How To Write Popular LinkedIn Job Titles?

How To Write Popular LinkedIn Job Titles?

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You might be wondering, what's the big deal with these job titles on LinkedIn? I used to think the same, until I went ahead and updated my LinkedIn profile. 

As a result, LinkedIn recruiters reached out to me for job roles that matched mine. Earlier I was just one of those random people that the algorithm showed. 📧

LinkedIn job titles are crucial for unlocking new opportunities and capturing employers' attention. 

In this blog, you’ll learn:

❓What are LinkedIn Job titles?

❓ Why are LinkedIn Job titles Important?

⚒️ How do you change your Job title on LinkedIn?

😲 Formula for creating a catchy LinkedIn job title. 

Let’s get started!


What are LinkedIn Job Titles?

A job title on LinkedIn communicates your specific job position and reflects your seniority and status within a company hierarchy

In simple terms, it conveys how important you are to an organization. 

A good job title on LinkedIn can help you get new job opportunities and get noticed by hiring managers (BIGGER paycheck)

Here are some job titles people often use on LinkedIn:

1. Marketing Manager

2. Sales Representative

3. Project Manager

4. Human Resources Specialist

5. Financial Analyst

6. Product Manager

7. Machine Learning Engineer 

8. Graphic Designer

9. Social Media Specialist

10. Business Development Manager

11. Content Writer

12. Data Scientist

13. UX/UI Designer

14. Operations Manager

15. Legal Counsel

16. Data Engineer

17. Electrical Engineer

18. Customer Service Representative

19. Supply Chain Analyst

20. Community Manager

21. IT Support Specialist

22. Senior Software Engineer

23. Dev Ops Engineer

24. Big Data Developer

25. Environmental Engineer

A well-written job title on LinkedIn appears to people like you have a long-term career path going on. They trust you and your skills better if your job title is appealing. 

  • They will connect with you. 
  • DM you. 
  • Try to ask you for your insights.


How to Change a Job Title on LinkedIn? 

I’ve shared some of the common LinkedIn job titles. 

But how do you change job titles on LinkedIn?

There are 2 easy ways to do it. 

1. Web Browser 

Here’s how you can do it: 

1. Visit LinkedIn and log in.

The first step is to log in to your account. Then move the cursor to the right side of the ‘Me’ tab and click ‘View Profile’

2. Click on the ‘Edit’ Icon right beside your name. 

How to Change a Job Title on LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

3. In the pop-up window, click on the ‘Profile Title

If you have creator mode turned on click on ‘Headline

How to Change a Job Title on LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

4. Write a catchy Job title and click Save

2. Smartphone

Here’s how you can do it: 

1. Open the LinkedIn app on your phone

2. Click on your profile picture and select the ‘View my Profile’ option

3. Click the ‘Pen’ icon on the right side of the page

4. Write a headline you want in the title field

5. Click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom

A few examples of how Job titles looks on LinkedIn Profile are: 

Example of how Job titles looks on LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn
Example of how Job titles looks on LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn


5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Job Titles Matter

Here are five reasons why everyone should add a catchy Job title on their LinkedIn profile: 

1. Clear Communication: Job titles convey a clear and quick message about someone’s role, both inside and outside the company. This is especially helpful on LinkedIn, where it helps people understand your professional background and skills.

2. Higher Search Rankings: When LinkedIn ranks profiles in search results, it considers job titles. If you use relevant keywords in your job title, it can make you more visible to potential employers or clients, increasing your chances of being found.

3. Showing Seniority and Status: Some people want their job title to show how important they are in a company. This can be crucial for advancing in their careers and getting recognition within the company.

4. Telling Your Story: Your job title on LinkedIn can tell the story of your professional journey and show potential employers how experienced you are and where your career is headed.

5.  Industry Alignment: Your job title on LinkedIn also helps you align with industry standards. It communicates your role in a way that others in your field can easily recognize, making it simpler to connect with peers, join relevant groups, and engage in industry-specific discussions and opportunities.

How to craft an Effective LinkedIn Job Title (with 5 examples)

An effective job title is crucial for attracting the right attention from the right employers or clients. 

Your job title is the first thing people see when they visit your profile. 

So, it needs to be both descriptive and compelling. 

Here are five tips to help you create job titles that stand out:

1. Be Specific: You don’t want to be one of those 1000+ "Managers" or "Analysts" on LinkedIn. So avoid using generic tiles.  Instead, be as specific as you are about your role. Use titles like "Digital Marketing Manager" or "Financial Analyst" to clearly convey your role.

2. Highlight Achievements: In the end, your employer is interested in what you bring to the table. So make sure to add your achievement. For instance, "Sales Manager - Increased Revenue by 30%." or “I got 100K impressions on LinkedIn in 60 days”

3. Use Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords from your industry. This can improve your profile's visibility in searches. For instance: "Software Engineer - Expertise in Java, Python, and AI Development."

4. Consider Your Audience: Tailor your job title to your target audience. If you're seeking a new job, use titles that align with the positions you want to land. For example: "Sales Associate Seeking Opportunities in Account Management."

5. Stay Honest: While it's essential to make your title appealing, don't exaggerate or misrepresent your role. Authenticity is key. For example, If you're a junior developer, don't claim to be a "Senior Software Architect."

Think of the Job title as your introduction but one where you don’t introduce yourself. 

10+ Most Popular LinkedIn Titles with FORMULA!

Here are the most popular LinkedIn job titles: 

  1. [Keyword] Expert: e.g., "Marketing Expert" or "Sales Expert."
  1. [Job Title] | [Key Skill]: e.g., "Operations Manager | Supply Chain Expert."
  1. [Keyword] Specialist: e.g., "Project Specialist" or "HR Specialist."
  1. [Job Title] with [Years of Experience]: e.g., "Financial Analyst with 5 Years of Experience."
  1. [Keyword] Manager: e.g., "Accounting Manager" or "Social Media Manager."
  1. [Job Title] - [Specialization]: e.g., "Sales Representative - B2B Sales."
  1. [Keyword] Analyst: e.g., "Financial Analyst" or "Data Analyst."
  1. [Job Title] at [Company]: e.g., "Marketing Coordinator at XYZ Corp."
  1. [Job Title] | [Certification]: e.g., "Registered Nurse | RN."
  1. [Job Title] in [Location]: e.g., "Human Resources Manager in Chicago."
  1. [Job Title] for [Industry/Field]: e.g., "IT Support Specialist for Healthcare."
  1. [Job Title] & [Job Title]: e.g., "Product Manager & Business Analyst."


Let’s quickly summarize what we have learned so far. 

LinkedIn job titles are not just a simple description; they shape your professional identity, influence potential employers, and attract opportunities. 

We learned how easy it is to change a LinkedIn job title and how it can be done via web browsers and smartphone apps. 

We also learned why having a job title is important for your profile.

If confused about how to write a job title, you can pick a formula mentioned above that highlights your expertise the most. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Click here to read our other blogs. 

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