Salesrobot or; Which one should be your brand buddy in 2023

Salesrobot or; Which one should be your brand buddy in 2023

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The use of automation tools is a very common way to grow your business nowadays. Using these tools, you can build your brand in a very easy manner, without any headache, like when to send a message, to whom this message is to be sent particularly. But when you think of automation, there could be numerous software that comes to your mind.

Salesrobot and are also two of them, both these automation tools use AI to generate quality leads for businesses in a short period of time. Automation is becoming a necessity these days, especially for salespeople. And these tools make their job easier by providing them ready-made solutions to tackle various things.

And while choosing among these two, what you need is an in-depth comparison of these tools; so that you can analyze their features and shortcomings on one screen, and we are here to provide you with the same! -Overview is a LinkedIn automation tool & sales nav that works with an official extension approved by Google Chrome; it allows you to carry out different actions like visiting, scanning, uploading CSV, etc. in a simple and secure way. This helps your business to grow on LinkedIn without any limits. This tool automates smart engagement strategies to reach your prospects sooner and hit your SQL goals faster. works both on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, specifically on the search page. The search page is where you describe your target, for example, CEO's in Miami.

What Features Does offer?

Blacklist LinkedIn Profiles

This feature allows you to upload a list of LinkedIn profiles you want to avoid visiting. This will help to avoid duplicating the contacts and not contacting those who have formally requested them. This feature saves time because your intense focus will be shifted to new profiles.

Detailed Stats

Using the statistics, you can track the activities of the campaigns that you are running; these stats are available on a daily and monthly basis. Moreover, you can evaluate the quality of the invitation messages you are making by checking the acceptance rate of your profile. You can also analyze different actions and records. stats

Endorsement Facility offers endorsement, which takes LinkedIn lead generation and profile building to a new level. It allows you to validate or endorse the skill sets of other users, bringing more attention to your profile and encouraging them to do the same for you. This feature is beneficial for positive interactions and for both businesses and individuals.


Actions allow you to adjust both the behavior of the extension as well as configure the automatic messages that will be sent each time a new connection is invited. In addition to this, you can choose to avoid connecting with connected profiles in the first, second, or third degree. For example, you can also choose to avoid visiting profiles that do not contain profile photography to focus more on important profiles. actions

What’s not so good about

  • Ready-made Templates unavailable- doesn’t come with ready-made templates, which means you have to put your brain into designing or altering them as per your needs, which may be very hectic for some.
  • No Free Trial- Would you be willing to pay for an automation tool without getting a prior experience with it? doesn’t come with a free trial; you have to buy their plan to get an experience of it.
  • Expensive Plan- ‘8 Ultimate Licenses’ plan of is very expensive, this plan has the maximum features for lead gen, but the pricing is costly.

What is the pricing of offers three pricing plans, without a free trial, as of now:



1 Plus License


1 Ultimate License


8 Ultimate Licenses

$399/month pricing


Salesrobot is a cloud-based automation tool designed explicitly for cold outreach on LinkedIn, as it enables users to easily create elaborate campaigns that run on total autopilot.

This LinkedIn automation tool also has first-class personalization options with customized templates. It comes with several foolproof methods of safely bypassing the LinkedIn limit. Along with that, it comes with an Email enrichment feature, LinkedIn Sales nav, and an analysis window to make the task easier. You can use Salesrobot’s Artificial Intelligence to create a curated list of prospects, and it allows you to reach out to them using human-like messages on autopilot. Salesrobot is a comprehensive solution for lead gen that you can use within a few clicks.

What features Salesrobot offers?

features salesrobot

Top-notch personalization options

Salesrobot offers different options for personalization; you can effortlessly draft and send highly-personalized messages and connection requests in just a few clicks. Sales Robot’s latest generation AI can automatically find the things that stand out from a particular profile, such as experience with volunteering or top certifications, among others. You can use Images and GIFs in your messages or emails to make the approach attractive.

Email enrichment option

You will find and verify your prospects’ business email addresses effortlessly using this automation tool. Since Sales Robot has integrated data from a verified email address provided, the chances for a mismatch or difficulties in verification are reduced to a minimum, and you can draft emails without any inconvenience.

Smart Inbox

Salesrobot also offers a Smart Inbox facility that you can use to manage all of your conversations in one place. You can monitor all your leads in just one place and customize or filter them all per your requirements. Moreover, you can solve similar issues with just one click. Using this feature, you can do message management without wasting your time.

Smart campaign and message sequences

You can smartly run the campaign and use follow-up message features or use one of the ready-made templates that are fully customizable to fit every goal and purpose. The sequences are based on your lead’s behavior, so there’s no chance for embarrassing missteps, such as sending a follow-up even when the lead’s already answered your first message. And you can track all the activities in one dashboard.

Creating campaign with Salesrobot
Creating automated sequences - Salesrobot

One thing to note about Salesrobot

Salesrobot comes with only a couple of pricing plans for now. However, it is not too expensive, as you get top-notch outreach and prospecting features just in one plan!

As we noted in the beginning that we looked for alternatives that come with a free trial, so Salesrobot offers you a 14-day free trial to test if it works out for you.

Salesrobot Pricing:

At the time being, Salesrobot has only one pricing plan:

  • Professional at $99 per month per account.
Salesrobot pricing

And as we said earlier, we believe that before using a product, you must be able to try it first, so here it is. Salesrobot comes with a 14-day free trial, giving you enough time to try every feature and decide whether Salesrobot’s what you are looking for.

But to take your business to new heights; which one should be given preference?

There could be numerous questions revolving in your mind; which one is inexpensive? Which tool has better automation? Which tool brings this and that feature and all such stuff?

Well, you don’t need to worry about all these questions, we are here to solve all your queries, and we will help to draw clarity in your mind about which tool would be valuable for you.

When the idea of scaling up the business and building a brand comes into an individual’s mind, what he thinks of is to increase the sales, and automation tools play an impactful role in boosting up the sales and generating leads for you. automates all the actions of your LinkedIn profile to help you grow and hack lead generation without spending hours on the screen. has various options it as an endorsement which takes a LinkedIn lead generation and profile building to a whole new level. Using this feature, you can activate or deactivate endorsements according to your goals. It also allows you to validate or endorse the skill sets of other users, bringing more attention to your profile and encouraging them to do the same for you. However, personalization options are limited in this software. Templates, Images & GIFs are also not readymade in this lead gen tool.

On the other hand, using Sales Robot, you can effortlessly draft and send highly-personalized messages and connection requests in just a few clicks. Sales Robot’s latest generation AI can automatically find the things that stand out from a particular profile. It also allows sending 200 messages and connection requests daily on autopilot.

Both these tools are having nearly the same functioning as a LinkedIn lion, to improve your online visibility and further increase your website traffic.

Do you want to use the software first and then decide? does not offer a free trial, which is one of the drawbacks of this tool. You have to buy the plan to have an experience with their LinkedIn automation.

While Salesrobot comes with a free 14-day trial, that too without any requirement of a credit card. It is very essential to first try the service and then go for the entire plan. But we are sure that you will definitely like our automation during the trial period and further thereof.

Or do you want foolproof Image & GIF personalization along with readymade templates?

Well, doesn’t offer ready-made templates; that means you have to put some effort into designing the templates. Also, it is unclear that Image & GIF personalization options are available or not. Whereas, Salesrobot offers hyper-personalized options with the incorporation of diverse templates and a great extent of Image and GIF options.

Still Doubtful? A cherry on top for you!

3 key factors that matter while using a LinkedIn automation tool:

Daily volume

Generating leads has become more difficult, as LinkedIn announced the restriction of 100 connection requests/week. ‘1 Ultimate License’ plan of facilitates 500 daily visits & 1500 daily scans. Whilst Sales Robot allows you to send over 200 connection requests a day safely, that means around 1400 in a week using our proprietary database of personal emails of 700 million people on LinkedIn.

Conversion Rate

If you send 100 connection requests/InMails a week, how many of them do you end up having a positive interaction with? That’s known as the conversion rate. claims to get you 200% more visits to your LinkedIn profile with automated messages, connection invites, profile visits, and the use of Inmails. However, it is not clear how many positive responses you will be able to get.

Whereas Salesrobot has an excellent 32%+ positive rate, our automation reaches a high number of quality people, which further leads to a great network formation for you.

Ease of Access

Every user wants to use a sales nav tool that requires the least effort and minimum headache. allows you to filter out the prospect accounts by letting you choose to skip first/ second/ third level connection profiles. You can also choose to easily skip profiles that are not verified or don’t have a profile picture in place, making it easier to scan through prospects and upload to CSVs. You can generate qualified leads in an automated and segmented way.

Salesrobot has a single mini-CRM that helps to manage all of your conversations in one place and create a sequence of follow-ups. Salesrobot also provides a feature called reply sequences, where you’re able to schedule a sequence of messages to someone who shows interest. Use of Inmails will also help you through it. You can also use insights to create a data-driven targeting strategy, and further, you can track all the activities in one dashboard.

Salesrobot Review Vs Review

What kind of insights can you get out of the platform to improve your campaigns? Or how do users review the service? has zero reviews on G2. However, according to the website of, all the reviews that users have written are positive; but this source is not a reliable one to know about real insights.

In addition to this, the Salesrobot is reviewed positively by nearly all of its users on various platforms. We provide the users best facilities so that they can grow their business and build their brand faster.

Which one is better?

In terms of pricing, offers various pricing plans, but the ‘8 Ultimate Licenses’ plan is costly as compared to Salesrobot’s professional plan; Salesrobot offers far better features at a cheaper rate.  Also, no free trial is available with also has limited personalization options; it lacks adequate templates and image/GIF features. While Salesrobot offers hyper-personalization options.

Zero reviews and unavailability of ratings are also a matter of concern; without feedback from earlier users, would you be able to trust & try

One more thing to note is that Salesrobot takes care of your account and runs the campaign safely. While using, there may be a threat to your account, or the account may even get banned; hence it is not very safe to use. Then why not choose Salesrobot? You just need to set a few things, and boom! Our software will take care of everything.

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