How to send mass message on LinkedIn? Here's what you need to know

How to send mass message on LinkedIn? Here's what you need to know

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Do you feel tired of spending an enormous amount of time doing cold outreach on LinkedIn? It’s time-consuming, indeed! A recent survey found that, on average, 18-25% of users are more likely to respond to LinkedIn Inmails. 

Undoubtedly, the higher the target users, the more likely you are to get a response and the higher the chances of getting a conversion. However, managing the campaign is the most significant pain for the people doing one-on-one prospecting on LinkedIn. 

In this article, I’ve shared the best practices we use to send messages to mass audiences on LinkedIn with the help of LinkedIn mass messaging tools. This will help you to deliver messages promptly to your ideal audiences. 

I will cover the best ways to send mass messages on LinkedIn. At the end of this, you will better understand the following things:

  • How to send mass text messages on LinkedIn?
  • What are the types of messages you can send on LinkedIn?
  • How to automate your LinkedIn mass message process?
  • Best LinkedIn mass message templates you can use to get a high response rate and more Sales
  • FAQs around LinkedIn mass messaging; however, we have also covered a separate article on some of the best LinkedIn mass messaging you can use to scale your cold outreach.  

Network effect of LinkedIn
source: Pixabay

What are LinkedIn Messages?

The LinkedIn message service allows you to connect with your connections or prospects. While LinkedIn only allows you to message your 1st-degree connections for free, the messaging service can send messages to anyone on the platform.

This is often done by sending an Inmail to another LinkedIn user. However, the service is only for premium users.

Linkedin message box
source: LinkedIn

Types Of LinkedIn Messages

There are a variety of LinkedIn Messages that you could send to your connections. These are often used as a medium to send mass messages across the platform. Due to this, it is essential to understand the difference between InMail, Sponsored messaging, and Open Profile Messages.


LinkedIn Inmail is a premium feature that LinkedIn provides to send a direct message to anyone on the platform, not just your connections. According to LinkedIn, Inmails provide up to 65% more response rate than other methods. 

However, LinkedIn provides a very limited number of Inmails that could be sent to prevent overuse or exploitation of the service.

Sponsored Messages

A native advertisement delivered straight to the LinkedIn Messaging of your target audience is an efficient method to contact your audience through sponsored messaging.

Mass messages could be sent using this service by paying LinkedIn to send them to a large number of people.

Note: The sponsored messages get labeled as ‘Sponsored Message’ in the receiver’s inbox, making the response rate quite low.

Open Profile Messages

This type of messaging allows the user to send a message request in the form of a connection request and then contact them. Open Profile messages require a connection of 1st degree to be established before any messages can be sent. For which there is a need to send a LinkedIn Connection request.

Connection requests can also get paired with a short message which helps you boost your acceptance rate. 

Linkedin message window

Now that you know everything about LinkedIn Messages and how they can help you, let's address the main issue you are looking for, Mass Messages.

How to send mass messages on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's mass text messaging service is free and easy to use. Mass testing service is quite similar to old times' mass SMS message service.

However, SMS messages are now a thing of  the past, and business needs to adapt accordingly. And that is why LinkedIn's mass messaging service is even more important today. Mass messaging could be done in two ways to help your business generate leads:

  1. Without using a LinkedIn Automation tool 
  2. Using a LinkedIn Automation tool, 

You might be asking if my account can get banned from mass messaging.

 Yes, overusing the feature might lead to the following:

  • Your account being marked as spam
  • Features starting to become restricted
  • In worse cases, the account gets banned.

If you have already faced this issue and have your account restricted, check out this blog to learn how to get unbanned.

The process is simple in this case, after writing the template in a generalized format and delivering all the information you intend to provide.

Follow this simple process to send LinkedIn messages:

Without Using An Automation Tool:

  1. Open your LinkedIn Account

Your first need to open your LinkedIn account, which will display your LinkedIn Page and the navigation board as shown in the picture.

linkedin profile

  1. Open the Inbox

After opening your inbox, click on compose message button as shown in the picture.

  1. Composing a mass message

After finalizing the template you wish to send LinkedIn Message, paste it into the ‘Write a message section.

After adding all the recipients, i.e., the list of people to that, you wish to send the message.

  1. Click Send.

Just click the send button at the bottom, and the message will be received by all the individuals you have mentioned. 

You can also add an image, video, or GIF to make the mass message more visually appealing.

Another way to send Mass Messages on LinkedIn is by using an Automation Tool but more about that later(*Wink).

However, why would anyone use the Mass Message feature of LinkedIn anyway?

Here are the Pros And Cons using Of Mass Messages on LinkedIn

Mass messages or bulk message is a common practice used for various purposes in contacting perspectives or providing information to employees. The use varies as per the need.

LinkedIn Automation Tools provide a significant edge over those who don’t use the service. Especially to those in the sales industry or using LinkedIn to search for B2B Prospects.

However, before using the service, you need to know how it would give you an edge:

The Pros

1. Mass Message saves you both Time and Effort:

Automated LinkedIn Messages save a lot of time and effort, but mass messaging combined with Automated LinkedIn Messages would take you ways by focusing the employee’s time and energy on a more critical task.

This makes Mass text messaging service synonyms with 'Save time, Save effort'

2. No Repetitive Task:

Repeating the same task is growth-hampering and dull. Using Automation tools saves you from opening hundreds of profiles and messaging them individually in hops for generating leads; automation does that in one click and gives you access to the creation of bulk leads, all while you do other tasks.

An Automation Tool would do the task of messaging prospects that meet your criteria in no time. All while staying under the radar of LinkedIn. This makes LinkedIn Lead Generation quite simple. And it generates Quality and Verified leads which just makes it better.

3. Personalisation:

LinkedIn advertises the importance of personalization while messaging someone with a 3rd+ degree connection(Don’t know what this is ? Read about them here!).

 Personalization of LinkedIn messages provides the intended audience of the prospect with a sense of attachment to the letter. This could include any volunteer work they have done, companies they worked in, and much more.

Salesrobot provides LinkedIn message automation with hyper-personalization for your audience. Our services include messaging our intended audience with the best personalization at a mass scale. 

Without further adieu, let’s see how to mass message individuals and groups to generate bulk leads and much more!

The Cons

Mass messaging is a perfect marketing tool because it allows you to instantly generate bulk leads and reach out to a large audience. However, not everything is rosy, and the feature carries with itself a variety of threats that you need to know about: 

  1. Potential Case of Account Restriction

LinkedIn does not promote the usage of tools as a workaround as it promotes itself on its ability to provide human interactions and conversations.

And using just any chrome based extension or run-of-a-mill software for bulk messaging hundreds of accounts with messages every minute would lead your account to get restricted (If it is a first-time offender) 

But, overusing the feature even while sending manual messages might lead to a temporary ban, a shadow ban and, worse case permanent ban. (More on this in the FAQs) 

  1. Shadow ban

LinkedIn often monitors user behavior; a user can’t stay active on LinkedIn 24/7, Send requests just after the limit resets, and much more. 

Such accounts attract a shadow ban, and Yes! Overusing mass messaging attracts Shadow Ban.

A shadow ban is a case where your account is not explicitly banned, but when you share your content, users on LinkedIn would not see it even if you optimized it to the best of your ability.

This harms the growth and future expansion of your network.

LinkedIn Account Restriction
source: LinkedIn

  1. Poorly Written Messages 

LinkedIn is a professional platform, and anyone can see that a message is templated from a mile away. This makes the method of writing a cold message template of paramount importance.

If the receiver knows the message has been templated, the chances of them responding fall significantly. Manually, Mass messaging often fails in that regard. However, there is a work that uses an Automation Tool like Salesrobot.

What is an Automated LinkedIn Message?

An automated LinkedIn message is a message you write and send to a recipient or group at a time and date. The service is similar to what Google Gmail provides, where email can be scheduled for a later date. 

On LinkedIn, Automated LinkedIn messages could be sent through an Automation tool like Salesrobot.  Automated LinkedIn messages provide several advantages: 

  • Timely and scheduled messages
  • Boosted response rate by generating bulk leads.
  • Creating a good rapport with the connections that you have!

After understanding Automated LinkedIn messages, we will now get to mass texting or bulk messaging on LinkedIn.

Automation tools provide numerous advantages, but why should you use LinkedIn automation tools?

Another issue is the need for more personalization in the mass message you have shared, which might lead to a lower conversion rate and the aim of generating bulk shows staying unfulfilled. 

Wondering, ‘Can I bypass LinkedIn Limits?’

We have got you covered; LinkedIn Limits can be tricky and keep changing with each update which might lead to issues while manually messaging individuals. So, we suggest reading this article on how to bypass LinkedIn limits.

Automate process with a LinkedIn Automation Tool,

The benefits of using an Automated LinkedIn message service for sending mass messages on LinkedIn have been previously stated. 

Before sending Automated LinkedIn messages via an Automation Tool like Salesrobot,

It would be best if you decided on your goal for the entire campaign.

The goal could be anything from recruiting people, generating bulk leads, and marketing a product or service to searching for investment opportunities. 

Need for a goal before beginning the process of mass texting service is a must, as it helps create a profile for the prospects you would pitch via the mass messages you would send.

Using an Automation Tool would allow you to create a campaign to get you started sending the messages and generating bulk leads with a click!

Some services that Salesrobot provides as an automation tool are as follows: 


The services are much too many, and if you wish to know more about them, see our services!

LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn automation tools are used for various purposes. These tools automate specific tasks in the platform, including

  • Email and Phone Number collection
  • Sending LinkedIn Connection Requests t increase your LinkedIn Network
  • Automated follow-up responses to all LinkedIn Accounts to ensure maximized response rate
  • LinkedIn Premium Services like LinkedIn Inmail,
  • Running LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Cold Outreach across the Social media platform

Automation tools are also used to conduct cold outreach campaigns. These are mass messages that are sent using LinkedIn. Cold outreach is the first point of interaction with a prospect unaware of you, your product, or your company.

Salesrobot is a cloud-based tool that you should use to help your business grow. It can help you message 400 prospects daily while safely bypassing LinkedIn limits and generating quality bulk leads.

It can also assist you by sending mass messages to your registered users and more with just a click of a button. Salesrobot is a perfect solution to increase sales for agencies, individuals, and professionals. (If you wish to check the Best LinkedIn Automation Tools out there, click here)

However, Salesrobot, for now, is only for LinkedIn and can’t be used on other social media platforms like Quora, Instagram, etc.

salesrobot dashboard

Best Mass Message Templates for higher response rate

While writing a LinkedIn message is easy, getting a response and compelling the user who reads it isn’t.

Mass messages should be written in a way that has it all hook-line-sinker to ensure the person reads it and follows up with you about the same. 

One such example is 

The “Common” Link, LinkedIn Messaging Trick.

You are writing a message template where one friend or a group gives a sense of connection to the person reading it. However, this limits the number of individuals that fall in your prospective list to those connected, but there is a much higher conversion rate in this regard. 

Asking for a referral or recommendation from the standard link could do wonders for you, so keep that in mind while pitching a prospect next time.

LinkedIn Messages could be as follows:

Hi [Prospect Name],

I recently came in contact with [The familiar friend or group] and saw your profile is standard and checked it out. It intrigued me, and I wanted to discuss it with you [The topic or product]. I want to get in contact with you. Does this weekend sound good?

Looking forward to your response,

[Your Name]

If you wish to see more such templates, check out: the Top 10 LinkedIn Cold Message Template 2022.


This blog summarised how to manually send Mass messages on LinkedIn and with an automation tool. 

Mass messaging is a critical feature that your business should use if you wish to pursue a more interactive path with your audience and connect with them. As an individual, mass texting could be used to promote your account, event, or just message recruiters on the platform. !!

Overall, using an Automation Tool is a much better way of exploiting the service, all while staying under LinkedIn’s radar. It helps deliver a personalized experience to the target audience, follow-ups, and more.

Salesrobot provides all these services and much more; mass messaging isn’t the only thing you can use it for. We provide reasonable pricing for our product and would love to connect with you.

Contact us if you are intrigued by the services and want to implement them in your business.

Some of the frequently asked questions:

These are the frequently asked questions related to the topic, mass messaging, and LinkedIn Automation:

How can I send 1000 texts at once?

While the concept of sending 1,000 LinkedIn messages is possible over a period of time, sending all the texts manually or with an automation tool would lead to the account getting banned/restricted/marked as spam.

LinkedIn even has placed strict guidelines to unlock spammy user activity. I would also not recommend following such action.

Is LinkedIn Automation Illegal?

LinkedIn Automation and Automation tools are not illegal, nor do they violate any law. However, LinkedIn often bans individuals for :

  1. Violating LinkedIn terms and conditions,
  2. Using Automation tools, such as LinkedIn, discourages non-human behavior, such as spamming connection requests and messages.

How many types of bans can LinkedIn impose?

LinkedIn imposes three types of bans on users violating its terms and services:

  1. Shadow Ban - Not public display of ban as a user can still access other accounts, but their content is not shown to other users to discourage automation and other behavior.
  2. Temporary Ban- Ban imposed by LinkedIn where the user can not access their account for a set period. It varies from a day to a few weeks.
    Note: Over usage of Manual mass messaging leads to this action being taken
  3. Permanent Ban - Ban imposed by LinkedIn for extreme violations of their community guidelines and terms and conditions like spammy or abusive behavior.

If you wish to know more about LinkedIn bans, check this out.

How to send mass messages on the LinkedIn Recruiter tool?

The first step is to sign into the LinkedIn Recruiter Tool:

  1. Open and click the profile picture at the top of your homepage.
  2. Click product settings.
  3. Click preferences
  4. On the page, click edit and Enable bulk messaging restrictions.
  5. You are all set to begin mass messaging.

How do Salesrobot client's not get banned?

Salesrobot utilizes a very strict restriction model that restricts the amount of any action that you could implement on the platform.

This includes limiting request sending to 200 per day and much more.

We also provide Safe mode, replicating human-like behavior as a day-night cycle is followed, and messages are sent at random intervals to prevent patterns.

Due to this, only some clients or accounts of Salesrobot have gotten banned so far.

Can I mass message on LinkedIn on a mobile phone?

Yes, The manual messaging process could also be done using a LinkedIn mobile application. The process is similar where you have to open the message window and type the message out and select the recipients, and you are done.

However, using automation tools like us would require a Personal computer or Laptop where the accounts would be listed on the portal, and you could get access to the dashboard of all your accounts in a single window. 

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