How to Add Volunteer Experience to Linkedin - 4 Easy Steps [3 Minutes]

How to Add Volunteer Experience to Linkedin - 4 Easy Steps [3 Minutes]

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  • Do you want to make your LinkedIn profile stand out?
  • Want to showcase your skills, passion, and personality? 
  • Want to impress recruiters and potential leads with your well-rounded profile?

If you answered yes to these questions, you must add volunteer experience on LinkedIn.


Because volunteering is not just good for your soul; it’s also good for your career.

In this blog, I'll discuss the Top 4 Reasons You Should Add Volunteer Experience to LinkedIn. 

But that's not all. 

We'll make it easy with 4 Easy Steps to Add Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn. 

And if you're thinking, "But how do I write the perfect volunteer experience?" I'll share 7 tips on creating the perfect Volunteer Section for your LinkedIn profile.

Plus, if you’re looking for inspiration,  I've got you covered with 2 LinkedIn volunteer experience profile examples. 


Let’s get started.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Add Volunteer Experience to LinkedIn 

You might think that volunteering is just something you do in your spare time, but it’s much more than that.

Well, here are 4 reasons why it matters more than you think:

Build Credibility

It's not just about work; showing your volunteer side says you're a well-rounded pro. Bosses dig that.

When you show that you're not only about the 9 to 5 grind but also dedicated to giving back, you instantly become more credible

People trust those who contribute to their communities.

example of how you can build credibility by adding volunteer experience to linkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

Show Off Your Skills 

Your volunteer gigs? 

It's a secret stash of skills! 

It's not just charity; it's a skill-building exercise. Passion, leadership, taking initiative – your volunteering journey shows your work ethic. 

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This blog post will give you a comprehensive list of the most essential skills to include on your profile and tips on highlighting your skills and making your profile more visible to potential employers.

Network Expansion 

LinkedIn isn't only about work. 

You want to form strong personal relationships, too.

When you show off your volunteer stuff, you open the door to meeting many awesome people who share your interests.

That person who cares about the same cause as you might be your ticket to a fantastic job or a big deal.

Do Good, Look Good. 

Giving back is a win-win. 

It's good for your soul and your professional street cred.

Volunteering is more than just a good deed. It shows that you’re not just a workaholic, but also a cool and kind person. 

You show that you have a story to tell about who you are, what you can do, and what you care about. Who wouldn’t want to hire you? 

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how bob makes uses of keywords in his volunteer experience to maximise reach
Source: LinkedIn

And don’t take my word for it.

You might also want to learn how to build your brand on LinkedIn and showcase your volunteer work to potential employers and clients.

4 Easy Steps to Add Volunteer Experience on Linkedin in 3 Minutes

Adding volunteer experience is super easy and fast.

Just follow these 4 simple steps:

Click "Add Profile Section." 

This button is located just below your profile picture and name. 

A list of profile sections will pop up when you click on it.

image showing you the add profile section button to add volunteer experience
Source: LinkedIn

Pick "Volunteer Experience." 

From the list of profile sections, scroll down to Recommended-> Additional -> Add Volunteer Experience.

image of how you can choose the volunteer experience tab by scrolling
Source: LinkedIn

Fill in the Details. 

Now fill in the following information (required fields):

  • Organization: The name of the organization you volunteered with.
  • Role: Your role at the organization.
  • Dates: The dates you volunteered.
  • Description: A brief description of what you did and your responsibilities.
mage of how to add details to your volunteer experience
Source: LinkedIn

Tap "Save." 

Click on save at the end, and your volunteer experience will now be added to your LinkedIn profile.

image showing you the save your volunteer experience to linkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

That’s it! Piece of cake. 

How to Easily Reorder or Remove Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn

Let’s say you’ve now added multiple volunteer experiences to your profile. But what if you want the freshest one up top or feel like ditching an older one?
Here's how to make it happen:

Reorder Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn

  1. Click the "Edit profile" button on your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Drag and drop your volunteer experiences into the order you want them to appear. 
  3. Click "Save."

Remove Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn

  1. Click the "Edit profile" button on your LinkedIn profile
  2. Click the "Remove" button next to the volunteer experience you want to remove. 
  3. Click "Save." 

Easy peasy.

Btw if you want 17 tried-and-tested tips to create the perfect profile, check out our Linkedin profile tips blog.

LinkedIn Volunteer Experience Profile Examples:

Need some inspiration for your volunteer experience on LinkedIn?

Let me introduce you to some amazing folks doing great things through their volunteer work.

Meet Dina Calakovic.

Dina didn't just grow her profile from 700 to 85,000+ followers. 

She's also been a rockstar Elderly Care Volunteer at Plavi Telefon for over 5 years. 

It's not just about time; it's about her heartwarming bond with Ljubica, her newfound grandma :)

example profile of Dina on linkedIn for inspiration
Source: LinkedIn

Meet Renee Cohen,

The Certified Financial Planner for Women.

She's a financial guru, but even more remarkable is her gig as a Donor and advocate at Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is about improving life for kids with cancer. 

They do research, raise awareness, and support families. 

Renee's commitment to this cause is impressive, and it matches her values and dreams perfectly.

example profile of Renee on linkedIn for inspiration
Source: LinkedIn

In these LinkedIn profiles, we feel the magic of giving back and creating an impact. Potential prospects/recruiters feel this magic, too.
This makes your LinkedIn profile feel more human rather than just professional.

How to Add the Perfect Volunteer Experience on LinkedIn

1. Share Your Story 

Start with an eye-catching title. Tell folks what you did and for how long.

Start with a solid opening sentence that captures the reader’s attention and summarizes the main point of your volunteer role. For example, “I helped raise $10,000 for a local animal shelter by creating and executing a social media campaign”.

2.Show Your Impact 

Don't just say "Volunteer." Share your role, achievements, and impact in detail.

Explain how your work changed things, big or small.

how to show your impact through your volunteer experience description
Source: LinkedIn

3.Use Keywords:

Incorporate relevant keywords in your description to help others find you. 

Use words that help others find your profile.

how to use keywords to maximise your reach
Source: LinkedIn

4.Add Pics or Docs 

A picture's worth a thousand words. Upload a photo related to your volunteer work. Also, photos add even more credibility. 

5. Get Personal

Share why it's important to you. Passion is catchy. 

Write a short description sharing what inspired you to volunteer and the difference you're making.

example of personalised volunteer experience description
Source: LinkedIn
  1. Get a Nod 

Ask your buddies from the gig to vouch for your skills. These recommendations are sure to boost your credibility.

  1. Engage Game

Keep your experience fresh. Show you're still excited. 

Interact with posts related to your cause. It shows your commitment and passion.

image of specific details in your volunteer experience description
Source: LinkedIn
  1. Link Up: 

Follow and buddy up with groups you care about. Link your volunteer experience to the organization's LinkedIn page.

To learn more about how to reach out to people on LinkedIn, check out our blog post "How To Reach Out To People On LinkedIn? Top 3 Outreaching Formats”.

  1. Spread the Good Vibes. 

Share your volunteering journey on your feed. You might inspire someone! Mention skills you've developed through your volunteer work. It's a subtle way to show your expertise.

Remember, it's not about being perfect. 

It's about sharing your story and making a difference. 

Your volunteering rocks, and LinkedIn is the place to let it shine.

2 Ready-to-Use Templates

Want to make your LinkedIn volunteer gig look awesome? 

Here are 2simple templates to get you started.

Template 1 

I [action verb] [result] for [organization name] by [task or activity]. I [skill or quality] by [example or evidence]. I [positive note].

During my time as [your role], I was responsible for [briefly describe your key responsibilities]. 

What makes this experience unique is [mention a significant achievement or impact you've made]. I'm proud to have been part of something that matters.

Template 2

[Organization name] is a [cause or description] that [goal or purpose]. 

As a [role title], I [task or activity] that [result]. 

This [skill or quality] by [example or evidence]. I [positive note].

I've been a dedicated [your involvement] with [cause/organization], where my role involves [explain your role and how it supports the cause]. 

Being part of this cause means the world to me, and I'm thrilled to contribute to something that truly matters.

There you have it.

These templates are like clay; you can shape them to fit your unique experiences. 

Add your own stories, be yourself, and let your passion shine.

But don’t just copy and paste them. 

Make them your own by adding your personal touch and flair.

How to Get Relevant Volunteering Experience on Linkedin: Top 3 Tips.

Let's chat about nailing your volunteer experience. 

But how?

That’s where Salesrobot comes in.

Salesrobot is an intelligent tool that helps you discover, filter, and message LinkedIn's most relevant volunteering gigs. It’s like having a personal assistant who does your hard work.


Let’s dive in.

Define Your Passion.

First, dig deep and find what truly inspires you. 

  • What causes do you care about? 
  • What skills do you want to use or learn? 
  • What kind of impact do you want to make?

Salesrobot can help you answer these questions.

All you have to do is type keywords that describe what you love, such as animals, education, environment, etc.

Salesrobot will then show you a list of volunteering gigs that match your interests.

how to get relevant volunteering experience on Linkedin
Source: LinkedIn

Search Smart

It’s time to narrow down your options.

Here's the magic trick:

Salesrobot makes this easy with its nifty search filters.

You can filter by location, duration, skills required, organization type, etc.

It's like having a volunteer matchmaker right at your fingertips.

Connect with Purpose

Salesrobot has your back with its smart messaging feature.

It helps you craft personalized messages that show why you’re interested in the volunteering gig and how your skills can make a difference.

You can also attach your resume or portfolio if needed.

Salesrobot will then send the messages to the volunteer organizations on autopilot.

You can connect with multiple organizations in minutes without sounding spammy or generic.

Salesrobot simplifies the process, making it a breeze to spot and connect with the right opportunities. 

And the best part? You can get started with a 14-day free trial.


Let's wrap things up. 

Adding volunteer experience to your profile isn't rocket science; 

it's a simple way to boost your professional image. 

In this blog, we've covered the importance of adding volunteer experience to your LinkedIn profile and how it can significantly benefit your professional image. 

We discussed the top 4 reasons for including volunteer work, which range from building credibility to expanding your network and showcasing your skills. You've also learned the 4 easy steps to add volunteer experience to your LinkedIn profile in just three minutes.

To help you find the most relevant volunteering opportunities, we introduced you to Salesrobot, an intelligent tool that simplifies the process of discovering, filtering, and messaging potential volunteer gigs. 

With Salesrobot, you can define your passion, search smart, and connect with purpose.

So, why wait? 

Sign up at Salesrobot today and get a free trial

Get started on your journey to creating a killer LinkedIn profile that will help you stand out and make a positive impact in your professional life.

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