Yesware: A Review From Real People Who Actually Used It

Yesware: A Review From Real People Who Actually Used It

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As a sales team, we are always on the lookout for tools that can help us manage our inbox better and boost our email productivity.

That's how we discovered Yesware - a powerful email productivity tool that has brought some order to the chaos of our inbox. 

Yesware is an all-in-one tool that integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce. It benefits sales teams with-

  • cold prospecting, 
  • automates repetitive tasks, and 
  • tracks key metrics to bring sales. 

And don't worry, we're not here to sell you anything. We're just here to give you the lowdown on this email productivity tool.

In this Yesware review, we will take you through the features, benefits, pricing, and real-world applications of Yesware. So you can decide whether it's the right tool for your sales outreach needs.

What is Yesware and how can it help improve your email productivity and sales outreach efforts?

Yesware is an email productivity tool. It helps sales teams, business professionals, and entrepreneurs streamline email workflows.

What is Yesware?
Source: Yesware

Today, the platform is used by many professionals worldwide. It's known for its intuitive interface, robust features, and outstanding customer support.

The platform makes it easier to stay organized and keep track of your sales pipeline. With Yesware, you can:

  • create and save email templates, 
  • schedule follow-up emails, and 
  • set reminders to follow up with your prospects. 

And best of all, it also provides valuable analytics to help you advance your sales process. You can use the platform to: 

  • Analyze the best-performing emails, 
  • Determine which prospects are most engaged, and 
  • Keep track of your sales activities. 

Furthermore, the platform updates its features and capabilities regularly. Their goal is to meet the evolving needs of sales teams.  

Yesware implementation and training

The tool is easy to implement. You can get the Chrome extension for your web browser and link it to your email account after creating an account.  

It works with Gmail, Outlook, and other well-known email programs. Thus, there is a good possibility that it will fit in perfectly with your present setup. 

Additionally, Yesware provides assistance and training materials to assist you in getting going. Additionally, they provide their expertise to help others learn how to use the tool with:

  • Articles and instructional videos, 
  • Online chat assistance, 
  • Live seminars, and 
  • Individual training lessons

Additionally, the platform's support staff is very accessible. You can chat with them or send them an email. 

How Yesware Can Hype-up Your Email Game: A Look at its Features and Benefits

Yesware has various features that can help you manage your emails more efficiently. Some of the features are:

Email tracking

If you're a salesperson who spends a lot of time writing emails, you know how important it is to get them right. But how can you be sure that your messages are having the intended impact? That's where the Email tracking feature comes in - it gives you valuable information on how your emails are performing, so you can make informed decisions and improve your outreach.

Email Tracking - Yesware
Source: Yesware

Yesware lets you track your emails. It gives you the intel when the emails have been opened, clicked, or downloaded. So you can follow up with prospects at the right time.

You can have better control over follow-up messages and get those deals across the finish line faster. It helps you streamline your sales pipeline.

One thing to note here is that Yesware's email tracking is entirely legal and ethical. The information is private and secured. 

Email templates

Yesware lets you create and save email templates that you can repeatedly use. Especially the ones for common messages like introductions or follow-ups. It can save you time and effort, especially when sending similar emails to multiple recipients.

Email templates - Yesware
Source: Yesware

You can quickly and easily send them out without typing everything out from scratch each time. Plus, you can even create templates for specific scenarios or customer personas. And you can always be ready with the perfect message.

Personalizing the messages ensures that you're consistently sending high-quality, effective emails. The better the engagement, the better the response rates.

Your inbox might thank you after you use this.

Outbound Campaigns

With Yesware, you can create customizable email campaigns. These Multi-touch campaigns deliver on many channels. You can exploit:

  • Automated emails, 
  • Manual emails, 
  • Phone calls, 
  • LinkedIn InMail service and 
  • Custom touches.
Run-outbound campaigns - Yesware
Source: Yesware

The goal is to nurture the leads and eventually close the deal. You can personalize and transform your campaigns on the fly. 

They can help you reach out to your prospects or customers more individually

With its handy follow-up reminders, you can take advantage of all opportunities. You can set up automated follow-up emails and schedule emails to be sent at specific times. 

No more scribbling reminders on sticky notes or relying on your memory. You can set up your campaign and let Yesware do the rest. 


Yesware integrates with various third-party tools and platforms. They include CRMs, marketing automation software, and project management tools. 

Yesware integration
Source: Yesware

It integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics. So, you can manage your email communications and customer data from a single platform.

No more wasting time searching for the right contact or trying to remember where you left off in a conversation. With its features, you'll be able to surf through your inbox like a pro.

The platform integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and more. The platform comes in a clutch for when you need to keep your customer data accessible. 

This feature makes it easy to incorporate Yesware into your existing workflow. You can access all its features without having to juggle different apps.

And if you don't see the integration you're looking for, Yesware also offers an API that allows you to build custom integrations.

Analytics and Insights

With Analytics and Insights, you can get all the data you need to become a Sherlock Holmes of email outreach. You'll get metrics like open rates, reply rates, and click-through rates to help you determine whether your prospects like your content.  

Analytics and Insights - Yesware
Source: Yesware

You can even see which specific links in your emails are getting clicked on the most, so you'll know which bait to use to reel in those leads.

And there's more! You can see how your email performance has changed over weeks or months. It can help you identify trends and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

You'll have access to more data than a scientist on a caffeine fuel bender.

So, the Analytics and Insights feature in Yesware is impactful for anyone who wants to become a super sleuth of email communication.  

Team collaboration

If you're drowning in a sea of emails and need serious help, Yesware works great with a whole sales team too

Collaborate with team using Yesware
Source: Yesware

The platform also offers collaboration features to help your sales team work better. Sharing email templates and campaigns with your team members within the platform is super easy. 

You can collaborate on emails without leaving the platform. You can also measure the progress of your sales team's outreach efforts. 

Chrome extension and Outlook Add-on

As a salesperson, we know there are times when there is too much on the plate. And you can’t check up on the platform every few minutes. And then you might forget to read that important email.

Yesware has offered its Gmail Chrome Extension and Outlook Add-on feature for that. This feature will always be on the lookout for you.  

Integrate Yesware with Microsoft or Gmail
Source: Yesware

Once installed, the extension seamlessly integrates with your Gmail inbox. Then, you can access a range of powerful features from your email dashboard.

With just a few clicks, you can track your emails, set reminders, and even schedule messages for later. Even the interface is sleek and easy to use

And don't worry, Outlook fans, they have got you covered too. With the Outlook add-on, you can easily access all the features you love from your inbox.

Yesware's Chrome extension and Outlook add-in will help you become an email wizard in no time! 


So, you're searching for new prospects. It can be hard to find new prospects to reach out to them. Well, the Prospector feature will come in handy. 

Basically, Prospector is like having your own personal prospecting assistant! It helps you find prospects with just a few clicks. 

Access to B2B on Yesware
Source: Yesware

Once you've identified your perfect customers, you can send targeted emails. That is more likely to resonate with them. You can also determine when to follow up and keep the conversation going. 

Benefits of using Yesware

The advantages include the following:

  • Improved email productivity
  • Growth in email open and response rates
  • Better customer engagement
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Organized sales workflows
  • Increased team collaboration and accountability

Yesware Pricing and Plans

Yesware offers a 14-day free trial for all plans, so you can test the tool before committing to a paid plan. The platform offers five plans. They are:

  • Free Forever- $0: The plan involves the essential features like email open tracking and attachment tracking.
  • Pro- $15 per user per month: The Pro plan includes basic email tracking, email templates, and customizable campaigns.
  • Premium- $35 per user per month: The plan includes advanced features like team collaboration, CRM integration, and phone support.
  • Enterprise- $65 per user per month: The plan includes all advanced features like integration with Salesforce and many others.
  • Custom: As the name suggests, customized based on your specific needs. It includes features like dedicated account management, API access, and custom reporting.
Yesware pricing plan
Source: Yesware

What Are Customers Saying About Yesware? Read Their Reviews Here!

Yesware has received many positive customer reviews, who have praised its ease of use and email tracking. Some customers have also noted that Yesware has helped them close more deals. It has built better relationships with their customers.

Yesware Review on G2:

Yesware rates at 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2. 

Yesware review on G2
Source: G2

Many users appreciate the platform's ease of use and intuitive interface, saying it's a breeze to get up and running with the tool.

But the user in this Yesware review points out the tool's inefficiency in campaign customization features.

Yesware review on G2
Source: G2

Others have had issues with customer support and technical glitches. The glitches often observed by users are in the tracking and reporting features of the platform. 

Yesware Review on Capterra:

Yesware rates at 4.3 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

Yesware review on Capterra
Source: Capterra

Many users highlight the ease of use and straightforward interface to scale their sales communication.

Like in the above Yesware review, users have reported that emails end up in the recipient's spam folders. It deflates the whole purpose of the tool. 

Yesware review by customer on capterra
Source: Capterra

A few users mentioned that the pricing could be steep, especially for smaller businesses. But most agree that the features and functionality of the tool make it worth the investment.

Yesware Review on GetApp:

Yesware rates at 4.3 out of 5 stars on GetApp

Yesware review on GetApp
Source: GetApp 

Reviews on GetApp have many users praising Yesware for its great feature set. And the platform's ability to integrate with other sales tools like Salesforce.

Users have also complained that using photos or gifs in the messages can be buggy

Yesware review on GetApp
Source: GetApp 

Some users have reported the inefficiency of the integrations with the platform. And also, the software could be more precise

How Salesrobot can be a better choice?

One thing that sets Salesrobot apart from Yesware is its ability to handle more complex multi-channel outreach sales processes.

Unlike Yesware, Salesrobot allows you to level up your outreach game by enabling LinkedIn as an additional outreach channel for your sales team.

With its multi-channel outreach capabilities, you can reach your prospects' inbox through LinkedIn and email.

Another advantage of using Salesrobot is its personalization feature. It integrates with Hyperise and gives you the flexibility to send tailor-made messages to your prospects, which makes you stand out from others in their inbox.

Sequencing automation with salesrobot
Source: Salesrobot

There are no breaks or vacations for Salesrobot. It's always working in the background to make your sales process smoother.

Salesrobot has found a way to make innovative configurations to keep your account safe. It ensures your messages land where they are supposed to without raising alarms

Smart configuration with salesrobot
Source: Salesrobot

Also, you can handle missed leads or forgotten follow-ups. The Salesrobot tracks everything to keep a potential sale from slipping through the cracks.

No more dropping the ball on important opportunities!

You can set up campaigns with minimal effort and then forget about them. Please leave it to Salesrobot to run multi-touch campaigns on multiple channels

Setup and run multiple campaigns with salesrobot
Source: Salesrobot

Salesrobot makes the best use of LinkedIn for outreach. It uses LinkedIn groups, Inmails, polls, and even the private message feature is efficient. 

And with Salesrobot’s hyper-personalization, you’ll be winning hearts prospects in no time!

It is not our cup of tea to slog through endless spreadsheets and reports. But Salesrobot can also help you make sense of your data and turn it into actionable insights.

The tracking and reporting feature is undoubtedly a game-changer in Salesrobot. It helps improve your sales campaign to make your sales process more coherent.

Smart analytics - salesrobot

Salesrobot doesn't play favorites. It gives each of your leads and clients the same consideration and care. So that you can establish a reputation for providing excellent customer service.

You'll become a sales dynamo quickly if you use Salesrobot as your hidden weapon!

How much does Salesrobot cost?

Salesrobot provides everything (Yes, Everything!) at $99 monthly when billed annually you get 20% discount. 

And it offers a free 14-day trial period to test the waters.

Salesrobot pricing

Yesware vs Salesrobot: Which one is better?

Yesware is a more focused tool explicitly designed to help with email communication. At the same time, Salesrobot is a more comprehensive sales automation tool. It is a LinkedIn, email and social outreach tool. 

Salesrobot includes a broader range of features like lead management, CRM, and multi-channel support. Depending on your needs and preferences, one may be a better fit than the other.

Yesware vs Salesrobot

Conclusion: Should you use it for your email productivity?

So, after looking at all the features, benefits, implementation, and customer reviews. The big question is: should you use Yesware for your email productivity needs?

Well, the answer, as always, is "it depends." You can go ahead with Yesware if you're looking for a tool that can help you:

  • track your email performance, 
  • automate your sales communication, and 
  • improve your workflows. 

Many users appreciate the-

  • simplicity of the interface, 
  • email tracking and analytics features, and 
  • the ability to create and send personalized email templates at scale.

That said if you're looking for a more comprehensive sales automation tool. A tool with features like lead scoring, multi-channel support, and CRM functionality may be a better fit for you like Salesrobot than Yesware. 

And some users have reported occasional glitches with reporting features. And Yesware might be too expensive for small companies if money is tight.

However, the majority of reviews are favorable. And many users claim that Yesware improved their email productivity and sales results. 

Overall, just be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully and ensure the tool aligns with your specific needs and budget.

And if you're ready to say goodbye to email overwhelm and hello to productivity paradise, give Yesware a try!

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