Unbiased Instantly Review: Is it the Solution for Cold Outreach?

Unbiased Instantly Review: Is it the Solution for Cold Outreach?

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This blog is for you -

If you're a business owner or work in a lead generation company looking  for an unbiased Instantly review.

Prospecting and closing deals can be difficult, and starting business relationships via cold email is a great way to do that.

Rest assured; this is not a mere "Sales Pitch." I aim to provide you with an unbiased and informative exploration of Instantly based on my experience & research - There's no pressure to purchase!

Here we will explore the capabilities of Instantly and learn how to create targeted, personalized email campaigns for sales outreach.

You will discover the platform's best and worst features with real customer reviews, pricing breakdown, and an alternative solution - In case the tool doesn’t meet your expectations.

Prepare to make an informed decision and unlock success in your sales outreach processes!

Instantly Overview

What is Instantly?
Source: Instantly

Instantly is an AI-powered email outreach tool that efficiently scales email campaigns.

Here are the Key features of Instantly:

Email Outreach:

  • Send Unlimited Emails: Instantly allows you to scale your email outreach campaigns.
  • Unlimited warmup: You can warm up your email accounts indefinitely to ensure optimal deliverability to their prospects' inboxes.

Email Validation:

  • Instantly offers a lead list cleaning feature to ensure the accuracy and quality of emails.
  • The tool includes a one-click bulk domain tester that checks if domains have all the necessary records for effective cold emailing.

Campaign Builder:

  • Instantly helps you to incorporate variables, create sequences, and optimize email sending schedules for maximum deliverability and response rates.


  • Instantly provides integration with Zapier and supports webhooks, enabling you to implement advanced automation and streamline outreach processes.


  • With Unibox, you can manage tens or hundreds of inboxes simultaneously, allowing you to mark leads, forward or respond to emails, and book meetings from one unified inbox.


  • Instantly offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard to track campaign performance, allowing users to identify successful campaigns, pause underperforming ones, and make data-driven scaling decisions.


What are the Pros and Cons of Instantly?

Pros and Cons on Using Instantly
Source: Salesrobot

Where does Instantly shine?

  • User-friendly UI: Instantly's interface is intuitive and simple to navigate, making it accessible even for beginners starting their outreach campaigns.
  • Virtually bug-free and consistently operational: The software provides reliable and stable performance, ensuring a smooth experience without frustrating technical issues.
  • Good support with a fast response rate: Instantly offers excellent customer support, promptly addressing inquiries and providing assistance when needed.

[Instantly review by real customer👇]

Instantly review on G2
Source: G2
  • Excellent resources and knowledge base for learning: Instantly provides a wealth of resources, including templates, guides, and a knowledge base, empowering users to enhance their cold email strategies.
  • Minimalist design: The platform lets users focus on essential key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling effective campaign evaluation and optimization.

What are the drawbacks of Instantly?

  • Lack of advanced reporting and campaign statistics: Instantly could benefit from providing more comprehensive reporting features, such as sorting emails by the number of opens or scheduling based on recipient time zones, to enhance campaign analysis and optimization.

[Instantly review by real customer👇]

Instantly review
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  • Delayed updates in Unibox: There have been instances where the Unibox feature takes longer to update than when the email arrives, causing a slight inconvenience for users.
  • Minor issues with dashboard stats: Users have reported the need to refresh the dashboard to see the latest statistics, which can be a minor inconvenience when monitoring campaign performance.
  • Lack of multichannel outreach: Instantly doesn’t have a LinkedIn automation component (as of May 2023), and so it misses out on one of the most productive channels in cold outreach.

[Instantly review by real customer👇]

Instantly review on G2
Source: G2
  • Limitations on contacts in the Growth plan: Some users feel that the contact limit of 1,000 in the Growth plan is insufficient and would like to see it increased to accommodate more prospects.
  • Eventually ends up with a higher price point: Instantly, pricing is perceived as expensive, and while the results are impressive, it may require time and practice to optimize campaigns fully.

Instantly Pricing

Instantly offers a simple and transparent pricing structure designed to cater to businesses of all sizes.

Instantly pricing
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It has 2 pricing plans:

The Growth plan, priced at $37 per month, provides unlimited email accounts, unlimited email warmup, 1,000 active leads, 5,000 monthly emails, and live chat support for those requiring higher volumes.

  • With unlimited email accounts and warmup capabilities, you can expand your reach without limitations. This plan greatly benefits businesses seeking a cost-effective solution to fuel their growth.

The Hypergrowth plan, priced at $97 per month, offers unlimited email accounts, unlimited email warmup, 25,000 active leads, 100,000 monthly emails, and premium support. One compelling reason to choose Instantly's pricing plans is their flexibility and transparency, ensuring users always know what they will pay.

  • The Hypergrowth plan is ideal if your business requires higher volumes and demands. It suits businesses aiming to accelerate their growth trajectory and achieve significant results in their email marketing campaigns.


Top 3 Lesser Known Features of Instantly

3 Instantly hidden features
  1. Extensive Resources for Effective Campaign Setup:
  • Instantly Cold Email Accelerator offers many resources, including 50+ documents, SOPs, 600+ cold email templates, setup guides, and step-by-step instructions.
  • These resources provide users with valuable insights and techniques for setting up their campaigns effectively and increasing their chances of success.
  1. Cold Email Vault for Optimizing Outreach:
  • Instantly Cold Email Vault is a treasure trove of 200+ strategies and tools dedicated to optimizing cold email outreach.
  • You can explore various approaches, tactics, and tools to refine your campaigns, improve engagement rates, and drive better results.
  1. Private Facebook Community for Learning and Support:
  • Instantly's Private Facebook Community is a valuable platform for users to connect with other entrepreneurs in similar fields.
  • Within this community, you can share experiences, strategies, and challenges while receiving expert guidance and support from peers and Instantly's experts.

Summarizing Instantly:

  • Instantly is an email outreach tool powered by AI  that helps you with all your email campaigns to drive better sales results.
  • It has features like email validation for accurate contact information, a versatile campaign builder, integrations, and Unibox for streamlined inbox management with analytics.
  • Instantly stands out due to its user-friendly interface, reliable performance, customer support, and learning resources that enhance data analysis and campaign optimization.
  • Its drawbacks lie around reporting features, Unibox update speed, enhanced dashboard stats, and pricing issues.
  • It has 2 pricing plans - Growth and Hypergrowth.

Now that you've discovered Instantly and its potential for email outreach, addressing some drawbacks is important.

Instantly can be a good option for cold email-only campaigns, but it misses out on a popular channel for generating leads: LINKEDIN. It misses some necessary reporting features, and you might actually pay more because of limitations on the Growth plan. The bugs in the Unibox don’t help, either.

If you want to consider an alternative that doesn’t have these issues, you might want to consider Salesrobot - a great tool for business owners or lead gen agency folks looking for an integrated email and LinkedIn outreach

With Salesrobot, you can effortlessly do cold outreach on LinkedIn. What sets Salesrobot apart is its ability to run efficient sales campaigns across multiple channels, leveraging the power of LinkedIn and email.

This robust platform enhances your outreach strategies and drives substantial revenue.

I won't make false claims about Salesrobot, but I will provide compelling reasons to consider our platform for superior sales outreach and remarkable results.


Salesrobot - The Ultimate Alternative to Instantly for all your email and LinkedIn!

Salesrobot is a sales engagement platform designed to enhance your outreach efforts via email and LinkedIn.

With Salesrobot, you can create personalized Email and LinkedIn Sequences, enabling efficient cold outreach while maintaining a personal touch.

Our platform can boost your sales pipeline by automating and tailoring your communication.

How is Salesrobot better than Instantly?

Salesrobot vs Instantly
Source: Salesrobot

Salesrobot offers many advantages over Instantly, making it a better choice for outreach and sales automation.

Multichannel Outreach:

  • You can automate email sequences and save valuable time while increasing outbound sales.
  • Additionally, its LinkedIn automation feature enables sending up to 200 messages per week and connection requests without the usual limitations, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of outreach efforts.
  • Salesrobot excels in hyper-personalization through pre-designed templates tailored for customized LinkedIn interactions with group members and event attendees.

Smart Inbox:

  • Salesrobot offers a smart inbox to maintain all the conversations with your prospects seamlessly and delivers smart and secure campaigns and round-the-clock client support.

[ Here’s a real customer review on Salesrobot(previously Sendzilla)👇]

Salesrobot cutomer review on G2
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  • It also seamlessly operates to avoid triggering LinkedIn's algorithm, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted communication.
  • It offers personalized follow-up messages, engagement sequences, and a user-friendly interface that allows users to manage multiple LinkedIn profiles efficiently, providing enhanced control and flexibility.

[Here’s what our personalized human-like interactions look like👇]

Source: Salesrobot

Reporting and Analytics:

  • It provides valuable prospect insights for data-driven decision-making.
  • You can track real-time progress and evaluate the effectiveness of their sales campaigns using extensive reporting tools.
  • Additionally, the automated feature for sending birthday and congratulations wishes to prospects adds a personal touch and further enhances customer relationships.

It offers advanced functionalities and user-friendly features that significantly improve sales automation efforts' effectiveness and efficiency, making it a superior choice for Instantly.

Here are a few areas where Salesrobot falls short compared to Instantly:

Not AI-powered:

  • Salesrobot is not an “AI-based” sales engagement platform.
  • However, this can be seen as a strength, as it allows Salesrobot to maintain a human touch in all interactions.
  • With Salesrobot, you can utilize pre-made templates that still provide a personalized approach, ensuring your outreach feels genuine and authentic.

So, while Salesrobot may not have the same level of automation as Instantly, its focus on human interaction and personalized outreach can be valuable in your sales efforts.

What is the Pricing of Salesrobot?

Salesrobot pricing

Experience Salesrobot with our all-inclusive plan, available at an incredible price of just $99 per month per account.

You don’t need to face the complexities of Instantly pricing and paying more for all your email outreach.

But here's the best part: You can try Salesrobot risk-free for 14 days without providing your credit card information.

We believe in the transformative capabilities of our platform, and we want you to experience its game-changing benefits firsthand without any commitment.

Unlock the potential of Salesrobot today and witness the difference it can make in your sales outreach journey.


Instantly Review - The Final Verdict

Instantly is a good choice if you are looking for an email outreach tool but it requires you to provide all prospects' contact information. However, it does validate the email addresses.

On the other hand, Salesrobot is a Multichannel sales outreach platform that combines LinkedIn and email. It is particularly well-suited for B2B businesses seeking to streamline their sales outreach while enjoying the benefits of affordable all-in-one pricing.

With Salesrobot, you can enhance your productivity and efficiency in reaching potential customers.

Hope this Instantly Review has helped you!

Founder's Corner:

We offer LinkedIn and Email Outreach for a better targeted, personalized, and credible approach to connecting with potential customers.

This enables you to tap into the power of LinkedIn's professional network while leveraging the automation capabilities of email to streamline your outreach efforts and maximize your chances of success.

LinkedIn and email multichannel outreach has been shown to get a 32%+ response rate, as opposed to 5-10% on just cold email or LinkedIn alone. Salesrobot allows you to reach the same person in a tight window of within a month on both LinkedIn and cold email, which creates an omnipresence effect and makes sure your dream customers can’t ignore you.

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