Growbots Review: Is it Worth the Hype? We Tried It For 2 Months And..

Growbots Review: Is it Worth the Hype? We Tried It For 2 Months And..

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Let me guess, you cringe thinking about how you used to message every single prospect manually.

Man banging head against table

You probably use automated outreach tools like Growbots that make your life a heck of a lot easier. And I know you’re looking for an honest Growbots review to see what they’re all about. 

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place. My team and I have 2 months worth of hands-on experience with Growbots.

That’s not all, I have dug deep into 100s of user reviews on G2, Capterra, etc., to see what other customers had to say.

Today I’m going to answer some of the burning questions you’ve had about Growbots, like:

So sit back, put your tea kettle on, because you’re about to find out if Growbots is the perfect outreach tool for you!

Growbots Review: Important Factors to Look Out For

Before we go any further, let me bring everyone on the same page. I’ll judge Growbots on 7 factors.

These 7 factors are critical for any good outreach tool:

  • Lets you target your prospects effectively:

The best tools let you target your prospects based on industry, location, job titles, and so on. Think about it, with more options to narrow down your search, it makes finding the right prospects to talk to a lot easier.

More configurable criteria = better audience segmentation = more likely to buy from you.

  • Hyper-personalization: 

Customizing your messaging to your prospects' interests helps you get more responses. And as you already know, doing it manually is an absolute nightmare.
Good outreach tools should offer several options to personalize your messages. This could include media elements like images and GIFs, or AI-powered templates. 

  • Easy to build and run campaigns: 

It’s true that a lot of care goes into creating outreach campaigns. But it doesn't have to be a chore

Creating and launching campaigns should be as easy as talking to someone at a bar.

  • Multichannel outreach: 

When you do it the right way, multichannel outreach can be a cheat code to generating more cash in no time. That’s because you reach your customers where they like to hang out the most.

Surrounding your prospects with your outreach means your solutions stay in their minds for far longer. Nailing multichannel outreach ensures you’re the first person they come to when it’s time to make a purchase. 

By the way, this is not your sign to spam prospects till you get a restraining order. Message responsibly!

Walter White shocked and falling down
  • Helps You Improve Campaigns With Time: 

Detailed analytics let you measure the performance of your outreach. A good tool should offer analytics to help you make sense of what’s working and what isn’t. 

  • Awesome Customer Support: 

How often do you feel like smashing your desktop every time you spot a technical issue? Trust me, been there, felt that.

An outreach tool with an all-round customer support team is an absolute game-changer. That’s because aside from getting help on tech problems, you get solid advice on your outreach campaigns whenever you want.

  • Doesn’t Cost a Fortune:

Finally, we have pricing. Because what good is a tool that costs thousands of dollars for a few bucks of profit. It’s just simple math. 

The amount of money you spend on your outreach is a big factor when you plan your budget. Take it from me, you really don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet to afford a kick-ass automated outreach tool.

Now that we have listed out what to look for from the perfect outreach tool let’s see what Growbots brings to the table.

Growbots Review: What is Growbots?

Growbots is an AI-powered sales engagement platform that makes manual lead generation a thing of the past. Its goal is to identify and reach out to your ideal customers (ICP) consistently. 

And thanks to its AI features, you don’t need spray and tactics to talk to prospects that actually matter. With its database of 18 million contacts, you’ll find the right audience in no time.

You can also do cold outreach with email sequences. Its email warm-up tool, Warmbots, ensures your messages don't end up in spam folders. 

But enough about cold outreach. 

How do they fare when it comes to personalizing your outbound messages? What about helping users that are new to  outreach? Is Growbots really that easy to use?

Don't worry, this review takes a detailed look at their services and features.

Table listing the pros and cons of Growbots

Growbots Review: Why Should You Care About It?

Growbot offers the following features that can be helpful for your business: 

  • Services to Outsource Your Sales Efforts.
  • AI-powered Prospect Hunting.
  • Tips for Campaign Improvement On-Demand.
  • Cold Email Strategies from Start to Finish.
  • All-in-One Outbound Tool.

Services to Outsource Your Sales Efforts:

Even if you pour hours into building an outbound sales plan, it doesn't always go your way. That's why Growbots offers its Concierge services.

You can choose to outsource 95% of your outbound sales to one of Growbots' in-house experts with “Concierge”. So, if you lack the resources or experience, you can still get your campaigns up and running.

And the remaining 5%? Yeah you’re going to need some elbow grease there. Growbots needs you to brainstorm with their team for the first couple of weeks. 

You need to sit on check-in calls to discuss campaign results and find new ways to do A/B testing. 

If it sounds like you have to go through a lot of trial and error, it’s because you do. Growbots doesn’t hand you a working campaign model on day 1. In fact, going by their timeline, you’ll get a working outreach plan in 3 months.

But besides that, here's what you’re getting: a tailored outreach plan just for your business crafted with Growbots Concierge. Take a look at how that works:

  1. Growbots talks to you about your business requirements and comes up with solutions to find your ICP.
  1. Growbots conducts A/B testing by contacting 2K prospects. They use various approaches to decide on the outreach strategy that works best.
    Better yet, you get access to their platform if you want to conduct experiments by yourself.
  1. After 3 months, Growbots forms an outreach plan that fits your business
Roadmap for the Growbots' Concierge service

Growbots' outbound experience helps you track your email delivery rates, prospecting, copywriting, etc

By the way, how would you like an easier way to talk to Growbots? That would make talking about how to improve campaigns a whole lot easier, right?

That’s why you are also assigned a dedicated account manager by Growbots. 

But all of this comes at a price. And quite frankly, it can feel like you’re going to have to pay an arm and a leg to afford Growbots’ Concierge services.

AI-powered Prospect Hunting:

As mentioned earlier, Growbots has an extensive database of 18 million contacts. 

But their database is rather outdated. Honestly, you would be better off looking for accurate info on your leads from Sales Navigator. 

Growbots also offers an email lookup tool through its Explore feature. A simple search lets you get professional email addresses.

Company, prospect, and advanced filters available on Growbots

Coming to prospect targeting, Growbots' AI chooses the ideal buyer persona for you. You have to enter your business website’s URL and Growbots gives you a list of targets to choose from.

Now you just have to look into their companies and key decision-makers to see if they’re the right fit.

Options presented by Growbots' AI for prospect targeting

But wait, it's time to address the elephant in the room. There’s a few downsides to Growbots' prospecting solutions that I have to point out.

For starters, they don’t have contact data for prospects residing in the UK. So if you want to connect with business owners from London, Growbots can’t do that for you.

Additionally, you cannot search for email addresses in bulk. And trust me, searching for prospects one at a time can get seriously exhausting. 

I did say you’d be better off looking for leads on Sales Navigator instead of trusting Growbots’ database. 

But let’s be honest, you can’t possibly search for prospects AND reach out to them if they’re the right fit for you manually. 

That’s why you need a LinkedIn automation tool like Salesrobot. Because we automate both processes for you. 

Simply input the Sales Nav search URL when you’re creating a campaign on our platform and you’re good to go.

What’s cool about Salesrobot is that you can use SalesGPT, our AI-powered tool, to create your very first outreach campaign. 

All you have to do is talk to our bot in simple English. Trust me, you’ll be done in literally 5 minutes.

Tips for Campaign Improvement On-Demand:

Growbots Premium Support landing page

Growbots understands that creating outbound campaigns from scratch can get difficult. 

That's why Growbots users receive technical support with options like live chat features. But when it comes to Premium Support, users get quick feedback on active campaigns. 

What if your needs are more than just queries about Growbots' features or your campaigns? Growbots also helps with on-site technical setup and campaign creation. 

And let’s be honest, things can get tricky if you’re stuck on message formatting, sequences, or targeting. That’s where Growbots' team lends a hand. 

Be warned, some users have had terrible customer support experiences. According to a Trustpilot reviewer, Growbots only assigns one person to manage US-based customers.

Growbots Trustpilot user review.

That means slower response times, inadequate campaign support, and no help for your campaigns if they’re really not going according to plan.

Cold Email Strategies from Start to Finish:

Aside from prospecting, Growbots employs AI to help you craft better email messages. All it needs is your business description and info about your target audience.

But maybe you don't want to start drafting emails from scratch. 

Wouldn't blame you, those things take A LOT of guesswork that you just don't have the time for.

Growbots saves earlier email sequences so that you can reuse them. And, of course, you can customize the tone and length of email templates as you see fit.

With the messaging template out of the way, what does Growbots offer when it comes to automation?

You can use their platform to set up email sequences with pre-built templates. If you need even more ways to engage your prospects, you can carry out multichannel outreach too.

Options for configuring email sequences on Growbots

These seem like good features to have on hand, but what about the actual messages you’re writing? Personalizing what you say to your prospects is actually a really big deal. 

Writing your emails with data like real names and company is actually very basic. Infact, prospects will ignore whatever you’re saying if your messages have lazy personalization.

Growbots uses custom data fields for personalization, but falls in the trap of just letting you change names. Beyond that, you’re pretty much on your own.

Unlike tools like Salesrobot help you go the extra mile to make your messages extra snappy. 

Salesrobot scans your prospect’s LinkedIn profile to give you nuggets of information. From here, our personalized messages use them automatically.

How does the idea of messages that casually mention the place they volunteered at last Christmas sound? Because that’s just the beginning with Salesrobot.

All-In-One Tool For Outbound Sales:

The repetitive sales processes can be dreadfully boring. You don’t have to say that to me twice.

That’s why Growbots has a few more surprises up their sleeves to make the lives of your SDRs and sales experts just a little easier.

Growbots uses some cool targeting features and tracks important information for your campaigns. Take a look for yourself:

  • Lead Scraping:

The platform allows you to scrape leads from various sources. That includes LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

  • Multichannel Outreach:

Although Growbots’ LinkedIn cold outreach is lackluster, you can use it to reach out to prospects and make phone calls in your cold outreach sequences. 

But you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to gathering leads. After all, it’s the backbone of your company’s revenue stream. 

So, wanna see how multichannel outreach is done? The RIGHT way? Then I got something for your eyes only. 😉

  • Integrations:

Growbots integrates with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier. 

You can view your contact data in one place to make your outreach efforts a lot easier with these CRM integrations. 

Growbots also offers integrations to email service providers like Mailchimp, Zoho Mail, etc.

Top 3 Growbot Features Customers Love

Growbots dashboard after a successful login

Congratulations on making it this far into my Growbots review! But I have to come clean, there's something we missed out on. 

We haven't taken into account what Growbots' actual customers have to say! 

So, I dug deep and looked around to see what the general consensus was. And there's good news and bad news.

Let's start with the good news:

✅ Prospects that actually fit your ICP:

People have had a good run with Growbots and the prospects they offer. Here's how:

  • You can expand your search criteria with 20+ filters to identify and reach out to the right prospects.
  • Data and analytics to give you insights to help improve your campaigns.
Growbots review by a G2 user.

✅ Easy-to-use sequences:

Growbots' automated follow-up sequences are a massive boost when it comes to increasing your response rates. You can set up multi-touch campaigns instantly. 

And if you need a little more help, you can leverage past templates or their AI technology.

✅ Stress-free onboarding and support:

Users have reported that the onboarding process is excellent. Some of the critical features of Growbots' onboarding and customer support include:

  • The platform provides expert guidance and support during the onboarding phase. That's how you can start on the right foot with Growbots.
  • Growbots' Premium Support helps you with on-site setup and consult you on active campaigns. 
Growbots user review on Getapp.

Top 3 Growbot Cons: Real Customer Feedback

Now, I did mention there was some bad news when it came to the negatives for Growbots.

While my Growbots review did mention a couple of drawbacks, these are the real eyebrow-raisers:

❌ Confusing Campaign Selection Process:

Picture this: you spent hours crafting the perfect email sequence. But after the campaign goes live, you realize that you selected the wrong prospects. 

Stuff of nightmares, I know.

Joey waking up from a nightmare.

A significant drawback of Growbots' is its confusing campaign selection process. It can be quite challenging for you to select the right targets for your campaign. 

Here are a few reasons why this feature is not doing Growbots any favors:

  • The user interface for selecting prospects for campaigns is not intuitive. While Growbots offers 20+ search filters, new users can find it confusing to navigate the UI.
  • The lack of clear tutorials can make it difficult for new users to understand their features.

Take this Trustpilot user review that I mentioned earlier for example. 

Not only did they have problems with selecting prospects for their campaigns, they faced problems with Growbots’ customer support too!

❌ Lack of a Built-In Dialer:

Growbots could have been more user-friendly and efficient with a built-in dialer. The absence of a built-in dialer could be a deal-breaker, here's why:

  • Users have to rely on third-party dialers, which can be costly and time-consuming to set up.
  • Third-party dialers may not integrate seamlessly with Growbots. These can lead to a negative user experience with frequent errors and bugs.
  • You can be at a severe disadvantage if your third-party dialer stops working.

But things are worse than just a missing built-in dialer. Trust is, the problem isn’t about Growbots entirely. 

Cold calling can be a great lead generation strategy, only if you know what you’re up for. There’s prospecting, contact data hunting, a sales rep who has a way with words, and who knows what else. 

Not to mention, you’re betting on a 2% success rate.

Thankfully for you, there’s a better way to get quality leads. Because LinkedIn is THE place to look for your business leads that actually want to convert into buying customers. 

And as you’ve already seen, nobody does LinkedIn outreach better than Salesrobot 😄

You don’t have to worry about preparing for cold calls when there’s a better (and frankly, less intrusive) way to reach your prospects. 

Salesrobot sends personalized messages that actually sound human. And unlike cold calls, you’re looking at a whopping 19.98% reply rate with LinkedIn outreach.

I might not be good at math, but those look like far better numbers to me 🤓

❌ Prospect Transfer Limits:

Transferring prospects from one campaign to another is a no-brainer for most tools. But Growbots' limits prospect transfer to only 100 prospects at a time

Transferring prospects in bulk saves time and reduces errors. But the 100 prospects limit can make the process time-consuming and frustrating.

So, if you have thousands of prospects to transfer, imagine how long it’ll take you if you had to do it in batches of 100.

Terry Crews saying the work is going to take forever.

Here’s the thing, you wouldn’t face this problem with Salesrobot on the wheel. That’s because we don’t put a limit on prospect transfers. 😉

Not just that, we make prospect transfers easy. Want prospects from LinkedIn and Sales Nav? No problem, just give us a search URL and watch us do our magic. 

And if you want to take the online route, you can always import LinkedIn contacts from a CSV file to our platform. 

From here, you’re all set to creating your very own LinkedIn outreach plan with Salesrobot (not to mention, it’s just ridiculously easy).

How Does Growbots Work?

Now, any Growbots review wouldn't be complete if I didn't show you how it actually works. Here are the steps you need to follow to start working with Growbots: 

🤖 Step #1 - Sign in: 

Sign in via Email, first name, last name, and company name (optional). You’ll get a confirmation in your email to sign in further.  

After that, create your password, and tada! You're in.

Growbots dashboard

🤖 Step #2 - Start a Campaign:

The first page you’ll see is Growbots’ dashboard. From here, you can start your campaign by selecting New Campaign in the timeline tab of the dashboard. 

Here, you can choose to import or export your own contacts using CSV files (since the Growbots database isn’t something to write home about).

Growbots registration page

In the Industry section, choose your preferred niche, location, and employee count. For the Finance section, add the targeted company’s annual revenue and other details.

Next, choose the positions of the companies you want to target and the prospects' keywords.

🤖 Step #3:

In the third step, import your CSV or add it manually and click OK. 

You can add custom fields like LinkedIn, email, phone number, etc. After adding the fields, click "finish editing", and your list is created. You can check the progress on the dashboard.

Growbots contact selection page

How Much Does Growbots Cost?

Growbots pricing plans

Growbots offers a variety of pricing plans. Each tier of their pricing plans comes with different features and levels of support:


A budget-friendly option that offers limited prospecting and outreach features. You get access to multichannel sequences and can run unlimited email campaigns. 

You don't get contact data like email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, and so on. You cannot add your website information and you're limited to one email account.

But that’s not the worst part. 

The “unlimited campaigns” might sound like a great deal, it’s actually hiding something in what it doesn’t tell you. 

Realistically, you can only send 30 emails per day. Otherwise, you can find your domain marked as spam. Don’t take my word for it, here’s one user that faced it:

Growbots user review on Capterra.

So, it’s not that you can set-up unlimited email campaigns with Growbots, you’re still restricted to 200 emails per week. Well, it’s that or spam jail.

Tad bit misleading, don’t you think?


The All-in-One plan includes everything in the Outreach plan including 500 new contacts. You also get access to prospect data that was absent in the previous plan.  

You don't receive custom data delivery, custom reports, and personalized scale consulting. And, like the Outreach plan, you're stuck with just one email account.

Oh and don’t forget, only 200 emails per week. You still have to consider the hidden restriction on email campaigns that Growbots doesn’t tell you about!


This package has all the prospecting features you could need. That includes the explore view, custom data delivery, and safety and integration options. 

However, there is no single price for this plan. You can contact Growbots’ team and talk to them about your business needs to learn the pricing.


The Starter plan includes everything I have mentioned earlier. The only feature you don't get is Custom Data Delivery.

But what truly sets this pricing plan apart is the addition of their Premium Support service. 

By the way, if you want additional users and email accounts, you need to pay a little extra. Take a look at this table if you want a handy guide for these added prices:

Why Go For Growbots Alternatives?

With everything wrapped up in my Growbots review, you probably have one question in mind. 

"Is Growbots worth it?". The real answer? It depends. 

Growbots offers options to create multi-touch campaigns instantly. Moreover, you can outsource your sales and outreach efforts to Growbots' in-house experts. 

Those are great services, but they require you to fork over some additional cash. In fact, Growbots is relatively expensive compared to most outreach automation tools. 

New users could have a tough time getting the hang of Growbots' features. Getting active feedback on your campaigns being behind a paywall certainly doesn't help.

Monkey throwing money

You need a tool that targets your ICP, lets you set up detailed campaigns, has personalization options, and is a breeze to navigate through.

Luckily, that's exactly what you get (and more!) with Salesrobot

Salesrobot: #1 Alternative to Growbots for Smart Outreach Campaigns

Salesrobot logo

Salesrobot is an automated outreach tool that makes creating messaging campaigns fun again. 

Salesrobot laser-focuses on channels where your outreach matters, that is on LinkedIn and emails. Afterall, LinkedIn is a hub where industry professionals connect with like-minded experts. Makes sense for you to pivot your outreach there, doesn't it?

Ross screaming pivot

With that in mind, Salesrobot lets you pull prospects from anywhere (well, except maybe a hat). Be it Sales Navigator/LinkedIn Searches, Events, or even CSV imports. 

The best part? Salesrobot's intuitive interface makes it easy to get started. With our 24/7 customer support (you don’t need to pay extra for support), you can create your dream LinkedIn outreach campaign.

But is that all we have to offer? Not even close!

Salesrobot Features: How Do We Stack Up Against Growbots?

Salesrobot offers you the perfect tools to create and manage your outreach. But how do we actually manage that?

To answer that question, take a look at a few of our core features:

🤖 Create a Campaign Just By Chatting:

I mentioned how Salesrobot lets you pull prospects from anywhere. After that, you need to  set up a message and follow-up sequence, personalize, and bam! You're good to go.

Salesrobot lets you choose additional steps like commenting on relevant posts and endorsing. But what if you're a beginner who needs more help with campaign creation?

That's where SalesGPT comes in.

Salesrobot SalesGPT chatbox

SalesGPT lets you create a complete outreach campaign from scratch instantly. All you have to do is talk to our AI bot in plain English. From automatic prospect targeting to recommended cold messages, SalesGPT does it all.

🤖 Round The Clock Support:

While Growbots offers customer support, you need to pay more to get their consultancy. 

Salesrobot provides you with premium quality support even if you are a demo or pro product user. 

Stuck somewhere? Campaigns not working like they should? Want more control over your outreach strategy? Don't worry, we don’t discriminate!

🤖 Personalized Outreach:

Quick, when was the last time you replied to a message that started with "Hey, [firstname], I'd love to connect..." 

Let's be honest, you'd get nowhere if you relied on messages like that for your outreach. And Salesrobot understands that.

That's why we provide extensive personalization options

Personalized messages are the secret sauce behind getting the response rates you want. On our platform, you can also add personalized images and GIFs to add a little visual pizzazz to your messages.

And if you're a little unsure if you've written the perfect message, we've got your back. Our Readability Score feature shows you the likelihood of a response. We even give you some helpful tips to improve your chances!

Salesrobot readability score feature

🤖 Template It All The Way:

So you're a seasoned veteran who doesn't need any introductions on how to create campaigns. What does Salesrobot have to offer you?

Glad you asked. Salesrobot lets you choose between three templates. 

Salesrobot message sequence options

“Quick Start” offers ready-made message sequences. If you have made a sequence earlier, “From Template” lets you reuse earlier templates. And if you want to start from square one, you can choose “From Scratch”. 

By the way, you can also trigger several advanced actions automatically. Want to leave a comment on their posts? Endorse skills? Follow their LinkedIn profiles? 

You name it, you can automate it with Salesrobot.

🤖 Configurable Follow-Ups:

Sending follow-up messages to your leads is essential to drive engagement. But much like manual prospecting, writing follow-ups by yourself can be a pain in the a**.

Salesrobot lets you configure follow-up sequences. But wait, don't automated follow-ups sound too robotic? Not if you're using Salesrobot!

Salesrobot follow up sequence selection

You can add in delays between your follow-ups to humanize your outreach further. Better yet, you can also send messages for birthdays or congratulatory messages.

Nothing beats a one-on-one conversation with prospects when you have to close deals. Our Smart Reply Detection stops the follow-up sequence as soon as your recipient replies. That way, you can swoop in to take over the conversation and work your magic!

🤖 Smart Inbox:

Having all conversations in one inbox. Sounds amazing, right? Salesrobot does that for you to reduce your workload and manage conversations better.

Salesrobot Smart Inbox mini-CRM

🤖 Integrations:

Integrating your preferred CRM platforms helps you maintain contact lists without the headache. 

Salesrobot supports 2-way integrations with all CRMs and outreach tools through webhooks. And don’t worry, we have our engineers set it up for you.

And if you're looking for direct integrations, you get Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, etc.

🤖 Bypass LinkedIn Limits:

Salesrobot understands that the safety of your LinkedIn account is important. Using unreliable outreach tools to bypass LinkedIn limits can get you in some hot water. 

<You need to watch this video to avoid going to LinkedIn Jail [Secret Tips Inside]>

So, along with a Safe Mode feature, Salesrobot lets you reach out to 100s of prospects daily. WITHOUT putting you in LinkedIn jail, of course. 😉

How Much Does Salesrobot Cost?

Salesrobot pricing plans

Salesrobot offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: Do It Yourself for $99 per month

Our Starter plan includes all the awesome features I have spoken about.

AI-generated message sequences, personalized messages, CRM integrations, A/B testing for campaigns, you name it.

  • Pro Plan: We Do It For You - $397 per month -

The Pro Plan includes everything you get from Starter. Salesrobot also handles everything related to outreach for you with the Pro Plan.

Salesrobot starts you off with a detailed questionnaire. Based on your answers, we build detailed prospect lists and high-converting message sequences to target your ICP.

Salesrobot also assigns you with a dedicated Account Manager and sits you down on optimization calls to help you with A/B testing every fortnight. 

  • Pro+ Plan: We Do It All - $497 per month - 

Feel like taking it up a notch? Our Pro+ pricing plan gives you everything in the Pro plan with the added perks of enhancing your LinkedIn profile, quality LinkedIn posts and comments by our copywriters, and weekly optimization calls. 

Psst…Salesrobot also gets you 3-5 meetings booked with the perfect customers that want to hear from you every month when you choose our Pro and Pro+ plans. 

And if you want to pay yearly, you get a 20% discount! Talk to us about your personalized business needs, or try our features risk-free with a 14-day free trial (We don’t ask for your credit card! 😄).


Growbots is an email outreach tool that helps you better target and engage prospects. Its AI features ensure that you connect with leads that actually matter every time.

You can even outsource your sales effort with its Concierge service. That opens up more time for your in-house teams to focus on improving your business offerings.

That said, Growbots has some glaring drawbacks that you cannot ignore. Restrictions on outreach campaigns, limited prospect transfers, and bare bones message personalization options, just to name a few.

As you've seen in my Growbots review, these can hurt you in the long run. Besides, Growbots focuses its solutions for email outreach only.

If you’re someone who’s ready to make the most out of their LinkedIn outreach, you need to try a specialized tool like Salesrobot.

Salesrobot offers simplified campaign creation, smart templates for every need, integrations, and more. Our extensive customer support offers help on your campaigns every step of the way.

With Salesrobot, you choose the safest way to generate 100s of leads on auto-pilot. That's because Salesrobot bypasses LinkedIn limits without getting your profile flagged.

So, if Salesrobot piqued your interest, you can check out our website. You can try our features risk-free.

No credit card or phone number needed — just your email, and you're good to go!

Until next time,

Good luck!

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