Top 4 Yesware Alternatives: Our Findings After Trying 4 Week

Top 4 Yesware Alternatives: Our Findings After Trying 4 Week

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Hello, fellow! We understand when the outreach productivity is stuck in a rut. And we take it that you've been using Yesware for a while. But you aren't getting the results that you're supposed to.

It may be because of Yesware's pricing plans, customer support, glitchy interface or its limited features.

Worry not and

Because it is time to take your outreach game to the next level with our in-depth review of top 4 Yesware alternatives-

  • Salesrobot,
  • Woodpecker,
  •, and
  • Mixmax.

We tested each tool rigorously to discover which can upgrade your:

  • email communication,
  • streamline your outreach efforts, and
  • boost your overall productivity.

However, we also recognize that every tool has its drawbacks, so we'll also cover those.

Whether you're a sales professional, or business owner, our findings are designed to help you decide which tool best fits your needs.

So, prepare to enhance your email game and say goodbye to Yesware's limitations. Use our comprehensive analysis of these powerful alternatives.

Yesware - the email tracking and analytics tool that will revolutionize your inbox...or not? Let's find out!


What is Yesware and what does it do?

The email productivity tool Yesware is known for its ability to streamline email campaigns.

What is Yesware?

Its key features include:

  • Email tracking,
  • Analytics,
  • Campaign management,
  • Template creation, and
  • Integration with popular CRMs.

The features of Yesware allow you to see when someone opens your email and clicks on links. And the analytics to help you better understand your email performance.  

Sounds pretty impressive, right?

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows with Yesware. One of the major drawbacks is its pricing plans, which can be steep for some users.

Yesware offers basic analytics. But some users have found that the reporting needs more depth and customization options.

Plus, while the analytics are helpful, they may not be as robust as some users would like.

Why do you need to find Yesware alternatives?

The following are some drawbacks of using Yesware:

  • The tool has inefficient campaign customization features.
  • Users have faced issues with customer support and glitches. There are technical glitches in the analytics and reporting features of the platform.
  • There are reports that emails land in the prospect's spam folders.
  • There are also bugs in the integrations with the platform. This could be a problem if you rely on other software for your work.
  • Yesware limits the number of emails you can send daily depending on your plan. If you send a high volume of emails, this could be a problem.

The quantity of emails being used is related to your chosen pricing plan, So let's find out Yesware's pricing plans.

What is Yesware’s pricing plan?

Yesware offers a  free 14-day trial. The platform has five pricing tiers, and they are as follows:

  • Free Forever- $0
  • Pro- $15 per user monthly
  • Premium- $35 per user monthly
  • Enterprise- $65 per user monthly
  • Custom- Customizable based on your specific needs
Yesware pricing

Want to find out more about Yesware. Go and give our Yesware review a quick read. It is comprehensive and will open up a few more points.

Top 4 Yesware alternatives: We tried and tested

Starting off with the first Yesware alternative, Salesrobot.



Salesrobot is a LinkedIn and email sales engagement platform. It facilitates in streamlining sales outreach and boosting its efficiency for sales teams.

Why is Salesrobot a better alternative to Yesware?

Salesrobot - best alternative to Yesware

One significant aspect that distinguishes Salesrobot from Yesware is its multi-channel outreach procedures.

Unlike Yesware, Salesrobot assists you in boosting your outreach game. It enables LinkedIn as another outreach channel for your team.

Another unique feature of Salesrobot is its personal email enrichment. It verifies personal emails of prospects and helps you better your outreach.

With Salesrobot's smart inbox, you can connect with prospects in one place. It makes your communication coherent and organized.

And one of the best characteristics of Salesrobot is the hyper-personalization it offers. It is flexible enough to send non-generic messages to your leads. It helps you stand out from the generic messages.

Another potential benefit of Salesrobot is its simplicity. Some users have found Yesware overwhelming with its features. And Salesrobot is designed to be more straightforward.

Now, we'll discover what other features salesrobot has to offer.

What can Salesrobot do for you?

Some of the critical features of SalesRobot include the following:

First, we'll eliminate manual data entry. You can build sequences and run automation with Salesrobot.

Salesrobot has been configured to keep your account safe. It ensures your messages end up in the right inbox without raising alarms.

LinkedIn is best used for outreach by Salesrobot. It makes use of polls, groups, InMails, and private messaging on LinkedIn. You can set up multi-touch campaigns on many channels.

Salesrobot's hyper-personalization and ability to send birthday and anniversary wishes are a win-deal.

Send Automated birthday wishes with Salesrobot

Salesrobot tracks everything to secure a potential prospect. It keeps track of it all for you.

The analytical and reporting feature aids in the optimization of your sales strategy.

You can also integrate Salesrobot with many tools through Zapier. It can effectively analyze the data from the tools and take action accordingly.

Salesrobot integration

Salesrobot also has excellent customer service.

So, how much do all of these features cost?

What does Salesrobot cost?

Salesrobot offers a free 14-day trial with no need for a credit card. It gives you all its features for $99 monthly per account when billed annually.

Salesrobot pricing

Skipping to the second Yesware alternative, Woodpecker.



Woodpecker is an email automation tool that's designed for outbound sales.

Woodpecker - best alternative to Yesware

Unlike Yesware, Woodpecker's sales assistant feature helps personalize your emails further. It suggests specific wording based on the recipient's data.

Yesware has had automation issues. Woodpecker offers advanced automation capabilities. You can configure triggers to send reminder emails.

Woodpecker offers a more flexible and customizable pricing model than Yesware. It may be more appealing for smaller teams or businesses on a budget.

And they allow you to customize your email outreach templates better than Yesware.

Time to skim through other features of Woodpecker.

What are the features offered by Woodpecker?

You may make customized emails for each prospect using Woodpecker.

Woodpecker features

You can also set up sequences of automated emails sent to prospects over time. Other key features of Woodpecker include Email list verification, A/B testing, and message templates.

Woodpecker also offers email tracking and analytics. You can keep track of who views your emails, clicks on links, and leaves comments.

Woodpecker integrates with CRMs and other sales platforms, like Pipedrive, Zapier, and LinkedIn.

Woodpecker integration

One great feature is its reply detection. For example, you can set up rules to automatically remove prospects who reply with specific keywords or phrases.

Why shouldn’t you choose Woodpecker?

  • Woodpecker doesn't offer LinkedIn prospecting and automation features.
  • They can also use better templates.
  • The user interface lags. Users have complained about it being slow.
  • Users have also been facing issues with Woodpecker's integrations with other tools.
  • The customization options in follow-up messages are restrictive.

What are the pricing plans for Woodpecker?

Woodpecker offers a 7-day or 50-email trial without a credit card. And they have three pricing categories, which are as follows:

Cold Emails- $40 monthly per email slot

The price increases to $44 if you want an add-on of integrations. Yes, you heard it right. You need to pay a little extra for integrations.

Woodpecker pricing

Sales Assistant- $48 monthly per email slot

The price increases to $52 if you want an add-on of integrations.

Woodpecker integration

Agency- $44 monthly per email slot

The price increases to $48 if you want an add-on of integrations.

Woodpecker pricing for agency

Moving on to the second to last Yesware alternative, which is

{{mobile-cta}} automates your outreach campaigns. It helps you manage large-scale email campaigns.

Smartreach- Best alternative to Yesware

Unlike Yesware, has better personalization features. It includes custom fields for effective outreach messages. also offers better team collaboration and prospect management features than Yesware. offers better metrics for measuring the efficacy of email marketing. offers advanced automation capabilities, like trigger-based messaging.

What does offer?

You can use to:

  • add prospects via ProspectDaddy chrome extension,
  • build and plan email campaigns,
  • evaluate its effectiveness, and
  • change them for better engagement.

Additionally, you can make several recipient lists. You can also manage complex multi-stage campaigns. also offers a spam detection feature that is useful in analyzing your campaigns. helps you schedule emails. And analyze metrics to see how your campaign is doing. integrates well with CRMs, as well as other email marketing platforms.

What are the limitations to

  • Many users have faced bugs and glitches in the UI.
  • There are also segmentation and sequencing issues.
  • There are complaints about the tool's spam detection feature.
  • Many are also dissatisfied with its pricing plans.
  • And it focuses most on email outreach and not on LinkedIn prospecting like Salesrobot.

What does cost? offers a 14-day trial period. has many pricing plans. The plans are divided in three categories, which are:

  1. Individual
  2. Business
  3. Agency

The Individual Plan (per month) is as follows-

  • Standard Plan: $19 per user
  • Pro Plan: $31 per user
  • Ultimate Plan: $49 per user pricing

The Business Plan (per month) is as follows-

  • Standard Plan: $79 for five users
  • Pro Plan: $119 for five users
  • Ultimate Plan: $159 for five users business plan

The Agency Plan has custom pricing. pricing plan for agency

Still, trying to decide whether to take on or not? Not to worry; we made a thorough review to assist you.

Let's go! MixMax is one of the last alternatives for Yesware.



Mixmax is a sales engagement platform that integrates with Gmail, providing businesses tools to enhance their productivity and drive revenue growth.

With Mixmax, you can:

  • Schedule emails,
  • Track open-rates for your emails, and
  • Make personalized email templates.
MixMax best alternative to yesware

Unlike Yesware, Mixmax offers better scheduling features. It includes the ability to schedule emails to be sent later.

Mixmax also provides a live dashboard that allows sales reps to see who's opening their emails in real-time, which lags in Yesware.

Mixmax offers several features supporting team collaboration, while Yesware has limitations.

Mixmax offers integration with several popular CRMs, while Yesware gets buggy.

Let’s find what other features MixMax has.

What are the features offered by MixMax?

You can set up a Sequence with customized templates, personalized variables, and specific timing.

MixMax can customize your Sequence by adding:

  • Personalized details,
  • Setting up automated follow-up messages, and
  • Scheduling.
Mixmax features

And with its robust engagement features, you can find out the following:

  • who is opening your emails,
  • when they are being opened, and
  • how frequently by using engagement tracking.

You can also configure notifications that will allow you to take fast action.

You can also make a phone call with MixMax's one-click dial functionality. It works well for reaching out to coworkers or making sales calls.

You can track the effectiveness of your email marketing with the help of campaign reports, so you can determine what is and is not working. You can adjust your approach accordingly and get better results.

What are the disadvantages of using MixMax?

The following is the list of cons of MixMax:

  • The features for scheduling and email deliverability should be better.
  • The reporting capabilities of Mixmax need improvement.
  • Automating LinkedIn connections and follow-ups takes much work for users.
  • The sequence's customizing possibilities are limited.
  • MixMax might not be appropriate for users who prefer other communication channels. Because its primary use is email outreach.
  • The personalization and automation features could encourage spam-like behavior. It can cause recipients to engage less or respond negatively.

How much does MixMax cost?

MixMax has five pricing tiers and they are as follows:

  • Free Plan: $0 per user monthly
  • SMB: $29 per user monthly
  • Growth: $49 per user monthly
  • Growth + Salesforce: $69 per user monthly
  • Enterprise: Customazible
Mixmax pricing

In this next section, we’ll break down some of the major features to differentiate between the Yesware Alternatives.

Comparison between Yesware, Salesrobot, Woodpecker,, and MixMax

Top 5 Yesware alternatives comparision

Conclusion: Which one should you choose?

So, after evaluating Salesrobot, Woodpecker,, and Mixmax as potential Yesware alternatives. We can say each has notable highlights and drawbacks.

Sales organizations wishing to create leads and automate outreach better may consider Salesrobot. Because of its hyper-personalization and LinkedIn and email prospecting features. Along with a unique feature of personal email enrichment from its database.

Woodpecker is a good option for small to medium-sized organizations because it provides A/B testing options and a user-friendly UI.

Companies who want to simplify their email marketing campaigns can consider It provides robust automation features and a live dashboard.

Last but not least, Mixmax provides essential functions at a reasonable price that can be helpful for single users or small teams.

So which one should you pick, then? Ultimately, it all boils down to your specific needs and budget. Upgrade your email game today and start seeing results that truly matter!

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