4 Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Services You Can White Label

4 Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Services You Can White Label

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When you ask marketers what they think their most important goal is, a staggering 91% of marketers will give you the same answer - lead generation.

As for HOW companies want to approach lead generation, 75% of them trust automation. After all, it gets them 451% more qualified leads compared to those who do it all manually.

You can see why automated lead generation is a big thing right now. 

Quick question about doing lead generation, what’s your favorite go-to social media channel and why is it LinkedIn? 

But as an agency owner, you can’t do it all manually. So, how about designing your own software?

Designing a lead generation software for LinkedIn is the dream. But if I had to guess, here's what is probably holding you back:

  • The cash required.
  • The insane amount of technical know-how needed to build one from scratch.
  • And if you hire a tech team/developer for the job, you have to interview developers, manage them and explain the requirements.
  • Not to mention the huge cost you have to pay upfront to set up a LinkedIn lead gen software. Think $10k+.
  • Plus you need to maintain those tools in case there are bugs. That’s a hassle you just don’t need!

So you probably can’t build your own tool.

What can you do then?

I say you take help from the experts. 

If you’re a lead generation agency owner, you should be looking at lead generation services that you can whitelabel. Why? Let’s get into that.

Why White Label LinkedIn Lead Generation Services?

So, what is a white-labeled product/service?

Any product made by a company that can be rebranded to make it look like you made it instead is a white label product. Think of it as your behind-the-scenes star.

You get all the benefits of an in-house product without the hassle of building it from scratch!

The best LinkedIn lead generation services in the market offer options for white labeling their product. This means your agency has access to a ready-made LinkedIn lead gen software. 

The companies that offer white-labeled lead generation software handle the tech. That way, you can focus on what you’re good at, selling and marketing.

Outsourcing your lead generation also means you don’t have to sweat about the nitty gritty of building your own tool. 

Since you’re saving a lot of money (and time), your team has more time to improve the products or services your business provides.

You can opt for one of two things when selling a LinkedIn lead generation service:

  • You can resell the product directly to your clients.


  • You can rebrand the product to sell LinkedIn lead generation services under your brand.

Both will result in a steady ROI if you play your cards right. But I suggest white-labeling, here’s why:

  •  Speaking for all business owners out there, branding is a huge deal.

White label lead gen tools provide tons of customizable features to provide the best user experience for your clients. 

All that without sacrificing your brand image or message in the process!

Branding doesn’t stop at pasting your agency’s logo on the tool. Even options to use your signature color palette on the white-labeled product goes a long way.

You get to stand out in your industry and your clients get a one-of-a-kind experience.  

  • Budgeting is difficult. There, I said it. 

It’s a ridiculously difficult balancing act. And it gets worse if you’re building your own lead generation tool.

There’s cost for the technical and IT teams, sales experts who can actually use the tool effectively, additional support and maintenance, and who knows what else?!

But you avoid all of that when you white label a product.

LinkedIn lead generation services offer flexible pricing plans for when you want to white label their product. Not to mention, it’s so much cheaper than building one from scratch. 

You opt in for a subscription fee or receive a custom plan and… Well, that’s about it really. Makes your life much easier, doesn’t it?

  • Face it: your customers will run into problems while using your tool. But lucky for you, most white-label lead gen services also provide 24/7 support. 

Technical problems? Campaigns not running the way you want? Your chosen platform’s customer support team will have your back.

4 Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Services You Can White Label

So, you need a LinkedIn lead generation service that you can white label and will fit your needs like a glove. That's why I've come up with a list of 4 top-notch LinkedIn lead generation tools you can whitelabel.

But what makes them special? They absolutely crush it in the following departments:

  • Key LinkedIn lead generation features - What good is a LinkedIn lead gen tool if it doesn’t do the “lead gen” part of it perfectly?

The tools I have picked offer features perfect for LinkedIn lead gen. Easy-to-use campaign creation, enhanced safety measures, prospect imports, and so much more.

You CANNOT afford to overlook them. Because you’re going to need all the help you can get to search for the perfect prospects, write them compelling messages, and follow up till they convert.

  • White labeling options - These tools offer 100% whitelabeling. That means you can customize these white-labeled products with your company’s logo, signature colors, domain name, and pricing plans. 
  • Pricing - Because your budget matters.

Now you don’t have to worry about running around blog-to-blog to compare features. You can do it all here!

And if you’re in a hurry, feel free to check out the comparison table.

Comparison table of all features and pricing for Salesrobot, Zopto. Cleverly, and Skylead.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Salesrobot 

So, you're wondering if I picked Salesrobot as #1 because it's our baby and I'm totally obsessed with it? Well, kinda, but there's more to it. 

I’ve really gone through all the options and checked out what each tool can do. Salesrobot just stands out big time. Here’s why:

Salesrobot is our cloud-based tool designed to automate your LinkedIn outreach plans. Our platform lets you create campaigns that engage your prospects on autopilot.

Looking for a lead generation service that is easy to use, perfect for lead generation agencies, start-ups, and small business owners?

That's exactly where Salesrobot comes in.

Salesrobot - Lead generation features

One of Salesrobot’s standout features is that it can safely bypass LinkedIn limits. That means you can send more than 200 messages and connection requests daily.

Sliders to configure numbers for LinkedIn elements

Not to mention, Salesrobot lets you send InMails and even bulk messages to group members.

These features give you a completely safe way to work around the LinkedIn 100 weekly limit

But this is just the start of how we can help you get more leads. Here's a peek into what Salesrobot has in store for you:

  • Creating smart campaigns and message sequences: 

Salesrobot is one of the best LinkedIn lead generation services because of its highly customizable campaign options and even a complete newbie can use it.

You can pull prospects from LinkedIn/Sales Navigator searches, Groups, Events, or import contact lists from CSV files.

Options to pull prospects from various platforms

But what if you need a little extra help before you can start creating campaigns from scratch? Let me introduce you to SalesGPT.

SalesGPT chatbox

SalesGPT is our AI-powered campaign assistant. All you have to do is talk to it in simple English, answer a few questions, and sit back as our tool creates the campaign for you.

  • Contact enrichment options: 

Salesrobot can find and verify your prospect's email addresses in seconds. We do this by using data from a verified email address provider

Data enrichment options for email and phone numbers

Data enrichment options for email and phone numbers

So, the next time you start a multi-channel outreach, you can target your leads with emails (and Linkedin!) that actually reach them.

  • Safety features to make sure your account never gets banned: 

Salesrobot randomizes activity, skipping holidays and weekends, and minding LinkedIn limits. This way, your outreach seems like it was done by an actual human being. As opposed to being done by a robot (wink wink). 😉

Better yet, you can set daily limits for various activities. Being a cloud-based platform, Salesrobot is almost undetectable by LinkedIn.

And just to make this a little cooler, we include a Safe Mode feature with every Salesrobot pricing plan. 

Increased prospecting WITHOUT risking your agency’s reputation is a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

Safe Mode options
  • Follow up personalization:

You already know about our configurable messaging sequences and follow ups. But what if I told you we can give you even more control?

Our Smart Reply Detection feature stops your follow up sequence after you get a reply. That means you get enough time to swoop in and close the deal right when it matters.

Follow up sequence customization

And as I mentioned in the last point, you can configure delays and draft messages your way. 

  • Profile-based message personalization:

Now I know what you’re thinking, follow ups are more than just sending messages every 2 days or so. And Salesrobot knows that.

Salesrobot’s profile-based personalization options give your messages an extra touch of authenticity. 

For starters, Salesrobot goes through your recipient’s profiles to use specific information in your messages. 

Wanna casually mention the time they volunteered? How about the college they went to? Small details like this helps you build deeper customer relationships.

But that’s not all. You can include advanced follow up steps like liking and commenting on their posts alongside your messages.

Pretty cool that you can do all this automatically, right?

Advanced follow up actions for sequences

Salesrobot - White labeling options

If you want to white label Salesrobot’s LinkedIn lead generation services, here's what you get:

  • Salesrobot gives you full control of your branding. 

Your domain and company name, logo, Favicons, and even the support email that will send messages from your clients straight to your domain.

  • Salesrobot manages your prospect outreach. And I mean every part of it.

We assign a dedicated account manager, make meaningful changes to your LinkedIn profile and outreach messages, and a scheduled check in call within the fortnight. 

  • Salesrobot’s Customer Management dashboard gives you a complete view of your customers in a single place. You can even track their subscription statuses and tag them for easier organization.

The best part? The money you get from your customers will always go to you first. 

Salesrobot checks the total number of paying customers daily and charges you based on that.

  • Lead generation isn't exactly a walk in the park. That's why you can trust Salesrobot's support team to overcome any technical problem.

When we say we provide 24/7 support, we mean it. Because no one wants to get caught with a faulty campaign any day of the week!

Salesrobot - Pricing

So, Salesrobot provides you with a ton of cool features if you want to white label our tool. 

But what about Salesrobot’s pricing? Do you have to get a fixed plan regardless of your needs? Of course not! 

We know that giving you a one-size-fits-all plan is just not fair. Here's a super handy table that shows Salesrobot's prices for white labeling:

Salesrobot white-labeling prices with additional account fees

Need a custom quote for 100+ LinkedIn accounts? Then get a custom quote

When to white label Salesrobot?

If you have an outreach strategy in mind, you can execute it over on Salesrobot with zero worries. 

As a business owner, creating an automated LinkedIn outreach tool from the ground up can be straight up impossible. 

How does giving your clients access to LinkedIn outreach packaged with your company solutions sound? Because that’s what you get when you white label Salesrobot.

SalesGPT creates AI-powered templates for every use case and our Safe Mode keeps LinkedIn accounts out of harm’s way. 

But hey, don’t take my word for it:

Salesrobot white label review

You can laser-focus on your ICP with detailed prospect filtering. Your clients can choose the degree of LinkedIn Connection, skip prospects present in other campaigns, message Premium only campaigns, etc. 

Okay look, I get it, plain dry texts are mind-numbingly boring to read. A little visual pizzazz with some media content goes a long way in engaging your prospects.

And I’m not crazy enough to recommend that you personalize every outreach message manually. 

That’s the job for Salesrobot’s Hyperise integration. 

Not only do you get to personalize messages in bulk, but you can also embed media content with your business links or attach a short URL with these messages.

That's what sets Salesrobot apart from other LinkedIn lead generation services. White labeling Salesrobot ensures your clients make the most out of their LinkedIn prospecting. 

And if your clients hit a snag, Salesrobot’s customer support team is present whenever you (and your clients!) need us. 

In addition to our technical team, our team of LinkedIn experts are ready to help  your outreach campaigns function as they should.

What do you think? Want to hear what else Salesrobot has in store for you?

Then book a quick call with me! Let’s talk about running the outreach campaign of your dreams.  

But I get it, you want the results to speak for themselves. 

So if you want to test drive our tool before you white label it, here’s a 14-day free trial link just for you. You won’t be disappointed. 😄

2. Zopto

Zopto user dashboard

Zopto is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you gather hot leads across multiple channels.

Zopto’s detailed lead targeting filters ensure you’re always talking to the prospects that truly matter.

However, Zopto falls short when compared with other LinkedIn lead generation services. 

Even with their data security and automation features, Zopto cannot bypass LinkedIn limits. And you can’t have a successful lead gen strategy if you can only reach out to 100 prospects every week.

Despite targeting smaller businesses, Zopto is simply too costly for some users. Coughing up $780 per month to white label Zopto is a steep entry fee if you ask me. 

Zopto's Customer Success is the standout feature most users praise.

Zopto helps keep your campaign up to shape thanks to their LinkedIn experts and round-the-clock support. Sadly, you get Customer Success only if you choose a higher pricing plan.

Want to learn more about how Zopto functions and their downsides? Read our in-depth review by clicking here.  

Zopto - Lead generation features

Here’s a list of their lead generation features that will help you decide if you should white label Zopto:

  • Zopto is a cloud-based platform with military-grade encryption. Basically, your campaign data and accounts are un-hackable. 

Being a cloud platform like Salesrobot has an added bonus. Your campaign progress gets saved consistently. No more sitting in front of your screen all day!

  • People hate wasting time on doing repetitive tasks. Bold statement, I know. 

That’s why Zopto offers features to automate the boring and basic LinkedIn tasks for you. 

Zopto messaging sequences

Zopto comes with AI-powered messages, posts, and email templates.

  • Good customer support with the above-mentioned Customer Success Manager.


  • Zopto has limited workarounds for bypassing LinkedIn limits. 

The only workaround they provide is through email and InMail. The problem comes in if your prospect doesn't have an open LinkedIn profile. 

Zopto InMail frequency

And if they can't receive InMail messages (based on their privacy settings), you won’t be able to send an InMail either way.

A tool like Salesrobot saves your InMail credits by sending free InMails to open LinkedIn profiles (psst, you can also target prospects from LinkedIn Groups and Events with Salesrobot too). 

Zopto - White labeling options

When it comes to white labeling their product, you get the following services from Zopto:

  • They’ll set up the software within 48 hours of signing up. Zopto hosts and maintains your tool.
  • Product branding with your logo and domain set up.
  • Product customization based on specific business requirements.
  • Instant access to a partner-level dashboard to manage users.


  • Zopto’s pricing plans are costlier than most tools.
  • Customer support is limited to hosting and technical maintenance. If you run into a problem while using their product, you could be left on your own to fix it.

Zopto - Pricing

Zopto pricing plans.

Zopto has three pricing plans for regular users. But white labeling is only available with the “Agency & Enterprise”.

So, to white label Zopto, it’ll cost you a minimum of $780 per month when billed monthly or $625 when billed quarterly.

When to white label Zopto?

Zopto provides personalized product branding, fast on-site setup, and technical maintenance. 

But as I mentioned earlier, Zopto only comes with the standard features for LinkedIn automation. Most users choose Zopto for its dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Moreover, Zopto is one of the more expensive options out there. 

If you’re a smaller business running on a tight budget, you lose out on A LOT of automation features and expert help with Customer Success Manager.

And without extensive customer support, you could be stuck providing more service by yourself. 

So unless you have an IT team ready to go any time of the week to fix client campaigns, you should probably steer clear of Zopto.

3. Cleverly 

Landing page for Cleverly.

Cleverly is a lead generation agency that helps you with B2B outreach from start to finish. That already sets Cleverly apart from other services on our list. 

That’s because instead of a single tool, your agency’s lead gen efforts are supported by an entire team of experts!

Since it's an agency, it also offers solutions for LinkedIn advertising and recruiting. Feel like you still need a bit of extra help? Cleverly has you covered with landing page creation and copywriting.  

You get access to a LinkedIn lead gen course and, of course, a white label for their product.

Cleverly - Lead generation features

Steps detailing what Cleverly can do for you
  • Cleverly casts a wide net when it comes to LinkedIn lead generation and outreach. Besides lead generation, they also help with advertising and recruiting. 

If finding job candidates is what you need from LinkedIn automation, Cleverly is a good pick.

  • It’s cloud-based, which we know is a secure approach to data privacy and security.
  • Instead of using an automation tool for your campaigns, there's an entire team helping you out. However, that depends on the budget you're prepared to set aside.


  • Cleverly has limited options for bypassing LinkedIn limits.

There is no sequence automation. Cleverly only covers prospecting and sending initial messages or connection requests. 

So, if you think about it, there’s not much else that Cleverly does for you.

  • You can’t upload custom prospect lists to their platform. 

That means you have to manually search for each prospect on Sales Navigator and save them inside a saved search if you want Cleverly to use that list.

Worse yet, it only works with LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator.

Cleverly - White labeling options

When it comes to white-labeling, Cleverly mixes the formula up quite a bit. 

For starters, you don't get access to their product when you choose to white label them. This is already a huge departure from other LinkedIn lead generation services.

Cleverly actually poses as one of your employees and interviews your potential clients. After that, it does the same as it would for any client of their own, including:

  • Building prospect lists for your clients.
  • Drafting and sending messages to prospects.
  • Closing deals for your clients when prospects respond.

They also include options for personalizing your clients’ LinkedIn profiles.

All in all, when white labeling Cleverly, you won’t actually get a ready-made product. What you will get is a team of people servicing your clients under your name and brand.

But remember, there are no options for further customizing their services. Thus, they work on a “what you see is what you get” basis.

Cleverly - Pricing

Pricing for white labeling Cleverly

Regarding its price tag, you need to pay $397 per month to white label their services.

You get access to their white label services after you get approval from them. On the bright side, they provide discounts with more accounts. 

Get a consultation to find out more about their white label services.

When to white label Cleverly?

If you’re thinking about white-labeling Cleverly, keep in mind the following:

  • You don’t get an actual product you can resell, but a team of Cleverly’s own employees that will work under your brand.
  • You have limited options for customization.
  • There are no advanced options for LinkedIn automation.

So, you don't get to customize your outbound campaigns from the start with Cleverly. 

If you’re on the lookout for a white-labeling service that poses as one of your own, then Cleverly could be the right fit.

But if you’re on the lookout to white label a LinkedIn lead generation tool, then you probably have to keep looking.

You want to white label a top of the shelf LinkedIn outreach tool AND a team of LinkedIn experts to have your back to service your clients. Lucky for you, Salesrobot gives you the best of both worlds

4. Skylead 

Skylead campaign dashboard

Skylead offers solutions for LinkedIn outreach with options for finding email addresses. The boring and repetitive tasks keeping you away from carrying out your lead gen plans? Skylead automates them all. 

But if you’re looking for a collaborative team experience and manage your contacts on your CRM through Skylead, you might want to think twice.

Skylead - Lead generation features

  • Skylead comes with options for email discovery and verification. This makes digging out verified business emails of prospects easier for email outreach.
  • Has a highly customizable smart inbox that’s integrated with both your LinkedIn and email.
Smart Inbox feature for Skylead
  • A native image and GIF personalization feature to personalize and humanize your outreach.
Messaging campaign on Skylead
  • Provides insights into both LinkedIn and email campaigns for analysis and optimization.
Skylead analytics report


  • Its UI is unintuitive and often confusing. Newer users can have a tough time navigating features the first time around.
  • Has problems with customizing campaigns and adding or deleting steps from smart sequences.
  • It’s no good for teams since it doesn’t come with team syncing and integration options.

Skylead - White labeling options

When white labeling Skylead, their team will provide you with several things, including:

  • Customer support - they’ll work on your own white-labeled page under your brand.
  • You can customize the platform with your brand’s logo and color palette.
  • Access to an agency dashboard.
  • The software will work on a subdomain of your choice.

However, there is a catch. 

The only personalization options you’ll get are brand colors and logos for your dashboard. Other than that, do not expect any custom-tailored features to be included in the package.

Skylead - Pricing

There’s no price for white labeling disclosed on Skylead’s website.

You have to book a call, fill out a questionnaire, and if everything goes right, they’ll offer a quote and have you up and running in 7 days.

When to white label Skylead?

Skylead's limited customization options beyond the basics can be a deal-breaker. After all, it’s only natural you expect a product to fit your particular business and clients like a glove.

But you get all-around customer support that will help you and your clients. That includes the onboarding process and any additional issues that may come up.

Final takeaways

Congratulations! You’ve learned about the white label for major LinkedIn lead generation services. If you're still confused as to what to go for, here's a quick rundown:

  • Zopto is a good choice when you need a product that can be set up fast and has moderate customization features. But Zopto is relatively costlier and doesn't have too many ways to bypass LinkedIn limits.
  • Cleverly assigns you a team that will work with your clients under your brand and name. Though it's not a single tool, there are no options for adding any customized features.
  • Skylead will provide all-around customer support to help you and your clients. This means you get expert help with onboarding and initial setup.

But just like Cleverly, it cannot be significantly customized.

Salesrobot is the perfect LinkedIn outreach tool to reach out to leads on auto-pilot.

Beyond that, we offer better client relationships and prospect targeting through multi-channel outreach.

Choose the right white label, and you don't have to worry about budgets or time constraints.

And with Salesrobot, you get access to smart messaging sequences, advanced contact imports, automated follow ups, and a lot more.

If your client is not sure how to go about your first campaign, we have SalesGPT to help you out every step of the way.

Our AI-powered campaigns take care of everything from start to finish. That means from targeting leads to forming messages that convert, we have got your back.

Your campaigns stuck somewhere? Having problems with your LinkedIn account? Getting cold feet with messaging sequences?

Salesrobot’s team of LinkedIn experts are one call away. Trust me, you’ll get the support you deserve, any time of the month.

And hey, if you want to outsource our LinkedIn outreach services instead of white-labeling them, we have something for you as well.

Our Pro+ plan does everything for you. 

LinkedIn profile enhancement, copywritten content, weekly calls, A/B campaign testing. All for $497 per month.

Interested in white labeling Salesrobot? You can check out our website to learn more or try our features risk-free with a 14-day free trial.

And we don’t even need your credit card or phone number — just your email, and you're good to go!

Until next time,

Good luck!

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