An Ultimate Guide On LinkedIn Creator Mode: Should You Switch?

An Ultimate Guide On LinkedIn Creator Mode: Should You Switch?

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Users are encouraged to share more of their unique content with the LinkedIn community using a LinkedIn Creator Mode tool. It has 756 million users and wants to give those users more methods to expand their following and boost interaction by displaying its unique content in a more prominent manner.

LinkedIn started out as a network for people looking for jobs. Still, it has now evolved into a global platform for professionals to network with one another and gets industry news and advice. LinkedIn's never-ending expansion has reached yet another new level with the introduction of its creative mode.

The LinkedIn Creator Mode provides users with a fresh profile style in addition to the possibility to follow other users more quickly. It was intended to serve as a reward for those LinkedIn users who generated their own unique material and promised those who opted in that they would receive additional help on how to increase their following. This incentive was offered in exchange for participation.

Since the debut of LinkedIn Creator Mode at the beginning of 2021, you have most likely overheard some of your acquaintances debating the merits and cons of using the tool.

What changes are made to your profile by using LinkedIn Creator Mode?

The LinkedIn Creator Mode feature of a user's personal profile is available to users with active personal profiles on LinkedIn and who often provide content to the network. It is possible that it will be a beneficial tool for growing the number of people who follow you, developing a presence on the platform, forming a community, and getting the attention of a more significant number of potential customers. As a result of users creating more content to share and develop debates about, LinkedIn reports that the number of interactions has climbed by fifty per cent over the course of the previous year.

The LinkedIn Creator Mode is an option made available to most LinkedIn accounts; however, it is up to you to decide whether or not to enable it for your profile.

When you transition to the creator mode, your profile page will have a somewhat different appearance than before.

The shift from “connect” to “follow.”

Users are now free to make their own choices on whether or not they want to follow you or engage with you.  About half of your future connections will come from people who visit your profile. Thus, the "follow" button is there to make it easier for you to expand your network.

The total number of people who are following you is shown.

LinkedIn Creator Mode makes your number of followers public instead of the default profile view. The number of people who follow you will also be displayed along with your overall number of connections.

In the past, all profiles with 500 or more connections showed the same number, regardless of how many actual connections their owners had.

LinkedIn Creator Mode is an excellent way for thought leaders and influencers to showcase their substantial fan bases. But what if your following is small? Unless you have more than three thousand followers, you should probably continue using the word "connect." As such, you should consider this before switching to LinkedIn Creator Mode.

Hashtags that appear beneath the headline

When in LinkedIn Creator Mode, you may add up to five hashtags that will be shown at the very top of your profile.

LinkedIn Hashtags
Source: LinkedIn

These may be changed whenever you like and serve as a brief introduction to your profile's visitors about what you do and how you can help them.

As you configure LinkedIn Creator Mode, LinkedIn will make recommendations based on the kind of content you've previously shared. However, it is in your best interest to choose your own, as this is one of the primary ways profile visitors will learn about the overall subject matter of your posts. By following the hashtags you use, individuals who visit your profile may easily keep up with your posts.

The Featured and Activity Feed will appear first.

When you activate the LinkedIn creator mode, the site will rearrange your profile so that your Featured content and Activity feeds appear at the top. We are expanding the Activity feed to include more of your most recent posts and removing the ability to like and comment on those posts. In other words, rather than reading about your interactions with other users, your visitors will be drawn to the information you want them to read.

With LinkedIn Creator Mode's introduction, LinkedIn has shifted its focus from networking to content curation. When LinkedIn Creator Mode is turned off, your profile's headline and the About section will be among the first things visitors view. With creator mode on, your own articles will be given more prominence.

What do You need to Do to Enable the LinkedIn Creator Mode?

  • You can see if you can access LinkedIn Creator Mode by selecting Me > View Profile from the main menu.
LinkedIn creator mode
Source: LinkedIn
  • If you have access to LinkedIn Creator Mode, you’ll have the option to turn on this feature on your LinkedIn dashboard. If you don’t have it yet, you may apply for it by making a request via LinkedIn Help.
  • To turn Creator Mode on, click on Creator Mode: Off.
LinkedIn creator mode
Source: LinkedIn
  • You can continue the setup process by selecting Next when the following box appears.

Topics for your content are up to you!

If you enable the LinkedIn Creator Mode, you will have the ability to choose up to five separate areas on which to concentrate the modifications that you make to your profile. The moment you begin typing language that is relevant to your subject, a list of suggested hashtags will appear. Get creative with your hashtags, but make sure they fit the content you're sharing.

LinkedIn creator mode
Source: LinkedIn

If you include these in your introduction card, they will appear beneath your headline or occupation if you want to have them. The links to the subjects aren't working right now.

LinkedIn profile
Source: LinkedIn

Options for Expanding Your Network: Follow vs Connect

When Creator Mode is on, the "Connect" CTA button on your profile is replaced by a "Follow" CTA button.

LinkedIn creator mode
Source: LinkedIn

Although the purpose of LinkedIn Creator Mode is to increase your fan base, users can still reach out to you by clicking the More option in your profile. Rather than connecting, you might indicate that you'd rather have them follow you through a pop-up window.

LinkedIn creator mode
Source: LinkedIn

You may switch the CTA to Connect if you'd like instead of Follow. Select "Me" to see your profile options.

Under the Visibility menu, turn off the Make Follow Primary setting by clicking the last box. After the initial period, the Connect CTA will take over your welcome card.

LinkedIn account visibility
Source: LinkedIn

Enable a Video Cover for Your LinkedIn Profile

While LinkedIn's Video Cover Story feature isn't directly associated with Creator Mode, it does allow you to switch out your profile picture for a short video that serves as an introduction to you and your skills. An orange ring will appear around the profile image for profiles with cover stories, and the video will play silently for three seconds when you view the profile.

It's possible that the Video Cover Story feature hasn't been rolled out to your profile. A push notification will appear on the LinkedIn mobile app if you have it.

You must utilise the LinkedIn mobile app to create a video for your cover narrative. Here is your chance to meet potential clients and tell them about your services. If you're going to be speaking at a conference, you might want to inform your audience by recording a cover storey about it.

You can upload a video up to 30 seconds in length, with text and overlay stickers similar to those in LinkedIn Stories.

Tap on your profile picture within the mobile app, and then pick View or Edit Cover Story from the option that appears.

Remember that your current cover story will be discarded and replaced with the new one you record. LinkedIn does not save backups of older versions.

How to turn off LinkedIn Creator Mode?

  • To exit LinkedIn Creator Mode, return to your LinkedIn profile and pick the Me icon from the navigation bar. This will get you out of creator mode. Next, pick the option to View Profile in the drop-down menu.
  • In the Resources section, you'll need to click the toggle switch that's labelled Creator mode On.
turn off linkedin creator mode
Source: LinkedIn
  • Toggle and turn off Creator mode whenever you like. In addition, you have the ability to edit the list of topics by selecting either Add topics or Remove topics from the drop-down menu.
turn off linkedin creator mode
Source: LinkedIn

4. Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made, choose the Save option.

What are the LinkedIn  Creator Mode Benefits and Drawbacks?

Below we can know about the advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn Creator Mode:

What are the advantages of LinkedIn Creator Mode?

  • You have the ability to put up to five hashtags on your profile if you are using LinkedIn Creator mode, and you may also submit a video that is up to 30 seconds long to serve as your profile photo. Your profile will appear higher in the search results as a consequence of this, and any potential followers will be given a warmer welcome.
  • Because the creator mode on LinkedIn showcases your own original content, it is an excellent platform from which to establish credibility as an expert in your subject and grow your personal brand.
  • To maintain your followers' interest in your work and to keep them updated about it, you should create and send your own LinkedIn newsletter.
  • Host a live broadcast from your LinkedIn profile, a LinkedIn Page, or a LinkedIn Event to demonstrate the depth of your expertise in a certain area. If you satisfy all of the standards that LinkedIn Live has set forth, then you will be allowed to begin broadcasting live.
  • LinkedIn will offer you content recommendations on a regular basis in order to assist you in the process of creating material that is even more attractive as part of the publishing plan you have developed for LinkedIn.

What are the Disadvantages of LinkedIn Creator mode?

  • If you go to LinkedIn Creator Mode, the section of your profile titled "About" will be moved farther down the page, below the sections titled "Features" and "Activity," respectively. If the work you're displaying isn't of high quality, this can appear to be a forced effort.
  • Because not everyone will be interested in the same topics, you may find that it is necessary to present a variety of content kinds in order to appeal to the greatest number of people.
  • If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn Creator Mode, you'll need to put in a lot more work to really produce content and advertise your profile in order to get the most out of it.

Does it make sense to activate the creative mode?

This function is designed for "LinkedIn creators," or those users who actively contribute to the social networking service by posting updates and articles, particularly those that highlight the user's knowledge and experience, spark debate, and strengthen the network.

The most likely candidates to benefit from the addition are individuals who already have the following:

  • People with a strong network are more interested in growing their follower base than their own circle of acquaintances.
  • A strong network with members more interested in gaining followers than making new friends.

We are still awaiting LinkedIn's promised "unique access to content recommendations and targeted best practices," which might aid in gaining greater exposure.

If you change your mind and decide regular mode is more your speed, switching creator mode off is a breeze.

Key Takeaways for LinkedIn Creator Mode

Professionals who are interested in building a following and making a name for themselves in the LinkedIn network are the target audience for LinkedIn's Creator Mode.

As soon as you enable this setting, your platform-generated content will be shown more prominently, and your call-to-action button will transition from Connect to Follow (although you can change this in your settings). In addition, you may highlight your most frequent LinkedIn post subjects by including hashtags related to those posts at the top of your profile.

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