LinkedIn Premium: An In-Depth Guide On Services and Features

LinkedIn Premium: An In-Depth Guide On Services and Features

LinkedIn Guide

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We all know that LinkedIn is the number one platform for professionals and more and while using the application it tries to get you to upgrade to LinkedIn premium.

LinkedIn is an invaluable site for all types of individuals and businesses. From those looking for a job to those who want to promote themselves, LinkedIn can help with it all.

While LinkedIn is free to use, you might be wondering what LinkedIn premium is and whether you should buy it and here we have gathered everything you need to know about it here!

But let's first understand, why you should choose LinkedIn premium?

Why choose LinkedIn premium?

LinkedIn Premium Plans


LinkedIn Premium is a paid service offered by LinkedIn to its users. Premium allows you to unlock the true potential of the platform.


It provides extra services to its users these include sending Inmails and messaging anyone on the platform. And even letting you know who all have viewed your profile.


Any LinkedIn premium account can choose from 1 of the 4 plans that LinkedIn offers as per their needs and convenience. These plans, of course, provide different services at different prices; we will get more about the premium cost in a bit.


Before getting into the details of LinkedIn premium, there is a need to understand what a paid account is and what it has to offer us.

What services does LinkedIn offer to its premium customers?

LinkedIn premium features and number of uses vary per the chosen plan, but some options are standard in all premium plans. These differences in features are provided intentionally to you, the user, to cater to individual needs and wants and give a better result.

Here are the list of the services LinkedIn offers to its premium customers:

  • LinkedIn InMail
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • LinkedIn Profile Searches
  • Job and Salary Insights
  • Business Insights
  • Advanced Search Filters

Sales professionals using the platform for generating sales can opt for the LinkedIn Sales navigator plan, which we at SalesRobot provide to you along with our other plans.

Here is a complete breakdown of LinkedIn premium features and how you can use them.

LinkedIn Inmail:

LinkedIn Premium users get access to a new feature or a form of messaging called "InMail," used to send a message to anyone on the platform. Yes! Anyone.

Inmails are a part of the LinkedIn Premium plan, which a subscriber opts for.

However, the amount of LinkedIn Inmail credits provided each month is contingent on the user's paid method.

LinkedIn Inmails are 2.6 times more efficient in getting a response compared to traditional email. As traditional email is now used to spam users with advertisements(which is quite annoying), Inmails, on the other hand, are checked by all the users on the platform.

Salesrobot provides the service for automating LinkedIn Inmail service along with hyper-personalization to make the messages sent human-like.

We also keep track of your LinkedIn Inmail credits to ensure the most efficient utilization.

Don't believe us? Ring us for a free trial today.

salesrobot message automation window

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform by LinkedIn Corporation to help you develop new skills using the 5000+ courses available on the forum.

LinkedIn Learning allows users access to a plethora of courses which you can access to learn anything and everything about the business, technology, creative skills, and much more, all taught by industry leaders.

LinkedIn learning provides personalized recommendations and an ability to track all the enrolled courses related to profiles and fields that you are interested in. LinkedIn Learning courses are a great way to kick-start your career in a new area or could be used to learn something new.

While LinkedIn Learning can be purchased separately, purchasing any subscription to LinkedIn premium would allow you access to this massive library of LinkedIn at no extra cost.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Profile searches:

The most straightforward approach to finding your target audience or group on LinkedIn is to use LinkedIn Search. You can use the feature while applying the advanced search filters to narrow it down to the most relevant profile results.

Do you want to search for someone living in California, working at Apple, and graduating from Harvard Business school? Just add these filters, and LinkedIn will get it done for you.

How to search profile on LinkedIn? Step-by-step guide


To search for someone on LinkedIn, you need to click the search bar on the topic left corner of your device and add a name or hashtag related to your search query


After adding a name and clicking enter, you can add additional search filters as per your requirement to narrow down the search to the most relevant individuals.

linkedin search result

After obtaining the search results, you can add other filters to find the most relevant users on the platform. LinkedIn also provides different results in its recommended section.

If you wish to know more about how to search on LinkedIn, click here.

Where does LinkedIn premium help me?

LinkedIn profile searching is limited and varies depending on your time on the platform and your behavior patterns. LinkedIn monitors this behavior and assigns several searches that could be done. (However, obtaining the exact number is not possible)

LinkedIn's basic account often gets hit with "you have reached the maximum number of searches," as your behavior might indicate that you are using the platform for lead generation or sales.

LinkedIn premium, however, allows unlimited searches for seamless application usage.

Unlimited search features are one of the best features of Linkedin premium, as it completely bypasses the need to keep track of how many times you have searched for someone on the platform.

This unlimited number, however, is not available for LinkedIn Job seekers. As LinkedIn Job Seekers still have a limit, it has to adhere to it.

Who viewed my profile?

The free version of LinkedIn allows users to see who has viewed their profile in the last 90 days. This, however, is restricted to only 5 users who last viewed your profile and the rest are present with a lock.

linkedin upgrade to premium window

LinkedIn premium bypasses the limits of the free version by allowing you to consider not only who viewed your profile n the last 90 days but also provide you with insights.

Insights is a premium service that helps LinkedIn premium members keep track of their accounts' activities and provides overall trend analysis to premium users.

linkedin premium analytics

To gain more profile visits, creating a great profile is a must. But the process might need to be clarified to new users. So we created a guide for you! Want to check it out? 

Other Features that LinkedIn Premium has to offer:

LinkedIn premium members enjoy all the features and more, so we collected some minor but worthwhile features you get if you subscribe to Linkedin premium.

Job & Salary Insights

You just started a new career path and are looking for a job in an industry you are unfamiliar with. LinkedIn premium career is there for you.

Premium career account holders find salary information especially valuable as it helps them while on the negotiation table for a job they applied for.

This is divided into 2 aspects:

Job Insights

Using this LinkedIn Career feature, you can compare yourself with other job applicants, and you will get an analysis of how competitive you are as compared to other job applicants. This also helps in saving time as you now know if you have a chance at securing this new job.

Salary insights

They are essential for both Job recruiters and job seekers.

Job recruiters can find current market rates and adjust their offers accordingly.

On the other hand, a job seeker can go through the salary details of all the job listings to determine if the salary offered is competitive.

This plays a significant role in contract negotiations or salary expectation part of the job application.

Business Insights

Businesses often use LinkedIn to maintain their social media presence. However, LinkedIn provides its users s with crucial details about a business.

At the same time, elements like employees and location are visible to everyone on the platform. LinkedIn premium provides access to growth rates, recent changes, and other trends.

These trends are often used by sales professionals looking for purchases or job seekers who wish to be part of a company that can provide them with sound long-term employment.

Advanced Search Filters

LinkedIn Premium gives you access to 'n' several possibilities to find the right person from the masses.

If you are looking for a person that matches the job description and Is at a seniority level in a company, the advanced filter has it all.

advance search window

Saved Leads and Accounts

LinkedIn is a pool of opportunities; finding and keeping track of the right one might take a lot of work.

LinkedIn premium allows you to save leads and accounts by tracking them for any changes. Business leaders sometimes post about an opportunity, and with this feature, you can keep track of these accounts to ensure you take advantage of every chance.

LinkedIn premium vs Free, what's the difference?

Before buying LinkedIn premium, consider whether LinkedIn Premium is worth it.

So, we collected all the differences for you!

linkedin free vs linkedin premium

You now know all you need to know about LinkedIn premium and how it differs from the basic account. This now leads us to the most critical aspect.: LinkedIn Premium cost

How much does LinkedIn Premium cost?

LinkedIn premium works with a subscription-based model. The user can pay for the monthly subscription or opt for an annual one, which provides a discount of up to 20%.

A LinkedIn account can be one of the six types; these are as follows:

  • Free LinkedIn Account.
  • LinkedIn Premium Career: $29.99/month.
  • LinkedIn Premium Business: $59.99/month.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: $79.99/month.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite: $2,399/year.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter: $8,999+/year.

Basic (Free) LinkedIn Account:

A basic account on LinkedIn is one that LinkedIn provides to new users. It's free to use, but it has its restrictions.

This account can be used for anything from connecting with old classmates to building your professional network.

LinkedIn Premium Career:

LinkedIn premium career is the second type of account you will come across. This premium career plan is tailor-made for employment and other related activities.

Even LinkedIn states that the professionals using LinkedIn career premium are twice as likely to get employed than those using a basic account.

linkedin premium career

The benefits associated with Linkedin Career Premium are

  • A total of 5 inMail credits are available monthly. However, you can buy more inmail credits as well.
  • Anyone who viewed your profile will be displayed to you,
  • Access to the powerful "Applicants insights" and "Salary Insights tools.
  • Priority status in the application as the employer will see your application over others, which increases your chances of landing your dream job.
  • The in-demand talents you can acquire on Linkedin Learning.

LinkedIn premium career is the least expensive option for you to try on and is also the best place to start experiencing premium.

To use Linkedin's premium features, you must pay $39.99 a month. However, remember that you can test this out for free for an entire month by opting for the free trial option.

LinkedIn Premium Business Account:

The essential features of the LinkedIn premium business is the same as the other pack. Still, it provides users with a lot of extra features to use.

Business owners and managers benefit significantly from this service as it gives them access to many services and critical insights into the industry that help them take the edge over the competition.

This includes the following:

  1. LinkedIn is a place of information, and business owners know the value of information; using LinkedIn In business, the time spent n prospecting, and other activities are reduced to zero as it acts as a one-stop destination for the same.
  2. Lead generation is made easy by LinkedIn business premium as it provides abundant options to tailor-make your ideal audience and then pitch them about your product.
  3. LinkedIn provides a CRM-like system that allows you to monitor interactions on the platform with prospects. This, combined with a marketing automation tool like ours, ensures a well-organized pipeline.
  4. Simply said, as a business owner, LinkedIn business is a must-have tool, as it increases the company's efficiency while simultaneously cutting down costs and time.

So, is a LinkedIn premium worth it?

Yes, combined with a free trial and cancel LinkedIn premium anytime option, it makes buying a LinkedIn premium subscription worth it. If you are a startup looking to explore LinkedIn, check this out.

The pricing, when compared to the yearly LinkedIn Premium Business subscription, which costs $575.88, the monthly LinkedIn Premium Business subscription is only around $59.99.

linkedin premium business plan

LinkedIn Sales Navigator account:7

The most popular LinkedIn account used by sales teams is LinkedIn's Sales Navigator, a social selling platform with several features for finding qualified prospects to establish long-lasting professional connections.

LinkedIn sales navigator is a premium service that helps you locate the best leads and prospects to help you and your business grow.

Not only is it great for gathering data, but it also provides valuable insights and analyses which help improve and boost conversions by personalizing your interactions.

Salesrobot also provides hyper-personalization as one of its services. It allows you to give a message in the form of a template and leave the rest to us, utilizing methods that are never before been seen. (All while standing under the radar of LinkedIn)

Sales navigator pricing is as per the needs and company size, and you can utilize it accordingly; these pricing tiers are as follows:

  1. Enterprise (Free Demo available)

You need to contact the LinkedIn sales team, as enterprise-level pricing varies on the volume of purchase and the method of billing.

  1. Professional (Free Trial available )

If you aim to increase your professional network and the core activity is professional networking, then this plan is for you; the pricing starts from 64.99/month or $779.88/year.

  1. Team (Free Demo available)

Any sales team or group of salespeople aiming to maximize reach and create long-term customer relationships should use the Team package. The monthly fee is $103.33 per license or $1,240 when billed annually.

linkedin sales navigator

LinkedIn recruiter and LinkedIn recruiter lite:

LinkedIn provides a special package for searching and connecting with potential candidates and managing it all in one place is a LinkedIn recruiter.

LinkedIn recruiter lite is the entry-level solution for those looking for recruitment solutions but working in a small to medium enterprise.

On the other hand, the LinkedIn recruiter is better for those working in larger organizations. It also provides sophisticated search results to help you narrow the search for the best candidates.

The pricing for a LinkedIn recruiter is a fee of $8,999 when billed annually. It costs $825 monthly if you go for that option.

A monthly subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter Lite costs USD 140 in the US.

Nevertheless, this cost could change based on the user's location. A yearly membership to LinkedIn Recruiter Lite will cost you $200 less than paying monthly.

If you wish to know an in-depth difference between the two, check it out here.

Comparing it all:

While first using LinkedIn, we recommend you use a Basic account. It is free and a great place to start your LinkedIn journey and familiarize yourself with the platform.

While using a basic account might sound like a waste of time and effort, it is worth it initially.

There are several LinkedIn premium account tiers available. The audience for the career plan is people who want to advance in their current field. You can use this profile to increase your visibility within the network, attract the interest of pertinent professionals, and establish connections with other business insiders.

The second type of LinkedIn account is a business account, ideal for those looking to advertise their companies to a more extensive clientele. A premium business account is made to make it easier for you to connect with and find clients, partners, and other contacts.

For B2B salespeople, LinkedIn's Sales Navigator premium account is an invaluable resource. You could be a good fit for this account if your background is in sales.

It may be used to find contacts and quickly connect with them. It could be used to develop a long-term strategic alliance with prospective customers, boosting sales.

Human resources are both invaluable and hard to come across. A LinkedIn recruiter account is the best tool to filter from many applicants to find the most qualified one to fill a position in your company.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is an excellent tool for finding, communicating with, and maintaining contact with possible new hires.

Additionally, you'll get access to tools like 30 monthly InMail credits, endless stored searches, and thorough information on your efforts and the efficiency of InMail.

What is LinkedIn Military premium?

LinkedIn to show its support to veterans across America provides a free one-year Linkedin career subscription.

And yes! this includes LinkedIn Learning.

To be eligible for this offer, you must meet all the following requirements:

  • Being an active-duty or retired member of the US military(non-US military personnel is not eligible)
  • Have not previously utilized the LinkedIn veteran promotion (one promotion per service member).
  • You must not currently be a subscriber to LinkedIn Premium.

Check the LinkedIn Veterans premium request page to check for your eligibility as well as how to verify yourself.


LinkedIn is an application for all, from small business owners to college students looking for gigs to large multinational corporations looking to maintain a social presence.

Before choosing the kind of LinkedIn account appropriate for you, it's crucial to consider your circumstances.

We discussed how some people use it to further their professions while others use it to make new connections.

Creating a free account is the ideal method to get started with a social networking site if you've never used one before and to see if the service's fundamental features are going to be enough to satisfy your needs.

If you are considering upgrading to a premium account, the best way is to use the free trial option to understand which premium account type is the right fit for you; if you are looking for automation services for your LinkedIn account, book a demo with us!

Like LinkedIn, we also provide free services for you for one week. So what are you waiting for?

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