LinkedIn Recruiters: Level Up Your Career

LinkedIn Recruiters: Level Up Your Career

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Recent years have seen a shift in the recruiting industry. Time spent posting resumes online and sending out several emails to potential employers has passed. LinkedIn has become one of the most widely used online resources for people to look for and locate employment opportunities. Approximately 40 million individuals use LinkedIn each week to look for employment opportunities.

However, it can be difficult for recruiting agencies and employers to locate the most qualified individuals with a basic LinkedIn account, given the millions of people who use the platform to look for work. Fortunately, switching to a recruiter account on a professional networking site can help you overcome this challenge to a greater level. LinkedIn Recruiter has made finding and connecting with qualified candidates and other resources simple, convenient, and efficient.

LinkedIn offers two distinct accounts tailored specifically to recruiters: LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite.

What Is LinkedIn Recruiter?

When you upgrade to Recruiter from a basic LinkedIn account, you have access to tools designed to facilitate the search for suitable candidates on the site. The subscription toolset includes unlimited searches, stored searches, the ability to create projects and pipelines, and access to 150 InMails each month. Because it was designed with significant businesses and their many recruiters or high-volume roles in mind, LinkedIn Recruiter is the "flagship" premium choice for recruiters.

Benefits of LinkedIn Recruiter

The Recruiter feature on LinkedIn may be useful if you want to hire a potential candidate from the platform, as it will assist you in carrying out the process effectively.

  • Speed
  • Interaction
  • Teamwork


Time might be a limiting factor when trying to fill a position through LinkedIn. LinkedIn Recruiter is a fantastic tool for identifying the top applications rapidly, thanks to its more than 600 million users, customizable search parameters, and suggestions to locate the following perfect hire.


You can enhance and refine your contact with prospective applicants if you use LinkedIn Recruiter. You may use LinkedIn's InMail tool to connect with other users even if you do not have their email address, phone number, or other contact data, such as if you don't know their name or don't have their permission to contact them.

You may get in touch with a huge number of individuals all at once by using pre-made templates and sending out various types of mass messages.


Give the selected profile (or profiles) to the people at your company and ask them what they think about it. This will help improve communication and teamwork by allowing employees to share their perspectives on the situation. They can still access the applicants, even if they do not have LinkedIn Recruiter available on their system.

Accessible choices include identifying specific coworkers and obtaining feedback on the efficacy of your InMails, among others.

What Functions Does LinkedIn Recruiter Offer?

Access to LinkedIn Recruiter provides you with a leg up on the competition when it comes to finding and hiring the best possible candidate for every job opening.

Process to follow

  • Try to find the best possible candidate.

Start your search for potential individuals to fill an open position immediately. Utilize LinkedIn's vast membership of over 700 million professionals, navigate the challenges of third-degree relationships, and master LinkedIn's search criteria to locate the best candidate for your open position. Use the tool's intelligent suggestions; it takes into account your input while compiling its list of suggestions.

Source: LinkedIn
  • Stick to the steps, and ramp up the communication. You may expand your prospect pool and maintain tabs on the best ones with the help of LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • Communicate with users who are qualified for the position, stick to the procedure, and record relevant events in your calendar to avoid missing out.
  • Get in touch with them using InMail, build unique templates for messages, and get the conversation started with many potential applicants at once.
  • Turn on alerts to stay abreast of all the latest information and act promptly.
  • Take the time to create a work schedule.

Now is the moment to lay all options out and pick the greatest one. From the Recruiter section, you can oversee all operations, view individuals' profiles who are applying and communicate this information to your team for input.

What Is Linkedin Recruiter Lite?

With LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, the enterprise-level recruiting capabilities of LinkedIn are within reach of small businesses on a budget. This subscription is a fourth of the price of the full LinkedIn Recruiter suite but gives you access to all of the same features.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite makes it possible for companies of all sizes to make use of LinkedIn's effective applicant selection tools. For a quarter of the cost of LinkedIn's full Recruiter subscription, you can have access to all of the same features here.

These premium features improve the recruitment experience for LinkedIn users and are available for a monthly price, much like the rest of LinkedIn's Premium products.

LinkedIn Recruiter is a pricey subscription service, but Recruiter Lite gives you access to many of the same powerful recruitment tools at a far lower cost.

Recruiters and human resources specialists from businesses of all sizes are the target audience for this event.

It's useful for any business, but it's especially useful for smaller companies who don't have the resources to buy the full LinkedIn Recruiter package but still want to use LinkedIn to find new workers.

What Features Does LinkedIn Recruiter Lite Offer?

The Recruiter feature on LinkedIn may be useful if you want to hire a potential candidate from the platform, as it will assist you in carrying out the process effectively.

  • Possibility of searching LinkedIn's extensive candidate database You may easily contact the large number of technical people that use the site. This way, qualified job-seekers who are suitable for your firm may be found quickly.
  • By using Recruiter Lite's effective criteria, you may swiftly zero in on the most qualified applicants for available positions. Geographical proximity, certain fields of expertise, and other criteria might be used to reduce the pool of potential candidates.
  • Job postings can be tailored to reach a specific audience and encourage applications from qualified individuals.
  • It is possible to send interview invitations, streamlining the process of contacting and inviting candidates for in-person meetings.
  • You can identify the finest people for your available roles fast and easily with the aid of this comprehensive solution.

Additionally, it provides members with access to some of the best online recruitment resources, including:

  • One's own LinkedIn page, where one may advertise one's own company's training materials and tutorials (via LinkedIn Learning)
  • Professional development opportunities for recruiters, including webinars, LinkedIn Live, and other events.
linkedin recruiter lite
Source: LinkedIn

How Much Does LinkedIn Recruiter lite Cost?

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite costs about $119.95 per month

The features of Linkedin Recruiter lite :

  • Separate recruiter User Interface
  • People will not know that you saw their profiles since profile views are not logged.
  • The complete names of people who are part of your network and who are in groups with you.
  • 25 Full Names Can Be "Unlocked" Even If They Are Considered "Out-of-Network."
  • 25 Inmails/mo
  • InMail templates
  • Organize everything according to the project. (10 saved searches, 10 search alerts)
  • You may narrow your search by selecting criteria such as years of experience, seniority, function, firm size, hobbies, and so on.

The corporate recruiter costs about  $899.95 per month

The features of Linkedin recruiter :

  • Separate recruiter User Interface
  • Alternative inside Pipeline to import candidate profiles (this is a great option in some respects; however, the content of resumes and CVs is not searchable).
  • The pipeline has the ability to import profiles (which is a fantastic solution in some respects; nevertheless, the text of resumes and CVs is not searchable).
  • 50 Inmails/month.
  • Search all LinkedIn Users
  • Conduct a search across all LinkedIn Groups.
  • Unlimited Projects with Admin power shared across the team
  • Personalized Fields, Tags, and Statuses
  • You may refine the search filter to include or exclude users who are already a part of projects, messages that have been delivered lately, as well as by tag, status, or a custom field.
  • A control panel for administrators to monitor recruiter activity (InMail response rate, days used, profiles viewed, template use, etc.)
  • Admin options for integrating CRM and ATS as well as cross-posting jobs on job boards.

Is It Really Worth It to Use LinkedIn Recruiter?

The answer to this question is going to rely on your unique set of circumstances as well as the requirements of your company. Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of businesses that, for whatever reason, are not seeing the return on investment that they had anticipated.

LinkedIn Recruiter might be the perfect solution if your organisation employs several recruiters and currently uses an application monitoring system. A strong applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruiting technology might accomplish the same goals at the same cost.

If you're looking for a means to communicate with potential prospects without really connecting with them or if you'd rather not deal with the limited search capabilities of a free LinkedIn account, you may want to look into one of the paid plans instead.

If you're solely interested in messaging potential employers without making connections or if you'd rather not deal with the restricted search capabilities of a free LinkedIn account, you may want to check into one of the other premium options.

Making the most of LinkedIn's Recruiter

Here are some tips for optimising your use of LinkedIn Recruiter if you decide to implement it at your firm.

Profit from your InMail credit as much as possible.:

The pace of answers you receive is more important than the number of sales you make in an InMail. Be sure to give some thought to the subject lines of your emails and come up with a unique or personal way to start them off. Don't overwhelm them with text in your InMails; that will just make them ignore you.

Recruiter bulk InMails are tempting, but you shouldn't give in to the temptation. Do your best to show some personality in your InMails.Just say hello and tell them how you stumbled across them. Be genuine in your writing; no one likes reading the work of a robot or a cookie-cutter template. Include any relevant information, such as their employment, a post they made, or a reference they received from a previous coworker. Your response rates will skyrocket thanks to your extra efforts.

Finally, evaluate the outcomes of the InMails to find out what worked and what didn't. Take a look at the comments to figure out what went wrong and adjust your messaging accordingly.

To set up saved alert searches:

Knowing immediately when a position becomes vacant or "open" might give you a leg up on the competition. The search notifications in LinkedIn Recruiter are a godsend for keeping an eye on your candidate pools. If you conduct a search, narrow it down, and then save the results, you will be updated if there are any additions or changes to the saved results. Create a saved search that includes just individuals who are "open to new opportunities" to cut down on time spent reaching out to passive applicants.

Working together :

Companies with more than one worker will benefit from tools that allow employees to share search criteria and work together on tasks. Nobody wastes time communicating with people twice when all of their projects and pipelines are in one central location. It's a great tool to have when many recruiters are working on the same project at once or when your recruiters are using the same tool.

Determinations based on data:

LinkedIn Recruiter provides access to a wealth of additional information, including InMail statistics and enhanced search capabilities, as well as enhanced search insights, which provide a visual representation of your search results that can be sorted and refined. Rather than wading through a sea of Boolean, you can rapidly locate a selection of qualified applicants by creating such granular-level filters. A customer that prefers to hire people with experience at three different organisations in the industry is an easy one to please. Better yet, you may use If a customer requests it, you may use LinkedIn's Recruiter tool to find candidates with skills and experience that are similar to their top performance.

Utilise your company page followers:

How many of you, while trying to attract new customers or employees, take a peek at how many people are following your company's page? Since they have dealt with your brand previously, they are interested in it. Before sending a "cold" message using one of your firm's InMail credits, make sure you've already got a following on the related company page. It might attract a large number of high-quality workers and customers. Don't waste your InMail credits on unnecessary expenses; save them away for a rainy day.

Comparison between LinkedIn Recruiter and Recruiter Lite

There are a number of ways in which the premium version of Recruiter (which also costs more) is different from the free version (which is still quite useful). As a first step, you can't use the LinkedIn pipeline feature, which is only available to users of the premium Recruiter plan. Even though this is a huge drop from the 200 projects accessible in the full edition of Recruiter, it should be more than enough for most smaller recruitment organisations, especially those specialising in a specialised sector.

Since you do not have a premium Recruiter subscription, you will not have access to the Pipeline feature on LinkedIn. Although this is a drastic drop from the 200 projects accessible in the full edition of Recruiter, it should be more than enough for most smaller recruitment organisations, especially those who specialise in a specialised sector. The price gap is very large, so it may come down to that when deciding which premium plan is best for your startup staffing agency.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite vs LinkedIn Recruiter
LinkedIn Recruiter Lite Vs LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter Certification

When looking to fill open positions, LinkedIn is a great social networking tool to leverage. LinkedIn Recruiter is a paid tool for finding and hiring new employees.

LinkedIn Recruiter is so effective that the firm now provides certification for recruiters. This assessment will check both your general understanding of the recruiting industry and your proficiency using the LinkedIn Recruiter platform.

If you're interested in becoming a certified LinkedIn recruiter, you may do so by taking and passing a test for $199. There are two ways to take the test: either remotely or in person at an official testing facility. Study resources are available on LinkedIn. They organise the materials in categories such as:

Linkedin recruiter
Source: LinkedIn

Section 1: Use LinkedIn's Recruiter to Search for and Find Qualified Candidates

Section 2: Maximizing Talent Retention

Section 3: Creating a Talent Pipeline

Section 4: Make a Plan, Get People Working Together, and Get Things Done

Section 5: Job Advertising and Administration

If you make the cut, you can wear a special badge with pride. See LinkedIn's Certification page for further details.

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