Top 10 LinkedIn Connection Message templates for high conversions!

Top 10 LinkedIn Connection Message templates for high conversions!

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Are you trying to write a LinkedIn connection message? While writing a LinkedIn connection request message, focusing on quality over quantity is essential, as nothing makes prospects run away more than a generic mass-sent message.

Most people on LinkedIn send those generic connection requests with your name and the industry you are working in to show you that they have done their research and expect it to be reason enough for you to accept their connection request.

These connection messages provide zero personalization and are of low quality, which further dampens the overall acceptance rate.

With these templates, your acceptance rate can go up to 74%(Pretty neat, isn't it)

And we have gathered all these templates for you in one place!

But before you send connection requests, you need to back up a bit and see how and to whom you are sending the request.

linkedin connection message

How to send a LinkedIn connection request? (Step-by-step guide)

Sending a connection request is a pretty simple process:

Step-1: Open your LinkedIn account.

Step-2: Click the search button, and add a keyword(Name, industry name, etc.)


Step-3: Apply a filter, like a job opening, group, company, etc., to narrow your search.

linkedin search

Step-4: Click the LinkedIn profile you wish to send a request to.

Step-5: Click connect

  1. You can "add a note" for which we will provide you a template in this LinkedIn article.

Now to whom are you sending your connection request? Lets first understand the degree of connection on LinkedIn.

What are the various Degrees Of Connection?

LinkedIn primarily has 3 types of connections:

  • 1st degree connections
  • 2nd degree connections
  • 3rd degree connections

1st Degree Connections:

People you are directly linked to because you have accepted their offer to connect with them or they have accepted your invitation are known as first-degree connections.

You will notice a 1st-degree emblem next to their name in search results and on their profile. You may get in touch with them via message on LinkedIn.

2nd-Degree Connections:

People who are related to your first-degree connections are known as second-degree connections. These are the mutual connections you have with other professionals or LinkedIn members.

A 2nd-degree symbol will appear next to their name in the search results and on their profile. Selecting the Connect icon on their profile page may invite them to connect with you.

LinkedIn members that view your profile would be able to see all the mutual connections that they(The user)

3rd Degree Connections:

Individuals who are linked to your second-degree contacts. You may identify them in search results and on their profile by the third-degree emblem next to their name.

This includes a 0 to 1 mutual connection.

After understanding various degrees of connection, you should have a pretty good idea of your target audience, and if you need to know whom to target, it is also okay.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you find and pitch your target audience.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to pitch your target audience?

A tool for managing sales on LinkedIn is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It provides users or sales teams of an organization access to a network with more than 800 million users.

In essence, LinkedIn has created a social network that enables you to concentrate on the ideal customers to expand your business.

For salespeople and B2B marketers, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool they should use today.

It is especially a search engine for LinkedIn. It is a powerful tool that helps you identify and pitch your target audience.

linkedin sales navigator

To search using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the search bar on the top side of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator page.
  2. Search for your target audience by adding various filters provided.
  3. Select any lead from the results.

What should a LinkedIn connection message have?

While writing a connection request message, there is a need to cover a few aspects that, when covered, show a much higher response rate than the generalized messages most people use.

So, these are the following aspects your LinkedIn message must have:

  • Personalized connection requests
  • Appropriate LinkedIn connection message

Personalized connection requests:

While writing a connection request, it is a must to be specific as well as personalized.

While most users send connection requests with the other person's first name or the industry name, believe us, it does not work.

So what should I do to personalize my connection request?

Having something in joint always makes the acceptance rate go beyond the roof. Use the more unconventional aspects like any volunteer work, skills they possess, or any post recently posted that you liked.

Salesrobot offers the hyper-personalization feature, which allows use to do prospecting in unconventional method that make even the automated message sound human-like.

One of our tricks is to use recommendations given to other professionals, which instantly accepts your connection requests by potential prospects.

salesrobot dashboard

Appropriate LinkedIn Connection Message:

Jumping directly into your sales pitch is never the best idea. You first need to establish common ground, like; you belong to the same industry or something they have posted about

Even an automated, Connection request must have a point of contact(that is, how you know them).

And the person you are sending the request must be relevant to the content, like a shared interest, similar industry, or any other. You must conduct in-depth research about your prospects and target the most relevant individuals.

linkedin connection message

The last part you need to make sure to inculcate is,

What's in it for them? (Applicability)

When using LinkedIn for outreach purposes to establish your professional network and find professionals interested in your profile, you need to incentivize them.

To help you understand, it's as follows:

Person A just sent you a request with the template,

Hi {First Name}, I found your profile through a conference you attended back in {Date}. And you are looking for methods to generate leads on LinkedIn.

I am working in the industry and would like to connect with you and help small business owners like you generate leads in the best way possible.

While this seems okay to use, it is not because as soon as someone reads it, they would know it is related to sales and would prefer to run away.

Proper incentivization by letting the person know how you will add value to them or provide them with something they need.

This includes helping them develop a skill, providing them with the knowledge that would help them, etc.

10 LinkedIn connection message templates for conversions:

So we gathered together the 10 best LinkedIn connection message templates you can use to connect with anyone. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Members of LinkedIn groups
  2. Sales team
  3. Other professionals

So without further adieu, let's begin.

The Mutual Group:

This LinkedIn message template is quite simple to use. You invite fellow participants of a group. If you have something in common with individuals in the same LinkedIn group, they will trust you more.

This is a straightforward way to collect like-minded individuals that will help you boost your professional network.

Hey [name],

I work at [Company name]. I noticed that we both are part of [LinkedIn Group], and I came across your intelligent remarks on [topic].

Your statements and opinion intrigued me.

If you're interested, I'd like to talk further. We can also work on business-related topics.


[Your name]

The Direct Approach:

As unlikely as it is to get a sale on the first interaction, it is worth a shot, regardless. The direct approach lets you pitch the prospect with value.

How you can HELP them is the primary concern of most recipients of Linkedin connection messages.

Hi [name], I am {Your job profile} from {Company name}

But I know that doesn't matter to you. So let me tell you about {Product} and how it will be a great fit for you.

Does this interest you?

Click Accept!

[Your name]

Retargeting People's posts:

If you want to find a list of prospects, you can use this trick to scrape people on LinkedIn.

Find an influencer in your niche and go through their profile to find a viral post. Then, check out all the people who liked and commented on the post. Now, you have all the information you need to run this campaign.

It's okay to target a niche leader; you can also do this on other people’s posts.

Use this template, and here you go with a highly personalized and targeted campaign.

Hi {name}

You also liked/commented on {Influencer's name}'s excellent LinkedIn post. We both have {The topic} in common.

I would love to connect with you and discuss the same.

Expressive approach:

This template is the one that you can use to start connecting with other professionals online.

You should use this expressive and to-the-point template when pitching to someone you don't know and have no prior connection with. The purpose of the first interaction is not to sell but to build rapport.

Hello, [First Name]

How are you doing today?

I was searching for somebody with expertise in [their industry] and saw your profile through a [usual connection/group.

Do you have time for a video chat or phone conversation regarding the same?

{Your name}

The Common Tech:

This LinkedIn connection message template is one of the best ways to connect with people on LinkedIn. However, for this to work, you must do quite a bit of research and stay current.

LinkedIn messages provide a limited space to work with, due to which you must ensure that you provide and make the other person feel valued.

Tech is one of the easier ways to engage someone research the prospect and sees which application they are using, and research the app to find common ground.

Hey {Their name}

I came across your profile, and it looked like we both are using {Application name}. So, I wanted to reach out to you!

Would love to connect and discuss some related questions.

{Your name}

Comment-To-Receive Technique:

LinkedIn outreach is done in various ways; all focused on getting the better part of the Linkedin algorithm. People share tips, valuable resources, and much more to create a strong network.

Comment-to-receive is one such technique, where you post a picture/video/text sharing something of value to the public. But you ask people to comment on your post to receive it.

What is the value product?

Anything from a compilation of web resources to a google doc containing interview questions.

Something that creates genuine interest is enough for you.

But why ask people to comment? It is all to trick the LinkedIn algorithm into helping you gain more traction and thus generate leads in a faster fashion.

You send requests to people to send them the resources they commented for and thus generate new contacts in a blink of an eye.

Hey {their name}

I came across your comment on my recent post about {The topic you posted about}

and would like to connect with you so I can send you the resources.


{Your name}

Free trial? What's that:

 People love free stuff; that is especially true on LinkedIn. Reach out to people on the platform by offering free services for a limited duration.

However, make sure not to exaggerate and oversell yourself let your product or service do the talking and convincing.

Hello [NAME],

What are the opportunities at your firm for [BUSINESS SOLUTION]?

If that's the case, I'd be pleased to help and even offer you a free trial at [WEBSITE LINK].

As always, I welcome your feedback.

Looking forward to working with you

{Your Name}

Pitching a recruiter:

Recruiters are always present on LinkedIn posting new opportunities at all times. As such, the first impression matters a lot if you are looking for employment.

Thus we suggest pitching a recruiter only when you have something in common with them, as this gives them a sense of personalization and connection that would be needed to help you stand out from the crowd of thousands out there.

And, of course, Salesrobot would never hang you out to dry, so if you have something in common, pitch a recruiter after researching the kind of groups they are a part of to create a connection.

Greetings, {Their name}

I came across your profile on {Group name} page and wanted to get in touch to explore the possibility of working together.

I have {years of expertise} as a {post you are looking to get employed at}, and I'm looking for new job options right now.

I'd love to talk with you about if my experience would be a match for any of your opportunities, and I'd be pleased to put you in touch with other experts in my area.

Looking forward to your response,

{Your name}

Inbound Lead Generation:

This is a simple and easy-to-use template that works every time and in every situation

The steps are simple:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click the "Who viewed my profile" option
  3. Send personalized messages to establish new professional relationships.

Hey, {Their name}

I saw that you viewed my profile; great!

Is there something that I can assist you with?

It's always such a pleasure to see a professional working in {Their industry or volunteer experience}; I also have quite a bit of interest in the topic.

Would love to connect with you

The follow-up message:

It's always imperative to send a follow-up message not to get forgotten in all the clutter individuals on LinkedIn receive.

"Hello [person name].

I am aware of how busy your schedule is.

However, I'd be delighted to speak with you and discuss [fill in topic]

I previously said [enter a statement that pique's their interest].

Please respond whenever you can!

{Your name}"

How can I speed up the LinkedIn Outreach process?

LinkedIn automation tool like Salesrobot is one of the best LinkedIn Automation tools that you could use to speed up the LinkedIn outreach process.

Automation tools speed up a lot of processes for the sales teams, this includes:

1. Quickly browse through many profiles at once, then bulk send them connections requests and inbox messages using the automation tool
Make sure each lead is followed up on after the "view profile" and messaging phase.
Salesrobot automatically sends messages to the prospects as a fellow up so you don't have to! Neat isn't it?

2. Using just a few mouse clicks, you can quickly and easily create and send personalized messages and connection requests with Salesrobot's excellent personalization tools.

The most recent iteration of Sales Robots AI can swiftly identify a profile's essential characteristics, such as relevant employment experience, volunteer activities, and necessary credentials.

Use graphics and GIFs to make your emails and other kinds of communication more entertaining.

3. You can keep track of all your correspondence in a specific area using Salesrobot's Smart Inbox.

Your leads may be modified and filtered all in one place. Furthermore, such issues may frequently be corrected with just a mouse click.
Your emails will be handled swiftly and efficiently if you use this option.


My explanation of connection messages on LinkedIn (as well as the examples) was helpful.

And if you are looking to automate the LinkedIn connection request process and more, feel free to hit us up!

And we will take you for a demo ride.

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