5 Trustworthy Interseller Alternatives: Our Tested Recommendations

5 Trustworthy Interseller Alternatives: Our Tested Recommendations

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Coming from a sales background, we understand how important it is to find the right tool for enhancing your sales process. And an equally important step is to switch things up with the ever-changing sales practices.

And if you're here, you must have already used or know about the sales outreach tool, Interseller. Either Interseller is less fulfilling than you would like, or you wish to change to a better option.

Simply put, you're just trying to find good Interseller alternatives. Right? 

Let us tell you one thing.

We've tried and tested several sales automation tools, so you don't have to!

Our top priority is finding trustworthy Interseller alternatives. The ones that can help boost your sales outreach without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and let us propose you to our top 5 picks for Interseller alternatives-

  • Salesrobot
  • ZoomInfo SalesOS
  • Apollo.io
  • Reply.io
  • Mixmax 

They will make your sales process more efficient and fun (yes, fun and sales can coexist, we promise!).

If you’re in hurry, here’s a quick comparison table to navigate you the world of sales and find the best solutions for you business. 

Top 5 Interseller alternatives

What is Interseller?

Let's begin with refreshing our memory of Interseller first.

Interseller is a cloud-based sales automation and lead generation platform. It helps you find and connect with qualified leads on various online platforms. It also builds and maintains your sales cycles.

Source: Interseller 


What are the advantages of using Interseller?

  • Finds email addresses for you: If you have a list of people you want to email, Interseller can automatically search for their email addresses.
Advantages of using interseller?
Source: Interseller 
  • You can create email templates for your outreach emails and customize them to look more personal.
  • Sometimes people don't respond to your first email but they still need to be interested. Interseller can send automatic follow-up emails for you, increasing your chances of getting a response.
Email Safety- Interseller
Source: Interseller 
  • Interseller can integrate with tools, like your email account or customer database. It helps organize everything in one place.
  • Interseller provides a simple way to manage your contacts. It includes adding notes and tags to contacts for easy searching and filtering.
Campaign Tracker Interseller
Source: Interseller 
  • Interseller allows you to track the performance of your emails. It includes open rates, click-through rates, and reply rates.
  • Interseller enables you to create and test multiple email template versions to see which performs best.
  • Interseller also offers a Google Chrome extension that can be used to fetch the data for you with ease. 

What are the cons of using Interseller?

  • Interseller offers fewer integrations than its alternatives offer.
  • While there are few personalization options, Interseller may have restrictive options regarding customization.
  • The sales teams need the lead scoring feature in Interseller.
  • The reporting and analytics in Interseller are less robust than other tools.
  • The tool is on the pricier side of the spectrum.

How much does Interseller cost?

Interseller pricing starts from $600 monthly for three users, and other plans for more users are customizable.

Interseller pricing
Source: Interseller 

Wish to get more clarity on the tool? Then check out our comprehensive Interseller review.

Now lets look at 5 best Interseller alternatives that we personally tested:

Top 5 Alternatives to Interseller:


Salesrobot allows you to automate your outbound sales campaigns on channels such as LinkedIn and Email.  And helps you manage your prospects in a centralized dashboard. 

Best Interseller alternative for cold outreach
  • Salesrobot offers cloud-based automation. It makes sure that your account is safe while following LinkedIn guidelines. Unlike other tools that raise the spam alarms. 
  • Salesrobot offers advanced dynamic text personalization. It offers very human-like personalization unlike selective and limited personalization in other tools. 
  • They also have a smart LinkedIn inbox to automate follow-up sequences easily. The smart Inbox lets you carry out all necessary sequences at one place. 
  • Salesrobot offers free InMails for you to exploit and it effectively bypasses the LinkedIn daily limit. This feature is unique to Salesrobot as many other tools don’t even exploit the InMails feature.

But that’s not all, keep on to learn what more Salesrobot has to offer for your sales goals.

How will Salesrobot help you?

Here are some of the features Salesrobot offers that can help you:  

  • Salesrobot makes it easy to manage and organize your contacts in one place. No more messy spreadsheets; say 'yes' to a user-friendly interface. It lets you store, search, and update your contact database easily.
  • The platform helps you identify the right prospects. It also engages them through hyper-personalization.
  • The email sequencing feature automates your outreach process. It lets you send emails at the optimal times, making sure that your recipients see and read them. It nurtures your leads over time and increases your conversion chances. 

(Extra: You can find out more about Email Automation tools in another one of our blogs. We have discussed about 10 great Email Automation tools to boost your sales outreach.)

Email automation sequences with salesrobot
  • Salesrobot offers real-time analysis of your email campaigns. It includes click-through rates and other metrics.
  • Popular CRM platforms are easily integrated with Salesrobot. So that your sales staff has the latest lead information.
  • Salesrobot makes scheduling meetings and follow-ups with prospects and customers easy. It also allows you to follow and send invites to profiles automatically. 
  • The platform offers a library of customizable email templates that you can use to improve the effectiveness of your outreach.
  • Salesrobot's helps you optimize your messaging and increase your conversion rates.
  • Salesrobot enhances details to your lead data. It provides you with useful information that you can use to customize your strategy. 
  • You can check the performance of your sales staff using tracking and analytics. You may also create reports and keep an eye on important data to help you plan your sales approach.
Salesrobot centralized dashboard
  • The platform makes it possible for team members to collaborate easily. It enables you to cooperate and work toward your sales objectives while exchanging information.
Run multiple campaign with salesrobot
  • You can extend your sales efforts and increase your ROI by using Salesrobot's campaign management function. It allows you to manage and track many outreach initiatives from a single dashboard.

How much does Salesrobot cost? 

Salesrobot offers every feature under one Plan at $99 monthly when billed annually. It also offers a credit-card-free 14-day trial period to test out the tool.

Salesrobot pricing

Moving on to the second Interseller alternative, ZoomInfo but more specifically, its SalesOS platform. 


Another Interseller alternative is ZoomInfo. ZoomInfo SalesOS is a sales automation platform. It is designed to cater to B2B prospecting and engagement. 

Zoominfo -best alternative to Interseller
Source: ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo SalesOS offers extensive data coverage, allowing your team to find the right prospects. While many other tools have limited data coverage. 

And to make the best use of that data, they offer robust lead filtering and scraping features.

With better real-time tracking, you can get better engagement insights. And the feature of cold-calling with the in-built dialer comes in handy while engaging with prospects.

What is ZoomInfo SalesOS useful for?

Here is the list of features that ZoomInfo SalesOS offers:

  • It has information about people and companies instead of just phone numbers.
  • You can search for people or companies based on criteria. And then add them to a sequence for contacting.
Source: ZoomInfo
  • You can see their work history, education, social media profiles, and more. This can help you personalize your outreach.
  • ZoomInfo also has some cool features like "Scoops" . They are news alerts that tell you when something big happens with a company or person you're interested in.
Zoominfo workflow
Source: ZoomInfo
  • Plus, it integrates with many other tools you might be using, like Salesforce or Hubspot, so you can easily add new leads or update existing ones.

What are the drawbacks of using ZoomInfo SalesOS?

  • Zoominfo has a very steep learning curve, especially for non-tech people.
  • The filters in the platform have also shown inefficiency, according to many users.
  • There is also a need for more customization in Zoominfo.
  • With an extensive database comes a large room for error too. Many users have observed inaccuracies in fetched data, whether the prospect's job title or contact.

What are ZoomInfo’s pricing plans?

ZoomInfo pricing is customizable to your business needs. They also offer a free trial

They have three pricing plans which are as follows:

  • SalesOS
  • MarketingOS
  • TalentOS
Zoominfo pricing plan
Source: ZoomInfo

Further, we’ll read about the third Interseller alternative,


Apollo.io is a one-stop shop for all your sales and marketing needs. The tool allows you to manage your leads, contacts, and outreach in one place.

Apollo.io - best alternative to Interseller
source: Apollo.io

Apollo.io offers more advanced sales intelligence tools that help in prioritizing outreach efforts. In comparison to other tools, it has much better segmentation features. 

Unlike some, it has both direct integrations and through Zapier. So, Apollo.io  integrates with many different tools and platforms.

They also offer better customization options for sales sequences and campaigns than Interseller. 

What are the advantages of using Apollo.io?

The following list includes the features of Apollo.io:

  • You can easily find the right leads and contacts for your business.
  • Apollo.io offers information about prospects' job titles, industries, and earnings. So that you can customize your approach.
advantages of using apollo.io
Source: Apollo.io
  • The email automation feature of Apollo.io can help you save time and increase your chances of success.
  • Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo are just a few of the well-known sales and marketing tools that Apollo.io integrates with. It makes it simple to sync data and organize your workflow.
Apollo.io integration
Source: Apollo.io
  • Apollo.io allows you to build custom prospect lists using various filters.
  • You can track email openings and clicks. It gives you insight into their level of interest and engagement.
  • Apollo.io lets you connect with prospects on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.
Source: Apollo.io
  • Apollo.io provides click-through rates, conversion rates, and more. 

What are the disadvantages of using Apollo.io?

  • Apollo.io has a more significant learning curve which makes it complex and not beginner-friendly.
  • Many users have complained about their emails bouncing.
  • The Apollo pricing might be higher for businesses with tight budgets but it's more affordable as an alternative to Interseller.
  • The data might need to be more accurate in Apollo's database.
  • The users observe the integrations to be buggy and hard to work with.
  • The Apollo.io customer support is also minimal.

How much does Apollo.io cost?

Apollo.io has four plans which are as follows:

  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $39 per user per month
  • Professional: $79 per user per month
  • Organization: $99 $79 per user per month

The Basic and Professional plans offer a 14-day trial period

Apollo.io pricing
Source: Apollo.io

Are you still on the fence about using Apollo.io? Fear not. We have a comprehensive Apollo.io Review to help you decide whether to invest in the tool.

Moving on to the second to last Interseller alternative,


Reply.io is a sales automation platform. It supports both inbound and outbound practices to streamline your sales process. 

reply.io - top alternative to interseller
Source: Reply.io

Reply.io has better automation features with personalized campaign sequences. Unlike Interseller, it has AI-driven sales engagement.

They even have an email verification tool that monitors your email list for invalid addresses. Many other tools lack validation accuracy or even the whole validation feature. 

And they also offer better analytical features than Interseller. As they check on sequence progress, analyze calls, task execution and more.

What can you expect from Reply.io?

Following is the list of feature-set of Reply.io:

  • With Reply.io, you can set up email campaigns that send many personalized emails to potential customers.
  • Sometimes people might not respond to your first email, so that the tool can send automatic follow-up emails
  • Each email can be personalized with details about the recipient.
Reply.io - smart inbox feature
Source: Reply.io
  • The number of people who view your emails, click on links, and leave responses is recorded by Reply.io. 
  • Tools like your email account or customer database can be integrated with Reply.io.
  • You can send messages using the application via SMS, phone calls, LinkedIn, and other methods in addition to email.
Reply.io automated sequences
Source: Reply.io
  • You can save all your contact details in a single database provided by Reply.io. 
  • You can place calls right from the platform with Reply.io's sales dialer without navigating to another tool.
Pre-made template reply.io
Source: Reply.io
  • Reply.io analyzes your email's content using artificial intelligence. It makes suggestions for enhancements to make it more effective. 

What are the drawbacks of using Reply.io?

  • Reply.io offers limited integrations with other tools, which can be a downside for teams using specific tools.
  • Reply.io's LinkedIn automation has led to users' account blocks as it violates the LinkedIn terms of service
  • The customer support was also reviewed as unsatisfactory.
  • Users have also reported bugs in the tool and an an-unfriendly user interface.

How much does Reply.io cost?

Reply.io offers a free 14-day trial to test out any plan you plan to choose. It offers two priced-categories, they are as follows:

Sales Engagement- 

It has two pricing plans depending on:

  • Business
  • Agencies.


It offers three tiers which are as follows:

  • Starter: $60 per month, per user  
  • Professional: $90 per month, per user 
  • Custom: As the name suggests it is customizable
Reply.io pricing
Source: Reply.io

Agencies: It offers two tiers which are as follows:

  • Agency Starter: $60 per month, per email account 
  • Agency Professional: $60 per month, per email account 
Reply.io pricing for agencies
Source: Reply.io

Email Search and Data: It has one free Starter plan

Reply.io email and search data plan
Source: Reply.io

Still unsure of Reply.io? You should check out our elaborate Reply.io Review. And then decide if the tool is for you or not.

Moving on, let’s learn about this blog’s last Interseller alternative,



MixMax is a productivity and communication application created for sales teams, business owners, and professionals to streamline email communication and outreach initiatives.

Mixmax: best alternative to Interseller
Source: MixMax

MixMax has better personalization options than Interseller. They help sales teams to send personalized emails in sequences. 

MixMax can integrate with many tools in comparison to Interseller. 

And they offer good email automation features with pre-written email templates that you can customize to use for outreach which lacks in many other tools.

What benefits can you expect from using MixMax?

Here are some of the features MixMax offers you:

  • MixMax offers suitable prospect engagement features to understand prospects and their needs better.
  • MixMax helps create personalized email templates and sequences. It helps build stronger relationships with prospects over time.
Source: MixMax
  • The scheduling features schedule meetings and calls with prospects without the back-and-forth emails. It improves efficiency in the sales process.
  • MixMax integrates with a variety of CRM platforms, including Salesforce and HubSpot. It facilitates managing your prospect data and activity history.
  • The analytics and reporting features in MixMax help sales teams track email engagement and other key performance metrics.
  • MixMax allows sales teams to create and automate email sequences, a series of emails sent to prospects over a set period. It can help keep prospects engaged and move them further down the sales funnel.
Source: MixMax
  • The calendar management features of MixMax can help prevent double bookings. It makes scheduling meetings with prospects a breeze.
  • Through SMS messaging capabilities, you can reach prospects through their mobile phones.
  • The tool allows sales teams to collaborate on emails and sequences and track team performance. It can help improve team coordination.

What are the disadvantages of using MixMax?

  • The interface and inbox need to be more precise. And users have also found it glitchy at times.
  • Users often need help with MixMax emails, especially attachments, and other broken links.
  • The MixMax reporting features could be more robust.
  • It is also difficult to automate LinkedIn connections and follow-ups.
  • The customization options in a sequence are restrictive.

What does MixMax cost?

MixMax offers five pricing plans and they are as follows:

  1. Free Plan: $0 per month per user
  2. SMB: $29 per month per user
  3. Growth: $49 per month per user
  4. Growth+Salesforce: $69 per month per user
  5. Enterprise: Custom pricing 
Mixmax pricing
Source: MixMax

Now that we have thoroughly discussed the five Interseller alternatives, let’s move on to the final verdict about the above-mentioned tools. 

Comparison between Salesrobot, Interseller, ZoomInfo SalesOS, Reply.io, Apollo.io, and MixMax

Top 5 Interseller alternatives

Here's Our Verdict on Interseller Alternatives:

We hope the above discussion helps you. And, 

Let’s recapitulate what we learnt about the tool and how they are effective in their own ways. 

Salesrobot offers a comprehensive list of sales automation features. It offers advanced AI-based personalization and LinkedIn account safety features too. And facilitates in increasing your response rates and streamlining your sales process.

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a sales intelligence platform that provides data-driven insights to sales teams to improve their sales process. It enables contact discovery, account prioritization, account-based marketing, and more. 

Apollo.io is a good option for your team to monitor your outreach stats. You can adjust the campaigns for better outcomes thanks to its good analytics and reporting options.

Reply.io, a platform for sales engagement, provides a wide range of tools. It offers A/B testing and messaging templates, to assist teams in streamlining their outreach initiatives

And MixMax provides many options that simplify email outreach and communication. Also, you can automate your workflows and manage all communication in one place thanks to integrations.

All we can say as we depart ways, be mindful of the pitfalls of using the tool as mentioned above. And then choose. 

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