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Top 5 Alternatives to SalesBlink: Our Unbiased Review in 2023

Hunting for the best SalesBlink alternatives in 2023? Look no further! We've tested and reviewed Salesrobot, Yesware, Outreach, VanillaSoft, and Outplay to present you with the best options.

Saurav Gupta
Founder & CEO
May 9, 2023
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Do you remain dissatisfied with the quality of data promised by sales engagement platforms, or with the poor user interface that is riddled with bugs, or with the inadequate onboarding sequence? Do you also find these platforms lacking in customization options, or do they appear to have simply scraped data from LinkedIn?

Given that you have arrived here, we presume that you have already attempted to use and evaluate SalesBlink.

In this blog post, we've compiled a list of 5 SalesBlink alternatives that can help you take your sales game to the next level. These tools offer various features that cater to different sales team requirements. Whether you're looking for more personalized outreach, advanced analytics, or AI-powered automation, there's something for everyone on our list.

Here’s our top tried and tested 5 SalesBlink alternatives:

  • Salesrobot
  • Yesware
  • Outreach
  • VanillaSoft
  • Outplay

Before delving into any  solutions, it’s important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that you and other businesses are currently encountering. In order to provide an unbiased review, we have evaluated SalesBlink on several parameters. These include

  • Users that have found SalesBlink’s interface buggy and not user-friendly.
  • Complaints about the inadequacy of email verification features.
  • The LinkedIn prospecting features are limited. 
  • The outdated data
  • Personalization

So, we’re here to provide you with tools that can help:

  • Streamline your sales process, 
  • Gives you more flexibility to do personalized outreach
  • boost productivity, and 
  • ultimately drive more revenue for your business.

So, kick back, relax, and get ready to learn about some excellent new tools and If you're in hurry, here's a quick comparison table of top 5 alternatives to SalesBlink

Top 5 SalesBlink Alternatives comparision

What is SalesBlink?

SalesBlink is a sales automation platform. It helps your business to streamline your sales processes and boost efficiency. 

What is SalesBlink?
Source: SalesBlink 

The platform provides a suite of tools to help sales teams with tasks such as

  • lead generation, 
  • email outreach, 
  • follow-ups, and 
  • appointment scheduling.

How is SalesBlink useful?

  • SalesBlink's email finder tool allows you to find and verify the email addresses of potential users.
  • You can reach more leads in less time with personalized email templates and automated follow-ups.  
How salesblink works?
Source: SalesBlink
  • The feature of Visual Campaign Builder works like a charm. It helps you drag-and-drop to change outreach conditions with prospect activities.
  • SalesBlink integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and Pipedrive. It makes it simple to keep track of all your leads in one place.
  • SalesBlink's calendar integration lets you schedule appointments with just a few clicks. 
Salesblink dashboard
Source: SalesBlink
  • The custom fields and variables of SalesBlink allow you to personalize your Outreach for each lead.
  • SalesBlink's email verification tool ensures your emails are always delivered to the right inbox.
  • SalesBlink allows you to collaborate with your team making sharing leads, templates, and data easy. 
  • SalesBlink provides analytics and reporting features to track progress on email campaigns.

What are challenges users encountered while using SalesBlink?

  • SalesBlink has a buggy interface that could be more intuitive and use some work.
  • Users have found that the email warm-up automatically disconnects after a while.
  • Users have also complained about the inefficiency of email verification features.
  • LinkedIn prospecting and other features surrounding it are restrictive.

How much does SalesBlink cost?

SalesBlink divides its plans into three categories. And they are as follows:

  1. Sales Engagement
  2. Prospecting
  3. Email WarmUp

Each of these categories is then distributed in different pricing tiers. 

Sales Engagement

  • Basic: $49 per month per user
  • Professional: $69 per month per user
  • Enterprise: Customizable
SalesBlink pricing for sales engagement
Source: SalesBlink


  • Prospecting Pro: $49 per month per user
  • Enterprise: Customizable
SalesBlink pricing for prospecting
Source: SalesBlink

Email WarmUp

It has only one plan that is priced at $19 per month per sender.

SalesBlink email warmup pricing
Source: SalesBlink

You can even go and check out our comprehensive SalesBlink review to get more clarity on the tool. 

Best 5 Alternatives To SalesBlink:


Salesrobot provides a superior option to SalesBlink as it enables you to engage in multichannel outreach via Email and LinkedIn, which can significantly enhance your sales pipeline. With Salesrobot, you can personalize and automate your Email and LinkedIn Sequences to effectively carry out cold outreach.

What are the upsides of incorporating Salesrobot into your workflow?

  1. Salesrobot enables you to effortlessly run multiple campaigns on both LinkedIn and Email. This is because SalesBlink necessitates manual setup for LinkedIn outreach, whereas Salesrobot automates the entire process.
  2. With personalized email templates and automated follow-ups, it ensures that your outreach is consistent. You ca have a library of pre-written templates that you can customize to fit your brand and style.
  3. Salesrobot's email sequence feature enables you to keep the conversation going. So you always get a follow-up again.
Setting up automated sequence with salesrobot
  • With just a few clicks, Salesrobot's innovative scheduling tool helps you book meetings. And it is configured to keep your account safe.
Salesrobot smart configuration
  • With Salesrobot's hyper-personalization feature, you can use custom fields and variables to tailor your emails to each lead, which SalesBlink is missing. This will help you make your outreach more effective and increase your chances of success.
  • Want to know what works best? The A/B testing feature allows you to test different email subject lines, content, and calls-to-action to optimize your Outreach.
  • You can easily create, manage, and track multiple campaigns in one place using the campaign management feature.
Run Multiple Campaign - Salesrobot
  • If you use Zapier, you can integrate Salesrobot with popular CRMs such as Hubspot or Zoho. Additionally, Salesrobot can be seamlessly integrated with Hyperise, which enables you to deliver customized messages to your potential customers. This integration provides you with a powerful tool to streamline your sales process and improve your engagement with leads.
  • Salesrobot provides detailed analytics and reporting on your campaigns. It facilitates enhancing your strategy for better results.
Detailled analytics - salesroboot
  • Sales is a team sport. Salesrobot allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time.  
  • You can assign and track tasks related to your sales process with task management features.

Critical feedback on Salesrobot 

  • It can initially have a steep learning curve, but they have an active 24x7 customer support team to solve any problems.
  • Salesrobot only offers one plan for all. Although it offers all the advanced features in one plan, it might be more expensive for businesses on a tight budget.

What makes Salesrobot a better alternative?

  • Salesrobot has excellent LinkedIn prospecting features. It even comes with free InMails for you to exploit to get leads.  
  • You can bypass the LinkedIn limit with Salesrobot and that too with account safety features. 
  • Salesrobot offers a very intuitive interface that is easy to use. 
  • Easy on-boarding process.
  • They also help in generating leads with legitimate prospect data. 
  • Salesrobot has more advanced personalization options for effective outreach messages.
  • Salesrobot also offers a smart LinkedIn Inbox to help sales reps like you manage LinkedIn conversations and automate sequences.

How much does Salesrobot cost?

Salesrobot offers one plan for $99 per month per account, giving you all the features for advanced outreach. 

They also offer a 14-day credit card free trial period.

Salesrobot pricing


Yesware is a sales productivity platform. It provides tracking insights and integrates with popular email clients, making it easy to use for salespeople and teams of any size.

Yesware - top alternative to SalesBlink
Source: Yesware

What are the perks of using Yesware?

  • Yesware's email tracking feature lets you see who opens your emails and clicks on your links. It gives you valuable insights into your prospects' behavior.
What are the cons of using Yesware?
Source: Yesware
  • Yesware has pre-built templates that allow you to create and send emails that resonate with your prospects quickly.
  • Yesware integrates with popular CRMs to manage your leads and track your sales pipeline.
  • The campaign management feature helps you stay on top of your outreach. It allows you to create, manage, and track your email campaigns all in one place.
  • Yesware's email sequence feature enables you to send personalized emails to your prospects. It helps increase your chances of conversion.
Source: Yesware
  • Yesware provides detailed analytics and reporting on your email campaigns.
  • The calendar integration feature lets you schedule meetings with prospects. So, you won't have the scheduling headaches anymore.
Source: Yesware
  • Yesware also offers a useful Google Chrome extension and an Outlook add-on to make your lead generation and prospecting a breeze. 

What are the cons of using Yesware?

  • Yesware doesn't offer to edit campaigns once they've launched. The customization could be better in the sequences. 
  • The tool is also very restrictive with automated emails. It gets buggy frequently.
  • Many users have also found that Yesware has raised spamming flags.
  • The tool could use more stability, especially when dealing with inaccurate open rates.

What makes Yesware a better alternative?

  • Yesware offers a call recording feature while SalesBlink does not.
  • Yesware has stronger email tracking features.
  • Yesware offers better team management features, such as team analytics and reporting, while SalesBlink offers basic features. 
  • Yesware offers email and phone support, while SalesBlink's support is limited.

How much does Yesware cost?

Yesware offers five plans. They are as follows:

  1. Free Forever: $0 per month per seat
  2. Pro: $15 per month per seat
  3. Premium: $35 per month per seat
  4. Enterprise: $65 per month per seat
  5. Custom Plan: Customizable
Yesware pricing
Source: Yesware

Still wondering about Yesware? Let us make it easier for you to decide if the tool is for you or not. You can just go and check out our detailed Yesware review and then choose. 


Outreach.io is a cloud-based sales engagement platform. It seeks to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your sales force through interactions.

Outreach - best alternative to SalesBlink
Source: Outreach

What are the advantages of using Outreach?

  • The sales interaction function of the tool enables you to automate your sales process. Additionally, it aids in personalizing your approach to boost sales potential.
  • You can communicate with leads and customers via phone or text using the voice and text messaging tool. Also, sharing the meetings with your team is simple and accessible.
Pros of using Outreach
Source: Outreach
  • You can build emails that capture the interest of your prospects by using the collection of templates provided by Outreach.
  • You can create, manage, and track all of your email campaigns using the campaign management feature of Outreach. You can create automatic outreach sequences with this.
Source: Outreach
  • You can assign projects to team members, establish deadlines, and monitor progress using the task management function. So that you can stay organized and productive.
  • The tool also allows you to engage with potential customers on socials like LinkedIn.
  • Outreach's email tracking feature lets you track your emails. You can see who opens them, clicks on them, and interacts with them so that you can follow up at the right time.
How Outreach.io works?
Source: Outreach
  • Outreach's analytics and reporting feature provides real-time data on your outreach performance. 
  • The tool integrates with Salesforce and allows you to sync data between the two platforms. So you can manage your leads, contacts, and opportunities.

Cons of using Outreach

  • Many users have reported their emails landing in the spam folders
  • The learning curve for Outreach is steep and takes much getting used to.
  • The Outreach customer support could be more efficient in helping out their users.
  • The integrations could be smoother, especially LinkedIn
  • According to many reviews, the calling function needs to be fixed and often drops
  • The customization and personalization options are limited

What makes Outreach a better alternative?

  • Outreach offers both call monitoring and recording features while SalesBlink does not. 
  • Outreach has a more intuitive workflow and a more user-friendly interface, which can help your sales team better. 
  • Outreach.io offers many integrations with various sales tools, while SalesBlink only integrates with a few.
  • Outreach also has more advanced sales engagement features, such as account-based sales and more. 

Want to learn more about Outreach.io? You can check out our detailed Outreach.io Review blog. 

How much does Outreach cost?

The Outreach pricing plans are not discussed on the website. You have to ask for the plan with their team, which is a bit hectic. But we have found the pricing plans on another website. 

For 20 seats- $130 per month

They are all paid up-front annually. These costs don’t include implementation fees.

Outreach.io pricing
Source: Revpilots

There are pricing categories or seats for Outreach. They are as follows:

  • Optimize seat: $1680 /year
  • Accelerate seat: $960 / year
  • Admin seat: $300 /year
  • Outreach Express Start Package: $1000 /year
Outreach pricing
Source: Revpilots


VanillaSoft is a cloud-based sales engagement platform. It helps sales teams of small to medium businesses to increase their productivity and improve engagement.

VanillaSoft - best alternative to SalesBlink
Source: VanillaSoft 

What are the positives that VanillaSoft can offer?

  • VanillaSoft's lead routing feature automatically assigns leads to the right salesperson. It ensures that every opportunity gets a follow up.
Cons of using VanillaSoft
Source: VanillaSoft 
  • VanillaSoft's lead management feature keeps your leads organized and on track. It helps manage your leads and contacts in one place so that you can stay on top of your pipeline.
  • The sales engagement feature and customizable workflows allow you to set up your sales process the way you want it. So you can maximize your efficiency and close more deals.
Source: VanillaSoft 
  • The appointment setting feature allows you to schedule appointments with prospects and customers.
  • The call recording feature allows you to record and save your sales calls, so you can review them later and identify areas for improvement.
  • VanillaSoft's Email and SMS marketing feature lets you send targeted messages to prospects. It aids in nurturing your relationship with prospects.
  • VanillaSoft's sales analytics feature provides data on your sales performance in one place.
Source: VanillaSoft 

VanillaSoft's lead scoring feature helps you prioritize your leads based on their level of engagement. So that you can focus on the most promising leads.

Cons of using VanillaSoft

  • The VanillaSoft calling function needs to be improved and is often buggy. 
  • The lack of customization in the calendar and sequences hinders the sales process. 
  • VanillaSoft needs a more intuitive user interface and also it occasionally glitches.
  • Custom reporting or other analytics features are challenging to configure.

What makes VanillaSoft a better alternative?

  • VanillaSoft offers both call monitoring and recording features while SalesBlink does not.
  • VanillaSoft is praised for its customer support.
  • Vanillasoft has better features for call routing and lead nurturing which is helpful for sales teams.

How much does VanillaSoft cost?

VanillaSoft’s pricing plans start from $99 per month and it is customizable according to your sales needs. 

VanillaSoft pricing
Source: VanillaSoft 


Outplay is a sales engagement platform. It allows sales reps to engage with prospects across many channels and track their interactions in one place.

Outplay - Competitor to salesblink
Source: Outplay

What are the advantages of utilizing Outplay?

  • With Outplay's multichannel outreach feature, you can connect with your leads in more ways than one. 
Pros of using Outplay
Source: Outplay
  • The Outplay's sequencing feature is like having a personal assistant. It sends out timed follow-ups, so you can sit back and watch those leads roll in.
  • You can add a personal touch to your outreach with personalization options. Whether it's using their first name, mentioning a recent tweet, and more.
Source: Outplay
  • Get the data you need with the Outplay analytics feature. It gives you data into what's working and what's not.
  • Outplay's team collaboration feature helps you work together to close those deals. It's like having a group chat precisely for your sales team.
  • Outplay integrates with your tools, like CRM software, email providers, and other social media platforms. 
  • The lead scoring feature helps you prioritize the most likely to convert, as Not all leads are created equal. 
  • Outplay also offers a Google Chrome extension.
Source: Outplay
  • With Outplay's call recording feature, you'll remember a critical detail and remember a key point from a conversation again. It keeps your sales process running smoothly.

Cons of using Outplay

  • Outplay lacks advanced customization features
  • The reporting analytics are also deemed inadequate by many users.
  • The integrations are limited and lagging. And the interface could be faster and more convenient.
  • There is a steep learning curve.
  • Many users have also needed help with Outplay's email deliverability.  

What makes Outplay a better alternative?

  • Outplay has advanced sequence step types, like social touchpoints and others to help you better engage with your prospects.
  • Outplay's AI-based technology facilitates in personalizing your messages with dynamic text.
  • Outplay offers both call monitoring and recording features while SalesBlink does not.
  • Outplay offers you to personalize your messages with images and gifs. 

How much does Outplay cost?

Outplay has three pricing plans, they are as follows:

  1. Free: $0 
  2. Growth: $79 per month per user
  3. Enterprise: Customizable according to your needs
Outplay pricing
Source: Outplay

Still wondering about whether Outplay is for you? We have just the thing for you. You can go and check out our detailed Outplay review before finalizing your decision. 

Comparison Of The Top 5 SalesBlink Alternatives:

SalesBlink: The primary focus is automating prospecting and outreach processes. And also accessing a verified B2B leads database.

Salesrobot: The primary focus is to automatically find contact information for prospects. And then send personalized email outreach at scale. It is used for advanced LinkedIn outreach

Yesware: The main focus is to track email engagement and view analytics. It facilitates making informed sales strategies and has features for scheduling meetings.

Outreach: The main focus is to automate personalized outreach across multiple channels. It includes features for lead prioritization and reporting.

VanillaSoft: The emphasis is on managing sales campaigns, with features for 

  • lead nurturing,  
  • customizable workflows, and 
  • appointment setting.

Outplay: The emphasis is on engaging with prospects across multiple channels. It aids in automating follow-up sequences, and integrating with other sales tools.

Top 5 SalesBlink Alternatives comparision


In conclusion, choosing the right sales tool is critical for any business looking to grow and succeed. 

And after comparing these excellent sales tools, it's clear that each brings something special.

Through our unbiased review of five SalesBlink alternatives, we've highlighted the unique features and drawbacks of each tool. 

Whether it's-

  • Salesrobot's multi-channel outreach (via Email and LinkedIn), 
  • Yesware’s email tracking, 
  • Outreach’s automation sequences, 
  • VanillaSoft's smart cadence, and 
  • Outplay's engagement capabilities, they all have something to offer. 

Ultimately, the choice of which tool to use depends on your business's specific requirements. We encourage you to consider these alternatives and choose the one that best aligns with your sales strategy.

And having the right sales tools can be the difference between success and failure. By choosing from the best alternatives to SalesBlink for your business, you can supercharge your sales process and take your business to the next level.

Happy selling!

Disclaimer: The content of this blog post reflects our own opinions and judgements based on our research and experience as of 09.05.2023. Comparisons made to other software or tools are for informational purposes only and are based on publicly available information and our own analysis. We do not claim absolute accuracy and encourage readers to conduct their own research to form their own opinions. While we may discuss competitor offerings, our primary focus is to showcase the features and benefits of Salesrobot. Salesrobot is not affiliated with any other software or tool mentioned in this blog post.

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