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April 24, 2023
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Outplay Reviews: Uncovering its Pros and Cons in 2023

In this Outplay review, I'll give you the lowdown on its features, usability, users' Outplay reviews, and more. So you can decide what's best for your business

Outplay Reviews: Uncovering its Pros and Cons in 2023

If you're reading this Outplay review, you already know that-

In today's highly competitive business world, sales teams need a way to automate and optimize the sales outreach process to stay ahead in the game. 

And I know we have all been tired of spending hours on repetitive sales outreach tasks to meet our targets and goals.

To improve our process, we utilize user-friendly tools such as Salesrobot or Outplay to enhance our cold prospecting efforts. By doing so, we aim to achieve better results and make the experience more enjoyable for our team

After all, don’t we all just need to turn cold prospects to satisfied users? 

In this Outplay review, I'll uncover  its features, usability, experience with customer support, Outplay user reviews and more. So you can decide Is it even worth for your business.

Outplay assist sales team achieving their sales goals by proving sales outreach solution to SMBs that replace the need of Sales prospecting tool, Multi-channel sales engagement tool and Meeting Scheduling tool. 

But It only boils down to one question. Do we actually get what they claim? And Is it worth the investment?

For that, we will also delve into the Outplay reviews to guide you through the platform's pros and cons. So grab your coffee, sit back, and dive into this review!

What is Outplay and how can it benefit your sales team?

Outplay is a sales engagement platform. It aids sales teams in increasing their productivity and efficiency. Because it automates repetitive tasks such as email follow-ups and appointment scheduling. 

What is outplay?
Source: Outplay

It serves as a one-stop shop for sales teams. It amalgamates email, phone, and social media outreach into a single, integrated platform. 

The prominent features of the platform that shine through are:

  • personalization capabilities, 
  • good analytics, and 
  • seamless CRM integration.

You know that personalization helps businesses increase their response rates and engagement with prospects. And it ultimately leads to more sales.

Also, the platform makes it super-easy to:

  • manage outreach, 
  • track engagement, and 
  • automate workflows. 

How to get started with Outplay?

Getting started with the platform is easy. 

You can sign up for a free trial period, which provides access to most features and integrations. Following the trial period, you can start using the platform by selecting a pricing plan that meets your needs.

What are the features of Outplay?

Outplay has extensive features designed. They are meant to increase the efficiency and workflow of sales teams. Some of the features include:

Multichannel Outreach

The platform’s Multichannel Outreach feature is like having a sales team of superheroes at your disposal. It helps in connecting with your prospects through multiple channels. They include email, phone, social media, and even direct mail. 

Features of outplay
Source: Outplay

With the platform, you can craft personalized, targeted messages. So that you speak directly to your prospect's needs and preferences. And then send them through their preferred channels, hence, increasing conversion. 

You can do it all under one platform. Be it- 

  • Nurturing leads, 
  • Closing deals, or 
  • Building stronger relationships with your customers.

The features that are all wrapped up in one easy-to-use package are:

  • Email Sequencing- The tool provides a highly customizable email sequence feature. It allows sales teams to automate their outreach process
  • Social Networking Sites- You can leverage LinkedIn and Twitter for advanced prospecting.  

You can capture prospects with the tool’s convenient chrome extension for LinkedIn. 

And for Twitter, add Twitter tasks and draw prospects.

  • Sales Dialer- The platform’s sales dialer feature enables sales reps to make and receive calls directly from the platform. The feature provides an easy-to-use interface. It allows reps to make calls and access call recordings.

Outplay's Multichannel Outreach has got you covered. It's like having a whole arsenal of sales tools at your disposal.  


Track your prospects 

The "Track Your Prospects" feature will be your personal sales assistant. It keeps you informed about every interaction with your prospects

It supports tracking your prospects' engagement with emails, phone calls, and more in real-time.

Track your prospect feature - Outplay
Source: Outplay

With this tracking feature, you'll get notifications when a prospect:

  • opens your email, 
  • clicks on a link, or 
  • responds to your message. 

You can quickly follow up with them while they're still engaged and interested.

You can also see where your prospects are in the sales funnel and tailor your outreach activities accordingly. For instance, you can craft a more personalized message if a prospect shows interest in your product or service. It will address their specific needs and pain points.

CRM Integration

The platform’s CRM Integration is a supercharged sales machine. It helps you close more deals and build stronger customer relationships. It connects your Outplay account with your favorite CRM software, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or Pipedrive.

Salesrobot CRM Integration
Source: Outplay

Your sales activities and customer information can be automatically synced using this platform. It keeps you updated on all customer interactions, from the outset to the closing.

Also, you can add fields and tags to your CRM by using the CRM Integration feature. So that you can more effectively monitor and analyze your sales data.

The benefit of this is that you can:

  • identify trends,
  • spot opportunities, and
  • improve your sales tactics.

Sales teams can then directly access and revise their CRM data from the Outplay platform thanks to the integration.

Task Management

The platform’s Task Management feature is very efficient. And it does what it says. 

It helps you stay on top of your sales tasks and deadlines. It allows you to easily manage and prioritize your sales activities. Be it lead sourcing to meeting scheduling, you can do it all in one convenient platform.

Task management - Outplay
Source: Outplay

With its Lead Sourcing tool, you can easily find new prospects. Then, import those into your sales pipeline. You can expand your sales reach and maintain an advantage over the competition.

Another useful tool is the Meeting Scheduler from the tool. Your sales meetings can be managed and scheduled more easily.

It ends the back-and-forth scheduling email exchange. It helps in finding a time that works for you and your prospect. Hence, it will increase the odds of a successful meeting.

With the Task Management feature:

  • you can set reminders, 
  • create to-do lists, and 
  • prioritize tasks. 

It benefits teams to track, and assign tasks to team members and set reminders for deadlines. It helps you stay organized.

The Task Management feature is a game-changer as it handles busy work. So you can focus on what you do best - selling.

Sales Analytics

We all need a coach who drives us to become the better version of ourselves. So, why not have a coach for our business? Okay, let me explain.

Outplay's Sales Analytics is like having a personal sales coach. It provides you with insights, tips, and recommendations. 

Outplay Sales Analytics
Source: Outplay

The platform provides insights into open email rates, click-through rates, and reply rates. It aids you in closing more deals and boosts your revenue. 

It analyzes your sales performance across various channels and sales cycle stages. It reveals what is effective and what is not.

With the Analytics feature, you can optimize your sales tactics by picking out your: 

  • successful campaigns, 
  • messages, and 
  • channels. 

The performance of your team can also be monitored. Then, decide which areas require further training.

And what's best is that the Sales Analytics is easy to navigate. It is accessible to sales professionals of all levels. 

Outplay Reviews: What customer says about Outplay?

Outplay has received positive customer reviews. Many praised the platform's ease of use, comprehensive features, and excellent customer support. Customers have also highlighted the platform's personalization and customization options as significant advantages.

Outplay reviews on G2

Outplay rates at 4.5 stars out of 5 on G2.

Outplay review on G2
Source: G2

Users praise the simplicity of the UI and good customer support. 

In contrast, many users in their reviews have complained about the lag in integrating the platform with other CRM tools. Also, the delay in importing contacts from CRM onto the platform.

One of its user clearly mentioned that

There are no lists within prospects, so if you integrate from a CRM tool where you have contacts in lists or views, you can't replicate that in Outplay. So it makes Outplay unusable as a nurture tool which means you need a nurture tool for email outreach and then Outplay for only restricted other functions.
Outplay review on G2
Source: G2

Users have also been happy with the pricing plans. In comparison, other users have shown their dissatisfaction with manually scheduling emails.

Outplay reviews on GetApp

Outplay rates at 4.8 stars out of 5 on GetApp.

Outplay review on GetApp
Source: GetApp

The Outplay reviews are in shambles with the platform's reporting and tracking features. Users have often reported about their email deliverability and occasional bugs in the platform. 

Outplay reviews on GetApp
Source: GetApp

Users appreciate the platform's ease to use. The Outplay reviews show that there are glitchy automation options and Emails bounce. Most of the bulk sequences end up going into prospects' spam.

Outplay reviews on Capterra

Outplay rates at 4.8 stars out of 5 on Capterra.

Outplay reviews on Capterra
Source: Capterra

The Outplay reviews are appreciative of their excellent customer success team. At the same time, some users have reported issues with the calling function.  

Source: Capterra

Many users' reviews have also pointed out the inefficiency of LinkedIn prospecting from the platform. 

Pros of Outplay

The platform has several pros that make it an attractive option for sales teams. Some of the pros include:

  1. Comprehensive Features: Outplay offers features that cover all aspects of sales engagement, from automation to task management. The platform's integration with various CRMs also ensures seamless communication and collaboration.
  1. Email Sequences: The tool provides personalization in its email sequences. It enables sales teams to individually target each prospect with their outreach. The platform also offers workflows, sequences, and template customization options.
  1. Customer Support: The tool offers 24x5 customer support, with a great customer success team. They support users with the setup and improvement of their outreach campaigns. Users of the platform can also access comprehensive documentation and training materials.
  1. Chrome Extension: With the tool’s Chrome Extension, you can access all of its features right from your browser. It's a nifty little tool that helps you in prospecting new leads, scheduling meetings, or sending follow-up emails.
  1. Intuitive Interface: The tool has an intuitive interface. The platform's drag-and-drop sequence builder and customizable templates are easy to set up and automate outreach campaigns.

Cons of Outplay

Outplay has a few cons that users should be aware of before using the platform. Some of the cons include:

  1. No Mobile App: Outplay does not currently offer a mobile app, which can be a disadvantage for sales reps who need to access the platform on the go.
  1. Limited Reporting: The tool’s reporting features are limited compared to other sales engagement platforms. It is a disadvantage for teams that require in-depth analytics and reporting.
  1. Limited Customization: The tool provides some level of personalization in its email sequences. But the platform has limited customization options for other features. Outplay's user interface could be more flexible. It may not suit businesses with specific branding requirements or unique workflows.
  1. Learning Curve: The tool’s comprehensive features can overwhelm new users, resulting in a steep learning curve. Its range of features may be challenging. Especially for some users who are not tech-savvy.
  1. Limited and lagging Integrations: The tool integrates with a range of third-party apps. Still, the selection is less extensive than some competitors. It may disadvantage businesses that rely heavily on certain apps. The data loading from the CRM into the platform is often delayed too.

Outplay Pricing and Plans

Outplay offers three pricing plans. They are as follows:

  • Free- $0
  • Growth- $79 per user per month when billed annually
  • Enterprise- This plan is customizable according to your needs and budget.  
Source: Outplay 

The plans vary in the number of features and integrations offered. The highest-tier plan provides access to all features and integrations.

Why should you use Salesrobot over Outplay?

As an AI-powered sales engagement platform, Salesrobot helps your sales teams close deals faster. It is a LinkedIn and Email automation sales outreach tool

Salesrobot is your virtual Sales assistant that can help you optimizing repetitive tasks by

  • Allowing you to do multi-channel outreach
  • Sending personalized emails to build connections
  • Automating LinkedIn and Email Sequences for seamless communication with prospect

It's like having a personal assistant for your sales team, but with less payroll expenses!

Salesrobot's main focus is on sales prospecting and engagement, whereas Outplay offers an additional feature set to assist with scheduling meetings with prospects. However, is it really necessary? Composing a well-crafted personalized message with a calendar link may also be sufficient to secure a meeting.

Salesrobot offers a more affordable pricing model with every feature they offer. It comes with a monthly subscription fee based on the number of users. While Outplay has a more complex pricing structure based on the number of users and the features you need.

Salesrobot also offers better and faster integrations through Zapier than Outplay. 

Here are some other reasons why Salesrobot is an excellent choice for sales professionals:

Multichannel outreach

Unlike other sales engagement platforms, Salesrobot allows you to do effective multi-channel cold outreach to maximize your sales outreach process. You can automate your outreach with Salesrobot's powerful sequencing and scheduling features. It will save you time and effort.

Source: Salesrobot 

LinkedIn prospecting has been transformed with Salesrobot. As the platform easily surpasses the daily LinkedIn outreach limit. It ultimately builds up your sales pipeline.

Hyper-personalization at scale: 

With Salesrobot, you can hyper-personalize your outreach at scale. It includes dynamic fields, personalized images, and more. Your outreach messages and emails will stand out in your prospect inbox. 

Outplay, on a different note Outplay isn’t as fluent in hyper-personalization as Salesrobot. 

Robust task management: 

Salesrobot's task management features help you stay organized and focused

You can do so much within the Salesrobot platform, like: 

  • Set reminders,
  • Send automated Birthday and Anniversary messages
  • Create Automated sequences,
  • Schedule follow-up tasks, 
  • Run automation on LinkedIn campaigns, and 
  • Track your progress. 
Automation sequencing with Salesrobot

Outplay also has good task management features but the sequences in Salesrobot are safely planned as to not raise any red-flags. 

Advanced analytics: 

With Salesrobot, you can track and analyze your sales activities in one place. This includes email opens, clicks, replies, and more. You can also get insights into which outreach channels and messaging are working best. So you can optimize your approach and increase your success rate.

While the Outplay reviews show their reporting features limited.

Advance analytics - salesrobot


With the help of Zapier we can integrates CRMs, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. This allows you to keep your sales data up-to-date and accurate and avoid the need for manual data entry. 

On the other end, Outplay has CRM integrations but they are often reported lagging by the users. 

How much does Salesrobot cost?

Well, Salesrobot gives you everything they offer in just one plan (Amazing, isn't it?). It is priced at $99 per month when billed annually. 

And it offers a free 14-day trial period too.

Salesrobot pricing
Source: Salesrobot 

Conclusion: Is Outplay the All-In-One Sales Engagement Platform You've Been Searching For?

Let's wrap up the Outplay reviews. Outplay is undoubtedly worth checking out if you're a sales professional. And also looking for a platform to help you organize your outreach efforts. 

Outplay has you covered with its extensive feature set, which includes 

  • multichannel outreach, 
  • sales analytics, 
  • task management, and 
  • CRM integration.

Also, don't just take my word for it — read the reviews on G2, GetApp, and Capterra! Outplay's task management abilities and customer service have received acclaim from users.

But keep in mind the drawbacks of the tool. The users have complained about the

  • bugs in the platform, 
  • delay in CRM data loading, 
  • emails bouncing and 
  • limited reporting abilities. 

Outplay is an effective tool that can save time, keep you organized, and enhance your outreach efforts. Outplay has the assets you need to close more deals and grow your company, whether you're a solo sales professional or a member of a larger sales team. 

So give it a try and see for yourself.

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