How to Add and Display Portfolio to Your LinkedIn Account

How to Add and Display Portfolio to Your LinkedIn Account

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A LinkedIn portfolio can be a valuable addition to your LinkedIn profile. It gives a visual representation of your skills and accomplishments and allows potential clients or hiring managers to quickly understand what you do and how you can help them.

Your LinkedIn portfolio should showcase your best work and achievements.

  • Include job updates, accomplishments, and future career goals
  • It can be screenshots of your designed website
  • It can have links to your writing samples
  • You can add interactive presentations 
  • You can also add content relevant to your career

To keep your portfolio current and engaging. We have created a complete guide to help you create an effective LinkedIn portfolio:

  • Understanding the concept of a LinkedIn portfolio
  • The process of creating and uploading a portfolio to LinkedIn
  • Best practices for creating an effective LinkedIn portfolio through examples

Let's get started!

First things first,

What is a LinkedIn portfolio?

A LinkedIn portfolio is a section on your profile where you can showcase samples of your work to give viewers a quick understanding of your abilities. 

It allows you to add various types of content, such as web links, images, videos, presentations, and more, to represent your skills and experience visually.

Now, you may have an immediate question, How to add a portfolio to my LinkedIn profile?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile and select Add Profile Section.
  2. Select your appropriate section under Featured.
  3. To add various types of content to your LinkedIn portfolio, you can either use Posts, Articles, Links, and Media or navigate to your Featured section and make modifications directly.
source: LinkedIn

You can add, edit, delete, reorder the content, and rearrange icons by hovering and clicking. 

This is a simple step-by-step process to make you understand the entire portfolio section on LinkedIn.

Confused? On what particularly to feature?

Don't worry; We have you covered!

What exactly do I need to feature on my portfolio?

How to add portfolio on LinkedIn?

Your portfolio should showcase content that highlights your unique career achievements and sets you apart from others in your field. 

This may include -

  • Various scenarios at work where you might have received an award.
  • Showcase yourself giving a presentation through SlideShare.
  • Your work samples, including project work or articles or newsletters, or websites.
  • Your interpersonal or problem-solving skills show your logical and analytical reasoning capabilities.

To make the most out of your LinkedIn Featured section, consider showcasing different kinds of content that capture the interest of your niche audience.

Want your audience's attention?

Here’s the key!

How can I incorporate media into my LinkedIn portfolio to make it visually appealing?

You may ask, Why should I add media files to my LinkedIn portfolio?

As you know, A picture is worth a thousand words, demonstrating that visuals can convey ideas more effectively than writing.

You can engage potential customers by adding eye-catching images and videos with powerful captions.

When showcasing visuals, ensure that it comprehends your personal branding. Emphasizing your personal branding helps to convey a more genuine and human approach.

To make your gallery preview more attention-grabbing, share PDFs from Google Drive, links, professional content, screenshots, images, and infographics.


LinkedIn allows you to share infographics.

What exactly do you mean by it?

It is a visual representation of your data with various templates. It helps you to get more CTR (Click-Through-Rate), and people tend to share more infographics posts than traditional ones.

Add your top and best content that features in your LinkedIn portfolio; this way, it can continue to drive traffic and engagement.

How to make you portfolio visually appealing?

So, How much content exactly can you share?

Here’s the answer!

How much content can you share in your LinkedIn Portfolio?

There is no limit to the amount of content you can share in your LinkedIn portfolio. 

However, keep your portfolio concise and showcase your best work rather than overloading it with too many projects. It is generally best to aim for a balance between quantity and quality.

Here’s the next question you might have!

How do I add a PDF file to my LinkedIn profile?

You can upload your PDF files to your LinkedIn portfolio.

Here’s how:

  1. On your LinkedIn profile, Click  Add section.
  2. Under Featured, select Media.
  3. Upload your PDF portfolio, document, resume, or CV and save.
How to add pdf file to your linkedin profile?

Let’s now look into some examples to learn in-depth!

Showcasing your LinkedIn portfolio with the Best Examples

How does showcase work on LinkedIn?

There are various ways to showcase your work on your LinkedIn portfolio. Here are a few examples to help to inspire you to create a great portfolio.

Showcase Your Communication Skills:

  • Effective communication is the foundation of success in many aspects of life. Showcase your communication skills through your experience collaborating with teams, presenting client ideas, and writing clear and persuasive reports.
  • You can show your public speaking, writing, or interpersonal capabilities, This can add more credibility to your portfolio.

Showcase Your Problem-Solving Skills:

  • If you have a natural aptitude for problem-solving and enjoy finding creative solutions to complex challenges. You can show your analytical approach to problem-solving and ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions. 

Showcase Your Leadership Skills:

  • If you have a track record of successfully leading teams to achieve common goals. 

Showcase your:

  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Positive relationships with team members.
  • Collaborative and inclusive work environment. 
  • Developed and implemented strategies.
  • Delegated tasks.

This way, you can inspire many and motivate others to share their experiences and skills, which can add valuable content to your portfolio.

That's a wrap!

Let's head to recap and conclude!


I hope you have learned about the LinkedIn portfolios that aim to help you showcase your valuable and authoritative content on your profile. 

You should always aim for a mix of content highlighting your skills, achievements, creativity, and experience. 

Additionally, you can add relevant and attention-grabbing media content such as screenshots, PDFs, blog posts, links, and more. 

By following these tips, you can captivate employers, recruiters, or customers and increase the aesthetic appeal of your LinkedIn profile.

And Finally, look at the top questions regarding LinkedIn Portfolio!

Top FAQs

How do I present my Portfolio Website?

To modify your profile's websites:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn homepage and click the Me icon at the top.
  2. Select View Profile.
  3. Click Contact info in your introduction section.
  4. In the Contact Info window, click the Edit icon.

In the Edit contact info window:

  • To add a website, click Add website, enter the URL in the Website URL field, and select a Website type from the dropdown.
  • To remove a website, click Remove under the website you wish to delete.

 Finally, click Save.

How to present portfolio on website?
source: LinkedIn

What are 5 great things a LinkedIn portfolio includes?

  • Here are the 5 best things a LinkedIn portfolio should include:
  1. Professional profile picture.
5 great things to add in your LinkedIn portfolio?
source: Neil-Patel LinkedIn
  1. A detailed summary of your skills, experience, and goals.
source: Neil-Patel Summary
  1. Accomplishments and Awards.
  2. Relevant work samples such as presentations, reports, or case studies.
How to feature your post on LinkedIn profile?
source: Neil-Patel Featured Posts LinkedIn
  1. Endorsements and Recommendations.
LinkedIn recommendations
source: LinkedIn
Linkedin skills
source: LinkedIn skills

How do I upload a project to LinkedIn?

  • To upload a project on LinkedIn, you must create a portfolio.

 Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Click "More" and Select "Add Project" from the drop-down menu.
  3. Fill out the form with the project title, description, start and end dates, and any relevant media, such as images or videos.
  4. Click "Publish" to make your project live on your profile.
how to upload project on LinkedIn?

Note: Projects are only available on LinkedIn Premium Career and LinkedIn Premium Business accounts.

How does Portfolio Showcase work on LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn Portfolio Showcase allows users to showcase their work and skills by creating a personalized collection of projects and experiences. 
  • A Portfolio Showcase aims to help users stand out from the crowd, show their professional accomplishments, and make it easier for others to see their expertise and potential.

Once you have showcased your work on your LinkedIn profile by adding a portfolio and optimizing it, you can commence your outreach efforts and boost your lead generation success.

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