Top 5 Alternatives to You Need To Try Now (2023)

Top 5 Alternatives to You Need To Try Now (2023)

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The power of outreach as a means of interacting with potential customers is remarkable.

When it comes to sales teams who rely solely on the spray-and-pray method

It is not going to be sufficient, on the other hand, if you need to concentrate on cultivating leads and establishing new connections.

If this matches you, there is a strong likelihood that you are seeking for an alternative to the 

However, with the sheer number of options available, how can you be sure which one is best suited for your sales teams?

We will share the Top 5 Outreach alternatives you might need to save you from all the hassle.  

Who is for?

Outreach is an all-in-one revenue platform that is powered by artificial intelligence and provides sales engagement, insight, and forecasting, among other features.

It is an excellent and thorough option for enterprises in the mid-market to the enterprise level that have divided regions and junior SDR teams who need to follow repeatable and scalable outbound processes. In the same way that you would drop prospects from ZoomInfo into pre-built sequences day after day.

It offers a great deal of visibility to managers on the activities of sales representatives and the performance of those representatives. In addition, there is a plethora of functionality available to use in order to boost engagement and maintain a high level of follow-up.

Why do you need an alternative to Outreach?

  • UI interface:  The user interface of Outreach is messy, confusing, and incredibly challenging to navigate, and this is true for users of all experience levels. The system is prone to crashing frequently and has problems with effectively operating all of the multiple functionalities that it possesses. To make matters even more difficult, the company's customer assistance is notoriously difficult to get in touch with, so that's another thing that's lacking.
  • It’s low on personalization options — Especially about email campaigns. You are unable, for instance, to put captivating pictures in your emails or to tweak email layouts beyond making a few fundamental alterations. As a result, the emails users send via Outreach end up in spam more often than expected.
  • Its integrations are not at all seamless, and the majority of them cost an arm and a leg each.
  • It is one of the most expensive sales engagement tools. Numerous users on review sites have expressed their dissatisfaction with Outreach's pricing structure. Some others have even reported costs in the five-figure range. In addition, Outreach only provides contracts on an annual basis. For the sales and marketing teams that don't want to make such an upfront commitment to the long term, this is a major problem.

Top 5 Alternatives : Changing your Sales Engagement Game


Salesrobot - best alternative to

Salesrobot isn't just any sales engagement platform - it's a game-changer transforming how sales teams and lead generation agencies approach their work.

Salesrobot is a potent tool that automates the sales process and authorizes customers to simplify their actions for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Connecting with potential leads on LinkedIn has never been easier with Salesrobot. With its personalized messages and connection requests, users can catch the attention of their targets effortlessly. 

What sets Salesrobot apart is its ability to communicate in a way that feels human, creating a more authentic connection with potential leads.

Salesrobot is ideal for start-ups, small business owners, recruiting firms, and anyone looking to streamline their sales process and reach a broader range of potential leads. 

By automating sales tasks and expanding your reach, Salesrobot makes it easier to close deals and achieve success.

Don't waste your valuable time, say hello to your ultimate sales automation solution with Salesrobot, and take your sales game to the next level.

What Are The Features of Salesrobot?

Salesrobot has become an increasingly popular tool for businesses of all sizes due to its ability to streamline sales processes, boost productivity, and increase revenue. 

But what exactly are the features of Salesrobot that make it such a valuable tool for modern businesses? Let's explore some of its key features and benefits:

1. Automating Personalized Email Sequences with Salesrobot

  • Salesrobot has introduced a new feature that automates personalized email sequences for outbound efforts, offering a seamless and personalized experience. 
Create email sequence with Salesrobot

2. Bypass LinkedIn Message Limits

  • Users can send up to 200 messages and connection requests to potential prospects, exceeding LinkedIn's limits without risking their account being banned.
  • Users can use Email and InMail to communicate mass to group members and event attendees.
  • Activities beyond LinkedIn limits of 100/week can be performed without risking the account within the rules and regulations.

3. Personalized Messages with AI

  • Salesrobot uses AI to interact with prospects in a warm, human-like manner, allowing users to nurture client relationships with personalized messages.
  • Among the LinkedIn connection messages users create, Salesrobot selects the most suitable one.

4. Safety and Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns - Salesrobot
  • To ensure user safety, Salesrobot imitates human behavior, avoids triggering LinkedIn's algorithm, and provides excellent customer support services 24/7.
  • Users can schedule and gradually ramp up their activity to avoid triggering red flags from the LinkedIn algorithm.
Add prospects from LinkedIn search
  • Salesrobot allows users to build brilliant campaigns and message series from scratch or use customizable templates to meet their objectives.
  • The feature takes care of engagement and follow-up messages, eliminating the possibility of errors.

5. Better User Experience

  • Salesrobot provides a better user experience, making it easy for inexperienced LinkedIn automation users to utilize its primary, intuitive interface.
  • The feature also supports multiple LinkedIn profiles, making it an ideal choice for lead-generation companies and sales teams.

6. Diverse Integration Choices

  • Salesrobot seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Hyperise, enabling users to export relevant data to their preferred CRM or database quickly and easily.

How much does Salesrobot cost?

  • Salesrobot offers a one-for-all plan at $99/month.
  • Opting for an annual subscription gives a 20% discount.
Salesrobot pricing
  • A 14-day free trial is available with no need for credit card details. Test all features during the trial period. Use the trial to see if Salesrobot is suitable for your needs.

2. Salesloft 

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that’s designed to facilitate sales activities.

Salesloft’s main selling point is that it integrates prospecting, following up, analytics, cadences, and more into one unified platform. 

This helps sales representatives and leadership move seamlessly from one task to the next, whether it’s managing a deal, reaching out to a prospect, or connecting with a lead.

The platform syncs usage data across all linked devices, so sales reps can pick up where they left off no matter where they are. This also makes it easier to collaborate across large teams – team members, especially leadership, can quickly check in to see how things are progressing through the Salesloft dashboard. Sales managers can also set tasks for members of their teams.

Additionally, Salesloft provides call recording and analysis features that can help with coaching and onboarding. Conversation intelligence, for example, uses AI to scan through reps’ calls and pinpoints areas where they can improve.

Salesloft call recording feature
Source: Salesloft’s Call recording feature 

What Does Salesloft Offer?

There are dozens of different features that are included with Salesloft; however, these elements may be separated into five main products, each of which offers a distinctive and important feature set.

  • Automation: Salesloft provides its users with the ability to set up individualized sales cadences. This leads to more efficient sales procedures, which can minimize the amount of time it takes to close a deal when it is done correctly. In addition, sales representatives can automate certain operations, such as sending follow-up emails.
  •  Dialer + Messenger: This software offers a sales dialer, allowing representatives to make calls with just the press of a button. In addition to this, it possesses a messenger function that can send SMS messages. The live coaching feature that Salesloft provides enables management to eavesdrop on ongoing conversations between sales reps and prospects while also providing guidance to the reps in private.
  • Deals: The deals product offered by Salesloft enables leadership to more accurately predict the success of individual sales. The leadership of an company can make use of sales opportunity management tools, which give them visibility into the deal flows and sales pipelines of all of the members of that organization's team. This gives them the ability to intervene as needed to reroute the cadences of deals that appear to be in jeopardy of failing to close. Additionally, it is able to send automated reminders and messages to sales representatives.
  •  Conversations: Call recording and conversation insight are both included in this package. Conversation intelligence is a solution that employs artificial intelligence to analyze previously recorded sales conversations and identify crucial inflection moments based on keywords and other indicators. The leadership can then make use of these insights to coach representatives on ways in which they can improve or to develop playlists of excellent calls from which team members can learn.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Salesloft analyzes data in order to provide leadership and sales representatives with insights that may be put to use. Sales managers are able to gain insight into what the most successful salespeople are doing differently and then construct cadences based on that data.
Salesloft features

How Much Does Salesloft Cost? 

You can get it customized according to your specifications, but don't expect it to be very affordable. In addition, there is not a trial period available for free.

Salesloft pricing
source: Salesloft

How does Salesloft compare to Outreach? 

Salesloft, much like Outreach, is an excellent tool for high-volume prospecting by SDR teams that require a great level of control. 

Because of the steep learning curve, the overwhelming number of functions, and the requirement for administrative support, adoption can be a challenge. If you want to serve all of your customer-facing personnel, it's going to cost you a pretty penny because there are four distinct packages that each cater to a particular point of the sales cycle. 

The high price point also means that it will take several months to get teams up and running and begin seeing a return on investment (ROI).

Customers typically fall into the mid-market to enterprise organization category for the reasons that have been discussed above. However, given that it has recently been purchased by private equity, you should anticipate that it will begin concentrating even more on the second option.

Switching to Salesloft is probably not going to fix the problems you're having with Outreach, so you shouldn't count on that as a solution.

3. MixMax

MixMax is an email tracking and sales engagement platform that was designed specifically for Gmail.

MixMax - Best alternative to
Source: MixMax

This implies that the only web browser and email service providers that are compatible with MixMax are Google Chrome and Gmail.

How do MixMax and compare in price?

MixMax has five plans:

  • A free-forever plan
  • SMB — At $29 per user per month
  • Growth — At $65 per user per month
  • Growth + Salesforce integration — At $69 per user per month (but this plan is only available with annual billing) 
  • Enterprise — At a custom price based on your business’s size and requirements
MixMax vs Outreach Pricing comparision

MixMax is somewhat more affordable than Outreach, but it is still not an inexpensive option overall, particularly for more exhaustive subscriptions.

To be more specific, the best features of it (such as customisation, extensive reporting, and so on) are only available with plans higher than the Growth tier.

MixMax does not offer a free trial version of its service. However, its free plan is able to provide prospective customers with a sample of the more fundamental capabilities.

What Does MixMax Offer? 

Email Tracking and Analytics

Tracking tools for emails enable the company and sales staff to see which emails generate the most business and revenue. You may learn a lot about your recipients' level of involvement through the data gathered by these tracking technologies.

Mixmax, like most email tracking programs, keeps tabs on a number of metrics after an email has been sent. You can use it to examine such email tracking stats as:

  • Email Open Rates: The number of email accounts that opened your email.
  • Clicks: The number of recipients that clicked on a link in your email.
  • Per Recipient Tracking: Data about specific clients or customers who opened your email.
  • Download Tracking: The number of recipients that downloaded a tracked attachment. 
MixMax Email and Tracking
Source: MixMax

You may also integrate the tool with a few more services to simplify your email monitoring:

  • Can auto bcc emails to a CRM like Pipedrive.
  • Integrates notifications into Slack.
  • Can directly connect to your CRM through its API integration.
Email Scheduling

Mixmax enables users to easily schedule emails by only requiring them to provide a date and time. After that, it will send out emails to your customers at the predetermined time on their own automatically.

Mixmax can also be used to schedule meetings in addition to being used for email. And because it has its own alerts system, you won't need to keep the Google Calendar app open just to keep track of your appointments.

Email Personalization to Boost Engagement

Mixmax is automation software that enables you to tailor emails in order to increase engagements with your sales campaign and outreach efforts.

You can send emails with personalization fields populated by data from sources like:

  • Salesforce leads
  • Pipedrive, HubSpot, and other CRM integrations
  • Google directory contacts
Save Custom Templates

With just one click, you'll be able to repurpose it into a drip campaign template for your forthcoming use of Mixmax. Because you can reuse these email templates, you won't need to compose a brand-new email for each campaign that you run. When it comes to the creation of outreach initiatives, business owners and account managers can save a significant amount of time using this method.

Why choose MixMax over

  • It enables more personalization, especially regarding emails — In addition to embedding custom images, GIFs, and videos, you can also embed polls and surveys. You can also increase email open and click-through rates with links and live webpage previews.
  • It has excellent reporting features — MixMax provides a clear insight into which emails have the highest open, click, and content download rates. You can also see which emails bounce the most.
  • Its email tracking is more seamless than Outreach’s — You can receive desktop, email, and Slack notifications whenever a lead opens an email or clicks on a link.

4. Mailshake 

Mailshake - Best alternative to
Source: Mailshake 

Mailshake is a tool that helps businesses streamline their email outreach process by integrating with their existing email provider, allowing them to send automated email sequences to prospects without manually sending each email.

Mailshake also includes a mail-merging feature that enables businesses to create personalized and customized emails at scale.

With Mailshake, businesses can set up a cadence of emails, a series of automated emails sent out to a prospect over time, including follow-ups, reminders, or value-add content, all designed to move the prospect through the sales funnel.

The tool also includes an analytics dashboard that allows businesses to track the performance of their email campaigns in real-time.

What Features Does Mailshake offer?  

Prospecting and Outreach

One of the steps in the marketing process that takes the most time is the one that involves prospecting and outreach. They also serve as the foundation upon which everything else is constructed. Because there is still a possibility of incurring spam fines at some point in the future, Mailshake has developed a set of tools with the purpose of accelerating the prospecting process and simplifying first outreach in a way that is both tailored and compliant. 

Mailshake feature
Source: Mailshake 
Tracking and Measuring 

Knowing that S.M.A.R.T. goals are the foundation of effective marketing plans, it stands to reason that a robust marketing tool like Mailshake would incorporate tracking and measurement features. After your emails have been sent, you may check their status in terms of opened, clicked, and unopened emails.

Lead Management

Mailshake also has lead management features that would normally require a separate customer relationship management (CRM) system. A further efficient time-saving feature is the ability to respond to contact requests without leaving the platform.

Cold Calling

Yes. Cold calling is something that nobody likes. Yes. Everybody claims that cold calling is obsolete. Nevertheless, Mailshake recognizes that this step is sometimes overlooked and has included helpful features within their own platform. Access to your client information, call logs, and VOIP settings are all in one convenient place. Incredibly amazing!

Social Media Integration

You've probably heard the phrase, "be where your prospects are." The most likely social media platform where you can find them is LinkedIn. As a result, Mailshake has integrated straightforward two-way communication with LinkedIn.

Full Email Automation

It's no secret that Mailshake's primary function is as a powerful email automation platform. It stands to reason that it already incorporates every feature needed to fully automate every type of marketing email imaginable.

Support and Training

If you ever get stuck while using Mailshake, don't worry; they've got you covered with a full range of support and training options and services.

How Much Does Mailshake Cost?

Mailshake charges by the user, so you can add as many people to your plan as you need. You can pay by the month or by the year. If you choose an annual plan, you'll automatically get a 25% discount, which is a good deal if you know you'll use it for a year and want to pay for it all at once.

It is important to note that the total annual savings for these plans are $180 and $288, which means that if you are able to subscribe for the whole year, you will be able to save a large amount of money on your subscription.

Mailshake pricing
Source: Mailshake 

Each user can connect one email account to their Mailshake account. This allows users to send all of their emails and other correspondence from their own email accounts, giving their communications a more personalized feel.

How does it compare to Outreach? 

Mailshake is an alternative to Outreach that combines lead generation with prospecting, and it might be the right choice for you. However, it does not have any tools for capturing contacts, which means that a significant amount of human labor is still required when creating lists. Because of this, and the fact that it is more difficult to personalize sequencing and messaging, it is not even close to becoming a contender.

For larger sales teams, especially junior SDRs, it’s worth looking for a solution that offers repeatable processes and a lot of oversight. If that’s you and you’ve got the budget to invest, Salesloft is likely to be the best Outreach alternative. 

For fast-growing customer-facing teams in SMBs and mid-market companies that need a user-friendly solution, Mixmax has all the features and flexibility you need for true sales engagement at scale. 

5. Groove 

Groove - best alternative to
source: Groove

The efficiency of sales and marketing teams that utilize Salesforce CRM can be increased by using Groove, which is a sales engagement platform.

This suggests that if you want Groove to assist with your sales cycle management, you will almost certainly need to be using Salesforce first. This is something that you might have anticipated already.

Billing itself as a sales productivity tool, Groove was specifically designed to work with Salesforce so reps can run targeted, multi-channel campaigns to sell to specific target companies, prospects, and decision-makers. 

What are the Features of Groove?

  • Omnibar displays contact records when working with email or InMail
  • Streamlined workflows and task prioritization based on real-time Salesforce data 
  • Auto-dialer desktop app with Salesforce history and notes from previous interactions 
  • Local presence dialing and callback
  • Click-to-call from any webpage 
  • Calendar scheduling with customizable, branded links 
  • Activity capture for real-time insights
  • Analytics and reporting by flow, rep, template, account, etc.  
groove features

How Much Does Groove Cost?

Custom pricing on request, but toward the mid-upper end of the scale. No free trial. 

How does Groove compare to Outreach? 

Groove is more geared toward mid-market organizations and customer-facing teams than Outreach. Users rate features like email tracking and automation, the Salesforce integration, and lead prioritization. All of which suggests it’s more suitable for AEs and CSM than SDRs. 

However, the UX needs work, and some users complain the Salesforce sync can be buggy, and the email template creator and editor tricky to use. 

Basically, Groove bridges the gap between Salesloft and Mixmax but has a way to go to rival either.

Ready to engage?

There are a plethora of other programs available than Outreach to choose from. Understanding the needs of your team and the sales processes involved is essential to locating the best one for your organization.

Ask yourself: 

  • Is it intuitive, and scalable, and can all your teams use it, if that’s what you’re looking for? 
  • Does it integrate with your current tech stack? 

If not, you could be throwing money away on an expensive solution that doesn’t get used.

  • Is there a free trial to test it out before committing? 
  • What customer support is available? 

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