Benefits of LinkedIn sales navigator. When and How to use it?

Benefits of LinkedIn sales navigator. When and How to use it?

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Are you looking for a way to build your business? LinkedIn is a great platform for getting ahead and generating leads for your company, and if you're not familiar with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, I've got all the details you need right here.

With over 800 million users and counting, LinkedIn has become one of the world's top social platforms for B2B businesses to generate leads.

Meantime, it has continued to roll out new features that have become useful for B2B businesses all around the world.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium version of Linkedin that is available for all users and that has a variety of features that helps users generate more leads. It has advanced filters that allow you to focus your search and simply identify your sales leads.

So in this article, you'll basically learn everything about Sales Navigator, the benefits of using it, it is pricing, and so more. Let's get started!

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool for sales management. It has access to more than 800 million user-strong networks. It is basically a social platform that LinkedIn has provided which helps you focus on the right buyers for your company to grow.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is ideal for B2B Marketers and sales professionals. It is described as the best version of LinkedIn.

This paid tool works as a search engine with premium search filters more comprehensively.

linkedin sales navigator

How Can Linkedin Sales Navigator Be A Much Needed Help For Sales Organizations?

In spite of being the world's most widely used social platform, this is also a cold hard fact that there is a stark difference between LinkedIn's standard and premium accounts. Compared to paid accounts, basic LinkedIn profiles come with many limitations.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool that allows sales organizations use to reach higher grounds than any standard or premium version of LinkedIn. 

This ability eventually encourages sales reps or marketing teams to purchase and use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as the regular account has restricted capability compared to the premium account. So it is a proven sales solution for sales and marketing teams.

linkedin sales navigator dashboard

There are several elements included in LinkedIn Sales Navigator that are fantastic for helping you expand your company size and make it different from the other premium accounts of LinkedIn. This paid tool can benefit your business or company in a variety of ways.

What Is Linkedin Sales Navigator Search?

Sales Nav is not just worthy for the advanced search feature it provides to its users to generate leads, but there are plenty of other reasons as well which let users want sales nav.

As the regular version of LinkedIn limits its users from doing unlimited searches, Sales Navigator comes with unlimited searches.

The reason behind putting a search limit on its regular account is to make sure people are not using it to spam people while generating leads.

With Sales Navigator, you can connect with your relevant leads within a short period of time and build relationships with them. It will use this data and give you the finest experience selling possible because it has a strong predictive search engine.

The well-known advanced filter function of Sales Navigator is exclusively available for Sales Navigator users only.

How Much Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Subscription?

There are three different plans for the Sales Nav:

  • Core Plan at $99.99 per month.
  • Advanced Plan at $149.99 per month.
  • For Advanced Plus Plan, you need to contact their team.
    Each tier has a monthly and annual plan, and both come with a free trial.
    The advanced plan enables users access to TeamLink. It basically helps sales reps know what the entire team is doing in the sales team. It is a much-needed help for sales reps in companies as TeamLinks helps them to identify which member in the team has what degree of connections (first/ second/ third) on LinkedIn with a prospect in the pipeline.
linkedin sales navigator pricing

If you go for the annual plan, it also provides some LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers.

What are the features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator offers you a variety of features that can further help you with your lead generation process. Here are some of the top features Sales Navigator offers so that you can narrow down your search:

  • Advanced Search Filters

Sales Nav enables you with an advanced search filter option, which helps you filter out your targeted leads in a very easy way.

Undoubtedly, the Sales Navigator's most well-known function is this one.

Here, you will be able to do all your prospecting.

It comes with more than 20 advanced search filters that you can apply to your search.

It basically has the capacity to target the right buyers and understand key insights.

The advanced filters can help you find your target companies and the right decision makers inside them.

What are the best advanced search filters Sales Nav offers?

Some of the best filters you can use for lead searchers are


Searching and optimizing the right words, and using the advanced filters provided by this premium tool can help you identify leads within a short period of time.


The new update in Sales Nav is the ability to filter out the geographic locations of your leads.

You can exclude or include locations of your search results at your convenience.

Job Title

With this filter, you can identify the job title of your prospects and be sure who would actually be interested in buying your product.

This can help you target the right decision makers of different companies.

Company size

This filter can help you with your searches by letting you know whether you are targeting startups or enterprise clients.

Seniority level

With every experience you add to your profile, LinkedIn uses to attach different seniority levels for each experience you have to your profile.

So this seniority level filter helps you know about the experience your target is having, which can help you narrow down your search.

linkedin sales navigator search link

Additionally, using other filter options, you can narrow or broaden your lead search based on your keyword preferences. So optimizing the keywords you use is extremely important, as relevant keywords can help you grow the right custom lists.

Use the keywords from the posted material in the same search. You'll have a list of outcomes this way that you know is interested in a particular specialty.

You can start connecting with your focused audience once your leads' search results are ready.

  • Save The Targeted Leads

After you are done with prospecting and identifying your leads, Sales Nav comes with a feature that enables you to save your targeted leads. it means you can keep track of your search results. This is a useful feature as it can save you a lot of valuable time. 

Your lead search is saved as 'Leads for your business in a separate section which helps you easily access your prospect search data in one location.

In addition, you will receive regular updates about all your saved leads, which can be so helpful for you to further connect with them. By nurturing your leads, you will be able to convert them into customers later on.

  • LinkedIn InMails

InMails is one of the most effective ways you can use to get in touch with potential buyers. It is basically LinkedIn's way of direct messaging.

It also increases the chances for you to directly connect with the decision makers of your target accounts.

As people hardly receive any InMails, here it increases your chance of sending a connection request and getting noticed by your audience, and starting a connection with them. 

The most effective way of sending an InMail is to know about your prospect personally and then send them a personalized message mentioning something unique. So studying your prospect's profile is a must before sending them any InMail.

Companies benefit from the advanced lead company search custom lists and data because it is the essential function to track leads.

  • CRM Integration

This is another useful feature of Sales Nav, which integrates your LinkedIn account with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

This saves you a lot of time as you no longer have to toggle between your CRM system and Sales Nav.

  • Unlimited Number Of Connection Requests

Unlike a regular LinkedIn account, Sales Navigator enables you to send unlimited connection requests without the fear of getting flagged. This means you can now connect with as many people as you want to, which can prove to be beneficial for your lead generation process.  

  • LinkedIn Groups

With a regular LinkedIn account, you can search for groups using regular keywords, but with Sales Navigator, you have an advanced filter option to find people in groups whom you think can be your ideal customers.

You can now join relevant groups and start connecting with the members inside the group by sending them a connection invite. This can take your Lead Generation game to the next level.

  • Boolean search results
    The use of And, Or, Not - the three basic boolean searches. You can combine keywords to use a boolean search on Sales Navigator. Boolean search is wonderful as it can help you receive better lead recommendations and focus your lead search.

When To Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Generating leads, according to LinkedIn, means -

However, as was already indicated, your ordinary account's free search is subject to a monthly limit.

Your free search limit gets resets each month, and LinkedIn doesn't bother to notify the number of free limits you are left with.

This is because they want to make sure that you don't engage in spamming by asking you to give them money and subscribe to Sales Navigator, which enables unlimited searches.

Therefore, if you are close to the commercial use limit, it's time to use Sales Navigator.

How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

It is crucial that you master lead generation on LinkedIn before you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You need to be aware of your target audience's demands, as well as the kind of content they are interested in, the groups they are a part of, and more. So if anyone is creating the same content related to your niche, then it is likely to be a good prospect.

Although Sales Navigator provides infinite searches, you would want to avoid spamming your leads and damaging your reputation. If you perform some preliminary research on the people you want to target, it will also save you a tonne of time.

So set your sales preference once you have access to Sales Navigator.

You can narrow down or broaden your search as per your sales preference and fill the ‘ Sales Preference' section based on your target audience. 

linkedin sales navigator filter

Once your sales preferences are complete on the platform, you can start prospecting like a pro.

Given all the advantages and features listed above, it is obvious that Sales Navigator is an essential tool for your company and may be very useful for your sales organizations.

But this premium edition of LinkedIn also has certain drawbacks. Since Sales Navigator is not fully automated, manual work is required here. This turns out to be a major drawback because it takes up a lot of users' time and is generally annoying.

Every time, you must copy and paste your message template, accurately edit each one, and customize your messaging to each lead. You must personally get to know each of your prospects in order to do that.

Gosh! This appears to be a lot of work.

So here's the solution for you!

With the help of our automation solution, Salesrobot, you may automate your Sales Navigator tasks. LinkedIn automation technologies can completely revolutionize your organization's operations, and Salesrobot will help you no less.

Salesrobot is a cloud-based platform designed explicitly to automate LinkedIn that runs on autopilot. It pays utmost attention to all its users.

The way our platform works with Sales Navigator is that we will help you automate your Sales Navigator Search List. Because, of course, go to each of your prospects on your search list, then hit connect, and wait for your prospects to accept your request.

After getting accepted, send a follow-up message, and then send a number of follow-up messages on LinkedIn to get noticed and get a conversation with your target audience is a hell lot of work.

So automating this process can save you a tonne of time and hard work. You can just sit back and relax and let Salesrobot do the work for you.

The philosophy of our tool is that it tries to book meetings directly on LinkedIn. No cold calls, no cold emails. As the average response to a cold email is 2%; however, the average response to a LinkedIn outreach is 10-15%. 

The concept is pretty simple as it's a robot; it consistently sends follow-ups and gets you in touch with your prospects.

So to enjoy this automation tool, you have to first onboard your Sales Navigator account to our tool. It is very simple; you just have to log in to Salesrobot.

 Then go to Add LinkedIn account.

salesrobot dashboard

 Put your LinkedIn account credentials there, and you will get an inbuilt proxy. Now just add the location, and voila! It is that simple.

salesrobot campaign

This will attach Salesrobot to your LinkedIn account.

sales navigator prospecting

Once you are done with the onboarding of your account, you have to go and create campaigns.

You then have to name your campaign. For example, I named it Lead generation.

salesrobot campaign

So for this, you have to copy your search list URL from your Sales Navigator account.

salesrobot campaign dashboard

 And just copy and paste the URL to Salesrobot and click on create the sequence.

linkedin sales navigator search link

So Salesrobot basically focuses on hyper-personalizing your LinkedIn outreach. 

Once you have the data of your targeted audience, you can run multiple campaigns with our tool, and moreover, if you want to pause a campaign, you have the option to do that as well.

You can see the already paused campaigns below.

salesrobot dashboard 2

Searching relevant groups and typing each and every message personally to every group member can be a tedious task to do. Using Salesrobot, you can scrape profiles from a group and target them through group messaging. 

You have the option to add “First name” and “Last name” in the tags for a message to be sent to leads.

Salesrobot is an easy-to-use platform where you can add multiple Sales Nav accounts, run campaigns on each one of them, view their insights, and manage the messages and follow-up actions of different accounts simultaneously.

Final thoughts on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a powerful sales tool that can uplift your sales landscape. It has the ability to find and connect with the right prospects. It is a very useful tool for sales organizations as it understands the key insights and target companies.

However, combining Sales Navigator with Salesrobot can double your benefit in generating leads. Automating your Sales Navigator's manual process can skyrocket your connections in just a few days.

So, why wait?

Join the 14-day free trial of Salesrobot and combine it with the free trial of Sales Nav and start generating leads for free and locate the relevant people and companies more quickly.

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