Lead Generation For Recruitment Businesses using Automation Tools

Lead Generation For Recruitment Businesses using Automation Tools

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People tend to view LinkedIn as the dull older sibling compared to more exciting social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your firm has a LinkedIn business page, but it has been updated for a long time, and your account gets very little interaction from other users. Why would you waste resources on a social media network that has typically been utilised by people searching for work if you are trying to expand your business?

It is true that LinkedIn is the most effective platform for recruiting, but it also offers a tremendous amount of untapped potential for lead creation. The professional network has just recently announced that it has reached 500 million members. It estimates that a single connection represents 400 new people and 100 new companies with whom you could be building relationships. You can build relationships with 400 new people if you have just one connection. LinkedIn gives you a chance to get on the radar of the people who are responsible for every new lead that comes your way, and there is a person behind every new lead that comes your way.

The recruiting sector places a substantial emphasis on lead generation. An agency has to cultivate inquiries and reach out to possible business partners to grow. Whether the agency is trying to expand its candidate pool or customer base is true.

Extensive Benefits of Using LinkedIn For Recruiting

There are a wide variety of options for reaching out to potential candidates. As such, why is it imperative that you prioritise LinkedIn?

  • Reaching To Audiences Far And Wide
  • Recruit Potential Non-Active Candidates
  • Discover More About Your Ideal Candidates
  • Showcase Your Organization
  • The Cost of Using LinkedIn for Recruitment

#1. Reaching To Audiences Far And Wide

LinkedIn has established itself as an indispensable networking platform for professionals in various sectors. It's a guarantee that those looking for work would utilise the channel to discover new possibilities and share the most recent information they have about themselves. This indicates that a large pool of talented individuals is readily available.

#2. Recruit Potential Non-Active Candidates

Utilising LinkedIn, you will be able to contact top-tier talent even if they are currently looking for something other than work. These passive applicants could be interested in new chances, but you won't find them posting their resumes on online job sites. You may identify people with the specific experience and qualities you're searching for by using the advanced search options on LinkedIn. You can also let them know that you're seeking them.

#3. Discover More About Your Ideal Candidates

LinkedIn gives a wealth of opportunities for users to personalise their profiles. If you want to know what motivates a candidate, all you have to do is check their LinkedIn profile. You, as a recruiter, may use this information to good use when putting together job descriptions and contacting prospects by using it to your advantage.

#4. Showcase Your Organization

The recruiting process entails more than just a pool of unemployed people looking for jobs. It goes both ways; you must make the firm appealing to those interested in working for it.

Your company pages allow you to publish information about your employees, company culture, and industry viewpoints, among other things, in a manner that will appeal to the applicants you want to target. There is no better place than a social network to attract people's attention and engage potential applicants who otherwise would not have been aware of the organisation.

#5. The Cost of Using LinkedIn for Recruitment

Your needs will determine the appropriate degree of investment for this situation.

There is no cost associated with posting a job opening on LinkedIn. Having said that, this choice has certain restrictions. You are only allowed to post one job at a time, and as time passes, that position will become less visible to potential applicants. This is not good news for you if you are a considerable organisation searching for numerous individuals simultaneously.

Additional perks and advantages are associated with promoted job postings. For example, they are displayed first in job suggestions, and LinkedIn automatically notifies applicants who meet the requirements if a job opening matches their profile.

On a cost-per-click basis, you will be paid for a promoted job listing on your website. However, you have the ability to limit your spending to a certain amount daily in accordance with your budget.

Because the price changes daily, it is impossible to precisely calculate how much money is spent on each click. However, when you consider that the typical cost of a click on a LinkedIn ad is $5.26, advertising jobs on LinkedIn may become a rather pricey endeavour.

Additionally, the site provides job description templates to assist you in getting started, and you can publish the articles to various boards with a click of a button. You will also be able to interact with your team, handle incoming applications from several channels in a single location, and design individualised processes for the recruiting process. All of these features will be available to you.

What Are The Ways You Can Make Most of LinkedIn For Recruitment?

There has been a revolution in the hiring market over the past few years. LinkedIn has quickly become one of the most popular online platforms that job seekers and recruiters use to identify available positions and connect with potential candidates.

Due to the fact that millions of people use LinkedIn as a tool to discover employment opportunities, it can be challenging for employment agencies and businesses to locate the most suitable candidates with only a basic account on the network. You will be relieved to learn that upgrading your account on a professional networking website to that of a recruiter can assist you in overcoming this obstacle to a more significant degree. The process of locating and establishing connections with eligible individuals and other resources and using LinkedIn Recruiter has been simplified, streamlined, and made more time and effort efficient. You can have an extensive understanding of how LinkedIn Recruiter works. We have written a blog which can help you.

Why LinkedIn Automation Is The Next Best Solution For You?

It takes a significant investment of time and effort to keep an active presence on LinkedIn. However, from the marketers' perspective, time is a luxury they do not have enough of. When considering this, LinkedIn automation should be taken into consideration.

The term "LinkedIn Automation" refers to the practice of utilising various technologies to automate the mundane responsibilities that are required of you on the platform. These jobs can include submitting connection requests, conducting endorsements, replying to communications, and pretty much any other activity you would typically carry out manually.

You may make the process of lead creation and prospecting much more accessible by automating actions on LinkedIn. Your team can devote their attention to other vital activities when the lead generation and accompanying outreach initiatives run on autopilot.

How To Boost Your Sales Using LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools available today since it enables users to locate new customers inside their target market and mutual business partners with similar market interests.

The following is a list of some of how you may utilise LinkedIn automation to increase your sales:

  • Accelerate The Pace Of Sales
  • Utilising Sales Navigator
  • Simple And Quick Lead Enrichment
  • Get In Touch With Potential Customers
  • Automate Your Email And Messaging Systems

#1. Accelerate The Pace Of Sales

According to research conducted by Implicit, the typical length of time needed for the conversion is 84 days. During these 84 days, businesses risk losing many potential customers.

The primary cause is that a representative failed to follow up on anything. And even if a sales representative did follow up, there are so many people with names that sound alike that they probably contacted the incorrect person. Utilising LinkedIn's automation features may significantly cut down on the number of mistakes caused by human error.

The use of automation solutions ensures that you are only picking leads of high quality and that you are contacting those leads by examining their profiles and automatically sending a connection request to them.

Your sales force will be able to devote more of their attention to making sales and cultivating connections when the duties they typically perform are automated. The arduous job that needed to be done has been taken care of, which means the sales process will go much more smoothly.

#2. Utilising Sales Navigator

Since LinkedIn is aware that users like utilising the platform for lead generation, the company decided to include Sales Navigator as an option for users to use.

In the past, for someone to become a customer of your business, you had to personally pick those individuals who met the requirements, which was a time-consuming process.

Now, all you need to do to start receiving email notifications about the people that meet your criteria is ensure that you have the appropriate filters set up in the sales navigator. You can filter by job, seniority, geography, education, experience, and any other variables that may lead to an increase in conversion rate.

#3. Simple And Quick Lead Enrichment

Automating tasks can cut down on wasted time. Using LinkedIn's lead enrichment capabilities may also save a lot of time for your team.

Essential data regarding leads may be extracted quickly and imported into a customer relationship management system. You may also export lead data if you utilise LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for advertising purposes.

Team members will save time and make mistakes if they have to manually enter lead data without this automation solution. This might cause a drastic drop in sales.

#4. Get In Touch With Potential Customers

"Mutual interest" is the key to success when marketing through social media. Having stated that, it is optional for you to manually send connection requests to each possible consumer. All you need to do is browse their profile and sit tight till they come looking for you.

On the other hand, if your team needs to accomplish everything manually, this might be a challenging procedure.

By utilising LinkedIn automation, you will be able to see a greater number of LinkedIn profiles in a shorter amount of time. Sending a connection request to the person after you have determined that they might be interested in what you are selling gives you the opportunity to approach them with the intention of closing the deal.

#5. Automate Your Email And Messaging Systems

InMail is LinkedIn's own form of email, which is included with the service. LinkedIn claims that it has twice as great of an interaction rate as other platforms.

Utilising InMail at the precise moment that a potential consumer accepts your connection request is the optimal time to do so. Nevertheless, it is not practical to wait around for them all day for them to approve your request and then instantly send an InMail at the same time.

Therefore, by utilising automation, you can make the entire process more streamlined without any hiccups.

The automatic message that will be sent out once the connection request has been accepted can be hyper-personalized using the tools that are available on LinkedIn. You also have the option of developing a unique template that is tailored according to your company's needs.

You will begin to see an increase in sales after you put an end to the practice of squandering time and energy on regular chores that robots are capable of performing in a manner that is superior to both and more efficient.

How Can Using Automation Tools On LinkedIn Help You?

Here are a few reasons you should consider using LinkedIn automation if you haven't already done so.

Saving time: Much like other forms of automation software, the automation capabilities provided by LinkedIn can help you save some of your valuable time. Imagine having to manually search for each lead, write a personalised connecting message, and track each prospect to determine who has to be followed up with. All of this can be done quickly and easily with the help of a decent automation tool.

• As we get you warmed up, do you know how many connection requests you are allowed to submit in a single day? LinkedIn does not let you spam other users or develop your network in an artificial way. Therefore, you will not be able to accomplish any of those things. The most effective automation solutions "know" the constraints imposed by LinkedIn and operate within those parameters.

Precise targeting: LinkedIn's automation capabilities may assist you in locating highly qualified leads more quickly than you would be able to do so on your own. You can find the specific individuals you are looking for if you make use of search filters and employ intelligent search strategies, such as the use of Boolean operators.

• When it comes to tracking metrics, the native analytics dashboard that LinkedIn provides is very lacking. You won't get a lot of information about your material and how effective it is other than the standard analytics that is provided by social media. Tools that automate repetitive tasks might improve your perspective and make it easier to make informed judgments.

Why Setting Up Automation Will Boost Your Business?

Lead generation is increasing customer awareness of a product or service and translating that awareness into sales leads for that product or service.

On the other hand, there are occasions when the lack of defined protocols and rules between the marketing and sales teams can lead to poor targeting, leads that need to be qualified, and an enormous amount of extra work for the personnel.

In situations like this, automation is the most effective option!

Automated lead generation combines outbound and inbound marketing solutions powered by AI tools and machine learning.

Set up your automation to allow the leads and the data to come to you rather than manually sourcing prospects over the phone or through cold emails. This saves a lot of time.

The primary objective of developing a marketing funnel is to facilitate the discovery of your company by as many potential customers as is humanly possible.

Therefore, it is to your advantage to automate your lead generation procedures as much as possible and make it easier for leads to be nurtured.

Which automation tool will help you take your business to the next level?

When it comes to generating leads from LinkedIn and communicating with various members of LinkedIn, Salesrobot is a solution that proves to be quite efficient. Because it is hosted in the cloud, this platform makes it simple to meet new people and discover new possibilities. Both standard LinkedIn and premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts are compatible with Salesrobot's utilisation. It comes with various customisation choices, which may be used to provide the appearance of human involvement. In point of fact, it is a terrific solution for smaller organisations, agencies, and professionals looking to fast level up their sales and get hold of some hot offers.

What Different Functions Does The Salesrobot Offer?

Some of Salesrobot's most notable capabilities include the following:

  • Smart Inbox
  • Prospect Insights
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Event Campaigns
  • Smart Inbox: It is incredibly challenging to handle the many interactions that are happening across several LinkedIn profiles. Salesrobot, much like LeadIn, has a tool called Smart Inbox, which enables you to easily handle all of the communications that you get on LinkedIn. Using a smart inbox, you may exclude certain messages from your inbox based on the criteria that you choose.
Salesrobot dashboard
Source: Salesrobot
  • Prospect Insights: The utilisation of SalesRobot can be useful in order to gain an idea of your target market, and you can use prospect insights to develop a more effective strategy. For instance, the prospect insights will inform you which prospects have a higher likelihood of responding to your message sequence.
  • Interactive dashboard: You are able to access sophisticated analytics of your campaigns by using the dashboard that Salesrobot provides, which is multi-functional. In addition to this, you will no longer have to switch tabs continuously in order to view the consolidated statistics for numerous accounts at the same time. Exporting the report of the analysis is also an option.
salesrobot dashboard
Source: Salesrobot
  • Event Campaigns: Events on LinkedIn are an excellent way to target certain profiles, and with SalesRobot, you can easily organise and manage event campaigns on LinkedIn. You will only need to build up a few sequences, and Salesrobot will continue delivering your message sequence to event participants on your behalf to ensure that you have a sufficient number of attendees at your gathering.
salesrobot inbox
Source: Salesrobot

How Much Will Salesrobot Cost You?

At the moment, Salesrobot provides a handful of different price options, which are as follows:

  • The cost is $99 per month per account for the advanced level.
  • At the professional level, the monthly fee is $179 per account.
  • Pay-per-lead Business Model (you need to contact our representative to get the required details)
Salesrobot pricing
Source: Salesrobot

In addition to this, you will receive a discount of twenty per cent off of the price of an annual subscription.

It is possible to get a comprehensive feel for Salesrobot's capabilities by taking advantage of its free 14-day trial, which does not need the provision of a credit card.

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn is a robust tool that can be used to generate leads and close business agreements. But the jobs and activities necessary to help you succeed might be monotonous and time-consuming at times.

For this reason, you should make use of the appropriate LinkedIn automation solutions for your brand. Because there is no shortage of LinkedIn automation solutions, finding the one that best suits your needs might feel like an uphill battle. Many of these programmes fall short of their promises. Because of this, we have compiled this list of the top LinkedIn automation tools in order to make your job a little bit simpler.

Go ahead and choose the one that struck a chord with you the most.

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