How To Write Stellar Recommendations On LinkedIn?

How To Write Stellar Recommendations On LinkedIn?

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A LinkedIn recommendation is of great value. It is public and accessible to your entire professional network. How do you ensure that what you want to say about someone stands out, is honest and does not cost you too much time?

LinkedIn recommendations may come from anybody, including close friends, coworkers, and first-degree contacts. You can also make first-degree recommendations, such as persons you know personally or have worked with in the past.

In order for a suggestion to appear on your profile, you must first accept it. Potential employers, business partners, and customers may learn more about you through these suggestions. Displaying these LinkedIn recommendations on your profile is a great way to demonstrate your calibre of expertise.

What Exactly Is A LinkedIn Recommendation?

Proof that individuals, like products and services, require advertising is provided by the LinkedIn recommendation feature. Recommendations from your connections on LinkedIn are like a short version of the ideal sales presentation. A proposal detailing the referee's qualities and abilities is essential for getting hired. Having LinkedIn recommendations is like having a few more diamonds in your crown, making your accomplishments shine even brighter. Like a great resume, an excellent LinkedIn recommendation tells a story about the connection you share with the recommended person and highlights that individual's personality, abilities, work, or initiatives. One's professional aspirations may be facilitated by the opening of doors represented by glowing LinkedIn recommendations. Additionally, you can obtain a LinkedIn recommendation that will boost your profile's visibility.

LinkedIn recommendations
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Why Are LinkedIn Recommendations Valued?

LinkedIn recommendations
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Not only is it helpful to get LinkedIn recommendations from a "real person," but you should also know how to write LinkedIn recommendations for other reasons. Having one written for you is a terrific method to demonstrate your professional appreciation for the receiver. It will seem good on LinkedIn and will provide you more authority in general.

If you can verify their authenticity and establish their reputation, you can help others believe they are genuine.

It's one thing to claim everyone at work likes you, but it's another entirely to have someone else confirm it. Most people, after all, think highly of themselves and will try to convey this throughout the interview process. And, of course, there are certain people who, just by their nature, would be terrible employees. However, some applicants may be more laid back than they appear or may have trouble elaborating on their greatest strengths.

LinkedIn profiles are just as credible as the endorsements that accompany them.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that people lie to improve their own position in life. A simple explanation for an uncomfortable incident may be the impetus for a white lie. However, in other contexts, such falsehoods can help an unqualified candidate land a job. To join a corporation for the wrong reasons is far worse. Problems like HR providing glowing LinkedIn recommendations to terminate an employee are now par for the course. There may be secrets in the applications of as much as half of today's job seekers.

Having the support of those who are familiar with writing LinkedIn recommendations might help lessen the burden. The ability to corroborate another person's account is a major factor. If you worked as someone's academic adviser while they were in college, you might praise their diligence and persistence. Having served as a manager under this individual, you are in a unique position to comment on their qualifications for a similar position. You may also consider bragging to your coworkers about how well their peer mentoring has gone. Each and every one of these observations are instructive.

It's in your power to affect whether or not a firm or individual deals with you or employs you for a service.

If given a choice between working with a total stranger or a rival who can provide LinkedIn recommendations, whose services would you use? If you are a manager in charge of hiring, it is more probable that the latter is true. It's nice to have someone you can depend on, whether you're a client looking for service or a freelancer looking for steady work. Did this person just do the bare minimum required, or did they go out of their way to make sure the consumer was happy? It's likely that whoever is responsible for making hiring decisions would be keen on learning more about this.

Giving back to your community is a great way to build relationships.

Let's be honest: at some point in our careers, we've all had to ask a favor of someone. You may perhaps pay it forward by using your newfound LinkedIn recommendations. Someone you know could remark to you, "Thanks, I owe you one. In business, helping out contact may earn you a lot of respect and favour, which could come in handy later.

How To Share Your LinkedIn Recommendations?

Recommending someone is simple if you know how to network with them on LinkedIn. The creators made it so that anybody may put it on their profile; the tricky part is thinking of what to put on it. Furthermore, if you know someone who is qualified for more than one role, you may find yourself at odds about how best to utilise their skills. Let me walk you through the procedure.

  • Navigate to the recommendation's profile. You have two options here: either conduct a search for that individual or find them in your contact list.
  • You'll find the "More" option by clicking the icon to the right of "Message."
  • Select the "Recommend" tab.
LinkedIn Recommendations
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  • Select your relationship with the individual you wish to recommend and your role in their professional life using the respective drop-down menus that appear.
  • Hearing your opinion on a candidate can help hiring managers and others understand why you think they would be a valuable addition to the team.
  • Make a recommendation.

How To Create A Strong LinkedIn Recommendation?

/The challenge now is coming up with the right words. It may be difficult to write LinkedIn recommendations if you are not an HR expert. More importantly, what you say might affect this person's career. There, that was a relief. Really, if you stick to these guidelines, it won't be that hard.

Create an attention-grabbing opening to "sell" the individual you're suggesting/

The way I'd put it is that I want to begin by praising this guy. The moment is now to let them know that they are the coolest boss anybody has ever had.

Clarify your affiliation so that everyone can follow along.

In this space, please describe your affiliation with this individual at the time of your acquaintance. One possibility is to share the same background, such as that of an account manager at XYZ Sales Company. This will ensure that your former employees will recognise you.

When you worked together, how did this individual affect you?

Every employer, no matter how wonderful, is looking for output of some type from their employees. For this reason, it is preferable to provide numerical or concrete examples to demonstrate their competence in the workplace. Keep in mind that this is a common interview question, so be prepared with a shining example of your work that can impress potential employers.

Speculate about what it is about this individual's character that makes them stand out.

Personality may have a huge impact on both professional achievement and workplace morale, especially in occupations like sales. Further, this isn't always the case due to the varying cultures of various businesses. Depending on the details you supply, managers will be able to determine if this candidate is a good "fit" for their team. Even if the applicant didn't lose their job because of it, they might as well have because they probably would have been miserable anyhow.

Put an end to it with a bang.

Rephrasing this as a response to "so what's the point?" Clearly state the reader's benefit from working with this individual in a single sentence.

How To Ask For LinkedIn Recommendations?

LinkedIn recommendations
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When asking someone for LinkedIn recommendations, it's courteous to include a personalised note. Explain to them why you think they should create one for you and what you want to achieve. What you want them to say can be suggested by you. Make an offer to repay the kindness. These are some suggestions for what to write in the free-form message field.

Mr Joy, My best wishes to you. I was hoping you could help me out with my job hunt by providing a short recommendation for me on LinkedIn. Please feel free to promote my ability to run the Data Solutions Inc. IT department. If you'd like, I can also provide you with a letter of recommendation.

Make sure to send a written note of thanks to the person who recommended you. A grateful example is shown below.

Greetings, John That's a fantastic suggestion, and I appreciate it very much. If you'd prefer a response letter from me, just let me know. I'd love to talk more about the mentorship and leadership roles you play at Serial Solutions Inc.

LinkedIn recommendations
Source: LinkedIn

Some References You Can Use on LinkedIn Recommendations

Let's put the above advice into context by showcasing a wide range of stellar LinkedIn recommendations for various careers.

  • Recommendation for a Sales Professional on LinkedIn
  • Manager recommendation for LinkedIn
  • Worked together recommendation
  • Studied together recommendation sample for LinkedIn

Recommendation for a Sales Professional on LinkedIn

Joey excels as a pharmaceutical sales manager. During Joey's time as a sales rep at Pharma Co., where I was the top dog on the floor, she consistently smashed quotas. As the primary salesman, she closed an $8 million agreement with a multinational pharmaceutical company after an 8-week negotiation period. Joey has a great deal of expertise with the N.E.A.T. sales strategy and a high degree of emotional intelligence, making him a superb presenter.

Manager Recommendation for LinkedIn

For the past five years, I've had the pleasure of supervising Lydia in her role as Service Manager at Startup XO's Customer Success division. accommodating, productive, and focused on the needs of the client. Lauren has rapidly become the go-to expert on all matters pertaining to SLA creation and category management. When a crisis arises, she is an advantage due to her keen insight and ability to bounce back quickly. Lauren kept a client on the verge of abandoning the company after an SLA violation. Lauren is a top candidate if you want to add a friendly, innovative problem-solver to your team.

Working/worked together Recommendation Sample for LinkedIn.

The [name] has benefited greatly from [name], and the team has as well. Though our collaboration has been limited, the tasks we've completed together have been rewarding. She maintains a steady composure and a patient demeanour, and she possesses a fertile imagination and a prodigious sense of originality. She was very adept at conveying her ideas properly to the customers. The squad looked up to her as though she were a guiding light. I want to collaborate with her again in the future. Thank you for your assistance, [name], and best of luck in the future.

Studied together Recommendation Sample for LinkedIn

[Person's Name] is a pleasure to collaborate with. She is proficient not just in [name the talent] but also in [name the skill] and [name the skill]. It was a pleasure to collaborate on two projects with her over the year. She's got a brilliant, creative intellect and a lovely disposition to match. I hope everything goes well for you on your next adventure.

Key Takeaways for LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn is growing more and more important as a platform. Every businessperson today checks up on a potential new hire or business partner's profile before deciding to work with them. So, treat your profile like a CV and give it the care it deserves. Here are some last pointers to keep in mind while asking for and writing LinkedIn recommendations.

  • Keep your LinkedIn recommendations succinct, but provide a powerful opening and closing statement about why you think the person is a good fit for the position.
  • Inquire as to what the other party would want to have emphasised.
  • Requesting LinkedIn recommendations? Have a plan for what you want the individual to say to help speed up the process.
  • If someone writes LinkedIn recommendations for you, thank them and offer to do the same for them.

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