create a personalized email sequence with different trigger conditions.
  • Configure SMTP settings to send automated follow-up emails.

Email Templates:

  • Create email templates and load them into Gmail or Microsoft Outlook and save time.
  • Track template performance to evaluate effectiveness.

How much does SalesHandy cost?

It has 4 pricing plans currently:

SalesHandy pricing
Source: SalesHandy
  • Outreach Basic - $27/month - with 10,000 Monthly Emails.
  • Outreach Pro- $79/month - with 125,000 Monthly Emails.
  • Outreach Scale- $150/month - with 250,000 Monthly Emails.
  • Custom - Contact Us - with Higher Monthly Emails limits.

It offers a 7-day free trial with a 20% discount on a yearly subscription.

Why select SalesHandy over

Here are some key factors of one of our selected alternatives - SalesHandy:

These are in contrast to tool.

  • Saleshandy offers advanced email deliverability features like email bounce guard, email preheader, email verification, Spintax, email health score, and email warm-up that work together to ensure your emails land in the primary inbox.
  • Saleshandy has a user-friendly interface and an easy set-up process.
  • Saleshandy offers affordable plans with comprehensive features, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

Let’s head to the last one among the alternatives!

Alternative #3: - best alternative to
Source: is a fully automated sales management platform incorporating leads and sales engagement database characteristics. It strives to assist you in handling campaigns and recognizing contacts. uses the latest AI and ML technology to automate sales processes and identify patterns in the sales pipeline. allows you to handle outbound sequences and comes with integrations for various sales setups. 

What are the key features of

  • Apollo has several functions, including sales-task management, emails, calls, and a rules engine.
  • To simplify the sales process, the practical task management function incorporates research on target accounts.
  • Standards can be created using the rules engine and depending on particular triggers, stages, and actions.
  • Apollo also offers a variety of integrations for seamless collaboration with other tools.

How much does cost? pricing

The tool offers four plans on per month per account basis:

  1. Free plan - 50 Email Credits / month.
  2. A basic plan for $49 - 200 Email Credits / month.
  3. Professional plan for $99 - Unlimited Credits / month.
  4. The organization plans for $79 - Unlimited Credits / month.

Why choose over caters to the requirements of business more effectively than Reply. In terms of feature updates and roadmaps, we found that is one of the best choice as a alternatives. offers conventional features and capabilities, and an exclusive contact database seamlessly integrates into your outbound workflow.

Discover the Future of Outreach: Summary for the best alternatives

In our experience, Salesrobot appears to be the top alternative. It enables an automatic and compelling sales-management cycle that allows users to alter the default communication cadences of the messaging and email channels.

There are numerous options available if cannot match your needs for sales involvement. 

We have listed the top-3 alternatives & competitors, individually with uncommon benefits for various cases:

  • For cold email outreach, SalesHandy is one of the healthy alternatives to consider.
  • is an excellent option if you seek a thorough sales intelligence strategy. 
  • On the other hand, SalesRobot is the perfect solution if you desire to streamline your LinkedIn sales processes by implementing exceptionally customized campaigns and email automation. 
  • Salesrobot leverages state-of-the-art AI technology to assist you in generating more qualified leads and accelerating your deal closure.

An excellent tool for improving your LinkedIn profile and email outreach is Salesrobot, created especially for conducting cold outreach on the platform, is by far one of the best choice while considering alternatives.

Although the market has a lot of options to consider depending on your business type, we have compared and explained the top-3 alternatives for effective sales and social media management. 

Boost Your LinkedIn Cold Outreach Campaign in minutes

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