Yesware Review: We Tried It for 7 Days, Here’s What we Found…

Yesware Review: We Tried It for 7 Days, Here’s What we Found…

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As a sales team, we are always on the lookout for tools that can help us manage our inbox better and boost our email productivity.

That's how I discovered Yesware and tested it out with my team.

It has been hyped up for a long time, so let's see if it’s still worth it in 2024!

And don't worry, I’m not here to sell you anything. I’m just here to give you the lowdown on this tool.

We’ll talk all about-

👉🏼What is Yesware, and how can it benefit you?

👉🏼Its features and in detail 

👉🏼And, of course, the pricing plans!

👉🏼I have also collected genuine customer reviews of Yesware from top websites to give you an idea of what actual customers think about the tool.

👉🏼And a secret (and better) alternative!🤫

Jerry is surprised.

Are you ready for all that and more that can help amp up your lead generation? 

Then I suggest you grab a coffee and sit back as we dig deeper into Yesware’s detailed review.

What is Yesware?

Yesware is an all-in-one email outreach automation platform that integrates with Gmail and Outlook to automate, track, and analyze email activity. 

It benefits sales teams with-

  • Finding potential customers,
  • Automating repetitive tasks like sending cold emails, and 
  • Tracking key metrics (like opens, replies, meetings booked, etc.) to bring sales.  

Basically, it makes work easier by simplifying email stuff, so you don't have to do everything by hand. 

Cool, right?

What is Yesware?

Today, the platform is used by many worldwide. 

The platform helps you stay organized and keep tabs on your sales pipeline. 

But how?

With Yesware, you can:

  • Track your sent emails,
  • Automate follow-ups for when prospects don’t reply,
  • Use available email templates or create and save new ones, 
  • Monitor email performance,
  • Create multi-channel campaigns,
  • Schedule meetings, and
  • Set reminders to follow up with your prospects. 

And best of all, it also provides valuable analytics to improve your sales productivity

Isn’t that cool?

But what about its implementation? 

Doesn’t a tool like Yesware require training to operate?

Good question! 

Let’s have a little chat about that.

Yesware implementation and training

Well, the good news is the tool is super easy to use

You can download the Yesware Chrome extension and link it to your email account after creating an account.  

It works with Gmail, Outlook, and other well-known email providers. 

So, it will probably fit perfectly with your present setup. 

Additionally, Yesware provides training materials to help you get used to the platform. 

You can access their:

  • Articles and instructional videos, 
  • Online chat assistance, 
  • Live seminars, and 

However, the platform's support staff is not very accessible all the time. 

So you cannot rely on them if you feel stuck somewhere.

You’ll mostly have to navigate the platform yourself!

A Look at Yesware’s Features 

Yesware has some awesome features that can help you improve your outreach and productivity.

From email templates to tracking and analytics, we’ve tried everything, and Yesware does it all!

Here are some of the features of Yesware that felt the best to our team:

#1 Yesware Email Tracking

If you're a salesperson who spends a lot of time writing emails, you know how important it is to get them right. 

But how can you be sure that your messages are working (aka, being opened?) 

That's where the Yesware Email tracking feature comes in!

It's like the secret spy that tells you how well your emails are doing. 

This info helps you figure out what's working and what's not.

Email Tracking - Yesware

With Yesware, you can keep tabs on your emails and find out when people open, click, or download them. 

This info really helps you stay on top of reaching out to potential customers when the timing's just right. 

Plus, it makes following up a breeze and speeds up closing deals. 

But here’s the catch: 

There are no stats about email deliverability, which is a little disappointing.

We have no idea how many emails actually landed up in the prospect’s inbox 😐

#2 Email templates

Yesware lets you create and save email templates that you can repeatedly use. 

This is so helpful especially for the common messages like introductions or follow-ups. 

But they do have ready-to-go email templates too!

It saves you tons of time and effort, especially when sending similar emails to multiple recipients.

Email templates - Yesware

You can quickly and easily send them out without typing everything out from scratch each time. 

Plus, you can even create templates for specific scenarios or customer personas.

You can add images, merge fields, links, and attachments.

This way, you’re always ready with the perfect message.

You can always add new recipients to the campaigns and customize them as you go.

Customizing your messages makes sure you're constantly sending really good, helpful emails. 

And they'll definitely get more attention than regular sales emails

Yesware’s template reports will also show you which ones your audience most likes!

#3 Outbound Campaigns

With Yesware, you can create customizable outbound campaigns

These Multi-touch campaigns deliver on many channels

Run-outbound campaigns - Yesware

Source: Yesware

You can exploit:

  • Automated emails, 
  • Manual emails, 
  • Phone calls, 
  • LinkedIn InMail service, and 
  • Custom touches.

But these campaigns work much better with email than with the others. 

Salesrobot, on the other hand, helps you create automated campaigns on LinkedIn AND email!

(We’ll get into the details later!)

Your goal anyway is to nurture the leads and eventually close the deal

Yesware helps with that by personalizing and modifying your campaigns whenever you wish to! 

This can allow you to cater to your prospect’s individual preferences, making your campaigns more successful. 

And you know what?

With its handy follow-up reminders, you can set up automated follow-up emails and schedule emails to be sent at specific times. 

No more scribbling reminders on sticky notes or relying on your memory, which can drain you emotionally and mentally!

Set up your campaign and let Yesware do the rest. 

#4 Yesware Integrations

Yesware integrates with popular third-party tools and platforms

They include CRMs, marketing automation, and project management tools. 

Yesware integration

So, you can manage your email communications and customer data from a single platform.

Their Enterprise and Custom pricing plans exclusively provide diverse integrations with Salesforce.

(But here’s what my team found out- These integrations don’t work that well. 🙁)

Apart from that, the platform has add-ons for Gmail and Outlook, which makes email tracking easy. 

This feature makes it simple to incorporate Yesware into your existing workflow without any hassle, reducing time and effort. 

You can access all its features without having to juggle different apps.

And if you don't see the integration you're looking for, Yesware also offers an API that allows you to build custom integrations.

#5 Team collaboration

If you have a sales team, Yesware works well there too

Collaborate with team using Yesware

The platform also offers collaboration features to help your sales team work better

Sharing email templates and campaigns with your team members within the platform is super easy. 

You can collaborate on emails without leaving the platform and measure the progress of your sales team's outreach efforts. 

#6 Yesware Chrome extension and Outlook Add-on

To save you from switching tabs again and again to get the best of Yesware, you have the Gmail Chrome Extension and Outlook Add-on feature

This feature will always be on the lookout for you.  

Integrate Yesware with Microsoft or Gmail

Once installed, the Yesware Gmail extension seamlessly integrates with your inbox

Now, you can access a range of powerful features from your inbox.

With just a few clicks, you can access all the features of Yesware, set reminders, and even schedule messages for later. 

The extension is super sleek and easy to use. 

#7 Prospector 

So, you're searching for new prospects?

I know it can be hard to find new prospects. 

Well, Yesware’s Prospector will come in handy. 

It helps you find prospects instantly by providing you with verified work phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn profiles, and more!

Access to B2B on Yesware

Once you've identified your perfect customers, you will be able to send targeted emails that are more likely to resonate with them. 

You can also determine when to follow-up and keep the conversation going. 

Now let’s get into some real talk: how much does it cost? 

Yesware Pricing and Plans

Well, you’re in luck because Yesware offers 5 different plans for different use cases. 

The pricing plans are:

👉🏼Free Forever- $0

The free forever plan is for individuals and sales professionals starting with cold outreach

It provides basic features like email open tracking and attachment tracking.

👉🏼Pro- $15 per user per month

The Pro plan for solo sales professionals and small businesses includes basic email tracking, email templates, and customizable campaigns.

👉🏼Premium- $35 per user per month

This plan is appropriate for scaling sales teams at high-growing companies

Here, you’ll get advanced features like team collaboration, CRM integration, and phone support.

👉🏼Enterprise- $65 per user per month

This plan is perfect for big sales teams who use Salesforce and includes all advanced features like integration with Salesforce and many others.


As the name suggests, this one’s customized for your specific needs. 

It includes features like dedicated account management, API access, and custom reporting.

Yesware pricing plan

I know, I know! 

The burning question - Does Yesware have a free trial? 

Let’s talk about it:

Yesware Free Trial

Well, all of us wish to try something that we’re paying for first, don’t we?

The good news is - Yesware does offer a 14-day free trial, and its free forever plan actually is: free forever

But the truth is, your goals might not be met with that plan. 

It includes very basic email services and a meeting scheduler, which really doesn’t require Yesware, tbh.

But you can try the tool for free for 14 days, and decide if it’s worth investing or not.

What Are Customers Saying About Yesware? Read Their Reviews Here!

Finally, we’re here!

A major deciding factor in picking a tool is customer reviews. 

Yesware, like any other tool, has received its fair share of positive and negative customer reviews. 

We’ll share honest reviews that can help you decide whether you want to invest in it or not. 

Yesware Pros:

✔️Yesware’s email automation game is on point.

A customer review of Yesware telling about the ease of scheduling campaigns using the tool.

✔️The platform is very simple and easy to use. 

✔️The email templates are really helpful.

A customer review of Yesware telling about the email templates.

✔️Integrations with Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce work great!

Yesware Cons:

❌Yesware is expensive and most of the useful features are available with the more expensive plans.

❌Its interface is clearly not the best. A lot of changes need to be made to enhance the UX.

❌Campaign customization definitely needs to improve.

Customer review of Yesware telling about the difficulty of editing campaigns.

Sub-par customer support, so you cannot rely on that.

Customer review of Yesware telling that their customer support is not so great.

❌They don’t tell you the deliverability rate, so you never know how many emails actually ended up in the prospect’s inbox.

❌The tracking and analytics is not very accurate which kind of deflates the whole purpose of the tool.

❌Yesware uses email as the primary source for outbound lead generation whereas LinkedIn has far better response rates.

So, what is the solution to all these negative reviews? 

You can go for Yesware if these aren’t significant for you. 

But I have a surprise for you! A better alternative if you’re serious about doing outreach on Linkedin + email.

Am I about to pitch my own tool, Salesrobot? 

You guessed it!

Salesrobot: A Better Yesware Alternative

Home page of Salesrobot.

Salesrobot is a really cool LinkedIn automation and lead generation tool that helps you score quality leads directly from LinkedIn.

Why does it matter?

LinkedIn is THE platform to build professional connections and generate leads. 

With over 1 billion active users worldwide, you just can’t ignore it.

What sets Salesrobot apart from Yesware is its ability to handle more complex multi-channel outreach sales processes with a focus on LinkedIn 

You can reach your prospects' inbox through - LinkedIn and email.

Salesrobot allows you to level up your outreach game by enabling LinkedIn as an additional outreach channel for your sales team.

Another advantage of using Salesrobot is its hyper-personalization feature. 

It integrates with Hyperise and gives you the flexibility to send tailor-made messages to your prospects, which can make you stand out from others in their inbox.

Just like this one:

A super personalized message written by Salesrobot.

There are no breaks or vacations for Salesrobot. It's always working in the background and reaching out to prospects.

It ensures your messages land where they are supposed to without raising alarms, so you can put aside your worries about LinkedIn limits!

Smart configuration with salesrobot

Don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly hard to keep track of follow-ups. This has also costed me a few good leads. 🥲.

Sequencing automation with salesrobot

And that’s why I made sure Salesrobot tracks everything to keep a potential sale from slipping through the cracks.

All you’ve got to do is just create a campaign, and then forget about it.

It will run multi-touch campaigns on multiple channels without you having to lift a finger

Setup and run multiple campaigns with salesrobot

It also makes the best use of LinkedIn for outreach

It uses LinkedIn groups, InMails, polls, comments, and even private messages to begin hyper-personalized conversations with your leads.

Smart analytics - salesrobot

Hate slogging through endless spreadsheets and reports? Me too!

That’s why Salesrobot’s detailed reports help you make sense of your data and turn it into actionable insights.

But here’s the thing: How much does it cost?

How much does Salesrobot cost?

Salesrobot offers three affordable pricing plans for teams of all sizes. 

  • The Starter plan is all DIY, starting at just $99 per month, paid monthly,
  • We do LinkedIn outreach for you in the Pro plan, which is $397 per month, paid quarterly,
  • If you choose the Pro+ plan, you can sit back and relax. We’ll do all the LinkedIn outreach + marketing for you for just $497 per month, paid quarterly!

Here’s a small surprise for you: we currently have a 20% discount if you choose to go for yearly payments. 

Oh, and no worries, I get it! 

We do offer a free 14-day trial period to test the waters without asking for any credit card info!

Yesware vs Salesrobot: Which one is better?

Yesware is a more focused tool explicitly designed to help with email communication

Salesrobot, on the other hand, is a more thorough sales automation tool with an additional outreach channel, LinkedIn

And LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network today. 

To miss out on it would mean missing out on potential leads.

Anyways, depending on your needs and preferences, one may be a better fit than the other.

Yesware vs Salesrobot

Conclusion: Should you use Yesware for your email outreach?

So here we are, done with the Yesware review! So you just learned:

✔️What is Yesware, and what can it do for you,

✔️Detailed features of the tool,

✔️Actual reviews and pros and cons from people who used it,

✔️And a superb Yesware alternative to step up your lead gen game!

Now, the big question is: should you use Yesware for your email outreach needs?

Well, the answer, as always, is "it depends." You can go ahead with Yesware if you're looking for a tool that can help you:

  • track your email performance, 
  • automate your outreach, and 
  • improve your workflows. 

That being said, if you're looking for a more comprehensive sales automation tool;

A tool with complete LinkedIn automation too, then Salesrobot may be a better fit for you than Yesware. 

And well, we can’t deny that users have reported occasional glitches with Yesware’s reporting features

Yesware can also get expensive for small companies if money is tight.

However, the majority of reviews are favorable, and many users claim that Yesware improved their email productivity and sales results. 

Overall, just be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully and ensure the tool meets your specific needs and budget.

If Salesrobot managed to make you curious, do have a look at our website and check out the tool; it’s free for 14-days without sharing any credit card info, or your phone number!

We promise never to spam you.

Thank you for staying till the end,

See ya!

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