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Interseller In-depth Review: Demystifying its Pros and Cons in 2023

Get the real scoop on Interseller! Our 2023 guide covers the good, bad, and better alternatives to this recruitment tool. Read on for an honest review and pricing breakdown that'll help you decide

Saurav Gupta
Founder & CEO
June 15, 2023
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Hi there!

Have you been thinking about utilizing Interseller for your recruiting business, or are you experiencing issues with Interseller? This Interseller review is for you.

And you’re exactly where you need to be.

We've got an in-depth Interseller review that covers everything you need to know about the tool, from its features to the pricing.

And that's not all! 

We'll also get into the pros and cons of Interseller so you can decide whether it's the right fit for your biz.

We'll even explore the best alternative to Interseller if it doesn't tickle your fancy.

So buckle up and get ready to dive deep into this platform.


What exactly is an Interseller? 

Interseller is an email automation tool specifically designed for recruiting businesses. It aims to aid in discovering and contacting new candidates through emails and LinkedIn. It combines different tasks into one platform so that you can save time. 

What is an interseller?

With this platform, you can find candidates' email addresses on platforms like LinkedIn, AngelList, and Indeed. 

  • You can then send customized emails and also keep track of 
  • all the activities your candidates are doing and 
  • which stage of the campaign they are in.

With the Chrome extension, you can streamline your work. As it facilitates you to find your prospects and communicate with them quickly, saving you time.

But how does it come to be? In the next section of this Interseller review, let’s learn how to make it work. 

How does an Interseller work?

Interseller is a comprehensive sourcing tool. It is designed to streamline recruitment for individuals and firms seeking potential candidates. 

To configure Interseller, you have to do the following:

  • Sign up for an account on the Interseller website.
  • Connect your email account (Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, or IMAP).
  • Install the Interseller Chrome extension for enhanced sourcing capabilities.
  • Set up your email settings, including signature and sending name.
  • Import your contacts from CSV files or sync them from your CRM/ATS.
  • Create personalized email templates for outreach campaigns.
  • Set up email sequences with customized timing and content.
  • Track and analyze campaign performance with open rates, click-through rates, and replies.
  • Integrate Interseller with your CRM or ATS for data synchronization.

You can also seek support from the Interseller team if needed.

Moving on to the part of the Interseller Review you've been waiting for! It is time to review the pros and cons of Interseller.

Interseller Review: What are real customers experiencing?

No need to worry if you're short on time to go through all the pros and cons. I've got you covered with a handy table.

Interseller Pros and Cons

Interseller pros and cons
Source: Salesrobot

Now, let’s jump in and review the positive feedback from Interseller users.

Pros of using Interseller

Here are the top 5 best things users like about Interseller-

Sequencing Tool:

  • Beneficial for following up with messages sent to prospects. 
  • User-friendly and integrates with current CRM systems.

Work Email Finder

  • Helps find work emails for recruiting and sales outreach. 
  • Integrates with popular CRMs like PCR.

Automation and Simplicity

  • Effortlessly sets up and manages email campaigns. 
  • Simplifies workflow and includes expected functionalities.
Interseller review

Integration with LinkedIn

  • Streamlines campaign creation for sales outreach and recruitment. 
  • Automates email cadences for improved productivity.
Interseller review on G2

Contact Activity Heat Mapping

  • Revolutionizes open and response rates. 
  • Provides insights into email performance with a clean design.

In the next part, we’ll review the disadvantages of using Interseller. 

Cons of using Interseller 

Here are top 5 things that users dislike about Interseller-

Wrong Email Addresses:

  • Sometimes, the wrong email address populates for someone you're trying to contact.
  • It's like calling Bob when you actually want to reach Alice—frustrating and time-consuming.
Interseller -ve review on G2

Limited LinkedIn Integration:

  • When using the platform with a LinkedIn recruiter, the search function is limited to 25 accounts per page.
  • It's like having to flip through many pages of a book to find what you're looking for—too many clicks, too much hassle.
interseller review on G2
  • Inability to Automate Inmail Messages or Connections: There's no option to automate Inmail messages or connections, which would make the workflow smoother.

Data Inaccuracy:

  • Sourced email addresses can be spotty and wrong at times.
  • It's like receiving a package with the wrong address—you're left wondering if the sender got it right.
  • Lack of Additional Email Capabilities: Interseller lacks additional email capabilities like saved templates and custom reminders.
Interseller review on G2

Remember, the platform has its strengths too, but these are some areas where it falls short.

Let’s now understand more about the tool and its features. Because it is an unbiased review so it's only fair if we keep all the cards on the table. 

In this Interseller review, we’ll also uncover the inner workings of the tool and explore its features and functionalities.

What does Interseller offer?

Interseller provides a 3-step automated email process. It makes finding, contacting, and effectively connecting applicants and customers easier.

Feature Interseller provides
source: Interseller

Here's a breakdown of each step:

1. Source:

  • The platform helps you find and reach out to potential candidates and prospects. 
  • Their Chrome extension lets you identify contacts' email addresses and personalize messages. It also facilitates syncing messages to sequences and integrated platforms.
  • It provides an email lookup utility to find an individual's email by name and website.

  • You can also import your contact list and map custom fields to email sequences via CSV imports. 
  • It lets you export all the contacts you've gathered using their platform.
  • Users have complained about the data collected. Then, the emails either bounce or land in the inbox of the wrong recipient.
Interseller review on G2

2. Outreach:

  • The platform helps your email management. It helps you to schedule and personalize automated email sequences for your contacts. 
  • But people have found glitches in their email sequences. 
Interseller review on G2
  • You can also do A/B tests on the effectiveness of your emails.
  • Additionally, it provides options for controlling the frequency and timing of your message.


  • The platform allows you to sync all your applicants and messages with your existing prospects. 
  • This means you can connect your CRM or ATS directly to the platform. And keep all your contacts and email communication up-to-date.
  • With the platform, you can also generate reports to track the performance of your team members and sequences. 
A real customer complaining about Interseller features
  • It has various integrations that will aid you with the email process.

A lot of features, eh? But as I always say, things cost in this world. And this might just cost you the world, lol. Don’t believe me? Let’s find that out in the following section of Interseller review. 

What is Interseller priced at?

Let's talk about Interseller's Agency Plan, which will cost you a whopping $600 monthly. Hold onto your wallets, my friend, because this plan comes with some fancy features:


  • Get a full 250 email lookups to track down contact information. 
  • Use their Chrome extension to source contacts.
  • They even give you automatic refunds for invalid email addresses. 


  • You can create email sequences and automate follow-ups.
  • They claim no limit on the number of contacts or emails you can send daily. If you feel like flooding the internet with your emails, go right ahead!
  • Mail merge, A/B testing, tracking opens, clicks, and replies are all included.
  • Keep track of your meetings and use those fancy unsubscribe links. 


  • They brag about having API access for custom integrations. So, if you're into coding and all that geeky stuff, have at it!
  • The platform can detect CRM/ATS duplications. 
  • Trigger actions via Zapier and integrate with other apps. 


They claim to provide chat and email support during weekdays. But some customers have complained that the support can be lacking.

Interseller pricing

Now, here are some reasons why you should think twice before handing over your hard-earned cash to Interseller:

  • It's Expensive: $600 per month for the Agency Plan? Are they trying to buy the moon or something? That's a lot of money that could be better spent on pizza and ice cream.
  • Overkill for Small Businesses: Unless you plan to conquer the world with your emails, this plan is like using a bulldozer to dig a small hole. Small businesses don't need all these bells and whistles.
  • Unnecessary for Small-Medium Marketing Agencies: Sure, they claim it's designed for agency recruiters and teams, but do you really need all these features? Save your money for something more practical.

So, my friend, think twice before jumping into the Interseller ship. It might just sink your budget faster than you can say, "Send me an email!”

Now that we're familiar with the platform and its offerings let's uncover the mystery alternative.

But first, let’s take a recap to understand the disadvantages we’re facing with the platform:

  • Limited LinkedIn Integration
  • Inability to Automate Inmail Messages or Connections
  • Wrong Email Addresses
  • Data Inaccuracy
  • Lack of Additional Email Capabilities
  • Expensive pricing

So, the alternative for solving these issues is 🥁 Salesrobot. And it is no  surprise that it is our tool. 

I know what you’re thinking is right now, 

“How very obvious? They just introduced their own tool as the perfect alternative.”

Typical, right?

But wait! Let me cook!

Salesrobot is a LinkedIn and email outreach software. With strong prospecting capabilities, this sales automation software gets you contacts on autopilot.

In the upcoming section of this Interseller review, we will uncover how Salesrobot places itself as a perfect alternative.


Salesrobot: The Ultimate Interseller Alternative

One of the biggest advantages Salesrobot has over Internseller is its LinkedIn outreach capabilities. Salesrobot allows you to reach potential candidates over LinkedIn and Email. 

In a recent survey, it was found that 57% of job seekers use LinkedIn to find new opportunities

So, rather than relying on cold email outreach with a 3% response rate, it's better to go for an alternative that lets you save your time, efforts and money on hiring. 

Let’s dig down further and see why Salesrobot is a better alternative to Interseller even better alternative to LinkedIn recruiters If you’re planning to use that as well. Here’s why? 

comparision between salesrobot and interseller
Source: Salesrobot

Here are the reasons why Salesrobot  is a better option to choose over Interseller:

Advanced LinkedIn Prospecting:

  • Unlike Interseller, which is limited to email automation for recruiting purposes, Salesrobot offers a multi-channel sales outreach solution on both LinkedIn and Email. This will get you higher responses in contrast to relying on a single outreach channel.
  • Salesrobot offers LinkedIn polls, groups, private messages, and more for better prospecting. 
  • You can automate those LinkedIn messages through pre-made templates or customize them.

As LinkedIn is a hub for connecting to various authorized decision-makers and recruiters. It is a great platform to start your outreach process.

Ideal Candidate Targeting:

  • Salesrobot integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, known for its precise data collection.
  • It also collects and manages data through its several integrations via Zapier. 
  • By utilizing the features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn search, you have the ability to refine your candidate search by factors such as job title, location, and other criteria. 
  • It empowers you to engage in focused outreach efforts, thereby enhancing the legitimacy and effectiveness of your outreach strategy.
  • With Email enrichment features, Salesrobot automatically verifies targeted  candidates personal email addresses and lets you do effective  outreachz 

Talking about Emails, the platform has good Email automation capabilities to increase your outreach. 

  • It also helps in tracking your conversations and emails data in one place. 

Salesrobot offers an affordable pricing option:

  • Plus, Salesrobot offers all this for $99 per month with an option to test all the features in the free trial. 
  • That amount looks like a change in the pocket if we compare the pricing of Interseller, sitting at a hefty sum of $600 monthly.

Hyper-personalization and Customization:

  • Salesrobot's advanced features allow you to tailor your outreach and achieve better results- hyper-personalization, customizable templates, and follow-up tracking.
Salerobot centralilzed dashboard
  • You can also create group and event campaigns on LinkedIn using Salesrobot's intuitive interface, making it easy to multitask and manage your sales efforts.
Salesrobot smart configuration

And Interseller falls short in that, making it less effective in closing deals.

Wanna learn how you can enhance your sales game by introducing Salesrobot as your ideal sales automation option? You can check out a quick video to learn how  Salesrobot can do it better for you.

The tool is designed for ease of use, with a primary, user-friendly interface that new users can easily navigate. And you get access to the library of online demos at your service. 

Customer service is also excellent, with support available 24/7 to resolve issues.

What is the cost of all those features, you ask? Here’s a quick breakdown of the Salesrobot pricing plan.

What Salesrobot is priced at?

Salesrobot offers a power-packed plan called Professional that includes all the features you could ask for:

Salesrobot provides a monthly plan for $99; however, an annual subscription will give you an instant 20% discount.  

  • Easily import contacts from CSV, Sales Nav Search, Normal Search, Groups, Post Comments, Hashtag Search, and Events.
  • Stay organized with the Smart Inbox and automate follow-ups.
  • Gain valuable insights with the action, location, and prospect insights dashboard.
  • Engage with prospects through group messaging and event messaging.
  • Invite unlimited team members and set access controls.
  • Automate reports and have them sent to any number of email addresses.
  • Utilize a single Sales Nav account across multiple LinkedIn accounts.
  • Surprise your connections by automatically wishing them a happy birthday.
Salesrobot pricing

In addition, you can use a 14-day free trial to explore all of their features without needing your credit card information. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to assess whether Salesrobot fulfills your needs.

Final Verdict Interseller Review: Is it your best investment for candidate outreach?

Choosing the right outreach software can make or break your outreach efforts as a recruitment professional. 

In this Interseller review, we learned that it offers a range of features related to email automation and sourcing tools, and it's important to consider its limitations. 

Its follow-up tracking and multitasking capabilities may fall short, and its UI can be challenging.

Fortunately, there's a better option available for your LinkedIn and Email outreach : Its Salesrobot

This affordable sales engagement platform provides 

  • scheduling, 
  • email tracking and analytics,
  • list-building tools, 
  • LinkedIn automation, and 
  • hyper-personalization. 

And with its robust multi-channel outreach capabilities, Salesrobot makes it easy to manage multiple outreach efforts.

Don't settle for less than the best. 

Give Salesrobot a try and see how it can help you take your sales outreach efforts to the next level.

However, If your sole purpose is recruiting on platforms like Indeed and AngelList, then Interseller would be a better option.

We hope this Interseller review was an eye-opening learning guide to making the best business decision!

Disclaimer: The content of this blog post reflects our own opinions and judgements based on our research and experience as of 15.06.2023. Comparisons made to other software or tools are for informational purposes only and are based on publicly available information and our own analysis. We do not claim absolute accuracy and encourage readers to conduct their own research to form their own opinions. While we may discuss competitor offerings, our primary focus is to showcase the features and benefits of Salesrobot. Salesrobot is not affiliated with any other software or tool mentioned in this blog post.

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