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January 18, 2023
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Dux-Soup Pricing and Review: Does it Live up to the Hype in 2023?

Dux-Soup is a wildly popular means of automating lead creation on LinkedIn. But does it stand out from other tools in the market? In this article, we covered an in-depth review of dux-soup features.

Dux-Soup Pricing and Review: Does it Live up to the Hype in 2023?

Navigating the vast ocean of automation tools can be daunting, like finding a needle in a haystack. 

But don't worry! 

I'm here to be your trusty compass and guide you safely through these waters while keeping your accounts safe and sound and maybe even having a little fun along the way.

Think of me as your trusty lifeguard, always on the lookout for the sharks (AKA the sketchy automation tools). And speaking of trust, Dux-Soup is one of the most reliable tools. 

It's no secret that Dux-Soup is a wildly popular means of automating lead creation on LinkedIn. Dux-Soup is a simple solution that streamlines the process of identifying leads, nurturing them, and coming close to conversion.

Reaching out to leads on LinkedIn is less of a haphazard process and more of an organized one with the help of Dux-Soup. Using this function, you can give your robot messages a more personal touch by including your name and related images.

When viewing the profiles of leads, you can add notes and tags to help you recall important details for future correspondence and follow-up. This information can be used to personalize future communications with them based on tags, notes, etc.

Dux-Soup was launched in 2015 to help businesses and industries, especially sales personnel to help them generate and manage quality leads via LinkedIn easily. They offer various facilities, from advanced prospecting to campaign analytics on one platform.

In this blog, I will explain the features of both Salesrobot and Dux-Soup. To determine which tool is best for LinkedIn Outreach, I will compare them based on the following key factors to achieve the best results.

  • Daily volume
  • Conversion rate
  • Ease of use

What exactly does Dux-Soup do?

what does Dux-soup do?
source: Dux-soup

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn tool that automates reaching out to potential clients. It allows you to send personalized connection requests and messages and also has an auto-reply feature that responds to messages promptly. 

All these actions are done seamlessly from your LinkedIn account using your browser. Dux-Soup's sales navigation personalizes your outreach messaging, and its AI handles the amount and frequency of messages you send. 

You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously and target different audiences in each campaign.

What are the features Dux-Soup offers?

Here are the features Dux-Soup offers:

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Automatic Data Collection

Drip Campaigns

Dux-Soup can assist you in establishing a solid customer base within a short time frame. This capability enables you to execute various campaigns at the same time. However, you can include up to 11 follow-up messages in your sequence with delays.

Drip campaigns with dux soup

Detailed Analytics

Using Dux-Funnel Soup's Flow feature, a campaign and analytics tracking tool, you can learn which campaigns and messages are most effective and quickly and easily analyze your overall activity levels. In addition, you'll have access to whatever data you've gathered about the campaigns.

Detailed analytics on Dux-soup

Affordable Pricing

Dux-Soup offers a set of affordable plans from which you can choose one as per your requirement. They offer a ‘Starter plan’ for free, which can access some total automation. It is a free introduction to their software. Also, the availability of various pricing plans makes it easier to choose the right one.

Automatic Data Collection

You can automatically view profiles, filter prospects, and send customized messages using Dux-Soup. In addition, you can gather data very quickly, save profile information or upload data to CSV or spreadsheet. One can also see the campaign history whenever needed.

Dux soup automatic data collection

Dux-Soup Workflow Integration

Dux-Soup integrates with both HubSpot and Zapier to optimize your workflow. That means you are using diverse platforms, improving leads' quality, and easing the process.

dux-soup integration
source: Dux-Soup

You can record prospects’ data and automate various actions using workflow integrations. You can also use these integrations to visit a good number of profiles, using campaigns in a short duration. 

In addition to this, you don’t need to switch these platforms again and again to interact. Moreover, You can receive LinkedIn messages through these platforms and efficiently answer them.

 You’ll also be able to note when your request is being accepted. You can enrich the activity and contacts directly from LinkedIn.

But you get access to all these features only with the ‘Turbo Plan’ of Dux-Soup


Using Dux-Soup, if you visit a profile, you can tag them with a maximum of 5 tags. You can then send personalized connection requests to the contacts, which will help boost your conversion rates. 

You can use the ‘search by tag’ option and select from your tags in a few simple clicks to build the desired list.

Then you can automate activities to these lists.

Further, you can follow up on the connection request or send new content for engagement.

auto-tagging with dux-soup
source: Dux-soup

How does Dux-Soup work?

Dux-Soup Dashboard offers various options to run campaigns, and you can visit Profiles and do the following actions:

  • Record profile data in a CSV file
  • Send a direct message to already-connected profiles
  • Send an InMail to 2nd/3rd-degree connections
  • Auto-tag profiles
  • Transfer profile data to CRM (available in Turbo plan)

‍Rest, regarding message sequence or bulk messaging, you don’t need to do many things; just set a couple of actions, and the rest of the AI will do it for you.

Dux-Soup Pricing: Is it worth your investment?

Dux-Soup operates as an extension of your browser and offers a free 14-day trial for new users to get started, with 3 different user packages after that:

For Individual:

Dux-soup pricing breakdown
Source: Dux-soup

For Team:

  1. Pro Edition @ $135.00/annual
  2. Turbo Edition @ $495.00/annual

For Agency:

Dux-Soup Pro @ $337.50/month

Dux-Soup Turbo @ $412.50/month

What is not so good about Dux-Soup?

Connection Bugs

Many users have highlighted the issue with the interface of Dux-Soup. It slows your connection, which wastes a lot of time. Some pages take a long time to load, which could be very irritating. The interface also lags at specific points.

Safety Issues

While using the automation of Dux-Soup, there is a risk to your account that it may get banned; as LinkedIn sometimes tracks and blocks such activities, there may always be a threat to your account.

Dux-Soup Review: The user ratings

Dux-Soup has a satisfactory 4.1 rating on G2 and 4.3 on Capterra.

Dux-Soup review on G2


“This is a super simple tool. It is straightforward to get going & extremely flexible in providing options to reach out to LinkedIn contacts. The throttling feature is also invaluable given the limits that LinkedIn has placed on connecting with a certain amount of folks in a given week/day.”

“I love the automation of Linked In outreach through Dux-Soup. The ability to connect with and send messages to business prospects and colleagues saves me a ton of time.”

“Dux soup is great for optimizing my touches to reach out to my prospects. I can automate my initial conversations with as many leads as I want and dux soup also delays responses, so my account doesn't get blocked in the automation. If I didn't have dux soup, I would have to click through everyone's profile and copy and paste each message.”

dux soup customer review on G2
source: G2


“Sometimes it gets a little too complicated to set up a campaign or outreach with integrations of different platforms.”

“The tool offers customization so that you are not contacting the same person multiple times, but sometimes people fall through the cracks and are re-contacted. It took some finessing to get the algorithm working its best for me. I do have a middle-of-the-road subscription. There may be better customization with the Pro version.”

Dux-Soup review on Capterra


“I can let Dux-Soup do my LinkedIn lead generation for me - it was too time-consuming before. The awareness of our business is really growing daily.”

“Dux-soup makes it easy to target prospects on LinkedIn. They have an x-ray tool that allows you to find ideal LinkedIn profiles on google. Can add multiple people to one campaign.”

Dux-soup review on Capterra
Source: Capterra


“It can be a little confusing to use at first. It does have a learning curve. The free trial isn't long enough to get a real feel for the benefits of the software because the learning curve is so big half of the free trial is spent learning how to use the software. When we started generating some results, our free trial was up. Opens new sales navigator and LinkedIn pages on its own, I was told this is just how it is, and the robot does this, but it does interrupt my computer workflow. Would refresh my LinkedIn page randomly, and sometimes I would be typing messages on LinkedIn, and dux-soup would refresh my page, and everything I said would be lost. Stats are a little confusing to understand.”

Dux-Soup may be great for boosting your sales on LinkedIn, but let's face it, it's about as user-friendly as a Rubik's cube with missing pieces. 

If you're looking for a more intuitive LinkedIn automation tool that won't leave you pulling your hair out, check out these alternatives. Trust us, you'll thank us later...or at least your hairline will.

Top 3 best Dux-soup alternatives you can consider for your LinkedIn outreach

  • Salesrobot
  • Meet-Alfred
  • Cleverly

#1. Salesrobot:

Salesrobot is a robust cloud-based automation tool specifically designed for outreach on LinkedIn

It allows users to easily create elaborate campaigns that run on complete autopilot. With plenty of options for automating various activities, Salesrobot is the perfect LinkedIn automation tool for a wide range of users, including lead generation agencies, startups, sales teams, recruitment agencies, and individual small business owners.

 It also has the best personalization options with customized templates. It also comes with an Email enrichment feature to make the task easier.

  • Top-notch personalization options - Salesrobot offers different options for personalization, you can effortlessly draft and send highly-personalized messages and connection requests in just a few clicks. Sales Robot’s latest generation AI can automatically find the things that stand out from a particular profile, such as experience with volunteering or top certifications, among others. You can use Images and GIFs in your messages or emails to make the approach attractive.
salesrobot email enrichment
  • Email enrichment option - You will find and verify your prospects’ business email addresses effortlessly using this automation tool. Since Sales Robot has integrated data from a verified email address provided, the chances for a mismatch or difficulties in verification are reduced to a minimum, and you can draft emails without any inconvenience.
  • Smart Inbox- Salesrobot also offers a Smart Inbox facility that you can use to manage all of your conversations in one place. You can monitor all your leads in just one place and customize or filter them all per your requirements. Moreover, you can solve similar issues with just one click. Using this feature, you can do message management without wasting your time.
  • Smart campaign and message sequences – You can smartly run the campaign and use follow-up message features or one of the ready-made templates that are fully customizable to fit every goal and purpose. The sequences are based on your lead’s behavior, so there’s no chance for embarrassing missteps, such as sending a follow-up even when the lead’s already answered your first message. And you can track all the activities in one dashboard.
Salesrobot smart-inbox feature

Salesrobot is a tool with plenty of options for automating various activities, from lead generation to start-ups, sales teams, recruitment agencies, and individual small business owners, Salesrobot can be very beneficial. It allows you to send 200 messages and connection requests daily

Salesrobot comes with only a couple of pricing plans for now. However, it is not too expensive, as you get top-notch outreach and prospecting features just in one plan!

As we noted in the beginning, we looked for alternatives that come with a free trial so Salesrobot offers you a 14-day free trial to test if it works out for you.

How Much Does Salesrobot Cost?

salesrobot pricing

At the time being, Salesrobot has two tier pricing plans:

  • Advanced at $79 per month per account paid yearly.
  • Professional at $179 per month per account paid yearly.

And as we said earlier, we believe that before using a product, you must be able to try it first, so here it is. Salesrobot comes with a 14-day free trial, giving you enough time to try every feature and decide whether Salesrobot’s what you are looking for.

#2. Meet Alfred:

Meet Alfred, previously known as Meet Leonard, is a tool that’s supposed to ease your lead generation process through automation.

Meet Alfred is the Swiss Army Knife of automation tools - it's not just limited to LinkedIn, it can handle several social media platforms at the same time. It's perfect for those who are looking to conquer multiple social media channels with their campaigns. 

So, if you're looking to expand your reach and dominate the social media landscape, Meet Alfred is your go-to tool.

meet-alfred best alternative to dux-soup
source: Meet-alfred

  • Excellent management of multi-channel campaigns, mainly if you aim to target several social media at once – it saves you valuable time it would take you to create each post manually. This way, you use one concept for everything from LinkedIn to Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter;
  • Optimizing posts for different social media – Meet Alfred takes notice of the needs and prerequisites of each of these media when creating a post and makes sure to show you a preview before posting it;
  • Warm-up feature for both LinkedIn and email;
  • Safety – it’s cloud-based, and it has options for setting up limits and mimicking human activity.
  • Unsatisfactory user experience, as the interface is far too complex – moreover, there’s been a report of false reviews on certain platforms, which raises additional flags when it comes to UX and UI;
  • It’s prone to crashing mid-task;
  • It has multiple bugs with campaigns that render many of its neat features practically useless.
Meet-alfred review on trustpilot
source: Trustpilot

How Much Does Meet Alfred Cost?

Meet Alfred offers two different pricing plans for its users to choose from. These plans are tailored to cater to the different needs and budgets of the user.

  • Personal at $29 per month;
  • Business at $59 per month;
  • Enterprise at $299 per month.

When paying for a yearly subscription, you receive a discounted rate as compared to paying for the service monthly.

Another option to consider is the 14-day free trial that's available, which allows you to test the tool before committing to a subscription. The best part is that you don't have to provide any credit card information to sign up for the trial. This allows you to see if it's the right fit for you and your business without any financial commitment.

Meet-alfred pricing
source: Meet-Alfred

#3. Cleverly:

What makes Cleverly different from other software featured in our list is that it’s not a single tool but a lead generation agency with an overall approach to LinkedIn campaigns and outreach.

As such, it offers solutions for LinkedIn lead generation and LinkedIn advertising, and candidate recruiting. Moreover, Cleverly’s services include a LinkedIn lead gen course and the possibility of white-labeling their product.

  • It covers a wide range of services when it comes to LinkedIn lead generation – in addition to LinkedIn outreach, it can help with advertising and recruiting as well;
  • You can white-label their product;
  • It’s cloud-based, which makes it safer than browser extensions;
  • You have an entire team of people working on your outreach campaigns and lead generation rather than just an automation tool – this feature, however, greatly depends on the budget you've prepared to set aside for your LinkedIn lead generation.
  • It costs an arm and a leg – all of its plans are very expensive, especially when you take into consideration that they charge for each of their services separately;
  • There are no smart message sequences;
  • Cleverly doesn’t offer a free trial period – all you get is a 15-minute free consultation with their team. To make matters worse, they don’t provide any refunds either;
cleverly alternative to dux-soup

How Much Does Cleverly Cost?

The cost of Cleverly is a significant concern; it is relatively expensive compared to other similar automation tools available in the market.

Again, as it is an agency rather than a single tool, its fees are on the higher end of the range.

Cleverly has separate pricing plans for each of the services it offers. When it comes to services that are LinkedIn-based, the fees are the following:

  • LinkedIn lead generation services come at a Silver and Gold plan that comes at $297 and $397 per month, respectively, and a custom plan:
  • LinkedIn Advertising comes at a Retargeting plan at $997/month, a Scale plan at $2997/month, and a Custom plan for enterprises;
  • LinkedIn Recruiting costs $397/month.
cleverly pricing
source: Cleverly

The Final Verdict 

When it comes to automation tools for LinkedIn, Dux-soup is the budget-friendly choice, Salesrobot is the all-around go-to option, Meet Alfred is versatile for multiple platforms, and Cleverly is the premium option with a high price tag. 

Dux-Soup makes it easy to perform various tasks, from creating campaigns to importing CSV files, all while keeping the cost low. It's like the "value menu" of LinkedIn automation tools.

When it comes to personalization, all of these tools have similar features, but Dux-soup does not have pre-made templates. It is also unclear if Dux-Soup allows for the customization of images and GIFs. 

As for safety, if not used carefully, Dux-soup may result in a ban on your account. Dux-soup is a great lead-generation tool for sales teams, recruiters, marketing agencies, and corporations. 

With these pros and cons in mind, you can decide if Dux-soup is the right choice for you or if other alternatives are worth considering.

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