We-Connect Review, Pricing, and Alternatives: Detailed Analysis [Updated 2023]

We-Connect Review, Pricing, and Alternatives: Detailed Analysis [Updated 2023]

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LinkedIn is an excellent platform for business networking. It helps you in connecting with people in your field and advances your career. LinkedIn is also handy for B2B prospecting and lead generation; you can use tools like We-Connect, Salesrobot, LeadIn, etc. for LinkedIn prospecting. Having millions of professionals and entrepreneurs, you can crack some good business deals through LinkedIn.

The biggest challenge that users face on LinkedIn is that they are unable to generate quality leads in bulk. This may be due to various factors like LinkedIn limits or restrictions. And it is also not humanly possible to reach out to hundreds or thousands of people daily. So marketers and sales personnel think of using LinkedIn automation to generate quick leads. According to a study, 80% of marketers think that with the use of automation tools, they can create more leads.

We-Connect LinkedIn Automation is one of the highly regarded LinkedIn automation tools. It can help you quickly fetch leads from LinkedIn and other social media platforms. It is a powerful tool that can save time and energy by automating all your manual tasks. Here in this blog, we will get an in-depth insight into We-Connect, its Pricing, and its Alternatives. So without any delay, Scroll down!

What does We-Connect do?

We-Connect is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool which uses AI to reach out to people in bulk. It can help you quickly build your network on LinkedIn by running campaigns and sending personalized automated messages and connection requests.

We-Connect also allows you to set up automated follow-ups. So even if a prospect doesn't respond to your message, you can continue the conversation by following up with them. You can even send cold emails to people if you don’t want to use LinkedIn messages as an email sounds more formal.

Using We-Connect’s automation, you can get relief from doing manual things like typing different messages to different users, manually following up each prospect, interacting with posts of other LinkedIn members, and many more, as the human-like robot of We-connect will take care of most of the activities of your LinkedIn account.

How Does We-Connect Work?

The process of automation is quite simple with We-Connect. You just need to create a campaign and set some filters like Location, Industry, Job title, and LinkedIn groups. After that, you need to add a message that will automatically send to all the filtered prospects. You can even personalize the message by adding the prospects' first, last, and Company names of the prospects.

We-Connect will start sending automated messages and connection requests to all your prospects according to the campaign you have set. And once a prospect accepts your request or replies to your message, We-connect will automatically add that person to your LinkedIn network. You can perform various actions using We-Connect. Some of them are:

  • Adding people to your LinkedIn network.
  • Running message sequence
  • Following-up messages
  • Exporting leads
  • Randomizing campaign actions
  • Viewing and exporting campaign statistics
We-Connect Dashboard
Source: We-Connect

What are the features of We-Connect?

Interactive Inbox

We-Connect offers a very easy way to manage all your LinkedIn messages, and that is through the use of the interactive inbox offered by it. You can even send follow-up messages through the inbox and keep all the records of messages in a well-organized way. This saves your time and decreases the chance of leaving messages seen due to a mistake or error.

We-Connect Dashboard
Source: We-Connect

Reply Detection

We-Connect’s AI-based software has a response detection feature which means when a prospect replies to your message, We-Connect will detect the reply, and it will automatically stop the sequence of messages that was set. This prevents the follow-up reach to the user so that you can reply to their query first. You can even resume the message sequence later on.

Saving Campaign as draft

When you are creating a campaign in We-Connect, and you have to pause it or leave the process in between, you can save it and continue the campaign creation from where you have left it at any time. This saves a bunch of your time as you don’t have to start creating the campaign again from scratch.

Sending Inmail

We-Connect also allows you to send free LinkedIn Inmail to your leads. So instead of running invite campaigns and waiting for the prospects to accept your invite and then initiating a conversation, you can simply send an Inmail to open profile users to interact with them.

Sending personalized messages

You can write a personalized message, and We-connect will automatically add the prospect's first name, Last name, and Company name to the message. In addition, you can create a wide range of message templates in the We-Connect dashboard and save them for the future.

What Are The Shortcomings Of We-Connect?

  • Filled with bugs: We-Connect software comes with glitches and campaign issues. Sometimes, the campaign takes hours to start.
  • Complex interface: It may be difficult for you to understand We-connect as its dashboard has many tabs, so it may be time-consuming to learn all the functionalities.
  • Poor Customer support: We-Connect’s customer support is not very reliable. Sometimes, they take days to reply to your concern and solve your problem.
  • One pricing plan only: We-Connect offers only one pricing plan, so you don’t get a chance to choose from different plans as per your need.

What customers says about We-connect?

We-Connect Review on G2

We-Connect has a 4.1-star rating on G2, have a look at what people said:

Positive We-Connect Review

“Firstly, the price point. It has all the functionality of much more expensive software and has allowed me to expand. The interface is brilliantly designed and you are able to quickly look between connections, replies, etc. It's very easy to use and I just switch between my client's accounts with ease and speed. I now have time to concentrate on my own prospecting. While support seems to be in a single time zone they have been most helpful when they answer.”
“I use We-Connect for generating leads for my agency and also as an upsell service to my clients. The Agency plan makes it easy for me to manage my different clients. The app is stupid easy to use and the support team is diligent and helpful.”
We-Connect G2
Source: G2

Negative We-Connect Review:

“The searches are basic - no multi-picks or advanced searches like company size (but this may also be due to LinkedIn restrictions). You need to be on the ball. At least 2 to 3 times a day you need to refresh login on LinkedIn and refresh the app.”
“The support is miserable. The average reply time is 1-2 days. And the support is not helpful at all. Even after concise descriptions of a problem and how to reproduce it, WeConnect's approach seems to blame the user for making anything wrong. I've been in the IT industry for 15 years and have used 50+ services before, this is the worst experience I ever had. Do not use it, use other alternatives.”
We-Connect G2
Source: G2

We-Connect Reviews On Capterra:

We-Connect has a decent 4.4-star rating on Capterra. Let’s have a look at some reviews:

Positive We-Connect Review

"This is especially great when you have a winning campaign. I love the playboard, it allows me to remove people from the campaign easily and I can see where everyone is within each campaign sequence."
"I use We-Connect for generating leads for my agency and also as an upsell service to my clients. First of all, it generates great marketing results and it is safe."
We-Connect Capterra
Source: Capterra

Negative We-Connect Review:

"And the support is not helpful at all. Even after concise descriptions of a problem and how to reproduce it, WeConnect's approach seems to blame the user for making anything wrong."
"The company is exploiting the subscription; they remove my login/account and I can no longer access the service, therefore I cannot cancel my subscription."

We-Connect Playboard and Dashboard

We-Connect offers a very interactive and user-friendly playboard where you can manage everything with just one click. The playboard has diverse tabs which you can use to manage different activities like tracking the contacts, Blacklisting contacts, and searching and sorting data. You can even export the customized data from We-Connect as a CSV. You can also manage your team by using We-Connect.

We-Connect Dashboard
Source: We-Connect

The dashboard of We-Connect is beneficial as it gives you an overview of all your campaigns. You can even see the results of your campaigns in the form of charts and graphs. Report analytics and insights provide an in-depth outline of how many profiles you have reached and how well a campaign is functioning.

We-Connect Pricing:

As said earlier, We-Connect comes with one pricing plan only @ $49/month, you can also get 2 months of free subscription if you opt for annual billing. Along with that, it comes with a free 14-day trial without any requirement of a credit card.

We-Connect Pricing
Source: We-Connect

Is We-Connect a safe solution for LinkedIn outreach?

Well, there’s nothing much we can say regarding the safety of We-Connect. It claims to be one of the safest automation tools. But the reality is it may get your account banned if you do not use it properly, as LinkedIn is very strict in terms of AI behaviour on its platform.

Top 3 We-Connect alternatives for Lead Generation

  • Salesrobot
  • LeadIn
  • LeadFuze


Salesrobot is a very effective solution when it comes to generating leads from LinkedIn and interacting with different LinkedIn users. It is a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to connect with new people and create opportunities. Salesrobot can be used with both basic LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Salesrobot comes with sophisticated personalisation options that make the interactions warmer and human-like. Indeed, it's a classy option for small businesses, agencies, and professionals to grab some hot deals and level up their sales quickly.

What Features Does Salesrobot Offer?

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Event campaigns
  • Smart Inbox
  • Images and GIFs
  • Interactive Dashboard- Salesrobot provides a well-equipped dashboard to monitor your automation progress and insights into your target market. You can analyze the performance of different campaigns and accounts to check whether the automation is going in the right direction.
Salesrobot - Best alternative to We-connect
  • Event Campaigns- LinkedIn events are extremely useful to target profiles, and using Salesrobot, you can effortlessly run Event Campaigns. You just need to set up certain sequences, and Salesrobot will keep sending your message sequence to event participants so that you can get a good number of members at your event.
  • Smart Inbox- It becomes very difficult to manage different conversations from several LinkedIn accounts. Salesrobot provides a Smart Inbox feature that can help you to manage all your LinkedIn messages on one screen. You can smoothly keep a record of all the messages and reply to them immediately through the smart inbox.
Smart inbox - salesrobot
  • Images and GIFs- It becomes very boring for people to read text messages. To tackle this problem, Salesrobot provides a facility to use Images or GIFs in your outreach to make it more eye-catching. Also, Salesrobot is equipped with readymade templates that can help you to run campaigns swiftly.

Shortcomings of Salesrobot

Salesrobot does not offer engagement with other platforms like Facebook, Quora, etc. as said earlier, it is designed for Linkedin specially, so you can’t reach out to people from other platforms.

How Much Does Salesrobot Cost?

Currently, Salesrobot has only one pricing plan:

Professional at $99 per month per account.

Salesrobot pricing

In addition to this, you get a 20% discount on a yearly subscription.

Salesrobot comes with a 14-day free trial without needing a credit card, so you can try it in a detailed manner.


LeadIn is a tool that you can use for sales prospecting, generating quick leads from LinkedIn, and expanding your LinkedIn network. It can be helpful for lead generation and securing some top-notch business deals.

What Features Does LeadIn Offer?

  • Multi-channel campaign
  • Email Extraction
  • Image and GIF customisation
  • Multi-channel campaign- Using LeadIn, you can run multiple campaigns at one time, and you can easily manage all these campaigns through the campaign manager. This will help you to multiply your prospects at a faster rate.
LeadIn Dashboard
Source: LeadIn
  • Email extraction- LeadIn also comes with an email finder feature that can extract the prospects’ Email addresses, which you use further to run campaigns and set up email sequences. Therefore, it eliminates the process of manually entering Email addresses.
  • Image & GIF Customization- LeadIn also allows you to customize your messages by the use of Images and GIFs so that you can have a more personal interaction with potential leads. You can easily upload images and GIFs to the message campaigns.

Shortcomings of LeadIn

  • Some procedures in campaigns are complex and slightly hard to understand.
  • The Pricing of LeadIn is very expensive.
  • LeadIn is designed for LinkedIn outreach, so you cannot use it with other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

How much does LeadIn cost?

LeadIn offers a considerable number of plans:

  1. For Prospecting:
  • Software @ €97 per month
LeadIn Pricing
Source: LeadIn
  • Turnkey services are divided into three plans:
  • Starter @ €260 per month.
  • Shifter @ €380 per month.
  • Pro @ €590 per month.
LeadIn Pricing
Source: LeadIn

For outsourcing your recruitment, LeadIn has the following pricing plans:

  • Sourcing Boost @ €351/month.
  • Shifter Pro @ €621/month.
LeadIn Pricing
Source: LeadIn


LeadFuze is also one of the reputed automation tools which can help to shoot up your LinkedIn network in no time. It is an AI-based automation tool that you can use for sales prospecting to generate quick leads from LinkedIn and automate your interactions with different LinkedIn users.

What are the features of Leadfuze?

  • Ignore List
  • Use Of Adwords
  • List building
  • Email outreach
  • Ignore List- Using this feature, you can avoid adding your existing contacts, competitors, or customers to your outreach to focus on your target group of people. Also, this is the best feature that can be used to save time. Sending messages to the same contacts may portray you as annoying, and the Ignore List helps to prevent this blunder.
LeadFuze Dashboard
Source: LeadFuze
  • Use of Adwords- Leadfuze eases the connections and required targeting using Adwords. For example, this feature can help business people reach another company's sales team, which means you can engage with specific profiles.
  • List Building- You can build criteria that will help you make a list of your target and add new leads to this list that matches the given criteria. Using this facility, you can quickly grow your business and generate leads that aim at the desired criteria that suit your needs and can be altered over time to match the prevailing requirements.
LeadFuze Dashboard
Source: LeadFuze
  • Email outreach- It is one of the main features offered by LeadFuze. Using this, you can reach out to leads via email. You can create a sequence of emails that are to be sent. The rest LeadFuze will do it accordingly. You just need to set up certain things and leave it to automation.

Drawbacks of LeadFuze

Customer support is lacking- Leadfuze doesn’t provide reliable customer support. You have to manage the issues and bugs on your own. This is a major drawback, as customer support plays a very important role when users suffer.

No free trial- This automation tool doesn’t offer a free trial. You only get 25 free leads, and to get an experience of their automation in a full-fledged way, you need to buy the plan.

Pricing of LeadFuze:

LeadFuze provides different pricing plans to meet the diverse needs of its users. The available plans and their corresponding prices were as follows:

  • Solo Plan: This plan is designed for individual users and starts at $132 per month. It includes features such as unlimited searches, email sends, and CSV exports, as well as access to LeadFuze's database of over 54 million contacts.
  • Team Plan: The Team plan is ideal for small teams and starts at $297 per month. In addition to the features offered in the Solo plan, it also includes team collaboration tools, role-based permissions, and integration with Salesforce.
  • Corporate Plan: For larger organizations with more complex needs, LeadFuze offers a custom pricing plan. This plan can be tailored to meet specific requirements, such as additional features, integrations, or support.
LeadFuze Pricing
Source: LeadFuze

A custom plan is also available as per the requirement of your business.

The Final Verdict: We-Connect

We-Connect is a fabulous tool that you can use to automate your daily LinkedIn activities. It is loaded with the features that we expect from an automation tool.

But it may not be suitable if you are looking for a tool with diverse pricing plans. For this, you can go with any of the aforesaid alternatives. Also, the bugs in We-Connect’s interface may trouble you. The customer support team of this tool is also lacking at certain points.

Coming to the plus points, the interactive inbox management feature will help you to manage LinkedIn messages, as, without it, inbox management would have been a hectic task. The campaign management of this tool is also decent. Considering the pricing, it is very affordable compared to other automation tools. However, if you are looking for message templates and brilliant Image/GIF personalization, then you can go for Salesrobot. And if you are looking for Recruitment, LeadIn’s recruitment plan may be beneficial.

Now the final call is up to you!

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