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April 3, 2023
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Zopto Unbiased Review: Uncovering its pros and cons in 2023

Discover Zopto's pros and cons in our unbiased 2023 review. Don't miss out on this comprehensive analysis of one of the hottest sales prospecting tools!

Zopto Unbiased Review: Uncovering its pros and cons in 2023

The social networking service LinkedIn is the focus of Zopto and an automation programme developed exclusively for LinkedIn. In recent years, process automation tools have achieved a technology and user adoption peak. A cloud-based lead-generating technology, Zopto allows organisations to manage marketing campaigns and gather leads from social media sites like LinkedIn from a single interface. LinkedIn's Automation Tool streamlines the process of keeping track of several profiles and responding to leads at convenient times for them, regardless of where in the world they may be located.

zopto homepage
Source: Zopto

Using Zopto, businesses may import contact lists in CSV format, manage their outreach efforts, and tag and identify their connections. Managers have access to premade templates that can be used to simplify contact with prospects and will be notified instantly when leads respond. In addition, a consolidated dashboard allows users to monitor data for A/B testing, social selling, and the outcomes of campaigns.

It is possible for businesses to integrate their Zopto platform with other applications by using Zapier. You may pay monthly or quarterly, and phone and FAQ assistance are available online.

How Does Zopto function?

According to Zopto, there are three distinct phases to this process.
To sign up for Zopto, you must go to Additionally, a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account is required. We regret that this procedure necessitates your leaving a substantial amount of personally identifiable information, such as:

Your Complete Name

Where exactly do you live?

Trademark / Company Name

Provide your credit card details, including the expiration date.

Segmenting your clientele is the next stage. You may narrow your search results by various factors, including area, firm size, industry, job title, degree of experience, department, department, technology, and number of followers.

Additionally, you'll have to enable a few functions and decide on a comfort level.
Step three is to relax and wait for potential leads to start rolling in. You can view the data and metrics for your LinkedIn automation campaign on their admin panel.

What Features Does Zopto Offer?

Some of Zopto's most significant characteristics are highlighted in the following sections:

  • Discover potential paths
  • Automated messaging campaigns
  • Responsive customer support
  • Information Safety
  • Authentic Reporting

Discover potential paths

The primary goal of this type of resource is to assist in the creation of a targeted contact list. The filtering engine in Zopto is very customisable, so the user can rapidly find potential customers that fit the specific criteria they choose.

A few examples of lead-filtering criteria are shown below.

  • Exactly how many people have signed up for this service
  • A description of the action scene
  • Position Organizational Scope
  • Their profile titles reflect their ranks in seniority.

The software will also automatically refresh and tidy up your contact list. It uses your choices to weed out profiles that are either not compatible with you or are fake.

Automated messaging campaigns

Zopto allows you to start and stop campaigns whenever you choose.

You may improve the clarity and effectiveness of your campaign by using the tool's pre-made message templates.

With the help of the response detection system, you can also get notified whenever a potential client responds to your outreach.

With Zopto, you can manage all of your communication in one place. Plus, if you want to avoid logging in and out of the tool and LinkedIn each time you want to get in touch with potential clients, you can.

Plus, the tool keeps your LinkedIn profile online to show your prospects that you’re available.

Responsive customer support

Zopto's support staff is top-notch. They have created a team of specialists that speak many languages and are willing to assist you at no additional cost. You may reach them through phone, online chat, or email, and they'll be happy to help.

According to reviews, however, they take too long to reply and don't always offer satisfactory reasons.

Information Safety

When you use Zopto, your data is securely backed up in real-time on servers in the United Kingdom. You also won't have to stress about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as all data is collected legally and ethically.

Authentic Reporting

Your progress toward your goals may be tracked in real-time with the aid of a powerful analytics dashboard. Using A/B testing, you may pick the best-performing models and increase your efforts' success.

A summary of the dashboard's most important functions follows.

zopto campaigns
Source: Zopto

Whom is Zopto for?

Because of its adaptability, Zopto is an excellent fit for VSEs and SMEs in any sector, as it scales with the number of leads you generate.
For business development purposes, Zopto applies to the following sectors:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Human resources
  • Legal services
  • Computer services finance
  • All things health-related and physical
  • Event services

Pros and Cons of Zopto

According to testimonials posted online, Zopto offers several benefits.

Let's look at some of Zopto's benefits.:

Pros of Zopto

  • Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses just starting out, as it can automatically create high-quality leads. As we've shown, using the parameters we've covered, it's easy to zero down on a certain group of possibilities. As an accountant, you may narrow your audience down depending on factors like their education level, where they went to college, what they do for a living, their age range, and even the organisation they work for.
  • Analysing the success of previous initiatives is simplified with these straightforward graphics. This crucial detail helps users enhance their campaigns for maximum efficiency.
  • Constantly updating the tool with additional functions in response to user suggestions.
  • It's hosted in the cloud, so your device doesn't need to be on at all times, making it safer and more convenient to use
  • Because it's hosted remotely, it's more secure than locally stored alternatives and less of a hassle to utilise
  • In certain cases, higher-priced plans include a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who acts as an extra set of hands for your campaigns.
  • It can streamline your use of LinkedIn by automating a number of its core functions, allowing you to reclaim time that you would have otherwise spent on routine tasks.

Cons of Zopto

Users of Zopto have mostly mentioned the following issues:

  • Restrictions on Customized Messages Despite the tool's claims, its three message customisation options aren't enough. We have a major blind hole here, as it is in LinkedIn's interest to have access to precise information. However, when they realise they can't benefit from it, they lose interest. Luckily, there are alternatives to these technologies that may be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Users have complained that it is difficult to figure out how to use it, particularly the profile selection menu.
  • Inadequate orientation: It takes too much time to learn how to utilise the product is a valid complaint from some customers.
  • Only 2,500 profiles may be used in a campaign, which may not be enough for some individuals. Nevertheless, the seriousness of LinkedIn's automated technologies means that we can appreciate the restriction. They are also quite explicit on this point: using any automated software is strictly forbidden, and doing so might result in permanently removing his LinkedIn account.
  • One major drawback is that there is no option to combine email threads. Another major drawback of Zopto is that it hinders multi-channel prospecting, which is necessary for executing campaigns with an acceptance rate of above 72% of connection requests.
  • The "#1 LinkedIn automation tool," Zopto, isn't perfect, despite the company's boasts.
  • The bulk of Zopto's features need a paid LinkedIn plan, such as Premium or Sales Navigator. Therefore using it will increase your monthly expenses.
  • Its reliance on LinkedIn filters for search and prospecting requires at least a Premium account and, preferably, a Sales Navigator account. Its lack of native filters is a major drawback.
  • Additionally, Zopto does not provide a free trial, and its demo seldom provides enough information to warrant buying the product.
  • Even though most people would prefer an automated system, cancelling pending connection requests is still a human process. Don't forget to factor in how long it would take you to count up all of your open requests and process them manually.
  • However, the lack of a comprehensive knowledge base makes it difficult for new users to get up to speed.

How Much Does Zopto Cost?

When comparing prices, Zopto is at the top. If you aren't a large corporation with deep pockets, you won't be able to afford their packages.

There are three distinct pricing tiers to choose from:

  • Personal
  • Grow
  • Agency

At $215 a month, the Personal plan is pricey for something that only allows one user.

When comparing the three plans, the Grow package appears to be the most cost-effective due to its low pricing and extensive features. The regular price is $395 per month.

The most costly option is the Agency plan, which costs an eye-watering $895 a month and allows for automation of up to 5 profiles.

Zopto Reviews: What real users says about Zopto?

With its sophisticated automated message system, Zopto has been hailed as one of the most effective LinkedIn automation solutions. Many customers have reported success with their campaigns using Zopto, which is one of the top LinkedIn automation solutions. Many customers have reported success with their campaigns using Zopto, which is one of the top LinkedIn automation solutions.

The gadget, however, gives off a more human than an artificial vibe. No one, to their surprise, complained that the user-generated content seemed cold and impersonal. Nonetheless, it gives off a human rather than robotic vibe when using the instrument. Surprisingly, no one complained that the user-generated content seemed impersonal.

As for the criticism, several reviewers have mentioned minor issues that might be fixed in the future. Some flaws, for instance, might significantly hamper productivity. There are also not a lot of ways to make anything uniquely yours, although the organisation does respond quickly to suggestions for improvement.

Zopto capterra review
Source: Capterra

Final Takeaways: Zopto

The low price was the main reason we decided to try Zopto, just like it is for other consumers. Looking at their blueprints, you could be left wondering what exactly sets this instrument apart from others.

There isn't much that sets Zopto different from the rest of the pack. Put it another way, it offers all the features you anticipate from a LinkedIn automation tool.

Regarding functionality, it offers everything a user would want in a LinkedIn automation tool.

Customer Success Managers are available for an extra price and may help you organise your LinkedIn efforts and find solutions to any problems that may arise.

Because of LinkedIn's stringent rules, Zopto's email scraping feature becomes even more valuable. The one thing you need to boost sales on LinkedIn isn't free from Zopto.

The high price tag and poor return on investment for Zopto eventually put us off; the software does not deliver any genuinely innovative features to its customers.

Unless you have a very high budget and no other alternatives, or if you need the help of a manager to make sense of automated outreach, we advise going with one of the other solutions on our list.

Alternatives for Zopto:  

You're at the correct spot if you've come here because Zopto didn't cut it. We've rounded together some of the most credible alternatives to Zopto that you may use for your LinkedIn outreach and sales efforts.

We've compiled the four most viable alternatives to LinkedIn to help you boost your sales. It includes discussions of the programmes Alfredo, Salesrobot, Linkedin Helper, and Lemlist.

Our detailed analysis will save you time and effort by allowing you to quickly narrow down your options to the one that will work best with your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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