SendX Review: Can this Email Marketing Tool Help You in Cold Outreach?

SendX Review: Can this Email Marketing Tool Help You in Cold Outreach?

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Hi there, cold outreach enthusiasts!

It must be tiring to find the perfect solution for your prospecting and lead generation needs. Look no further than my eye-opening SendX Review.

I'll uncover the truth behind this popular Email Marketing tool and reveal a worthy alternative that will take your efforts to new heights.

Let's get real for a moment. SendX is a reliable email marketing solution with some fundamental capabilities for cold outreach. But if you're serious about prospecting and lead generation, it falls short of delivering the solution you need.

Here's why you should keep reading:

  • The Pros and Cons of SendX: I'll walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of SendX. And give you an unbiased evaluation of its features, pricing, and performance. Discover what makes it shine and where it falls short.
  • The Confusion Surrounding SendX: It's no surprise that many users believe that SendX is a complete prospecting tool. I'll delve into the reasons behind this confusion and shed light on why it falls short of meeting your lead generation requirements.
  • The Worthy Alternative: Now, here's the exciting part! I've done the research and found an alternative that fills the gaps left by SendX. Get ready to uncover a powerful prospecting and lead-generation solution that helps your business.

So, dear reader, strap yourselves in for an informative and enlightening journey through my SendX Review.


What is SendX?

A platform for email marketing called SendX assists companies in creating, distributing, and tracking email campaigns. It engages with its subscribers and customers.

What is SendX?
Source: SendX

You can organize your contacts with SendX and create emails that stand out. It can even automate your email sequences.

How to set up Sendx?

Setting up SendX is quick and easy! Here's a simplified guide:

  • Sign up on the SendX website and verify your email.
  • Set up your sender information in the settings section.
  • Connect your email service provider or import your contacts from a CSV file.
  • Design your email using the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Set up automation with autoresponders and drip campaigns.
  • Preview and test your email before sending.
  • Send out your campaign and track performance with SendX's analytics.

It is time to learn and review the features users like about SendX.

SendX Review: Pros, Cons and some other Features

In this section we’ll review everything (about) SendX. We’ll analyze the benefits, limitations, and pricing of the platform.

SendX Features: A Closer Look at User Favorites

The following are the pros of SendX:

  • Easy Email Campaign Creation: They have simple drag-and-drop functions and an intuitive interface. Even beginners can design attractive emails.
Easy Email Campaign Creation
Source: SendX
  • Prompt and Helpful Customer Support: You get friendly and fast assistance from the support team.
  • Excellent Email Deliverability: It also ensures emails reach intended recipients and have a better chance of engagement.
  • Good Automation Features: You can set up drip campaigns and trigger emails based on customer behavior.
Source: SendX
  • Cost-Effective Pricing: They provide essential features for effective email marketing at a reasonable price.

SendX's prompt customer support, email deliverability, good automation features, and cost-effective pricing makes it a popular choice for email marketing needs. But it's not all sunshine and daisies; let's review the disadvantages of using SendX in the next part.

SendX Features: What Users Find Frustrating?

The following are the cons of SendX:

Slow Onboarding Process:

  • Onboarding takes much time, which could have been faster.
  • It can be frustrating when you're eager to start, but the onboarding process drags on.
SendX customer complaining about its slow onboarding process
Source: G2


  • Some users reported encountering bugs in the system.
  • Bugs can be a buzzkill, especially with loading errors and display differences.
SendX Review on G2
Source: G2

Limited Templates for Drips:

  • Users expressed a desire for more templates for drip campaigns.
  • Having a variety of pre-designed templates would save time. And it provides more options for creating engaging email sequences.
SendX review on G2
Source: G2

Learning Curve and Migration Challenges:

  • Some users found understanding features like tags, double opt-ins, and automation creation challenging.
  • Migrating sequences from other platforms like ConvertKit can be a hassle. It might need users to recreate their campaigns from scratch.

Limited Integrations and Reporting Options:

  • Some users wished for more integrations.
  • It would be great if SendX offered detailed analytical reports for strategizing better.
SendX Pros and Cons

While SendX has drawbacks, it's important to remember that every software has imperfections. The key is weighing the pros and cons to determine if it aligns with your needs and preferences.

Let's review other note-worthy features of SendX in the next part.


Exploring the Additional Features of SendX

The following are other notable features of SendX:

  • Landing Pages and Forms: Create quick landing pages for new products and drive ad traffic to them.
Source: SendX
  • Segmentation: You can categorize your email list using different criteria. It may include contact behaviors and custom properties.
  • A/B Testing:  You can test different elements of your emails, such as subject lines to improve your messaging.
  • Reporting: Gain insights into email effectiveness through transparent reporting and heat mapping tools.
Source: SendX
  • Migration: Free migration services for high-volume senders with a large list size.
  • Unlimited Teams & Users: Invite as many users as possible and create many teams without penalties.
  • It also offers a free trial.

Talking about the free trial, let's understand how pricing works for Sendx in the next section of this review.

SendX's Pricing Structure

Let's discuss SendX and why it might not be the best choice for your outreach needs. Please take a seat, and let's have a conversation.

There's the Business Plan, priced at $7.49 per month when you pay annually. It provides up to 1000 subscribers with unlimited monthly email delivery.

SendX pricing
Source: SendX

The price increases with the increase in the number of subscribers.

SendX Pricing Description
Source: SendX

A Deliverability Booster, drip programs, and email campaigns are just a few of the tools offered by SendX. It's like having a toolbox at your disposal, but remember:

Access to many tools is excellent, but only if you know how to use them. Don't get overwhelmed.  You can master a few essential tools rather than juggling too many at once.

Forms, pop-ups, and landing pages can be helpful for audience engagement but use them. It can keep your designs clean and focused, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Automation is meant to enhance your marketing efforts, not replace the human touch. Personalize your emails and maintain genuine connections with your audience.

Tracking website activity can provide insights.

SendX offers 24x5 email support, which is helpful when you need help.

But, consider this:

  • The features may seem enticing, but tools alone don't guarantee success. Strategy and understanding your audience are essential to effective marketing.
  • Before diving into SendX, please take advantage of their free trial. It's an opportunity to explore the platform. But, check its suitability for your specific marketing goals and strategies.
  • Also weigh in the pros and cons, and choose a solution that best aligns with your needs and objectives.

Here is a brief summary of what we've covered so far (in the SendX review) in the table below.

Pros and Cons of using SendX

SendX pros and cons

Now that we are done with the review of the pros and cons of SendX. It is time to figure out why users often confuse email marketing tools with cold outreach tools.

Why do users confuse email marketing tools like SendX with cold outreach tools?

Well, here's a simple breakdown to understand why and how this mix-up can happen:

The Mix-Up:

  • People mistake email marketing tools for cold outreach tools because they encounter them in the digital marketing landscape.
  • They may associate any email-related tool with cold outreach. And assume its primary purpose is sending unsolicited emails.

Generalization Trap:

  • Some individuals assume that sending emails automatically implies cold outreach.
  • Cold outreach focuses on contacting potential leads or prospects who have not shown interest.
  • But, email marketing primarily targets existing subscribers or customers. It helps nurture relationships and promote products or services.

Blurred Features:

  • Some email marketing tools offer features that can be used for cold outreach, such as-contact list management, email automation, and personalized messaging.
  • Yet, having cold outreach capabilities doesn't make them exclusively designed for that purpose.
  • It's like using a spoon to eat soup or dig a hole—it's versatile, but best to know its intended use.

Understanding the intended use case and best practices is essential to avoid potential pitfalls.

To avoid confusion, take the time to understand the distinctions between email marketing and cold outreach. Delve into their unique goals, strategies, and best practices.

Educate yourself, seek guidance from experts, and embrace the power of email marketing to connect with your audience.

But why run off somewhere else, when we have your answers right here. In the table given below, we have put all the major differences between Email Marketing and Cold Outreach for you 😊.

Comparison between Email Marketing Tool and Cold Outreach Tool

Comparison between Email Marketing Tool and Cold Outreach Tool

In the next section, we'll review a strategy, rather than a tool, to overcome the mistake of SendX for a Cold Outreach Solution.


Salesrobot: Best Alternative To SendX For Cold Outreach

Salesrobot is a sales engagement tool that helps you to run effective cold outreach on both Linkedin and Email. You can securely run cold outreach campaigns and generate leads from day 1.

Let me show you, how Salesrobot can be a better alternative to SendX for your cold outreach strategy. So, here's what you can do with Salesrobot:

Smooth Onboarding:

  • Salesrobot provides a smooth user experience with its updated interface, ensuring seamless operation without any disruptions.
  • It has a smooth onboarding process.

Better Integrations:

  • With Zapier, Salesrobot offers many integrations for better data transfer.
  • It is also automatic in updating the lead lists through the integrated platform.

Customizable and Pre-made templates:

  • There are many pre-made templates in its library.
  • You can even create templates from scratch.

Ease of use:

  • Salesrobot is simple to understand, even with many features in its pocket.
  • It is for the user's convenience the online demos and 24x7 customer support are available.  

For effective cold outreach, Salesrobot offers:

  • Advanced customization features for your outreach campaigns,
  • Hyper-personalization in your messages,
  • Robust Automation capabilities,
  • Good reporting features for strategizing.

There are many other impressive features of Salesrobot.

What are the other features of Salesrobot?

  • Salesrobot is a LinkedIn and email automation software. With LinkedIn InMails, groups, and polls at its leverage, it uses LinkedIn as an unbeatable sales tool.
Salesrobot login page
  • Salesrobot doesn't only get you more leads than ever but also engages with your prospects. It hyper-personalizes and automates follow-ups.
Send birthday message to prospect using Salesrobot
  • And it is even configured to safeguard your account from alarming those spam filters.
Smart Configuration- Salesrobot
  • Its offer to use 800 free InMails for open LinkedIn profiles.
  • It enriches your data with personal email enrichment. Salesrobot verifies the personal email addresses of prospects for you.
  • And when you get to prospecting, it keeps all your conversations in one place with its Smart Inbox.
Smart Inbox - Salesrobot

I know that good things come with a price tag, but it is all the more worth it.

Pricing of Salesrobot

Why Salesrobot is the Ultimate Sales Companion:

  • Supercharged Prospecting: With Salesrobot, you'll have access to your prospects' free emails and phone numbers. It gives you a head start in reaching out to potential customers.
  • Streamlined Communication: The Smart Inbox and automated follow-ups will revolutionize your outreach efforts.
  • Seamless Integration: It integrates smoothly with all your favorite tools and platforms. It allows you to leverage your existing sales stack and work harmoniously with your preferred workflows.
  • Actionable Insights: Uncover valuable insights with the action and prospect insights dashboard. You can gain a deeper understanding of your prospects.
  • Collaborate and Scale: You can invite unlimited team members and set access controls to collaborate with your sales team. Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, Salesrobot grows with you. It ensures everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals.
  • Automation at Your Fingertips: Salesrobot takes care of repetitive tasks. From deleting pending invites to automated reports, Salesrobot streamlines your workflow.
  • Personalized Engagement: Stand out from the crowd by automatically sending birthday wishes to your connections. Foster genuine relationships and make a lasting impression on your prospects.
  • Risk-Free Trial: Don't just take my word for it—start your 14-day free trial with Salesrobot today. See how Salesrobot can revolutionize your sales process and boost your success. Experience its power firsthand without the need for a credit card.

The Professional plan is priced at $99 per month per account when paid monthly, with a 20% discount for annual payments. It's an investment that delivers immense value.

Don't miss out on the ultimate sales companion.

No review ends like that. We'll review the differences between SendX and Salesrobot. In the next part, we'll compare both tools' efficiency in cold outreach.

SendX vs. Salesrobot: Analyzing the Key Differences for Your Business

SendX vs. Salesrobot

Let’s go! You have finally reached the conclusive part of the SendX review.

SendX Review Conclusion: Final Impressions and Insights for Successful Cold Outreach

Well, my fellow prospectors and outreach enthusiasts, we've reached the end of our SendX review adventure. Throughout this journey, we've explored SendX's ins and outs and effectiveness in cold outreach.

Let me share some final thoughts that will leave you eager to take the next step toward success.

While SendX offers some basic features for cold outreach, it doesn't go the extra mile you need to excel in your prospecting endeavors truly. But fear not, for I have an alternative solution – Salesrobot!

With Salesrobot, you'll have access to advanced lead generation and prospecting tools. A world where you find and engage with high-quality leads. And build meaningful connections which will skyrocket your business growth.

Whether you're a local business or a marketing agency, its tools and features will empower you to conquer the world of cold outreach easily.

Remember, the time for half-hearted efforts and missed opportunities is over. It's time to embrace a solution that truly understands your prospecting needs. Visit the Salesrobot website, start your free trial. Trust me; you won't look back!

Cheers to your prosperous future in sales!

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