Best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alternatives To Consider in 2022

Best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alternatives To Consider in 2022

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You are undoubtedly already aware of LinkedIn if you operate in business-to-business (B2B) sales and frequently need to interact with business customers. A large number of sales and marketing teams made use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator in addition to using LinkedIn to network with prospects to create leads and establish connections with these leads.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool that will assist you in targeting the appropriate buyers, gaining an understanding of the most critical information, and engaging in tailored outreach.

This tool effectively extends the capabilities of the free trial LinkedIn searches that are available to all LinkedIn members. After registering for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will have access to several benefits, including the following:

  • Access to 2,500 more profiles each month (up from 1,000)
  • You can access a customised newsfeed that only displays your saved contacts.
  • Access to further filtering options for the search
  • Having the ability to make notes and tags for your contacts
  • Capability to save previous search results

How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?

If you're interested in using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to streamline your sales process but have questions regarding the service's cost, we've got you covered.

To begin, LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers a trifecta of paid upgrades:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core: $99.99 per user per month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced: $159.99 per user per month
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: Available upon request
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator is now 25% off for yearly subscribers. To conclude, the new cost is as follows:
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core: $79.99 per user per month; billed $959.88 annually
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced: $108.33 per user per month; billed $1300.00 annually
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: Available upon request

Top 5 Alternatives of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Zopto
  • ZoomInfo
  • Dux-Soup
  • Salesrobot


One of the most known LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternatives is provides a comprehensive email prospecting service, which can be used to compile contact lists for use in email marketing. It makes it easier for businesses to create a database of potential clients to contact, assisting them with the initial phase of marketing, which is one of the most essential steps. The platform's automatic email mining process with the verification tools ensures that your contact lists are always up to date. You can gain valuable data from monitoring and analytics reports on campaign effectiveness and user activity when you utilise This will allow you to create drip campaigns and email marketing to potential customers.

What features does offer? is a specialised platform that streamlines the process of mining emails and developing drip campaigns on the fly based on created prospect lists. That is why this stands as one of the perfect LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternatives. It delivers full automation of the first step of email marketing and includes the following features:

Get access to data of high quality. The generated email lists are checked to ensure that they adhere to the filter criteria applied before the list's generation.

Providing detailed information on the effectiveness of drip campaigns, real-time tracking and analysis, and simple statistics may assist businesses in focusing on the appropriate target demographic.

Simple connectivity with widely used CRM programmes means you won't have to leave your current marketing ecosystem to use the service.

What is’s Pricing? has two primary pricing tiers, and we are, to tell you the truth, dissatisfied to find that they charge quite a lot for capabilities that we regard to be very standard across the board.

The cost of their most basic subscription is $149 per month. It includes many features, such as email tracking, basic integrations, unlimited prospect lists, an infinite amount of automation, and email-finding credits.

Their next pricing point is a staggering $299 per month, and with this one, they give email finder credits, up to a maximum of one thousand each month and up to a maximum of five thousand emails sent each day.

They further claim that their integrations with this package are of a more advanced level, and they guarantee that these customers will receive priority assistance. pricing

Pros of using

  • Design that is straightforward and user-friendly
  • The produced leads have a very high rate of accuracy.
  • The Chrome plugin makes it possible to extract email addresses from LinkedIn and other social media accounts with just one click, making the construction of lists much simpler.

Cons of using

  • Very little functionality is available except for compiling contact lists and organising email marketing campaigns.
  • Once a 'Drip Campaign' has begun, any changes to the campaign are prohibited, which makes it impossible to add new clients to existing campaigns.
  • Only at the campaign level can the A/B testing capability be used. Individual adjustments, such as alterations to the subject line, cannot be tested independently and instead require the development of a new campaign. Review: review
Source: G2

#2. Zopto:

Another LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative that can be taken into consideration is Zopto; the first thing that stood out to us was its high-quality product. This incredible tool offers everything you need, including the ability to acquire a significant volume of leads. Check.

Zopto is one of the most complete and holistic LinkedIn automation solutions that will care for your needs. Whether you want to send customised emails to your connections or you want to engage with your connections on LinkedIn, Zopto will take care of both of these demands.

What Is Zopto’s Pricing?

When we initially looked at Zopto's cost, our initial reaction was that it was a little bit on the expensive side. However, when we considered the calibre of the features they provide, we came to the conclusion that it was worth it. Your personal account with them will set you back $215 monthly.

Zopto pricing
Source: Zopto

Included with this purchase is a single account. You may upgrade to their next tier of service for an additional $395 each month, which gives you access to two accounts. Last but not least, their most expensive plan, which allows you to manage up to five LinkedIn accounts simultaneously and costs $895 a month, is available to you.

If you are a member of a sales team or an agency, this package is an excellent option for you because it has all of the features that you want and comes at an affordable price.

The Pros and Cons of Using Zopto

Testimonials praising Zopto's useful features abound on the web.

Let's have a look at the advantages of using Zopto:

Advantages of Zopto:
  • Just right for start-ups and growing SMEs, as it can generate high-quality leads on autopilot. As we've seen, narrowing the field of possible outcomes down to a manageable number is straightforward when utilising the criteria we've discussed. In your line of business as an accountant, you may choose to target a certain demographic based on characteristics such as their level of education, their profession, their age, or their employer.
  • Utilising these easy-to-understand images makes it far simpler to evaluate the efficacy of earlier endeavours. This essential piece of information enables users to improve the effectiveness of their efforts.
  • Continually adding new features and capabilities to the product in response to feedback and requests from users.
  • Because it is housed in the cloud, your device does not need to be on at all times; hence, using it is both safer and more convenient.
  • Because it is hosted remotely, it is more secure than alternatives that are stored locally, and it is less cumbersome to make use of.
  • In certain situations, more expensive plans come with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who serves as an additional pair of hands for your various initiatives.
  • It may help you make more efficient use of LinkedIn by automating a number of the platform's basic activities. As a result, you will be able to recover time that you would have otherwise spent on mundane responsibilities.
Shortcomings of Zopto:
  • The following concerns have been voiced most frequently by Zopto users:
  • Restriction on the Sending of Custom Messages In spite of the assurances made by the programme, its three different possibilities for the customization of messages is not sufficient. Because it is in LinkedIn's best interest to have access to accurate information, this is a significant blind spot in our coverage. However, as soon as it dawns on them that they cannot profit from it, they lose interest in it. There are, fortunately, alternatives to these technologies that may be modified to fulfil the requirements that are unique to your situation.
  • Users have voiced their dissatisfaction with how difficult it is to figure out how to use the product, notably the menu for selecting profiles.
  • Inadequate orientation: Some consumers have a right to legitimately complain that it takes an excessive amount of time to learn how to use the product.
  • A campaign may only employ 2,500 profiles, which could not be enough for certain people depending on the size of the campaign. Despite this, we recognise the necessity of LinkedIn's automated technology and can thus respect the restriction. They are also quite clear on the following point: the use of any automatic programme is totally prohibited, and doing so may result in the permanent deletion of his LinkedIn account.
  • There is no possibility of merging many email threads, which is a significant limitation. The inability of Zopto to provide multi-channel prospecting, which is essential for the successful execution of campaigns with an acceptance rate of more than 72 per cent of connection requests, is yet another significant shortcoming of the platform.
  • Despite the fact that the firm promotes Zopto as the "#1 LinkedIn automation solution," the software does have several flaws.
  • A premium LinkedIn subscription, such as Premium or Sales Navigator, is required to use the vast majority of Zopto's capabilities. Consequently, utilising it will result in a rise in your regular costs.
  • Due to the fact that it uses LinkedIn filters for search and prospecting, users are required to have at least a Premium account, and a Sales Navigator account is recommended. A significant limitation is that it does not come equipped with any native filters.
  • In addition, Zopto does not provide a free trial, and its demo seldom delivers sufficient information to justify purchasing the software.
  • Cancelling pending connection requests is still something that needs to be done by a human, despite the fact that most users would prefer an automated approach. Don't forget to figure in the amount of time it would take you to manually handle all of your open requests and tally up all of the open requests you now have.
  • On the other hand, the absence of a substantial knowledge base makes it more difficult for new users to quickly become proficient.

Zopto Review

#3. ZoomInfo:

ZoomInfo can give a comprehensive contact directory, simplifying the marketing outreach process, which qualifies as one of the best Linkedin Sales Navigator alternatives.  In addition to facilitating the lead generation, sales management, and revenue tracking, it assists in the systematisation of work, which in turn serves to boost productivity. Users have the ability to make use of data to prioritise marketing activities, sales prospects, and the alignment of teams for optimal outcomes. Anonymity rates are brought down by the capability of locating and aligning necessary contacts from desirable domains. It is data-driven and allows organisations to build intelligent plans, connect with the appropriate audience, accelerate corporate growth, and give individualised solutions.

What are the benefits of using ZoomInfo?

  • Automated Intelligence and Outreach: With this feature, customers will no longer be required to battle with manually updating their data and will be able to fully automate contact finds as well as corporate searches with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Webform Optimizations: ZoomInfo FormComplete makes it simple for users to record contact information without needing laborious form fields. The only piece of information that users are required to record, which is the prospect's email address, is then given a grade according to its relevance.
  • Tracking Website Visitors: With the software's website service, users are able to transform intent into action. This service records all anonymous website visitors, whether they come to landing pages or the main website. Users will never again be forced to overlook a visitor's comments.
  • Lead Enrichment: The Enrich function prevents obsolete and incomplete data by automatically updating existing data with new supplementary information. This eliminates the need for manual data entry. This procedure significantly facilitates the maintenance of databases and leads.
  • Activity and Pipeline Management: The software's InboxAI product saves hours of manual effort by swiftly synchronising the email inboxes of sales teams straight to Salesforce. This helps with Pipeline Management as well. This data sync enables full access to all of the accounts and activities that have been engaged in.
  • Enterprise API enables administrators to personalise workflows and the display of data. The Application Programming Interface (API) of ZoomInfo enables users to search for, enrich, and append pre-existing data, ensuring that users never run out of contact finds.
  • Account Targeting Users can communicate with important decision-makers because of the sophisticated targeting options offered by the platform. Account managers are granted access to up-to-date information that is beneficial to the expansion of their companies thanks to the account targeting watchlist.
  • Campaign Optimization is a function that enables users to better understand their target audience, improve the quality of their data, and create campaigns that are hyper-targeted. It offers up-to-date, accurate, and actionable CRM data in order to guarantee successful outreach efforts.

What Are The Limitations Of ZoomInfo?

  • According to the testimonials of previous customers, the following are some of the shortcomings of the product as of the time of this writing.
  • Some of the data has become obsolete.
  • The platform allocates credits every month, which places limits on the amount of data extracted.

Reviews Of ZoomInfo

#4. Dux-Soup:

Dux-Soup is an extension for Google Chrome. Installing it and getting started is the only thing left to do. Dux-Soup qualifies as one of the best LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternatives. We didn't encounter many customer complaints regarding Dux-Soup, and customers appear to be generally pleased with this LinkedIn automation application.

Although a few users have reported that the extension made their system run a little bit slower, we did not experience this when we tested it for ourselves. In general, it is one of the lead-generating tools that can be accessed with the least amount of effort.

What are the features of Dux-Soup?

  • Chrome plugin that is simple to set up and manage once installed.
  • You get access to a certain number of profiles determined by the level of your Dux-Soup and LinkedIn accounts, respectively (for instance, you get more profile visits for LinkedIn premium)
  • There is the possibility of drip campaigns and the evaluation of metrics.
  • It has been designed specifically for incorporation into preexisting customer relationship management systems like Pipedrive and even HubSpot.
  • It is really simple to look for persons on Dux-Soup that you would like to connect with. You will need to navigate to the extension on your browser and then click the search button. Your LinkedIn page will instantly open with a list of profiles that have been chosen for you based on the information you have provided on your own LinkedIn profile.
  • You can use this tool's search function on any of the other choices it is compatible with. It is necessary for you to simply make these criteria on the filters that appear on the website in order to narrow down your search results and describe what sort of profiles you are looking for.
  • You also have the ability to choose which kinds of profiles you do not want to see, how many different forms you would want to view, and so on.
  • Because Dux-Soup simulates human activity in terms of clicking, choosing, and so on, and because the connection requests that you send out will be done so manually by you, the likelihood of LinkedIn banning you is considerably reduced. However, you should be aware that LinkedIn has received a few complaints regarding banning users from the platform.

Pros of Dux-soup

  • The simplicity of both the usage and the deployment.
  • The user interface, settings, and directions are all organised and easy to understand.
  • Tutorials covering an extremely wide range of topics!
  • Excellent customer service, both via e-mail and live chat.
  • There is a version that is free to use.

Cons of Dux-soup

  • There may not be enough alternatives for the search.
  • The simplicity of making adjustments to your settings.
  • It's possible that it won't work out so well for more involved campaigns.
  • Dux-Soup is one of the most effective automation solutions for LinkedIn and is recommended if you are just starting out and looking for something straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • When we utilised the tool, one thing kept crossing our minds: what would happen if LinkedIn made its search more user-friendly and offered the same number of criteria, or perhaps more? Our duty is to provide you with something to think about, even if it is quite unlikely that this will happen in the near future. You will decide what to do.
  • You can make use of their Turbo product for free for a period of one week. Simply cancel the subscription before the trial period ends.

Review of Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup Review
Source: G2
Dux-Soup Review
Source: G2

#5. Salesrobot:

Salesrobot is an advanced automation solution for LinkedIn that is hosted in the cloud and allows you to communicate with your ideal clients by email up to 400 times per day. And lastly, Salesrobot also makes it to the list of Linkedin Sales Navigator alternatives. This solution is able to overcome LinkedIn constraints in a secure manner and may create high-quality leads for your company in a matter of days rather than weeks. Increase your revenue with the help of Salesrobot, which is an ideal option for businesses, individuals, and professionals.

What Kind of Features Can You Expect to Find in Salesrobot?

  • Ready-to-use Models or Templates.
  • Intelligent Inbox.
  • Personalisation of images and animated GIFs
  • Prepared Templates SalesRobot provides readymade templates for both messages and emails, which may be utilised to communicate effectively with a variety of individuals. In addition to that, you have the option of setting up an automated follow-up sequence to communicate with potential customers.
  • This programme for generating leads also comes with a smart inbox, which is a feature that enables users to centralise and organise all of their LinkedIn chats in one location. You may even utilise a variety of filters in order to choose only the most promising prospects from your inbox.
Salesrobot Dashboard
Source: Salesrobot
  • Image and GIF Personalization: Salesrobot has a feature that allows users to add images and GIFs to their messages and emails, which helps to make their outreach appear more appealing. This differentiates you from the alternative tactics that may be used toward a possibility.

How Much Does Salesrobot cost?

Salesrobot Pricing
Source: Salesrobot

Due to the fact that Salesrobot was developed specifically for use with LinkedIn and for cold emailing, it is not compatible with other social media networks such as Quora or Twitter.

What is the price of the Salesrobot?

At the time, Salesrobot provided its customers with the option to select from three distinct subscription levels, each of which had a unique set of capabilities.

Plans offered by Salesrobot begin at $99 and $179 per month, respectively, for a monthly payment.

If you want to pay for your membership on a yearly basis, you will immediately receive an extra discount of 20% applied to your card.

In addition to that, a Pay Per Lead option is at your disposal. You can select it at your convenience. In addition to this, those interested in learning more about the platform can sign up for a free trial that lasts for fourteen days.

Shortcomings Of Salesrobot:

In spite of the fact that it possesses a great number of outstanding characteristics, it would be dishonest to assert that Sales Robot is faultless because it is not without significant flaws, including the following:

  • Although Sales Robot includes an option for producing original material through connection with Hyperise, the graphics are not as configurable or creative as they may be; GIF and picture customising are not as extensive as it is in some other products.
  • Regarding the cost, there is just one pricing plan available for Sales Robot. However, the value that you are getting for your money is more than enough to justify the price, considering that you get a flawless user interface along with A-grade customer support and a steady stream of warm leads thanks to Sales Robot's numerous personalization features. This is more than enough to justify the price. In addition, the team behind Sales Robot has plans to provide a new plan with a monthly cost of $99 in the not-too-distant future in order to provide customers with increased flexibility.

Key Takeaways on LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternatives:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great choice to move ahead with, but automation tools can significantly boost your outreach. Your company can benefit in more ways than one from the utilisation of automation solutions. They frequently constitute a game-changing factor for sales teams that are increasing their operations. However, keep in mind that you should utilise these LinkedIn automation tools in a strategic manner. If you abuse LinkedIn as a prospecting or outreach tool, you might find yourself in some hot water.

You can establish daily or weekly limits in addition to the restrictions that are imposed by the tools on the following subjects in order to remain compliant with what LinkedIn considers acceptable:

  • How many of your contacts can I save to my computer from LinkedIn?
  • The number of potential customers that I am able to contact
  • How many requests for connections am I allowed to make?

However, you shouldn't be timid right now. Today, LinkedIn links millions of companies and consumers all around the world, including you and the people who could become your customers.

The indisputable evidence points to LinkedIn as the preeminent platform for professional networking on a worldwide scale.

And successful business-to-business transactions are built on solid partnerships.

Therefore, a method that reduces the amount of time spent communicating with others on LinkedIn is not just necessary but essential. Get yourself an automated tool, start cultivating genuine connections with several prospects, and give yourself extra time each day by doing all of these things.

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